Adappt 2013 – Sydney and Melbourne

Free trip to Melbourne – what more could you ask for coming up with a simple social business idea?

2013, DECEMBER - Adappt - photo 11

‘Adappt 2013’ is an app development program, where teams of young people develop and pitch concepts for apps that address real world social and environmental challenges through the Foundation of Young Australians (FYA), sponsored by Samsung and Squareweave.

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I was referred to this competition by Mel from UTS Build a few days before and on Saturday and Sunday 23-24 November 2013 at Fishburners, I met my teammates ( , mentors, and other key influences in the social business entrepreneurship community who helped me go through to the next stage… without paying a penny!

We played a few ice breaker games and got to talk a little (3minutes) with each other before deciding our groups. You could enter as an individual or in groups of 3.

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It was an intense 9-5 weekend with 25 minute sessions with people from IT development agencies, creative agencies, entrepreneurs, and people who generally are older and wiser.

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By day 1, we had to think of the :

  1. problem
  2. people involved
  3. activities/ solution
  4. impact

By day 2, we had to make a 3 minute elevator pitch.

2013, DECEMBER - Adappt - photo 3

(image: Rachel Bell)

Our idea was a restaurant review app called creATE that allows restaurants to access market research data in exchange for charity solutions.

2013, DECEMBER - Adappt - photo 2

(image: Rachel Bell)

We found it hard to gather all the information we had and condense it into a 2 minute pitch but people like Anfernee ( ) were fabulous at helping us determine the highlights and make a memorable pitch.

Pitch outline:

  1. Problem
  2. Solution
  3. Credibility
  4. Hype

2013, DECEMBER - Adappt - photo 13

Yup, we won a Samsung tablet and off we went to Melbourne 2 weeks later!

We actually had 3 teams from Sydney come down so it was literally 1 in 2 chance of making it down there. Easy.

2013, DECEMBER - Adappt - photo 8

(image: Rachel Bell)

But the 9-5pm program was not your normal weekend.. again, we had lots of mentors come to help us out every half hour and I found this extremely useful – its better than sitting there and listening to a 2-3hour lecture at uni! Why wasn’t uni done this way instead?

2013, DECEMBER - Adappt - photo 6

We also did a bit of sight seeing in the evenings after 5pm. Melbourne’s just like Sydney but with wider paths, trams, a gazillion cafes and a river in the middle!

2013, DECEMBER - Adappt - photo 12

Also, thank you FYA, Samsung and Squareweave for the great Adina Apartment stay! I was so excited a dishwasher was in our kitchenette – even beats home! Shame we didn’t use it because room service was too efficient.

2013, DECEMBER - Adappt - photo 9

2013, DECEMBER - Adappt - photo 10

There were so many fabulous ideas and friendship circles were made in a matter of days! It was very intense but so much fun hanging out with these guys but also working very hard into the night..

2013, DECEMBER - Adappt - photo 4

In the end, creATE didn’t win but we had a wealth of opportunities to speak with the Marketing and Retail Director from Samsung, the CEO of Foundation of Young Australians (FYA), the Digital Strategist of NAB and the Co Founder and Director of Squareweave.

Flights paid. Accommodation paid. Three meals (café breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and restaurant dinner) paid. Transport paid. Everything was paid. I spent an extra night in Melbourne, which was paid (only flights).

To Nish, Leonie, Calum and the team, thanks for an incredible journey!

Keep updated as I do a makeover of creATE and base it more for events/entertainment (like this).

2013, DECEMBER - Adappt - photo 14

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Workshop: =D

People: =D

Experience: =D

Value: =D

Would I enter Adappt 2014? If I have another social business idea, YES! Just remember that for those who are considering on entering this competition, it must be a Not for Profit app that does social good! One of my good friends has an awesome idea so I’ll probably push for her to do it.. and maybe go to Melbourne again!

Highlight: Mentors. They’ve gone through what you’re doing right now and they know that it’s tough. What’s best about the mentors that were chosen was that they were probably in the same position as you: young and passionate. It’s important that everyone is supportive of each other and share different skills! Use this opportunity to create networks. I loved how everyone was like minded and wanted to DO social change.

Suggestion of Improvement: It really helps if the Hustler (business lead) already has an app idea. It would be better if there was an even number of Hustlers, Hipsters and Hackers so that each team would have one of each and probably a better way of organizing teams because I know we were marked down on team work during the final pitch in Melbourne (we didn’t really have a Hacker). We also didn’t have internet at the place we stayed so I used (too much) of my phone data.

Angela Bee