Australia Day merchandise – Woolworths

Australian Day stubbies, flags, wigs, sunnies, beach mats, hats, inflatables, towels- you name it! It all goes on sale after the day has passed.

Australia Day Merchandise Woolworths - photo 2

I checked out a few stores including Big W and Target but Woolworths had the cheapest and best souvenirs. Surprisingly the others only had Back2School sales. Weird.

Australia Day Merchandise Woolworths - photo 1

A nice little stand with the goods. Easy to navigate ad right at the front. Almost everything was $1.

$6 fleece throw and beach towels. The designs aren’t that great though…

Australia Day Merchandise Woolworths - photo 4

I bought wine coolers and stubbies for my French family who were due to arrive the next day. #winning.

Australia Day Merchandise Woolworths - photo 3

Tim tams are half price this week! Only $1.62.

Australia Day Merchandise Woolworths - photo 5

Shapes are too.. but since when are Honey BBQ Chicken an ‘Aussie’ flavour? Last year’s BBQ was a-mazing!!

Australia Day Merchandise Woolworths - photo 6

This is what I call cheap souvenir shopping. Beats going all the way to Paddy’s markets (if you don’t live near the city)!!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Australia Day merchandise at Woolworths): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I buy more Australia Day merchandise at Woolies? I better stock up for next year’s parties! Best deals out there!! Of course!

Would I pay normal price for the merchandise? If I had no choice and wanted to go all out, why not?! Who doesn’t love a costume party? On the other hand if you want to save a bit, there’s no harm in buying early.

Highlight: Looking at my receipt and seeing how much I saved. Don’t you love reading the end of the receipt?

Suggestion of Improvement: Leftover stock is obviously not available in every store. I say, bring in more!!

Ends: until stock runs out after Australia Day (January 26)

Angela Bee


$1 pearl earrings – Michael Hill

$1 perfect pearl earrings? Get OUT!

Michael Hill - photo 3

“With exclusive rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and more, we offer you everything from inspired collections that reflect global trends to timeless classics you’ll want to wear again and again.” -Michael Hill website

Michael Hill - photo 7

My friends became #thewalkingadvertisement today when they thoughtfully came in to where I worked and showed me the $1 pearl earrings they bought.

How on earth does this happen? I, myself cannot know how the shop at Macquarie Centre did it, nor would I know how many they had, but apparently this promotion was across all Michael Hill stores.

Michael Hill - photo 4

I immediately went on my lunch break and headed over to hand over a tiny gold coin for a precious gift. I bought it for my manager since it was her birthday next week. Free gift wrapping available too.

Michael Hill - photo 2

The store is located opposite Supre, a bit further up from The Coffee Club at the Food Court.

Michael Hill - photo 5

Online, the cheapest pearl earrings I found on its website was $29. When you click ‘Quick View’, it compares the earring to similar companies.

Michael Hill - photo 1

Check out their January sales.

Michael Hill - photo 6

I have the best friends ever. Unbelievable. China can’t even beat this.


Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (pearl earrings): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I buy more $1 pearl earrings? Is this even a question? YES! I’ll buy 100 and give them away to my friends haha!!

Would I pay $29 for the pearl earrings? Yes? My parent bought me some black pearl earrings from their $99 China Tour and it was $AUD 15 approx. In a normal circumstance I would anyway. They’re a classic. Wearing them would be another story..

Highlight: Handing over that $2 coin and getting $1 back for change. Even the lady at the counter had a huge grin on her face. Is this even possible? I guess they are making huge amounts of money from everything else. Maybe they marginalized on their profit over the Christmas and New Year sales?

Suggestion of Improvement: Please bring in more!!!!

Ends: Oops, I think I took the last one at Macquarie Centre. The sales assistant told us to go to Chatswood to have a look.

Angela Bee

The Vogue Cafe student specials

Specials EXCLUSIVE to our readers from The Vogue Cafe Macquarie Centre.

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 8

Students, show off your ID cards at the Vogue Cafe, level 2 of Macquarie Centre, to receive $7 coffee and cake, $12 sandwich and smoothie, $15 burgers, chips and can of drink.

Vogue Cafe opened is a creative and quirky cafe at Macquarie a centre that offers a Melbourne-style atmosphere, located on the left side of Myer, very close to Pandora.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 18

Sarah, the owner and manager of the cafe, is offering our readers and all students to massive savings on presentation of a student card.

1. Coffee and cake $7

Normal price: coffee/tea $3.50 + cake $6.50 = $10
Saving: $3

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 3

2. Sandwich and smoothie/milkshake/frappe $12

Normal price: sandwich $10 + smoothie $5.50 = $15.50
Saving: $3.50

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 2

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 4

3. Burger, chips and can of soft drink $15

Normal price: Burger $17.50 + chips $7.50 + soft drink $4 = $29
Saving: $14

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 1

4. Be part of a club or group at uni and get 20% off your bill.

What’s even better is that they offer free wifi so it’s great for those who want to study, or even meetings for group assignments, club meetings, etc.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 13

I’ve come here more than a couple of times and the best thing about it is that the coffee is actually good. Everyone has said that it’s a ‘cute’ cafe and Macquarie Centre definitely needed something like this!

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 6

Look at the deco! Loving all the detail! It’s even coming from above.

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 5

I sampled the cake and coffee because that is one sweet deal!

For the first time I got a takeaway and received some gummi bears and licorice bullets on top.

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 10

Check out the chocolate milkshake.. mmmm…. it’s as good as it looks..

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 7

The cake was pretty nice too. Nutella and pear tart and sticky date pudding. Definitely needed that scoop of ice cream as a compliment!

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 9

The mixed berry fresh fruit smoothie is to DIE for on a hot day. The berry mix has a refreshing taste and those crushed nuts add that extra nudge to it.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 1

Forget about walking to Campus Hub for a good coffee or lunch. Instead, take the (longer) walk to The Vogue Cafe it’s spectacular student specials.
Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (student specials): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I come here everyday? I usually come here once a week because I work at Macquarie Centre. The Shingle Inn’s $7 coffee and cake special is only after 2pm. Chantillys has $3.50 coffee but if I get both coffee and cake if I’m feeling like spoiling myself, of course I would come down!

Would I pay full price for the specials? I would for the coffee and cake because it was so fabulous that my friends who I came with a few months ago said it was ‘very memorable’ and we all paid full price. The smoothies are simply amazing so worth it’s value. The burgers are big and juicy. Probably would never pay $17 for a burger but $15 for the lot is pretty amazing.

Highlight: the smoothies. Don’t go without trying the goodness in the jars. They should have a party on its own.

Suggestion of Improvement: I know they can’t relocate but it would’ve been probably better if they were closer to Macquarie Uni entrance, although they are right next to a parking entrance. I really like how they have an outside area but they could probably keep a closer eye on table service because I saw some people waiting… Oh, and possibly a Facebook page or website for current menus, specials, contact, etc.

Deal: mention ‘Angela’s student specials on The Walking Advertisement’ or download the vouchers in the below link.

Ends: May 31, 2014. Must present Student ID upon redemption.

Angela Bee

The Vogue Cafe Student Special Vouchers

Please note that The Vogue Cafe has re-opened as of October 2014. Same location and french-inspired cafe pictures below. 

It’s a bit noisy as it is right next to a car park but it’s charming and lovely!

The Vogue Cafe - photo 1

The Vogue Cafe - photo 2 The Vogue Cafe - photo 3 The Vogue Cafe - photo 4 The Vogue Cafe - photo 5

Kikki.k $10 voucher

Sign up to be a Kikki.k member in store or online to receive a $10 voucher within 7 days, excluding sale items.

Kikki.k - photo 12

Kikki.i embraces the Swedish design principles of form and function to create seasonal collection of delicious stationery, gorgeous gifts and organization solutions.

Kikki.k - photo 11

The cute but quite expensive stationery shop offers everything from diaries, pens, folders, wallets and lots more.

Kikki.k - photo 13

I must admit, I absolutely love a boutique full of extremely quirky yet adorable stationery, gifts and home ware.

So yesterday I took the liberty of stepping in store and taking a photo of everything under $10 which isn’t on sale. Of course this isn’t everything but this will give you an idea of what you could get.

Kikki.k - photo 2

Wrapping paper $3.95

Kikki.k - photo 1

Birthday cards

Kikki.k - photo 10

Wooden candle holder $9.95  and cloud ornament $7.95

Kikki.k - photo 8

Wooden pens or clips $9.95

Kikki.k - photo 9

Heart magnets $3.95, cotton ribbon $7.95

Kikki.k - photo 7

Wooden stamp sets $9.95 (left, middle), $6.95 (right)

Kikki.k - photo 3

Pencil case $9.95

Kikki.k - photo 6

Pens from $1.95

Kikki.k - photo 5

Notebook elastic $5.95, magnets $9.95

Kikki.k - photo 4

Stickers $3.95, pen $3.95

But good news- you get another $10 voucher on your birthday and you can even use it on sale items too! #Win !

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (stationery etc): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =|

Value: =D

Would I sign up and use a $10 voucher everyday? $10 is not much compared what a diary, homeware and folders cost. Getting $10 off would be magic but the price of each product is still slightly out of my price range.

Would I pay full price for the items I bought? If there was a 50% sale on items I would possibly spend on a really really good friend of mine. If not, I would just go to Typo or make/design my own stuff (I have time because I’m unemployed lol). Short answer: No.

Highlight: Great things come in small packages! Simply signing up I got some free money and if I need a nice pen, some stickers for scrapbooking, then this is the place to go.

Suggestion of Improvement: Publicize this! All this was told to me by a sales assistant at Macquarie Centre Kikki.k. We all want to know! I was getting a gift for a friend and they only told me just before I paid that I could get a voucher! I still haven’t received it but apparently it takes 7 days… Also, wrapping paper is $3.95 and they ask you if you want it wrapped without letting you know the price. Well, now you know!

Ends: never

Angela Bee

Beautiful Hair Macquarie Centre

How much many do you spend washing, cutting, blow drying, massaging, colouring, curling, straightening and styling your hair?

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 6

Last week a low cost modern black and red hairdressing boutique opened its doors at Macquarie Centre- only $22 for a female style cut and 20% off if you’re a student. That makes $17.60 for a cut.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 5

Located on the top level, near The Bagel and Coffee Co and Kikki.K, these packages would be great if you want a new look for the new year.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 7

Having received flyers at work for this salon, I decided to give it a go since my hair was starting to look like a massive haystack. Thick, bulky, split ends, knots. Most girls know what I mean.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 9

Going in, there was s colourfully sharp display of hair products. The lower section is for the men’s and up the stairs is for the women.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 8

Loving the architecture.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 1

Big comfy chairs, magazines, and even a complimentary coffee. I’ve even heard that other hairdressers do hand and foot massages!

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 2

The hairdresser who cut my hair was lovely and asked a few questions and had good suggestions. She had a thick UK accent and so did the other girls working there!

Took around 30 minutes but I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t use the blow dryer right at the end to remove excess hair. I was left shaking my head and fluffing around with my hair getting all the small bits out.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 3

Nice place and loving the accents, nothing extraordinary.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 4

Rating review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Service (hair cut): =)

Ambience: =)

Customer Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go back there for a haircut? Yes, and why not? Just Cuts charge $29 with their Peppa Pig Christmas logo but this is over $10 cheaper. Personally, I’m not a person who really cares too much about my hair unless its cut really badly (ie the time I went to Carlingford Village because my mum said it was good- its not. They cut 20cms off. It didn’t look pretty so I covered it with a beanie I got from France #win). Hair grows out.

Would I pay the extra 20%? I think I would! I saved $4.40 but that doesn’t seem too much compared to what I would pay at another place. I didn’t get screwed up and they gave me a little cup of coffee for waiting for 2 minutes whilst the hairdresser finished off another person.

Highlight: Definitely the accent.

Suggestion of Improvement: I must admit I don’t go to high end fancy hairdressers and this one does its job pretty well for its value. Possibly sue the blow dry at the end so that hair that’s cut off is completely removed? Other than that, they do put 2 layers of black cloth around my neck.

Angela Bee

The wall of good deals – Macquarie Centre

The future of shopping is being tested out at Macquarie Shopping Centre as the innovative ‘Wall Mall’ enables shoppers to purchase deals with a mere scan (quick response- QR code) on their smartphones- this wall could be your next best friend.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 19

Forget going to every single shop, or flipping through pages of coupons from the Entertainment Book, or scrolling down through endless emails from Groupon. Head straight to the intelligent panel near Myer on level 2 to browse a shopfront of deals and specials for those who want to be technologically and economically ahead of everyone else.

QR scanners are free to download on Android and Apple devices so all you have to do is open up the app, put your phone towards the QR code, then you’ll have a limited amount of time to use your exclusive voucher.

Founder and inventor Isaac Balbin, of nTouch Agency, created the technology while completeing a PhD in electrical engineering to “engage people in a way where they feel the technology is actually going to help them.”

This might be the most innovative space in the area, but the Wall Mall  is actually the first of its kind in the world. Thankfully there’s a red carpet highlighting the importance of customers and remember the first thing we learnt working at our first fast food chain job? The customer is always first.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 13

These are the current offers that are on the wall which I am told will be there for the next few weeks. Shop owners need to pay to be on it though…

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 2

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 4

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 5

Arguably one of the Wall Mall’s biggest supporters is Vogue Café. The 1920s inspired calligraphic signs, ornamental pot plants and cute displays kind of give that Melbourne feel in an unexpected location.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 3

Scan the code above and you’ll have 30 minutes to redeem a FREE drink! Includes coffees, juices, fruit smoothies, soft drinks and more. Scroll to the end for full menu.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 18

Yesterday my friend got an organic orange juice. Nothing special. I wished there was pulp in it to make it more ‘real’? Cute Christmas cup though.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 20

Today I had the mixed berry fruit smoothie ($5.50) which was absolutely amazing with frozen berries, crushed peanuts and a piece of wafer on the top! I would prefer this cutesy place compared to Boost Juice anytime. GET IT!

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 1

I’ve also had coffee and cake here before with a couple of friends and was handed the cutest teddy bear cappuccino.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 15

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Wall Mall + Vogue café drinks): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I scan another QR code? Definitely. Unfortunately each offer is only limited to one per smart phone. I’ll probably need a free coffee next time I do a 9 hour shift..

Would I spend $$ on the same deals? I’ve only scanned one of the deals and I would definitely go back to the Vogue Café and even recommend it to friends. Other cafes in Macquarie Centre such as The Coffee, Club, Chantilly’s and Shingle Inn are more classy and modern in comparison to the funky arty cutesy café we have here.

Highlight: It’s simple. If you already have a QR scanner downloaded to your Appstore or PlayStore, then all you have to do is open it up and scan. There is no need to register and you simply need to find the store if you like the deal

Suggestion for Improvement: Maybe have a map of where the stores on the wall are? We had only 30 minutes to redeem the Vogue Café drink and what if we walked around in a massive circle in the puzzling maze of shops at Macq? I remember my business studies teacher always saying that Macq was designed for people to get lost so shoppers stumble upon shops they would never go to and find new treasures. In some ways its good, but one of those touch screen maps placed close to the wall would be helpful. In saying this, I have been noticing that there are quite a few people wearing ‘Macq Centre’ shirts with an (i) icon for information  services. Great walking tactic!

Angela Bee

Below is the menu for Vogue Café

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 10

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 62013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 72013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 82013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 9


Please note the Wall Mall is not present at Macquarie Centre anymore due to renovations. If it comes up again, I’ll adjust this post accordingly.

Shingle Inn Opening – Macquarie Centre

Gold ballooning ‘FREE coffee with slice of cake’ promotion was at Shingle Inn, Macquarie Shopping Centre today.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 5

Oh hang on. Rewind. How much are their cakes usually? Around $6.80-$7.90.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 8

I wouldn’t say this is one cheap deal because I normally even hesitate to spend $3 on a coffee and only restrict myself to only 2 coffees a week and ONLY if I’m catching up with friends. Yes, I’m quite disciplined like that so even paying even $4 for a Strawberry and Pistachio Cheesecake is a huge step for me.

Working at Macquarie Centre means that I see shop assistants go and get their early morning coffee before each day’s opening. It’s the same for business workers, tradies, and even high school and uni students!

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 11

There have been 2 identified as good competitors: The Coffee Club and Chantilly’s -but how does Shingle Inn compare?

The huge lamps glowing directly on each table inject precious light to this small café. There isn’t really a ‘wow’ factor here except the red and white intricately patterned chairs at its front as seen in my previous blog.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 7

Walking in, there seemed to be a small crowd around the counter. I counted 7 staff and a fully stocked window display. Good to know they had plenty of staff up and running. And on the plus side, I heard other customers asking about the contents of their sandwiches, salads and other items on the menu and the person on the register seemed to have learnt the menu well.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 6

Cakes included (L -> R, top to bottom) carrot gateau, choc mud cake, flourless choc torte, orange and almond cake, lemon meringue pie, New York cheesecake, tiramisu, French vanilla slice, mince tarts, strawberry and pistachio cheesecake, charlotte royal, baci gateau, and lemon cheesecake.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 9

It was so overwhelming I had to go back to my manager and ask to see if she wanted to change her mind!

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 10

I ended up getting the Strawberry and Pistachio Cheesecake with my usual skimmed cappuccino. My manager had the Chocolate Mud Cake and cappuccino.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 12

Strawberry Cheesecake $6.80: Unlike the cupcakes we had yesterday which tasted of mix, this is incredibly delicious! The cream cheese filling is quite creamy and the glazed strawberry topped with pistachios gives it that raw nutty edge but I wished there was a bit more perhaps in the cheesecake itself? But my mum absolutely LOVES it.

Chocolate Mud Cake $6.90: According to the manager I work with, she said that it was light and fluffy and not too sweet. I’m not sure if that describes a real choc mud cake..? In my head I picture a dense and moist chocolate thick cake with intense chocolate icing. Some like it hot, some like it cold, so it might be the case here for those who are opting for a lighter option.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 13

Coffees: both my manager and I agreed that it wasn’t the best coffee but it wasn’t too bad either. I must say, I’ve had better but at the same time this is only their first day of trade. Might give it another punch later. It normally costs $3.70- dearer than a standard cup of coffee.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 14

While I was there a lady came in and asked if there were any ‘senior discounts’. She was right in a sense that there are a ton of cafes in the Centre and she could easily get a cheaper coffee. However, if you aren’t fussed this place isn’t too bad to sit down, read the newspaper or a book and enjoy a cup (or bowl!) of cuppa.

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (cake and coffee): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =(

Would I buy another cake and coffee special? Don’t think so.. it is quite a bit of money and I can easier buy a whole apple pie from Woolies for $4.71 (I did that today for tomorrow’s Annual High School Christmas Party)

Would I spend $10+ on the cake and coffee? Probably not unless I’m catching up with a good friend and we are either in a very good or very sad mood to eat and drink our happiness or sorrows away.

Highlight: Those chairs outside really make Shingle Inn look fancy and chic. All staff were nice and friendly too!

Suggestion of Improvement: Have a better (or less expensive) opening special? Cake may have been more than what a customer wants to spend. Just a reminder that there are students (Epping Boys, Ryde Secondary, Riverside Girls, Macquarie University, Robert Menzies College) around and they are worthy target markets. Another thing is that everything is quite dear on the menu.. Both my manager and I couldn’t seem to answer both those questions… but then again, I am cheap (and that’s why I blog about freebies).

Angela Bee

Shingle Inn on Urbanspoon

Direct Shoe Warehouse Macquarie Shopping Centre

This might be the smallest warehouse I’ll ever step into but this cute little shoe shop right opposite Dymocks has a few surprises.

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 1

$9 shoes.

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 2

Enough said.

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 3

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 4

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 6

How and what can go wrong with $9 shoes? Believe me, and I mean, look deep into my eyes if you dangerously want to compare price with quality. Is it wrong to say that I work here? Well in fact, I do and I know how much these shoes cost at cost price and DSW are NOT making any (much or if any) money from these sales. Court Couture and Therapy are extremely popular brands.

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 5

You’re probably asking why, right?

  1. DSW Macquarie opening earlier this year in March so it’s been less than a year since their first trade and so many people still don’t know they exist.
  2. There are tons of competitors like Novo, Williams, Freelance Shoes around in the Centre.
  3. The car park has been a downfall and more shoppers are going to Top Ryde because there’s just no parking.
  4. It’s Christmas and presents are for everyone! Christimas parties, weddings, New Years celebrations….
  5. It’s part of a branch of a group, DSW, so they can afford it at this stage.

What’s even more exciting is that DSW Macquarie offers 5% discounts to those with student IDs. It isn’t heavily promoted but it does help you save those extra $$.

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 7

There’s also a Christmas special with 30% off all shoes! Honestly, it’s so cheap and comfy I don’t know why you’ll be going elsewhere..

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($9 shoes): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I buy another $9 pair of shoes? Of course! Considering the ‘normal’ prices are normally $39.95, which is a quarter of what it’s normally sold at.

Would I spend $39.95 on the same pair of shoes? Nope. Who knew spending could be so cheap? There’s a 30% off storewide sale at the moment so that’s definitely worth looking into.

Would I buy the same deal again? Yes but for other types of shoes.

Best thing: the cheapness but the downside is that it’s first come first serve basis. Sizes and designs vary.

Suggestion of Improvement: Have more in stock. The same style, size and colour of the shoe you want might be $9 in Macquarie, but aware that sales differ from store to store.

Angela Bee

Shingle Inn Macquarie Shopping Centre

Est 1936, the ‘Decadent, Delicious, Deserved’ Shingle Inn cafes have opened their doors to enrich its customers with its delicate desserts and delightful bowls coffee.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 3

Since 2009, Macquarie Shopping Centre is currently undergoing a $390 million world class redevelopment. With over 130 new specialty stores opening, Shingle Inn is a new worthy competitor that is located on Level 1, opposite the photo shop and next to the onsie shop.

Today and tomorrow they are giving away free cupcakes as small samples to entice shoppers, particularly those with a sweet tooth! Sorry, the picture below has squished icing.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 4

From tomorrow and for the next possibly 3 days, they will be giving a free cup of coffee for each cake slice purchased. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the cake menu from the new owners of the franchise who were keen to have a chat with me before its official opening.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 2

Those classy red patterned chairs behind the reflective separation barrier gives it that chic and elegant vibe, acting as a teaser before they take down the new ‘opening soon’ wall.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 1

Stay tuned as tomorrow I try out their cakes and determine if their ‘secret’ beans are worth telling anyone. Oh, and by the way, the owner did say that the he only chooses  good looking baristas who know their beans.. maybe that’s he’s secret to new success!

Keep watching this space for more opening specials and tomorrow’s coffee rating review..

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Cupcakes): =(

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =|

Would I grab another free cupcake? No, it tastes like cake mix. I took one bite and gave the rest to my mum.

Would I spend $$ on the cake slice to get a free coffee? Probably not that I ate the cupcake. You can really tell if one is home made or not!

Highlight: the ambiance for sure. Nice dim and some what romantic setting.

Suggestion of Improvement: Please don’t use cake mix from now on? Maybe make them yourself or just outsource because my mum’s cupcakes are yum!

Angela Bee

Shingle Inn on Urbanspoon