25% off Picnic Vibes catering

Catering. We need it for parties, get-to-gethers, events and best of all, Christmas!! Best of all, picnic-style catering, home made from local produce is offering 25% off its menus until the end of the year.


Picnic Vibes offers special picnics on Mondays at Alexandria Park so I decided to have a go and see who would turn up. There were quite a few men and on a warm spring day, it’s lovely to get outside of the office for a little treat!


I got to sample their whole menu. Firstly, Classic European. The wonderful and vibrant rugs really do it here. The chopping board is topped with delicious carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, and even zucchini sticks!! The highlight of the board was the home made hummus. The secret ingredient…? You’ll have to taste it to know!


The salad is simply amazing with the balsamic sauce. Lots of healthy goodness right in mah belleh.  Frittata could be even better!! I’ve worked in a pizzeria, but I haven’t worked in a pizzeria that does watermelon pizza! Topped with yoghurt, muesli and other fresh fruit and nut, the blend of textures makes this the most fabulous dessert ever!! #gimmemore


Next we had the Hola South American. Each of these picnics are inspired by the travel journeys the owner has embarked on. The cheesey nachos with the little avocados presents itself well.


DIY burritos is a winner here. If you’re vegetarian, or gluten free, options are all there! Fussy eaters, this is the best catering for you! The boys demolished the chocolate coated sliced apples even before they got onto their burritos. Who doesn’t like sprinkles?

The last option is Authentic Asian. I still remember the spring rolls we used to make in Vietnam! Delicious!


The assorted fishballs are exciting to eat with bursts of flavour! And the coconut milk peanut satay sauce is very unique. The glass noodle salad is my tip of the day- yum!


The options were very pleasant and when combined, you could making peking duck tacos, burrito sandwiches.. and the list goes on! Awesome fusion right there.

YouChews, a corporate catering platform are giving 25% off Picnic Vibe catering. Don’t miss out on these eats!!


Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Promotion (25% off Picnic Vibes Catering): 4.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Value: 5/5

Would I recommend getting catering from Picnic Vibes? Don’t have time and feeling lazy? Don’t want to eat takeaway pizza and prefer something healthier? Picnic Vibes would be perfect for you and your friends and family. Everything is fresh from the markets and home-made too!

Highlight: I’d have to say the amazing watermelon pizza. It’s fresh and I love the blend of amazing fruit with a nutty mix. It’s refreshing and something to go for. The hummus is also amazinggg. Home made is simply the best!

Suggestion of improvement: not sure how the logistics work with the catering. Every


25% off Picnic Vibes Catering:




Angela Bee


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