25% off Picnic Vibes catering

Catering. We need it for parties, get-to-gethers, events and best of all, Christmas!! Best of all, picnic-style catering, home made from local produce is offering 25% off its menus until the end of the year.


Picnic Vibes offers special picnics on Mondays at Alexandria Park so I decided to have a go and see who would turn up. There were quite a few men and on a warm spring day, it’s lovely to get outside of the office for a little treat!


I got to sample their whole menu. Firstly, Classic European. The wonderful and vibrant rugs really do it here. The chopping board is topped with delicious carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, and even zucchini sticks!! The highlight of the board was the home made hummus. The secret ingredient…? You’ll have to taste it to know!


The salad is simply amazing with the balsamic sauce. Lots of healthy goodness right in mah belleh.  Frittata could be even better!! I’ve worked in a pizzeria, but I haven’t worked in a pizzeria that does watermelon pizza! Topped with yoghurt, muesli and other fresh fruit and nut, the blend of textures makes this the most fabulous dessert ever!! #gimmemore


Next we had the Hola South American. Each of these picnics are inspired by the travel journeys the owner has embarked on. The cheesey nachos with the little avocados presents itself well.


DIY burritos is a winner here. If you’re vegetarian, or gluten free, options are all there! Fussy eaters, this is the best catering for you! The boys demolished the chocolate coated sliced apples even before they got onto their burritos. Who doesn’t like sprinkles?

The last option is Authentic Asian. I still remember the spring rolls we used to make in Vietnam! Delicious!


The assorted fishballs are exciting to eat with bursts of flavour! And the coconut milk peanut satay sauce is very unique. The glass noodle salad is my tip of the day- yum!


The options were very pleasant and when combined, you could making peking duck tacos, burrito sandwiches.. and the list goes on! Awesome fusion right there.

YouChews, a corporate catering platform are giving 25% off Picnic Vibe catering. Don’t miss out on these eats!!


Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Promotion (25% off Picnic Vibes Catering): 4.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Value: 5/5

Would I recommend getting catering from Picnic Vibes? Don’t have time and feeling lazy? Don’t want to eat takeaway pizza and prefer something healthier? Picnic Vibes would be perfect for you and your friends and family. Everything is fresh from the markets and home-made too!

Highlight: I’d have to say the amazing watermelon pizza. It’s fresh and I love the blend of amazing fruit with a nutty mix. It’s refreshing and something to go for. The hummus is also amazinggg. Home made is simply the best!

Suggestion of improvement: not sure how the logistics work with the catering. Every


25% off Picnic Vibes Catering:




Angela Bee


Free Pizza Thursdays – Angry Pirate

Update: this special is no longer available 

Angry Pirate is offering free shared pizzas for anyone who purchases a beer, wine or cocktail at 5-8pm on Thursdays…that’s pretty aye-right! The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 6 “The Angry Pirate’s new Thursday special will have all feeling like they have struck gold, with a cocktail (or beer and wine if that is what you fancy) opening the treasure chest to free pizza slices. Get in between 5-8pm otherwise your dreams of free pizza will walk the plank.” – TimeOut Sydney The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 1 Since I now get off at Redfern to walk to work in Alexandria, I thought this was the perfect place for after work pizza and drinks- and I was right! It’s opposite to Redfern station on Redfern street although the lady out the front offering free pizza to passerbyers.The sign outside welcomes you aboard their stable ship bar. Ahoy! The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 2 The tables, chairs and even the bar is made from wood and they’ve polished it well if it was made from a wrecked ship. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 4 We sat ourselves at the back of the bar where there were some cushions and wine barrel tables. I must admit, the artwork is pretty amazing on all four walls! The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 9 Looking through the menu, we go through the beers, wines, cocktails and ‘pizza galley’.Cocktails were on the agenda and here’s what we tried: Angry and Sour is grog, amaretto, pomegranate liqueur, lime, vanilla and egg white and it’s the favourite for the girls! Oh yes, we also got plenty of BBQ popcorn for the table. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 12 Coco Melon Margherita has 1880 coconut tequila, fresh pressed watermelon, fresh mint and lime juice. We expected more of a watermelon flavour so that lacked. It came in a martini glass. Pirate’s Tea Party is a mixture of vodka, gin, rum, elderflower, mint, lemon, fruit tea. The flavours were a food combination with a bit more acidity than we liked. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 13 I chose the Grog Zombie. There’s grog, zombie mix (what does this even mean?), pineapple, passion fruit, angry pirate bitters  and rum. When it came out, it was oh fiiiiiiirrrreeee. The bartender had to come out and explain the options of how to drink it. He recommended that I blow the flaming passion fruit filled with Bacardi and sugar, drop it into the drink and have it as a cocktail. The other option was to drink the shot straight out ahaha…oh, I mean after blowing out the flame! I absolutely loved it and wouldn’t hesitate to get it 5 times in a row. Sadly it’s 2 max per person. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 14 NB: Grog is an alcoholic drink, usually rum diluted with water, but in this context you could use it to refer to any alcoholic beverage other than beer, and they aren’t prepared to be picky about that, either. Call your beer grog if you want. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 8 In terms of the free pizza, it’s not ‘buy 1 drink, get 1 whole pizza free’. Pizzas come out in twos throughout the night. Luckily there are vegetarian options but don’t expect gluten free pizzas. One of my friends is allergic to tomato and we managed to get a chipotle pizza instead and even our very own molten pizza- thanks crew! Amazing service. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 11 We actually managed to eat a LOT of pizza during the night over many drinks and bottles of wine. Arrrrrrrrrrr! The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 16 Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional) Event (Angry Pirate free pizza Thursdays): 4.75/5 Ambience: 4.5/5 Service: 5/5 Value: 4.75/5 Would I recommend going to Angry Pirate’s free pizza Thursdays? If you like alcoholic drinks and pizza, then heck yes! Choose the right cocktails and you’ll be having heaps of fun at this funky place. All the pizzas have 4 toppings max, so they’re simple and do the trick! Highlight: My Grog Zombie cocktail. I seem to have a thing for cocktails lit on fire. I mostly liked the fruity flavour of the drink. The staff were amazing and sooo friendly and as mentioned above, they were happy enough to cook a pizza for a friend with food requirements. I also loved the ambience of the place. Tops! Suggestion of improvement: when the pizzas came out, the staff left them on the counters so we had to get up from our seats to get the pizza slices. It would’ve been better if staff came around to make sure everyone had their fair share but I guess it’s more cost effective leaving them there. Linkhttp://www.theangrypirate.com.au/ Free pizza Thursday via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theangrypirateredfern/photos/a.228725743972138.1073741829.207486262762753/400207316823979/?type=1&theater Angela Bee

Night Noodle Markets 2014

An Asian fusion set up in white tents around Hyde Park with a combination of art and modern architecture is something otherwise known as the famous annual Night Noodle Markets, which was on October 10-26 from 5pm.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 29

“If it’s Good Food Month, it must be time for the Night Noodle Markets! With all the colour, sounds and smells of an Asian hawker market plus the buzz, hype and vibe of a huge outdoor festival, the Night Noodle Markets is back for 2014 with a record 50 food stalls across Hyde Park.”

Night Noodle Markets - photo 31

Two words: food coma. Enough said. Blogs ends.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 30

I can’t believe how much the night noodle markets have transformed! My eyes were popping out everywhere I went and I kinda felt like I was a kid again. Most impressively, I cannot believe how beautiful they’ve transformed Hype Park.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 8

Our journey started from the closest corner to Townhall station. The tents with red flags had the food and the ones in yellow were bars. To our disappointment, the booze was very pricey…probably $8 for a bar? It was not a surprise that there weren’t many lines when you could go for a mid week special at any other pub.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 2

Starting from the right and walking anticlockwise, we totally did not expect to stumble upon the second biggest line ever- for the ramen burger and rice burger. They went for $13.50 a pop and to be honest, I was sooooo tempted!

Night Noodle Markets - photo 1

The queues were long, the food smelt so good, it was hard to choose what to eat! The most popular store by far was the Hoy Pinoy. They made smoking got Filipino BBQ and street food and the line was a snake in a maze!

Night Noodle Markets - photo 5

Look at dem skewers sizzle!

Night Noodle Markets - photo 4

St Honore Cake Shop sold these tempting pancakes with mango, strawberry, taro, custard or banana for $6. It’s a shame I don’t fancy cream but boy do they look delicious!

Night Noodle Markets - photo 6

We followed the red laterns and stumbled across teppanyaki noodles, pad thai, curry, laksa, span thai, dumplings, Korean chips on a stick… And the list goes on! The standard pricing was around $12 a dish.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 7

The atmosphere was incredible! I can’t believe this was Tuesday and it was packed! There were tons of chairs and tables, umbrellas, and some were even on the grass.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 8

The Temporium really desserts a trophy, if not, an awards for designing the best portable artwork in a park. I loved how the lights made it illuminate and there was even seating inside! I also enjoyed the 3D hexagons with plants. Fancy!

Night Noodle Markets - photo 9

Coopers Pale Ale had a wall as well..using potted plants as inspiration.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 10

Using wine barrels as tables will never ever get old!

Night Noodle Markets - photo 11

Cathay Pacific was running a silent film and had colourful lanterns as decoration. I’m not if many people were paying attention but the movement made the atmosphere more lively.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 12

Since the weather was pretty chilled, I guess there could been rain potential. What really stood out from this year was that there weren’t many people sitting on the grass. I think they’ve realised that office workers don’t want to damage their expensive clothes (if they’re rich. I don’t mind since most of my clothes are under $10 hehe).

Night Noodle Markets - photo 13

The Messina line was, as expected, long. At the end of the night we got dessert here and it actually didn’t take too long! From the white stand, it only took 15 minutes? We tried the Street Hawker, which consisted of a very intense and very hard-to-stab lime and chocolate with peanut butter gelato, coconut and caramel jam and fortune cookie clusters topped with a peanut cookie.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 26 Night Noodle Markets - photo 27

We took it up the Yalumba balcony and had it there.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 29

I loved the three scoops of ice cream but the brownie was rock hard..we didn’t even finish it. According to my credible sources, the mango one is the best!

Night Noodle Markets - photo 28

Continuing on into the spring wonderland, we passed wooden tipis. I actually love this. I know it is absolutely useless in terms of productivity but I see the fun of it!

Night Noodle Markets - photo 14

The red lantern spectacular has returned! Once you get there, it’s selfie-land. #noregrets

Night Noodle Markets - photo 15

Thatchers hired a DJ to play in their area and might I say, I have always wanted bean bags. My life is now complete.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 17

Citibank has once again produced their iconic tent of lights.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 18

I think the most creative area was the lounge with the umbrellas. There was a dude drawing a funky piece of art, which I’m sure he’s been working on since the beginning of the markets, and it’s quite fun to see someone create magic.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 19

The umbrellas in the ceiling were way cool. I’ve loved the colourful theme that has been consistent in all areas of Hyde Park.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 20

The Ping pong area looked more like a competition studio than a temporary outdoor area. Look at those looming red light!

Night Noodle Markets - photo 25

We ended up getting a mixed entree for $10 and Nasi goreng for $8 at China Ria. The curry puffs were crunchy and flavoursome and the chicken skewers were sooo juicy!

Night Noodle Markets - photo 21 Night Noodle Markets - photo 22

The Nasi goreng was really nice too. I guess because it was vegetarian there was a whole heap of different toppings but nevertheless, it was still flavoursome and delicious! You could add more sauces if you wanted.

Night Noodle Markets - photo 23

I’m amazed at how many people were there! It seems to get bigger and better so I’ve got high expectations for next year!

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Event (Night Noodle Markets): 5/5

Ambience: 4.75/5

Service: 4/5

Value: 4.5/5

Would I recommend going to the Night Noodles Markets? Definitely!!!! There is such a variety of food I don’t think anyone would not be able to nothing to eat. Even if you don’t want to have a meal, its great to get into the atmosphere and to walk around Hyde Park. So much is going on and the photos above are only a snapshot.

Highlight: The art installations/pop up bars and atmosphere. I was most impressed at how Hyde Park has been transformed into a night bazaar. Before, it was more about the food but this year, they’ve really thought about the people attending the event and experiencing it as a whole.

Suggestion of improvement: The prices of the drinks were .. not that great for $8. The gin and tonic green goblets were amazing because it wasn’t ordinary and quite quirky but if there’s nothing special then it’s not great. I liked how there were distinct lines for each stall but it would’ve been better if the clusters of stalls were congregated into types of food? Perhaps by region, or type of food.. makes it easier to navigate back to what type of food we wanted!

Link: http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com/nightnoodlemarkets

End: Sunday 26 October 2014, occurs annually

Official hashtag: #noodlemarkets

Angela Bee

$1 frozen yoghurt – 7 Eleven

Goulburn Valley have teamed up with 7 Eleven to offer $1 Goulburn Valley frozen yoghurt (but dairy free) ‘Perfect Fruit’ options at special stores listed until May 31, 2014.

Perfect Fruit - photo 2

I was reading the mX and found this voucher and teared it out just incase I was heading to any of the locations listed: Metraville, St Leonards, Maroubra Junction, Narrabeen, Narrabeen North, Kogarah, Rockdale, San Souci.

Perfect Fruit 1

Unexpectedly, I ended up in St Leonards the other day and decided to try out the ‘Perfect Fruit’. I was quite curious because I hadn’t heard about it before and wanted to try it out since it was a sunny day.

Perfect Fruit - photo 3

When I got into the clean 7 Eleven, there were some vouchers actually available outside the doors in the little pocket slips but if there aren’t any I’m sure the shop assistant would be happy to give you one!

Perfect Fruit - photo 4

The flavour available was strawberry only. It’s completely self serve so if you know how to twirl that frozen fruit into a small cup and make it into a mountain, then by all means!

Perfect Fruit - photo 6

Ingredients included: Fruit juices and purees 99% (comprising reconstituted apple and pear juice concentrates, strawberry puree (11%)), maltodextrin, vegetable gums (412, 415, 407), natural flavour, aerating agent (hydrolysed vegetable protein), natural colour (120).

Perfect Fruit - photo 5

To me, it was very sweet but had a slightly bitter aftertaste. It was really really frozen and I tend to eat pretty quickly so I had a numb mouth for a while. It didn’t taste like fruit! (ie no strawberry seeds etc).

7 Eleven always have cheap $1 deals and this was pretty good considering most places charge at least $3 for a standard cup like that!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ( $1 Perfect Fruit at 7 Eleven): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I get a $1 Perfect Fruit from 7 Eleven again? If it was sunny and thirsty, then I would go straight there. Rather than the not-as-healthy $1 frozen coke option at Hungry Jacks, this would be my preference.

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? Yes. $2 would go to charity, just because I feel that 7 Eleven is a good cheap place and if it’s self serve and you have the skills to make a mountain effect then it’ll be well worth while. I mean, who hasn’t got a free slurpee on 7/11 day before? #freeslurpeeday is the best.

Highlight: self serving it myself. I know a lot of frozen yoghurt places do this but it still amuses me. Yes, I’m a kid but this DIY method works! Also, because it’s dairy free, it’s totally vegan-friendly – I think.

Suggestion of Improvement: I would prefer to have the frozen yoghurt (? I can’t call it yoghurt because it’s dairy free) taste more fruity? Does that make sense? Probably less sweet too. It’s a particular taste!

Ends: May 31, 2014

Link: http://perfectfruit.com.au/

Angela Bee

Grill’d Meatwave campaign

Summer hasn’t officially begun until the thermometer hits the temperature given to your region on the Grill’d map, unlocking extreme Meatwave deals in Australia, every Monday until February 16, 2014.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 2

Grill’d ‘healthy burgers’ philosophy comes down to three words: ‘Burgers made good’.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 15

Back2skool has already kicked in and soon university/college students will soon resume. Why not enjoy the rest of the summer holidays with friends and a healthy burger to energise your way back into those books?

Firstly, ‘sign up’ on the website.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 14

Receive an immediate email of confirmation.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 14

Show your unique code to any Grill’d store to receive your Meatwave card. You will be able to purchase a deal on the same day.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 13

Order your burger special and enjoy!

Grilld Meatwave - photo 10

This week was week 3 (a bit unfortunate because I would’ve liked to know what the Meatwave deals were beforehand) and the thermometer in NSW meant that it was only $10 for any burger with a Rekorderlig slushie.You will get an email and text to alert you- don’t worry.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 7

I had the Bombay Bliss and Hot Hombre.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 12

The slushie  scan with popping candy!! My absolute childhood favourites. They explode in your mouth!

Grilld Meatwave - photo 11

Great atmosphere and really liking the ‘comic’ artwork although I’m not sure if they are trying to brainwash us..

Grilld Meatwave - photo 9

Grilld Meatwave - photo 8

Last week they had any burger with a beer for $10.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 1

Heat-wave. Meat-wave. Save-wave.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Grill’d Meatwave deals): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I purchase a Grill’d Meatwave deal every week? I love their burgers and think they are top notch in my burger radar. They offer not only beef burgers but chicken, lamb, steak and most importantly, vegetarian. For the special, I would come here once a week with friends until I have tried every burger on the menu. Then I think I would be sick if burgers. Slushie a are the best on a hot day.

Would I pay full price for the Meatwave specials? Look, if it’s once in a while why not. Every other time I have been to Grill’d I paid full price. Normally I would only buy the burger and drink (free) water. Chips normally contain the most calories and sometimes in one serving could have the same calories as the burger itself! $13 Rekorderlig slushies and $7+ beers is a quite steep.

Highlight: the enormity of the burgers. It’s a massive stack and those burger flipping chefs must spent a bit of time with stacking-the-highest-burger competitions. I wonder if they play Jenga for fun if there are no customers? Anyway, I know that Grill’d staff workers, themselves get 50% of all burgers so $5 a pop and $5 a drink (just assuming it’s divided that way) is less than what staff have to pay! Bargain!

Suggestion of Improvement: when I asked for my card I don’t think much of the staff knew what the current deal was but the manager knew. They should maybe stick it on the counter so those on registers know. Everyone was really friendly nevertheless. It was a bit weird going to get my Meatwave card but not purchasing anything? Possibly a bit awkward? Would’ve been more ideal if we just showed a text/email to staff instead…

Ends: Monday February 16, 2014.
Link: http://meatwave.grilld.com.au/

Angela Bee


Grilld Meatwave - photo 3Grilld Meatwave - photo 4Grilld Meatwave - photo 5

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