Free Pizza Thursdays – Angry Pirate

Update: this special is no longer available 

Angry Pirate is offering free shared pizzas for anyone who purchases a beer, wine or cocktail at 5-8pm on Thursdays…that’s pretty aye-right! The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 6 “The Angry Pirate’s new Thursday special will have all feeling like they have struck gold, with a cocktail (or beer and wine if that is what you fancy) opening the treasure chest to free pizza slices. Get in between 5-8pm otherwise your dreams of free pizza will walk the plank.” – TimeOut Sydney The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 1 Since I now get off at Redfern to walk to work in Alexandria, I thought this was the perfect place for after work pizza and drinks- and I was right! It’s opposite to Redfern station on Redfern street although the lady out the front offering free pizza to passerbyers.The sign outside welcomes you aboard their stable ship bar. Ahoy! The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 2 The tables, chairs and even the bar is made from wood and they’ve polished it well if it was made from a wrecked ship. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 4 We sat ourselves at the back of the bar where there were some cushions and wine barrel tables. I must admit, the artwork is pretty amazing on all four walls! The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 9 Looking through the menu, we go through the beers, wines, cocktails and ‘pizza galley’.Cocktails were on the agenda and here’s what we tried: Angry and Sour is grog, amaretto, pomegranate liqueur, lime, vanilla and egg white and it’s the favourite for the girls! Oh yes, we also got plenty of BBQ popcorn for the table. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 12 Coco Melon Margherita has 1880 coconut tequila, fresh pressed watermelon, fresh mint and lime juice. We expected more of a watermelon flavour so that lacked. It came in a martini glass. Pirate’s Tea Party is a mixture of vodka, gin, rum, elderflower, mint, lemon, fruit tea. The flavours were a food combination with a bit more acidity than we liked. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 13 I chose the Grog Zombie. There’s grog, zombie mix (what does this even mean?), pineapple, passion fruit, angry pirate bitters  and rum. When it came out, it was oh fiiiiiiirrrreeee. The bartender had to come out and explain the options of how to drink it. He recommended that I blow the flaming passion fruit filled with Bacardi and sugar, drop it into the drink and have it as a cocktail. The other option was to drink the shot straight out ahaha…oh, I mean after blowing out the flame! I absolutely loved it and wouldn’t hesitate to get it 5 times in a row. Sadly it’s 2 max per person. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 14 NB: Grog is an alcoholic drink, usually rum diluted with water, but in this context you could use it to refer to any alcoholic beverage other than beer, and they aren’t prepared to be picky about that, either. Call your beer grog if you want. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 8 In terms of the free pizza, it’s not ‘buy 1 drink, get 1 whole pizza free’. Pizzas come out in twos throughout the night. Luckily there are vegetarian options but don’t expect gluten free pizzas. One of my friends is allergic to tomato and we managed to get a chipotle pizza instead and even our very own molten pizza- thanks crew! Amazing service. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 11 We actually managed to eat a LOT of pizza during the night over many drinks and bottles of wine. Arrrrrrrrrrr! The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 16 Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional) Event (Angry Pirate free pizza Thursdays): 4.75/5 Ambience: 4.5/5 Service: 5/5 Value: 4.75/5 Would I recommend going to Angry Pirate’s free pizza Thursdays? If you like alcoholic drinks and pizza, then heck yes! Choose the right cocktails and you’ll be having heaps of fun at this funky place. All the pizzas have 4 toppings max, so they’re simple and do the trick! Highlight: My Grog Zombie cocktail. I seem to have a thing for cocktails lit on fire. I mostly liked the fruity flavour of the drink. The staff were amazing and sooo friendly and as mentioned above, they were happy enough to cook a pizza for a friend with food requirements. I also loved the ambience of the place. Tops! Suggestion of improvement: when the pizzas came out, the staff left them on the counters so we had to get up from our seats to get the pizza slices. It would’ve been better if staff came around to make sure everyone had their fair share but I guess it’s more cost effective leaving them there. Link Free pizza Thursday via Facebook: Angela Bee


Groupon $3 for 2 scoop deal – Messina Gelato

Experimental gelato has never been cheaper with 2 scoops for $3 gelato including Apple Pie, Pandan and Coconut, Creme Brulee, and plenty others at Messina Gelato on Groupon, used by April 22, 2014.

Messina - photo 8

If you were lucky enough to grab one of 5008 groupons, then you must be congratulated. Those groupons went quickly after their release last Friday and they have come up again today!

Messina - photo 10

I work voluntarily at the Cancer Council at Woolloomooloo near Kings across station and it is literally a 2 minute walk from Messina. It’s hard to stop that temptation every lunch break!!

Messina - photo 2

The piles and piles of ice cream from each basin is exotic. Loving the pandan and coconut and sicilian trifle. Which Messina flavour is your favourite?

Messina - photo 5

Normally it is $4 for one scoop, or $6 for two, or $7 for three. Watch out if you’re in a bigger group because 500ml/ half a litre is only $10! Bargain!

Messina - photo 9

Next door they also do a cake shop with a small range of ice cream specialties although they are quite expensive…

Messina - photo 3

There’s even a mushroom one! Cute!

Messina - photo 4

Normally there is a massive line so remember to come early to avoid the queue. And now that the groupon vouchers are released.. who knows what the traffic will be like! I guess it was more of a social media campaign because it’s encouraging more people to ‘like’ their page. Maybe they want to go nationally, then internationally?

Messina - photo 7

Not sure why Messina needed to release Groupon vouchers because my circle of friends are already onto it. If you didn’t know about this ice cream magic, I highlight recommend it!

Messina - photo 6

Now this is the reason why students skip lectures, office workers go on extended lunch breaks, and those who want to experience excellent ice cream.

Messina - photo 1

Now there’s fierce competition:

Our Deal has $3 for $6 worth of frozen yoghurt at Yoforia (FYI – tried it once there and it was quite disappointing. At Harbourside, Darling Harbour)

DealOffer has $3 for $6 worth of frozen yoghurt at Yoghurberry (FYI – there are always heaps of flavours and is pretty good. At George Street, near Townhall store only)

Let the gelato/froyo voucher redeeming madness games begin! #messinastillwins

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product ($3 for 2 scoops of Messina Gelato): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I get $3 Messina Gelato everyday? Heck yes! How can you not resist? Ice cream is not the best for you but gelato could be snore story. I love how inventive it is here and there is always a new variety of flavours not he blackboard. The classic ones are also available. How can you not?

Would I pay $6 for two scoops of Messina? Um.. I don’t think there has been a deal like this before and $6 for two scoops is quite the norm. Even places like Movenpick and Gelatissimo have $5ish scoops so doing $1 extra for two is awesome sauce. Yes, I did not do a typo. #awesomesauce is the word.

Highlight: the gelato!! If you knew me during high school, I disliked ice cream but since coming back from Italy, my life has changed forever. I love the difference in flavours and I always like to try funky flavours. I love a bit of surprise!

Suggestion of improvement: sometimes I would just like the scoopers to be that a little bit more generous… but then again it is a half price deal. Why is the limit only ONE per customer? I think I used all my email addresses.. haha. Also, beware that the line is always miles long- even if its not on a groupon deal.

Ends: April 22, 2014

Angela Bee

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Gelato Messina Bondi on Urbanspoon

Gelato Messina Pyrmont on Urbanspoon

Gelato Messina on Urbanspoon

Burgers, Fries and Beer – Little Rumour

Last time my brother and I had an amazing time munching big juicy burgers with our Groupon deal. Unfortunately round 2 was the opposite.

Little Rumour - photo 5

Little Rumour is a small cafe, restaurant and bar joint on 4 Castlereagh in the centre of Sydney’s CBD offering $10 burgers, fries and beer as a Groupon voucher.

2013, DECEMBER - Little Rumour - photo 2

Expecting the same burger menu, I already had an idea of what I wanted. But when me and my friends got there, there was only the mere choice of cheeseburger, chicken breast burger, or chilli hot dog.

Little Rumour - photo 6

We had a little bit of difficulty when it came to ordering because there was no signage but we were told to present our vouchers at the bar.

Little Rumour - photo 3

There is a $5 beer special on weekdays 5-7pm so arrive early for some pre drinks.

Little Rumour - photo 7

Apparently the chilli dog isn’t that great so I decided to go for the cheese burger. Fortunately, I was allowed order a salad instead of fries because last time the fries were a bit dry. I’m not sure if the rocket and parmesan did it justice. There wasn’t a lot in the burger, probably the patty and that was all I could taste!

Little Rumour - photo 9

Instead, I piled it on my burger to add those veggies in my meal.

Little Rumour - photo 11

The cheeseburger was not bad but there was fat oozing out if you gave it a squeeze. Maybe opt for the chicken breast burger when you go.

Little Rumour - photo 10

Groupon burgers were half the size of their real juicy burgers. Shameful because after this instance my friends and I were put off by it.

Maybe the highlight was that there was a little bit of live music…

Little Rumour - photo 8

Next time come for their other specials.

Little Rumour - photo 1Little Rumour - photo 2

Overall they were average. Nothing fancy. I would say the presentation was fancier than McDonalds.

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Food and drink: =|

Ambience: =|

Service: =)

Value: =|

Would I come and get a Burger, Fries and Beer deal from Little Rumour again? In my previous blog, we were given better options and service was excellent. However this time round, I would say I would never buy it again. I recommended this to friends the first round and their comments were similar to this post.

Would I pay full price ($22) for the burgers, fries and beer? Now if I were to get the first burgers I originally got, yes. For this time, I would say no. $10 max and only because it came with beer.

Highlight: probably the beer. We tried to swap it for cider since my friend did it last time when she got the deal. Their needs to be some consistency required. Other than that, the interior design is fab.

Suggestion of improvement: bring back those deliciously huge burgers for the Groupon customers! If it was a marketing strategy then it wasn’t too well thought out. The salad would’ve been nicer with either tomatoes, or some other veg and not just rocket and small shavings of cheese. I squished it all in my burger instead. Now looking back at the Groupon, it states: ‘All burgers and chilli dogs served with a side of fries and aioli”- what?! Please give accordingly…

Ends: February 19, 2014

Angela Bee

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Student Specials – The Vogue Cafe

If pot plants hanging from the ceiling, smoothies in jars covered in chocolate and 1920s inspired vintage ‘welcome’ signs are your liking, and if you are a student,  walk the extra 5 minutes from uni to receive : $7 coffee and cake, $12 sandwich and smoothie, and $15 burger, chips and can of drink, or 20% off for any student club/society until May 31, 2014.

The Vogue Cafe - photo 2

The Vogue Cafe on Level 2 at Macquarie Centre has both a relaxing and friendly vibes amongst a bit of creativity… in other words, take a break and enjoy cheap good food and coffee while you’re still a student.  #studentspecials #iwishistillwasastudent

The Vogue Cafe - photo 6

Present your student card and the voucher at the end of this blog post to receive:

1. Cake and coffee $7

The Vogue Cafe - photo 5

Never go wrong with a muffin. The size is as big as 2 fists and prove to be in a meal itself. This blueberry muffin was as delicious as it looks in the picture.
Tastes home made, moist inside out, with whole blueberries throughout.

2. Sandwich and smoothie $12

The Vogue Cafe - photo 3

Sandwich is absolutely insanely sandwiched with chicken and avocado. I would’ve liked his if it was grilled or toasted to give it that extra crispy texture instead oft he two slices of plain bread.
Lightly peppered, mouthfuls of heaven but average presentation.

The Vogue Cafe - photo 1

Smoothie, as always, was just beautiful. A bit thick but the extra nuts and mint compliment the drink really well, especially on a hot day like today!! This was the ‘manberry’, a mix of strawberry and banana.

3. Burgers, chips and can of drink $15

The Vogue Cafe - photo 4

Bite into the crunchiest chips you will ever taste. Let me dissect one chip- thin, mega oily but extreme crispy on the outside, and soft mushy potato inside, lightly seasoned with intense herbs and salt. I have never tasted anything so good. On the other hand, the steak burger wasn’t as meaty as expected but the thick layer of caramelised onions spread onto the lower slice of the panini was the highlight.
Piping hot herbed crunchy chips, standard steak burger, enough for you to be in a food coma.

4. Any student club and/or society with 10 people or more 20% off

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 5

There is room inside and out for groups. Enjoy the decorations, greeted by friendly staff and order whatever your mouth waters towards.

Free wifi available.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Deal (student specials at The Vogue Cafe): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go to The Vogue Cafe and grab a student special every week? Yes, I would come once a week or so, but other cafés such as The Shingle Inn also do $6.90 cake and coffee specials, but to be honest, I’ve asked a fair amount of students about this deal and the prices aren’t too appealing.. even if it’s $6 for cafe and coffee, or $10 for sandwich and smoothie, and even $12 for a burger would attract more customers. That has been my general consensus. Thoughts?

Would I pay full price for the student specials at The Vogue Cafe? For the cake and muffin, I think it’s totally worth it. The sandwich and smoothie at normal price would be worth it as well if only the bread was slightly toasted. Even a sprinkle of cheese on the top would be fancy. I’m not too sure about the burger because even though those chips were gobsmackingly amazing, the patty was a bit of a downer. Having said that the portion size altogether was pretty substantial for a girl.

Highlight: jarred smoothies. I cannot get enough of these smoothies. The top of the jars are covered in chocolate. Mine had shredded coconut and my friend’s had muesli. It’s just pure goodness in a jar. I wish it was never ending.

Suggestion if improvement: what I would like to see is probably a thicker piece of meat on the steak? Also when ordering, having the waitresses ask if I wanted multigrain bread or possibly having my sandwich toasted would’ve been more ideal for those who like it in their special ways.

Ends: May 31, 2014
Voucher: The Vogue Cafe student special vouchers

Angela Bee

For price comparisons and previous blog:

Please note that The Vogue Cafe has re-opened as of October 2014. Same location and french-inspired cafe pictures below. 

It’s a bit noisy as it is right next to a car park but it’s charming and lovely!

The Vogue Cafe - photo 1

The Vogue Cafe - photo 2 The Vogue Cafe - photo 3 The Vogue Cafe - photo 4 The Vogue Cafe - photo 5

Serbian Festival Sydney 2014

The wet weather did not stop the Serbian Festival Sydney 2014 with its program, sprinkled with a whole rain of performances, activities, music, food, competitions at Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour on the weekend of February 15-16.

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 10

“Discover the heart of Serbia by attending the Serbian Festival in Sydney. Infuse yourself with the cultural traditions of this European country …brought to you by the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian Orthodox Youth Association Inc .”

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 14

Walking from Darling Harbour, we were excited to see a beautiful lady playing the violin. She was fantastic and played according to the music accompanied.

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 7

Surrounding the small platformed area were tents including an information booth and a few travel tents.

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 9

Then making our way to Tumbalong Park along the waterworks, there were stalls with goodies!

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 11

Traditional instruments and entertainment.

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 8

And even Novak Djokovic’s tshirts. Of course its #serbianpride… Where were the Ana Ivanovic shirts?

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 12

Our Serbian friend bought us these delicious hazelnut cream chocolates. Apparently they’re the ‘Nutella’ equivalent! Put them in traditional Serbian crepes (Palachinke) with crumbled biscuits for the best dessert ever.

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 1

We even talked to an artist who actually painted all the Serbian churches in Sydney! His work is unbelievably amazing!!

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 13

On the way we saw many boys and girls wearing traditional clothing from their regions.

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 18

Entering the park, there was a nice and chilled area for alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks including Rakija (Plum Brandy), a famous common Serbian aperitive and more.

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 15

There were plenty of other foods stalls as well but our favourite was the dessert one with Krofne (Doughnuts) $2.50..mmmmmmmmmmmmm.. a true favourite with the locals. It tasted like a deep fried doughy bread.

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 3

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 16

We also bought a Pita (Pastry) $5 filled with cherries. They are also stuffed with apples, meat, cheese.

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 4

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 6

On the stage there was Serbian Folklore Dancing. I always find it fascinating how different cultures use dancing as a form of entertainment and can do it in so many different ways!

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 17

There was actually quite a lot of people despite the rain and I’ve learnt that the Serbian community is quite close knit with many friendly faces sharing their culture with us. Thanks so much!!

Serbian Festival Sydney - photo 5

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Serbian Festival Sydney 2014): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to the Serbian Festival Sydney every year? If you can’t afford to go to Serbia (like me) then it would be worth having a look. You’ll die looking at the brochures given at the information booth. The landscapes, rivers and mountains look absolutely gorgeous- and for such a small country there is plenty to offer! I would go next year to check it out again.

Would I pay to go to the Serbian Festival Sydney? As with most other cultural festivals I would probably not. On the other hand, there is an option to purchase raffle tickets for Children’s Hospital at Westmead. From what I recall, it was 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. I think would just purchase 1 ticket though.

Highlight: the costumes! They are so fascinating! From head to toe, those nicely stitched pieces of clothing is just the best. I couldn’t resist taking some sneaky photos here and there.

Suggestion of Improvement: It was a shame it was raining because some places like the kids workshop didn’t really attract anyone. Seating at Tumablong Park in front of centre stage would’ve been more ideal for those who were shorter so the crowd was a bit smaller. I guess there wasn’t much signage around Darling Harbour either so possibly a big poster of the lined up performances would’ve made it easier to know what was going on because if you look at the program, there are over 15 acts from 10am-8pm!

Ends: February 16, 2014


Angela Bee

Sydney Koreatown Festival

Gimme some yummy kimchi!!  We wonder through Pitt Street to grab a taste of bulgogi, traditional Korean music, cultural dances and kimchi at the Sydney Koreatown Festival on Saturday February 1, 2014.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 12 Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 13

“Celebrate the Lunar New Year Korean style, with delicious food, performance and activities for the whole family.”

“Arirang” is a Korean folk song, often considered the unofficial national anthem of Korea.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 19

Coming out onto the George Street Event cinemas from Townhall station,  turn left down a small lane way and you will would’ve seen a long queue waiting to kick a ball into wheeling spots.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 1

Pitt street was blocked off with white tents on both sides of the road, with hundreds of people checking out the small variety of stalls.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 2

The cultural exchange office had a selection of brochures on display.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 5

Check out the Korean food! I must admit, I saw my first kimchi fridge the other week at my friend’s house. I was very impressed.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 6

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 7

There were even some fancy savings if you bought either home ware or packaged noodles.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 4

Who didn’t have these spicy Korean noodles at school? You missed out big time. I absolutely love hot and spicy noodles!

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 8

Walking down, the main stage kept the seated and standing guests very entertained. Too bad there was a long intermission between acts that unfortunately lost lots of viewers.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 9

But there was a massive crowd for each performance. I’m sure this attracted tons of people who were passing by.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 15

Drummers banged to their hearts content, sharing traditional music to those who haven’t been exposed to Korean culture before.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 11

Ladies in traditional costumes sang while the band played. How beautiful are the dresses?

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 10

A person in the white was doing calligraphy from a traditional Korean tune on a long sheet of fabric that was rolled out from the stage to the stalls.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 17

Girls danced from CrossOver Dance Studio, who were also the ‘open special’ performance for the K Factor competition (Kpop cover contest).

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 18

Later on a band were tearing up the street with their exceedingly loud music.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 14

These were the MCs.

Sydney Koreatown Festival - photo 16

Overall the normal stroll from Townhall and Central turned into a journey through exotic kimchi land. I like it.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Sydney Koreatown Festival): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to the Sydney Koreatown festival every year? If I was in the city for the day, obviously, why not! It doesn’t take long to peep through all the stalls unless you want to line up and kick a ball in the circles to win lollies. But I would not intentionally come all the way to the city for it? Maybe because I don’t have a Korean background, but I asked a few friends from Korea and they weren’t too interested.

Would I pay to go to the Sydney Koreatown Festival? Probably not so. Sharing a different culture is so wonderful and experiencing that was absolutely lovely. I feel like if I paid to go to, for example, to a Korean dance? then I would have very high expectations and wanting to feel extremely immersed into their culture and maybe even challenged.

Highlight: I don’t know if many people know this, but a lot of Koreans get plastic surgery for their 18th or 21st birthday. I think this is still quite relevant these days so it was fun to see a plastic surgery stall there. Just some fun back thoughts! From last year, the stage was better, organisation with program was done better, and there were more stalls and sponsors.

Suggestion of Improvement: the space was actually quite small so it made everything seem a bit congested, particularly the sidewalks.  Activities would’ve been ideal to get the wider community involved. Even competitions whereby someone needs to read some interesting facts about Korea would’ve made the experience more enriching. Also, the program might’ve needed perhaps mixing traditional and modern dance/music? My time there was great, but a few people have said they only saw Kpop and would’ve liked more traditional dances. The festival was meant to finish at 8pm but stalls were closing at 6pm which was a bit disappointing…. Oh, and more bins please!

Ends: February 1, 2014

Angela Bee and Pockybox

Crossing Boundaries – Townhall

What was life like settling into Australia for the Chinese? Head over to Townhall for an interesting Australian Chinese art and cultural exhibition.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 4

Head to the right of Townhall to enter the exhibition via Druitt street. Chinese New Year flags mark the entrance.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 13

Crossing Boundaries - photo 2

The spacious area gives great depth into the artworks.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 14

Since it is the year of the horse, the installations are horse- themed.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 7

The most confronting piece was the 7 piece story of their uncle’s murder.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 10

Hashtag #horsing around2014for a chance to win You will get a red horse cut-out.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 11

Crossing Boundaries - photo 12

There’s a screen explaining the Chinese zodiacs as well.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 6

There was mostly a mix of not really modern nor traditional, but history of Chinese settlement in Australia.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 3

Crossing Boundaries - photo 9

There was a fun hands on station for the kids. Mirrors allowed children to draw a portrait of themselves. Then, they can hang it up on the wall in the matching animal of their year of birth. What dose your year of birth mean?

Crossing Boundaries - photo 8

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Crossing Boundaries exhibition): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =|

Value: =)

Would I go back to the Crossing Boundaries exhibition? I think it will be fun showing my friends this place. I don’t think I’ve been here before and there are some funky works. Check out the straw mummy, or even the giant nest on the ceiling.

Would I pay to go to the Crossing Boundaries exhibition? Probably not. A lot of small art exhibitions don’t require payment on entry but this was pretty cool. I really like how they have artists from all Asian backgrounds explain their story.

Highlight: reading about the short stories of those who came to settle in Australia. They were discriminated and knowing that hurts. Eye opening and also interesting to see what my zodiac said!

Suggestion of improvement: I wished there were talks once every 2 hours. I was told they reveal stories behind the art, which would’ve been a pleasure to listen to.

Ends: February 9, 2013

Angela Bee