Granny Smith Festival 2014

City of Ryde’s Granny Smith Festival on Saturday 18 October, 2014 from 9am-8pm was more than a fiesta of apples, but a celebration of the community around the area.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 7

“The annual Granny Smith Festival celebrates the life and legacy of one of our district’s most famous citizens, Maria Ann Smith – aka Granny Smith – who, back in 1868, ‘accidentally’ grew the first batch of little green apples that bear her name and are now grown all over the world. ”

Granny Smith Festival - photo 20

With an estimated 80,000 people who attend each year, the event is supported by local businesses, sporting and service organisations, schools and the wider community – and EVERYONE gets involved – even the staff at Eastwood train station makes a special announcement after every train arrives. The experience starts from the moment you step off that train.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 51

The first thing I notice walking to the park next to the library is that even the library wall is painted with kids from multicultural backgrounds with Granny Smith Festivals! For those who don’t know, Eastwood is very Asian? Lots of chinese, korean, vietnamese food and shops. I love how they’ve embraced this!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 52

Walking in the park, it was like a school carnival! Flying chairs, spinning teacups, bumper cars, showbags.. there was the lot!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 8

Granny Smith Festival - photo 13

They were mostly 5 coupons each (or $5) so head to the booth to gather your tickets.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 14

So do we ‘accidentally’ encourage children to gamble already…?

Granny Smith Festival - photo 6

The best kids toy out there was the dinosaur bubble gun. Honestly, how cool is that? Plus there’s a santa one as well.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 1

I honestly wished that I was a kid again. Everyone was buzzing around! The Country Cousins Barn was massive with a range of mostly goats and sheep.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 15

It was $2 a cup to feed them but be aware- they are more mature and could literally jump on your chest to grab it off you! If you’re like me and am scared of animals, this would not be your cup of tea.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 16 Granny Smith Festival - photo 17

Heading to the furthest end of the oval were food stalls and crafty shops. A Granny Smith Festival is not a granny smith festival without toffee apples!!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 10

There was henna and caricatures drawn.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 9

I’m not sure if this is an actual trend but I’m noticing that chips-on-a-stick is like a thing. The fatty crispy goodness is the most popular snack at almost every festival I go to- I guess it’s cheap for a meal? =S

There were tons of stalls including Nepalese momos, Vietnamese rolls, Turkish gozlemes, Korean fishballs and more.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 11

We settled for the paella with the lot – jealous? It was delicious and made on the spot. It was very heavy on the sauces and it was enough for two people!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 40

Sitting down infront of the stage, we saw really fun acts from school groups and the community. I actually cannot believe how talented kids can be. Well.. I guess they are hilarious to watch and its just super cute. My favourite were the little kids in tutus.. and they did flips, the splits and all these groovy moves! (I kinda wished I went to dance class when I was a kid).

Granny Smith Festival - photo 18

Might I say, the crowd were loving it!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 19

Another thing City of Ryde were doing was a ‘test’ where you had to look up the clues on Facebook and Twitter, action the clue and then you’ll receive a slice of apple pie or apple cupcake. When we arrived, it was answering when the first granny smith apple was grown and thanks to the train station man, I was very close to guessing the right one! The answer was in the leaflet though.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 21

It was d-e-l-i-ciousss!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 22 Granny Smith Festival - photo 5

Next to it was a photobooth promoting Grandparent’s Day on Sunday 26 October. It was so much fun dressing up!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 23

The Salvation Army had a massive amount of space and I’m surprised at how much they brought in! There were heaps of clothes, shoes, hats, accessories and homeware. They also had a coffee/hot chocolate van.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 24

Walking up on Progress Avenue near IGA and the fresh fruit market, there were so many clothing and jewelry shops it was absolutely amazing. There were some winning bargains including rings, bracelets and necklaces for $5?

Granny Smith Festival - photo 4 Granny Smith Festival - photo 26

The queue was a bit hectic with the free face painting- I mean, who doesn’t want to look pretty?

Granny Smith Festival - photo 27

Another trend I’ve noticed were the lucky dips. When I was a kid, I used to love these!!! I must say, I love surprises.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 28

I also realised that a lot of community centres and churches were present. Macquarie Anglican were extremely popular with their balloon-making.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 29

OK, the next stall was the best thing ever- there were minecraft toys and accessories! You could get a showbag and there were swords, small creepers, TNTs, necklaces, even SUNGLASSES! This was amazing!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 30 Granny Smith Festival - photo 31

Apparently these gold metallic tatts are ‘in’ right now.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 32

As always, The Avenue had plenty of food stalls and the scouts had $4 sausage sizzle which turned into $1.30 sausage sizzles. I loved how all the kids were excited to be squeezing tomato sauce and collecting money!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 42

The most popular of the lot was the place which did chorizo and garlic prawn rolls. It smelt so good and the line was possibly too long. I know they’re at Chatswood every week so defs popping by there!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 33

The Arcade area was decorated with colourful flags.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 34

These lovely ladies are proud of their home made jams and Christmas puddings. Such a lovely thing to do when you’re slightly older!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 35

Kids did sandpainting! I remember doing this as a child! All you had to do is rip the sticker off and fill it with coloured sand. It was so easy and it required no creativity. Everyone also had perfect pictures.

Granny Smith Festival - photo 36

Something that I should’ve bought were these cats on benches. They were only selling at $1.50-$2 each and they would’ve been a great accessory to my desk at work!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 2

I’m actually glad that the stalls I remember from my last Granny Smith Festival are in the same spot. In particular, the soft toys and fun stuff for the kids. I mean, there were even stuffed koalas and kangeroos which would’ve been a great souvenir gift if I was going overseas (if only).

Granny Smith Festival - photo 38

At the end of The Arcade was a clown amusing the kids with his party tricks! The kids got really engaged and were screaming and shouting in laughter!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 39

After this, we walked back onto Rowe Street where there were tons more stalls. The possibilities were endless..

Granny Smith Festival - photo 43

Candle Story offered candle cupcakes and rose soap! All you have to do is drop a petal into your bath tub and you’re set! How romantic..

Granny Smith Festival - photo 44

City of Ryde’s blackboard “Ryde is my community because..” asked the the community to share their thoughts on why they love Ryde. I wrote ‘transport exchange’ because it was literally where I would catch my bus to school every morning when I was at school. I didn’t even notice someone was watching me and I received a rugby ball as a prize – yay!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 46

Watch our for the moving tree- it will literally snip off your heads if he wanted!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 47

Infucious’ jars were fun! I didn’t realise how many different types of tea one person could supply! They even made tea-infused cookies which were delicious!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 48

At the end of Rowe Street was the iconic ice cream truck. It was a sunny day and we’d finally saw everything!! Took possibly 5 hours.. but we had a lot of fun!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 50 Granny Smith Festival - photo 49

See you next year for your 30th birthday party, Granny Smith Festival!

Granny Smith Festival - photo 37

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Event (Granny Smith Festival): 4.75/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Value: 4.5/5

Would I recommend going to Granny Smith Festival? If you live near Eastwood, I would highly recommend it. One of the things we’ve noticed is that a lot of primary school and high school kids come. For them, it’s a chance to hang out with friends and meet others! If you’re a shopper then this would be for you too! There’s so much going on its amazing!

Highlight: Everyone getting involved. It’s quite rare that the WHOLE community gets behind a festival. A lot of the shops in Eastwood have Granny Smith Apple decorations, signs, apples.. I can’t believe it! The stallholders and people in the area really make an effort and the attendance is spectacular!

Suggestion of improvement: Although there was a lot of green apples out and about in particular areas, I didn’t really feel it ‘celebrated’ Granny Smith? I think in previous years there were huge apples hanging from The Arcade which I guess got us in the apple spirit. Everything was well set up and I really liked the variety of stalls involved. Shame they all had to shut at around 5pm!! Should’ve stayed for the Bon Jovi Concert at 6 and the fireworks at 8pm.. ohwell! It was so much fun!


Official hashtag: #WeLoveGSF

Angela Bee


Free Trial Magazine – GrabIt App

The first issue of GrabIT is free to download on iPads- it’s not your normal app, but an interactive magazine with video reviews, moving images and swipe through functions about iPad games which will blow your mind.

Grab It - photo 2

“Grab It Magazine is a triple-A, digital video games publication created to the standards met by its founder, Chris Stead, presented natively in the digital format, using the medium’s strengths to deepen the reader experience and their connection to the games. Grab It Magazine is in itself an entertaining experience, but it also provides opinion, information and a direct channel to point-of-sale on all of the games showcased in each issue.”

Grab It - photo 9

A good friend recommended this app to me and to be honest, I’m not really into gaming (although Runescape, Gunbound and MapleStory bring good memories of childhood back) but I must say, there are so many gaming apps out there so how do you know which ones to play? I was actually going to give myself an hour to go through and write this review, I did not expect to be pinned to the app and reading it for over an hour! I’ll have to explain why.

Go to your iTunes Store and download the app via this link.

Grab It - photo 1

I’m going to leave the introduction a surprise. It’s loud, it’s big and it took me by surprise!!!! ;0

Grab It - photo 3

Flick over a couple of pages and there are a neat set if instructions just before you begin the experience. I really liked how this was all an educating experience and not just on one page but is minimalised by the end of the magazine.

Grab It - photo 4

By this time, you would’ve probably discovered why the name of the magazine is called “GrabIt’ because you literally can grab images, videos and texts. Compared to a physical magazine, you can scroll down and down and down (and down and down…).

There are several features such as ‘select song’, ‘tap for gallery’, ‘tap to read the review’. It’s amazing how technology can revolutionise the most simple tasks.. and probably the reason why I’m working/loving the tech industry.

Grab It - photo 6

My favourite function would probably be “tap the pic to activate the security camera, then drag”. Or even an image that is actually a video! It’s kinda like being on Harry Potter and discovering more than what you initially see. I can’t wait to see when 3D magazines come out!  Soon it’ll be moving pictures – what we’ve all dreamt about! #methetechfreak

Grab It - photo 8

In terms of the content, I really like the analytical and educational approach. It’s simple and a user like me would understand. That being said, I am currently a non-gamer (except the games I told you guys about before and the occasional app I play- NOT Candy Crush). At the bottom, there is a ‘verdict’ section where it pretty much gives you a quick summary.

Grab It - photo 5

A special feature, ‘tap to grab this game’ is extremely useful because it immediately brings you to the AppStore to purchase the game if you’re interested. You won’t be left wondering how much the game you’re reading costs because at the top of the article, it will state the game’s developer, genre, price guide and IAPs.

Maybe I’m into this whole crowdfunding thing, maybe I’m not, but this magazine uses the platform really well by publishing a selected few games that you could help ‘kick start’. Games include rebuilding Deadsville from a zompocalypse, stacking as many hats as you can on a gentleman, helping a ninja monkey by giving wedgies to renegade seafood, helping The Drifter to find a cure for a disease, and solving your way through your afterlife to uncover your past as a deceased ghost.

Grab It - photo 11

As you probably notice, it’s an independent publication and is socially driven so if you have an iPad, share it with your community and download the next episodes!

Grab It - photo 7

GrabIT is a good place to start, discover and learn about interactive magazines so grab-it and read-it! It’s only $1.99 for each issue/episode but if you would like to read another GrabIt episode/issue for free, send me a message saying why ( in 140 characters or less) and I’ll pass you the (secret) codes to the first 5 readers.

Grab It - photo 10

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Product (GrabIt App): 4.5/5

Presentation: 4.5/5

Usability: 4/5

Value: 4.5/5

Would I recommend trialing the Grab It game discovery app? If you’re like me and waste time downloading the most useless gaming apps and not end up playing them anyway, then this is a great place to start. Being a girl, this actually appeals to me because I find it fascinating playing through the functions but the games suggested are more for the boys.

Highlight: I think I’ve said this multiple times, but the interactivity of it. The user experience side of the app was extremely well done. It took me a while to figure out that I had to tap towards the outside so I could skip the pages and go back to the home page, or if I wanted to read another article. You can also zoom out and tap the scroll like it’s a movie to skip and go to other pages and bookmark pages as well! It’s all easy to read and well formatted.

Suggestion of improvement: I love how there are ‘top iPad games’ and all these recommendations but it would be better if they were put into categories because I guess most people have a particular ‘type’ of game they prefer. It’s great that there is The Hive community and a screen dedicated to it in the middle of the magazine but I thought it was the end! I guess encouraging people to be part of the community can be done on every page! Remember to join their social networks, everyone! Also, the app only works on landscape..


Current Episode (7):

Grab IT:

Angela Bee

Pyrmont Festival of Wine, Food and Art

Pyrmont Festival has brought the delicacies of the famous wine region of Mudgee to Sydney from May 16-25, 2014 to celebrate wine, food and art. Included was a free festival on May 17-18 at Pirrama Park where festival goers had a chance to sample 120 wines from 50 stalls.

Pyrmont Festival - photo 11

“The ultimate event to experience a fabulous blend of city and regional produce and creativity, guests can enjoy wine dinners and tastings, photographic exhibitions and art displays without having to leave the city. Iconic Mudgee wineries participating include Huntington Estate, Burrundulla Vineyard and Lowe Wines. Winemakers and Pyrmont eateries will expertly select wines to match lunches, dinners and tastings across the 10 days.”

Pyrmont Festival - photo 18

It was a pleasant walk from Townhall station all the way past The Star and to the harbour view amongst the piers. If only I had the money to buy a house here..

Pyrmont Festival - photo 17


Pyrmont Festival - photo 12

The park was picnic-rugged with people when I arrived, all in the sun shine and thank goodness for that!

Pyrmont Festival - photo 1

The food stalls were close to the stage and the first things I passed. People were lining up but I wanted to see the wine and food first!

Pyrmont Festival - photo 2

Firstly you had to buy some tokens – $20 for a souvenir glass and 5 tokens, which is pretty good considering that a normal glass of wine these days in a restaurant is $7-8? Just keep in mind that these are samples though.

Pyrmont Festival - photo 3

Ok, this tomato, pesto, olive, chilli varieties of feta are divine. Buy some if you like feta. Has anyone tried Persian feta? That’s amazing too. #cheeseloversdiet

Pyrmont Festival - photo 4

There was plenty of wine on sale by the case and who wouldn’t be tempted to indulge in some on a gorgeous day like this?

Pyrmont Festival - photo 5

Some varieties of oil were also on sample which brought a touch of Italy to the park.

Pyrmont Festival - photo 6

You could definitely see the passion in the people who have been breathing and drinking wine at their homes #meetthemaker

Pyrmont Festival - photo 7

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever been to Pirrama Park. It’s delightful. There were seats and enough space for everyone to chill.

Pyrmont Festival - photo 8

Check out the bottles and even barrels of wine!

Pyrmont Festival - photo 10

Has anyone tasted Chardonnay Chilli and Garlic Jam? or perhaps Cabernet and Cracked Pepper Wine Jelly? #experimentalflavours

Pyrmont Festival - photo 13

There were also racks of artwork where people could vote for People’s Choice. The theme was ‘Small is Beautiful.’

Pyrmont Festival - photo 14

There were even some funky balls where kids could roll around and a inflatable slippery dip for the kids!

Pyrmont Festival - photo 15

This was definitely a wine-lovers weekend retreat without needing to drive 3.5 hours to Mudgee!!

Pyrmont Festival - photo 16

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Pyrmont Festival – Pirrama Park): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend going to Pyrmont Festival to a friend? If you’re a wine-lover and the outdoors this is perfect for you. It’s my perfect match too!

Would I donate the money saved to a charity? I love markets like this because you literally get to meet the makers. Although it is a long drive for them and they have to wake up before the sun rises, I think markets like this really promote their commitment and passion. You won’t need to buy from supermarkets anymore.

Highlight: I was amazed at how many stalls there were! The more I walked, the more varieties of wine there were! Shame I only did a quick walk around but I would love to do a day-trip to Mudgee soon!

Suggestion of Improvement: There was only one wine token station which was right at one end of the festival. I wished there were two stations just in case I casually decided to buy some cheese and crackers to go with my wine and have a nap in the greenery.

Ends: May 25, 2014


Angela Bee


Hard to Swallow the Truth about Healthy Eating – Think Act Change

The Australian Museum was a hub for panelists such as Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar, Alexx Stuart from Food Revolution Day, Jess Miller from Grow It Local, Thea Soutar from Youth Food Movement and Dom O’Neill from GRUB Butchery to discuss the Food Revolution at 6:30pm on Tuesday May 13, 2014.

Think Act Change - photo 9

“Diet related illnesses are on the rise, cooking skills are dropping and people seem more confused than ever before about what healthy eating actually means. It’s time to get back. Basics when it comes to food…”

Think Act Change - photo 10

Last time I went to the Australian Museum was to go to Jurassic Lounge. Guests went through the side door on the left and our names were on the list from Eventbrite.

Think Act Change - photo 1

What I loved about the ticketing was that there was a section for Students/Unemployed! Thank you!! Saved me $5 so I bought my tickets for $11.59. #unemploymentisarealstatusfinally

Think Act Change - photo 2

Fashionably early me arrived there at 6:30 and a nice lady gave me a Mountain Goat beer. Needed it after a busy day interning at Cancer Council.
Think Act Change - photo 3
There were a range of meatballs that included pork and beef thanks to Grub Butchery.
Think Act Change - photo 4For the nibbles like me, I enjoyed the vegetable sticks with pesto, nuts and raw chocolate in chilli, ginger, and others from RawC, Eat Me Chutney and Rawsome Chocolate.Think Act Change - photo 5

I actually knew some of the people who attended  and some at I didn’t know would attend! It was a great time to generally talk about what we thought about the movement and what we thought would happen on the panel.

At around 7ish, we gathered in a small theatre. I think there was around 120 of us.

Firstly, Avis talked about her personal experience with food and how it affects her body. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I feel like that the older I’ve got, the more people I know with dietary requirements.

Think Act Change - photo 6

Sadly the audience didn’t really have an influence on the discussion of panellists including Alexx Stuart from Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day, Jess Miller, Thea Soutar from Youth Food Movement, Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar, and Dom from Grub Butchery.

Avis lead the discussion about knowing what gluten free means, food wastage, growing produce, how food affects health, palm oil, baby coconuts…

Think Act Change - photo 7

Everyone can change. No, doesn’t mean that in one day I’m going to buy organically, use leftovers and possibly cook every single meal. Changes occur slowly and in my opinion, it’s a gradual lifestyle change.
My suggestion: figure out what your body agrees and disagrees with (in terms of veg, protein, carbs etc) and slowly adjust. Make going to the markets a weekly catchup win your girlfriends, do what Sarah Wilson did and collect leftover bones from meat and make it into a stew to give back to her friends, and start cooking at least once a day.

The discussion was really helpful in that every panelist was extremely knowledgeable (as expected) but they also had a real passion and are where they are out of their own experience.

Think Act Change - photo 8

“Arm yourself with knowledge so people can’t bullshit you” – Grub Butchery

I think the quote pretty much applies to everything but it’s ever so true!

At the end of it Avis asked everyone to give a piece of advice:
Dom: ask questions and make little changes
Sarah: minimise waste and have fun, quitting sugar is a way of quitting processed food
Thea: ask yourself why you buy the produce you do now, share food with friends
Jess: grow something (preferably not from Bunnings because the gold specks in the soil aren’t ideal so it’s not your fault if the plant dies!!!)
Alexx: let go of guilt and get excited about what you can do!
Avis: be a role model and not judgemental

Great food for thought there 🙂

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Think Act Change meetup): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend going to Think Act Change meetup to a friend? If you are passionate about food and wanting to make a change then this is the place for you!

Would I donate the money I saved to a nominated charity?

“YFM aims to be a nation-wide movement that brings young people together around food.   We strive to make our generation aware of their power as conscious consumers by building understanding and value for the food we eat. We also aspire to be a collective voice for young Australians so that together we can have our say in the decisions that impact our food future.”
Highlight: learning that gluten is the protein in grains. No, not in bread. It was pretty awesome having Sarah Wilson and her experience with food. She’s even been consulting for Unilever! It’s amazing that supermarkets are slowly following the food trend, hopefully!
Suggestion of improvement: I wished everyone in the audience was allowed to take part in the discussion, whether it may be collating a series of questions given by the audience like Q and A, which may make it more engaging? But other than that well organised. Oh, and I wished people stuck around afterwards. The crowd seemed to disperse quickly.
Ends: Think Act Change Meetup meets once a month

The UTS Underground Grand Opening

An extension from Central station’s tunnel has made its way to UTS, with the grand opening of The Underground yesterday with free champagne and snacks from 4-6pm.

The Underground - photo 4

“ActivateUTS brings colour, fun, laughs and friendship to the wider UTS community.

The Underground - photo 1

We’re more than on campus facilities such as the bars and cafes, the gym and retail outlets. We’re also more than the on campus events, clubs and societies (sporting and social). We’re all about enhancing your experience while studying at UTS. We’re the place you come to when you’re looking to make new friends, meet like-minded people and make those connections that last a lifetime.”

The Underground - photo 6

There was a massive line heading towards the tunnel. There were some colourful characters from UTS Backstage to greet us in.

The Underground - photo 3

Formerly known as the Glasshouse, ActivateMarketplace was transformed into an underground metro. Literally. #allstationstoUndergroundJunctionSouth

The Underground - photo 5

Do we spot some familiar faces as live models advertising at the Marketplace? There was a lovely lady handing out goodie bags too.

The Underground - photo 7

All in the shape of a giant lolly! This place was definitely designed to help boost those energy levels for assignments and exams.

The Underground - photo 8

There was even a lolly station with arms flying all over to get their hands on sugary treats!

The Underground - photo 9

Check this out. Who goes through the tunnel and has never seen a busker? There’s UTS’ busker using buckets to produce music! PS. love the Fijian lady and her husband who play the sax and keyboard every day #somuchlove

The Underground - photo 10

We took a little detour and ended up at the Bites Booth where we saw what the little canteen offered. They had salads, pies, sausage rolls and the usual.

The Underground - photo 11

Then finally we got to the main area with pool tables, funky tables and chairs, greenery all around the area, a band playing, and a ton of people at the bar waiting for free champagne.

The Underground - photo 19

The band was playing extremely loudly and like many bars, it was hard to hear your friends even if they were less than one metre away.

The Underground - photo 21

Thank goodness we got new pool tables! The old ones would’ve been soaked in beer.

The Underground - photo 12

Next to the bar you hada chance to take a selfie with the stars! tag #activateuts and #activatemarketplace to win a trip to LA!

The Underground - photo 14

Then Mr Thomas greeting us into the wardrobe heading into Narnia.

The Underground - photo 27

I love how cosy it was!!! The chairs, the carpet, the lamp, and the fake windows lol!

The Underground - photo 16

There was even a screening of Narnia playing when we got there! I love how there are powerpoints sockets too. Anyone up for smashing out an assignment whilst downing a beer? #creativityatitspeak

The Underground - photo 15

There was even some Turkish Delight – Edmund’s favourite enchanted sweet.

The Underground - photo 17

Then I finally decided to wait for a free glass of champagne.

The Underground - photo 20

Of course there were as many bubbles as there were people!

The Underground - photo 18

My friends and I then wandered into the food court. On the way we got some free fruit!

The Underground - photo 22

I don’t know why, but the place seems to look bigger with the fake brick walls. Does anyone else feel the same?

The Underground - photo 23

The booths make each table more intimate and it sure look extremely colourful.

The Underground - photo 24

Let’s also admit that the only thing we’ve missed throughout the construction time has been the pide.

The Underground - photo 25

How lovely for the staff to pose for a photo for us!

The Underground - photo 26

Smith’s MAXX chips were a clear sponsor, with tons of small packets distributed to everyone.

The Underground - photo 2

Shame I’m not at UTS anymore but it doesn’t stop me from coming back! PS it was great to see so many uni friends again (:

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Grand Opening of The Underground): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend heading to The Underground to a friend? Yes! Particularly if you’ve been a UTS student for the past year, the changes are phenomenal.

Would I donate the money saved to a charity? Champagne was on the house and snacks too! it was a great way of celebrating and the free drinks brought in the students. $5 drinks would’ve been good too.

Highlight: The Underground in general. WOW. UTS did an amazing job and I think everyone loves it. Well, it’s not hard to beat considering how awful it was before… Love Naria. Love The Underground tunnel idea in general. Now they need to get the buskers involved and do a few tunes 😉

Suggestion of improvement: just wondering how will UTS maintain this? I hope it won’t get trashed by the end of the year! They should do weekly screenings in Narnia-land and pool competitions of some sort. I’m interested in how the clubs and societies will hold events here from now on!

Ends: never


Angela Bee

Bunting Tote Bag workshop – Smart Arts Youth Festival

How cute is bunting on a tote bag! As part of Smart Arts Youth Festival this week, I attended the FREE ‘Bunting Tote Bag’ workshop run by Laura from 6-9pm on Monday April 7, 2014.

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 9

SmartArts is all about showcasing the artistic talents and creative initiatives of young people aged 15-26 years. Experience and enjoy a range of cutting edge arts and cultural events over seven days during National Youth Week.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 1

Just an FYI that there are other workshops going on at the same time so don’t forget to buzz in at the front door and make sure you’re at the right one. Mine was at Jewellery Studio at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre and this was my building at the back.

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 1

When I got there I was the first and luckily I bought my box of Shapes (sweet chilli and sour cream) to share with the group. 6-9 is prime dinner time and I used to have Spanish classes so I knew I would be starving if I didn’t eat anything. #concentratingwithneedles

There was a very cute setting decorated by Laura herself, a former MAP student from UTS #communicationspride #buntingeverywhere

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 2

We were given a set of instructions which we didn’t end up reading at all, a small triangle, pencil, scissors, roller, needles and other bits and pieces. Laura actually works for the ABC show, Roast, designing and fabricating their costumes!!

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 3

First up, we used some contact and cut a triangle out. The middle and placed it on our tote bags (supplied) so we could paint inside them. We just had to be careful that we didn’t splatter too much paint on otherwise the paint would’ve gone outside its margins (called bleeding).

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 4

A good tip is to also out some newspaper in your bags before beginning so the paint doesn’t go through the bag. It means you won’t have splotches of paint on the other side!

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 5

While we waited for that to dry up, we learnt three embroidery techniques. The first, a back stitch where you have to see the back stitch before the front. Second, a chain stitch so you do a loop around your stitch if that makes any sense. Third, making a poka dot that proved to be most difficult. Refer to the imagine below for a better explanation. #visuallearningforfashiononly

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 7
There was a stack of funky material provided so two people were on the ironing boards completely drying the paint. Meanwhile,we rest of the crew went scrambling for their best patterns!

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 6

You would honestly not notice how fast time goes! Before we knew it we were cutting and hand stitching without a noise! And here’s my end product!! Thanks Laura!

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 8

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product (Bunting Tote Bag Workshop): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I do another workshop as a part of Smart Arts Youth Festival? Yes yes! I’m going today to Parlour Games. It’s all about drawing and the only things I can draw are spirals but I guess this could be the place where I can improve! Plus, it’s at the MCA so I’ll probably get some creative energy out of there.

Would I donate the money I saved to a charity? I actually don’t think that the people running it get paid. For the materials, I would definitely pay $5 for because you get a handy bag out of it. A girl in our class is giving it to her best friend. #timeovermoney #handmadegiftideas

Highlight: I didn’t mention is earlier but learning how to tie a knot at the end of your thread. Oh. my. gosh. It is a revolutionary way. I’m sorry but I don’t think I have the capacity to explain it here but the idea is twirling the thread around your needle and then pulling it to the bottom. Ask me next time I see you.

Suggestion of improvement: I think everyone was starving and thank goodness I brought those Shapes for the small group of 5 of us. It went around pretty well so maybe ask everyone to bring in some snacks next time? Although I don’t think that would work for other workshops such as ceramics but ohwell.

Ends: April 12, 2014

Angela Bee

Cooking with Leftovers workshop – Green Village

Cooking with Leftovers was a free workshop run by Rebecca as a City of Sydney Initiative, Green Villages, on Saturday April 5, 2014 with plenty of gourmet style dishes made from your usual leftovers eaten by eager-to-learn guests.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 5
Green Villages is a City of Sydney initiative. Growing a more sustainable Sydney by connecting and inspiring Sydneysiders.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 10

I have never actually been to Glebe Library but if you know Glebe. It is a bit hipster with its Glebe markets down the road and a small field of trees outside. Someone even pointed out that there is a community garden with herbs just outside the window we were at so what a bonus for the neighbours!

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 1

My friend and I were only 5 minutes late and the class was fully booked. It smelt so good walking in and even better knowing that so many people were willing to change their eating habits.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 2

Normally in our household we’re pretty good at eating leftovers for lunch the next day but does everyone do the same? In the beginning of the session, we learnt that if food is left outside of the fridge, it lasts only 2 hours. If it’s in the fridge, usually 3 days. And if it’s in the freezer 3 months. #handyrefrigerationtips

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 3

Just a shout out that if you actually bring food from home to work, please put it in the fridge! I have a habit but I know a lot of people tend to forget.

Obviously I can’t tell you everything we learnt because it defeats the purpose of you going to next times ones because Rebecca is a wonderful presenter and offers great tips for beginners.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 8

One thing I did learn is that to make pesto, it’s only one herb, one nut, lemon juice, garlic, and a bit of grated cheese blended. We discussed a. Lot about herbs and even for coriander, you simply put it in some water to conserve it until next time.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 6

There was also lots of conversation about Food Coops. Being an aware UTS student, I was surprised that people didn’t know that he nearest one to Glebe was at UTS and not Newtown! #utsftw it’s open on Thursdays this year apparently.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 10

Also with containers, don’t buy ones with BPA because it’s a bad chemical. Use glass jars instead #jamjars #sustainability (photo courtesy of Broadway Food Coop)

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 11

Best of all, we got to eat for the whole 1.5 hours.

Firstly we had a lovely quiche with pumpkin. There was also a gluten free alternative. That was delicious and of course the added cream made the flavours come out.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 4

Then we were thought how to make chicken quesadillas. A favourite of mine considering how long I spent in Latin America. It’s not rocket science- wraps with heaps of cheese, leftover chicken, pesto, veg. If you don’t know how to cook, watch your mum and make a dish everyday. It’s hard to burn down a house. Give it a go!

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 7

The favourite of the group were the Lost Bread Soldiers with Salvaged Berries. Basically it was French/eggy toast with berry compote. It was absolutely a delight to have. Again, very simple and only uses one bowl to make so it’s great for the happy campers morning

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 9

As Rebecca’s apron said: ‘Love food. Hate waste’. A very handy workshop for those who are looking to save money and not waste unwanted food!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Cooking with Leftovers workshop with Green Village): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I go to another Cooking with Leftovers workshop? For the free food? Yes! Kidding.. Because I grew up cooking at home I know the ins and outs of cooking but if you grew up in a household where only mum or dad cooks then this will be a workshop for you. I don’t think I’ll need to go again but say if I want to know more about plants and gardening then I’ll go to Rebecca’s workshops.

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? I wouldn’t mind giving $5 to cover the ingredients and to support fresh organic food although most of the ingredients Rebecca used were leftovers. There was around 30 people who attended?

Highlight: smelling and eating! You can’t go wrong with a workshop with food! There were lots of comparisons to Aldi prices and I liked how Rebecca tried to initiate discussions. I got to talk about Cropfest and the Youth Food Movement!! #wonkyfoodheroes

Suggestion of improvement: my friend was actually saying that she’s been to quite a few workshops like this and a lot of them haven’t been very informative whereas this one said that it was targeted at beginners (although I have a feeling we should’ve been in the ‘advanced’ group but I don’t think these things exist). Just minor things like she was saying that the three groups of people who waste food are young families with children, people who earn $150k+, and 18-35 year olds… Which is basically everyone! Would’ve been better if facts were supported by where they came from.

Ends: Green village workshops are in the link every week

Angela Bee