UTS Haberfield Club

Stunning lake views with perfect sunrise and sunset views are now open to the public on the deck of the newly renovated UTS Haberfield Club.

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 2

“Situated on the enviable Iron Cove Bay, UTS Haberfield Club is the first NSW licenced club to be completely redeveloped in 10 years. This picturesque location is the perfect spot for lunch, dinner or a relaxing drink. The club comprises the licensed dining and recreation club upstairs and the rowing club downstairs.”

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My parents and I were conveniently driving up to Lavender Bay when we accidentally passed and pulled over to have a peak at the modernised rowing club.

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Activate UTS, formerly UTS Union Limited is full of surprises this year- UTS Haberfield Club being one of them.

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The club is surrounded by this beautiful lake view. I wouldn’t be complaining if I had an early rowing session that could soak in this stunning view.

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There’s a small area for parking but locals are encouraged to come down for a walk as there is a walk way around the bay.

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Heading inside, you’ll see a line of oars.

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There are walls full of the history of the rowing club with photos from the past.

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 4

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It’s a Sunday so it’s filled with families and not really any rowers in the water. The deck looks inviting though.

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There’s also a standard menu with mains ranging from $25…

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 14

.. and a bar for a casual drink or few!!

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 12

The walk over to the view and its absolutely breathtaking. I feel like I’m on the coast? It’s a very relaxing area and how about the beautiful weather?

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 6

I had no idea that this was dedicated to Tom O’Sullivan, former CEO of UTS Union who passed away in 2011. Tom O’Sullivan got rid of Voluntary Student Unionism and was instrumental in fighting for the Student Services Amenities Fee.  To be honest, it’s probably worked for the better with better planning for budgets and exciting projects like this! (Although I remember when they introduced it and I was upset but I got my monies worth by going to all these awesome free uni events!)

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 9

I absolutely love the outdoors area on the deck.

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 7

There are some pokies at the back if anyone is interested but don’t get stuck behind these because there may be the possibility of watching some rowing action! I’m wondering if there are any trial sessions?

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 15

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (UTS Haberfield Club): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I recommend visiting UTS Haberfield Club? Yes and go for a row at the same time! I would love to have a go and see what it’s like! I wish I lived closer to the area though..

Highlight: just standing on the deck and looking out onto the boats, the water and the sky. It looks heaps classy.

Suggestion of improvement: where are the student discounts, UTS? I would’ve hoped there could’ve been a good deal considering it is affiliated with a university.. Also, let us know when you’re rowing please (:

Ends: never

Link: http://utshaberfieldclub.com.au/

Angela Bee