Mother’s Day exclusive La Dolce Vita screening – Castle Towers

I gave my mum the red carpet experience yesterday thanks to Castle Towers Management, with two free tickets (for mum and I ) to a Mother’s Day exclusive screening of La Dolce Vita at VMAX.

Mothers Day movie Castle Towers - photo 5

Read your emails!!!!!!!!!!

“As a Castle Towers VIP Indulge member you are invited to an exclusive screening of 1960 classic La Dolce Vita for Mother’s Day. A double pass to this exclusive screening is available to the first 125 VIP Indulge members to RSVP!

The screening will take place on Saturday May 10 from 10am at Vmax Event Cinemas. Upon arrival, guests will receive complimentary champagne, morning tea, a gift bag and popcorn and drink to enjoy throughout the film!”

Mothers Day movie Castle Towers - photo 8

Just an FYI- you can sign up for FREE here.

Mothers Day movie Castle Towers - photo 9

The best feeling is when you know you’ve already ‘bought’ your mum a present for the much anticipated Mother’s Day. Honestly, how many of you kids stretch your minds inside-out not know what to give your mum every year? Luckily I received this email and before I knew it I had two complimentary tickets.

Mothers Day movie Castle Towers - photo 6

Management told us to arrive 5-10 minutes before and indeed we did at 9:51 and there was a neat line leading towards Cinema 1.

Mothers Day movie Castle Towers - photo 1

There were some Roman-inspired statues heading inside with plenty of green vines to get us into the Italian mood.

Mothers Day movie Castle Towers - photo 2

Oh, and how could you ever not have a bicycle to set into the Italian theme?


I was so surprised that there were a delightful range of scones with jam and whipped cream, cakes, pastries and quiches to enjoy for morning tea! I wished I didn’t have breakfast beforehand!! For me, the quiches and scones were the best.


What I’ve learnt from organising uni events is that most of the time only 50% of people actually come to the event. There was tons of leftovers and they even encouraged us to eat while we were watching the three hour movie.

Mothers Day movie Castle Towers - photo 3

Next to the food stand there were a few vintage and cute chairs and tables…


with a joyful three-person band singing!! I thought I was transported into the countryside of Italy!


Then I made my way up towards the champagne and orange juice table.. oh yeeeeeeeeeaaaah. I had my champers topped with OJ for the cocktail touch.


My mum, grandma and I then walked up into the seats. OK, I must admit I don’t go to the cinemas these days because its so expensive and I’m very bad at concentrating on a movie for an extended period of time.. but VMAX is amazing! It wasn’t quite Gold Class but the seats are coupled together with extra wide comfort and even space to put our glass of champagne on the edge.

There was even boxes of popcorn, a bottle of Mountain Franklin water and a goodie bag waiting for us at ours seats.


I felt so overwhelmed!!! There was enough time to have a chat amongst ourselves and the movie started at 10:20.

Mothers Day movie Castle Towers - photo 10

At first it was all in Italian and no one could understand anything!! It was hilarious and it challenged me to remember all my Italian words from Year 11 and 12..haha.

Mothers Day movie Castle Towers - photo 4

Oh well, the subtitles were on but La Dolce Vita is a long ass movie. I think around 50% of people had already left before it finished including us…

When we got back home we had a good look at what was inside: gift cards from a variety of clothing shops, perfume samples, shower gels, Roman Holiday DVD and just tons of magazines and everything! Crazy!!

Mothers Day movie Castle Towers - photo 7

It was heaps of fun while it lasted and definitely worth signing up for those VIP emails. It’s FREE!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Free morning tea, champagne): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I recommend signing up for Castle Towers Indulge VIP? I know we all get overwhelmed with emails so if you’re in the area, definitely. Their weekly emails have a ‘special offers’ section which takes up a majority of the email.

Would I donate the money I saved towards a charity? “The National Breast Cancer Foundation is the leading community-funded organisation in Australia raising money for research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer.

Since the National Breast Cancer Foundation was established in 1994, more than $105 million has been awarded to fund over 370 Australian-based research projects to improve the health and wellbeing of all those affected by breast cancer.”

With bottomless champagne and a hearty morning tea, I think this experience would’ve been no doubt more than $40 per person. If I was working I would give that one off donation to NBCF.

Highlight: The food was delicious, the atmosphere was delightful, the seating was comfortable and both my mum and my grandma were boasting about this to all their friends. Loved it.

Suggestion of improvement: Everything was fabulous maybe except the film? I think it normally goes for around three hours and my attention span is not that great.. It would’ve been nicer with a fun girly film? Thank goodness Castle Towers doesn’t have a three hour parking limit!!

Ends: May 10, 2014


Angela Bee


Alliance Francaise French Film Festival – Palace Norton

Thanks to UTS Vertigo magazine, my friend and I won two free tickets to the Alliance Francaise French Film Festival (AFFFF) which is held in Sydney from March 5- 23, 2014.

AF French Film Festival - photo 1

“Celebrating its 25th year in 2014, AFFF is not only the biggest film festival in Australia; it is also the biggest festival of French films outside of France. Each year the festival curates a selection of the best contemporary French films, including comedies, dramas, documentaries and much more.”

AF French Film Festival - photo 6

I don’t think I’ve ever bought tickets to the AF film Festival. I guess that goes with saying that I was the President/Vice President of the French Speaking Society (FRESS) at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) for almost 3 years.

AF French Film Festival - photo 12

I won the tickets with the 25 words or less of something I associate France or French culture: “Those sexy pick up lines I made the French Society at UTS learn at their convo groups. It was fantastic- vouz voulez venir avec moi? ;)”

AF French Film Festival - photo 11

I was pretty keen this time round because I’ve never been to Palace Norton Street, but instead have only been to Palace Verona on Oxford St.

Walking up the stairs, we walked into a dark and more classy affair.

AF French Film Festival - photo 2

Surprisingly, there was a snake of a line but thankfully I booked my tickets in advance. Last year they didn’t have many tickets left and we ended up watching this (extremely) crap movie that we walked out on. A guy was raping this girl and it got too graphic almost half the cinema left before it finished.

AF French Film Festival - photo 3

What I absolutely love about Palace Norton is that they offer cheese board platters. I cannot believe someone did not finish this. We just got some water.

AF French Film Festival - photo 4

It’s a pretty small cinema and just enough screens compared to Events or Hoyts.

AF French Film Festival - photo 5

I’m not if its because I rarely go to the cinemas, but these seats were huge, comfortable and spacious. The place where you put your drinks is pretty big too and not a distraction at all. I guess it’s where you put those cheese boards, right? #ifonlyiwasahighroller

AF French Film Festival - photo 8

Wrestling Queens is honestly the funniest movie ever.

AF French Film Festival - photo 7

I’m not lying- I was laughing my pants off for the whole duration. I highly recommend this.

AF French Film Festival - photo 9

“Seeking to reconnect with the estranged son she had as a teenager, 30-year-old Rose (Marilou Berry) decides to capture his attention by appealing to his number one obsession: wrestling. Enlisting three fellow supermarket check-out clerks, she forms a troupe and the Wrestling Queens (Les reines du ring) are born.”

AF French Film Festival - photo 10

As always, coming back every year to AFFF!!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Free Alliance Francaise French Film Festival): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I go free to the Alliance Francaise French Film Festival every year? How can you say no? If you don’t have a person connection to French culture, then this is your change to be mesmerised with the French language. If you’ve learnt French before then this will be a good challenge for your listening skills. If you’re French, then this will bring you back to your roots. GO!

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity?

Ticket prices include:

Alliance Française de Sydney & Palace
Movie Club Members* $15.50
Adult $20.00
Concessions** $17.00
Children (see classifications) $14.50

Wow, $20 for a movie ticket is quite steep. I must admit, I cannot stay still to watch a movie unless its insanely good, which Wrestling Queens was. I wouldn’t mind bringing back those cheap $8 Tuesdays we had back when I was at school. Anyways, $15 would go to charity if it included a glass of wine.

Highlight: the movie itself. Great selection of movies this time round. As mentioned before, last year’s wasn’t that great and it seems to me that quite a few of my french friends are interested in going- so that mean’s it’s good!

Suggestion of Improvement: have a movie ticket + cheese board + drink value deal. It’ll attract more people to come and of course enjoy a movie over French food. I think people would pay $25 or even $30 for it.

Ends: March 23, 2014


Palace Cinemas:

Angela Bee