Sculptures by the Sea 2014

The two and a half hour ride to Sculptures By The Sea is definitely worth the trip and you should be going this weekend as it finishes on Sunday November  9, 2014.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 42

Sculpture by the Sea returns to the Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach coastal walk. See the spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk transformed into a 2km long temporary sculpture park featuring over 100 sculptures by artists from Australia and across the world.”


Catching a bus to Tamarama beach from Bondi Junction station is the secret tip I would recommend doing. Avoid the human traffic jam and walk peacefully up the beach and soak in the not-as-crowded beach. Yes, I did go on a Saturday at around 11 and yes, there were a lot if people. Either go really early in the morning to watch the sunrise or go late at night to watch the sunset. Below are some of he highlights. You’ll have go to yourselves to see the amazingness!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 22

Once getting off the bus, you’ll arrive with this amazing view. I must say, Sydney weather at its summer peak is the best.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 26

Heading towards Bondi, we could look down to have a birds eye view of a massive construction of thread.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 34

The contrast of the bright colours stood out from the deep blue sky.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 33

The giant pan is hilarious! You could crawl in and literally become a sunshine egg 🙂 #happytimes #sunburn

Sculptures by the sea - photo 32

Walking down onto the grassy area, there was a laddered arch with snake like figures.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 30

Honestly, you cannot not take a bad photo.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 31

My favourite sculpture was this thing. It probably needs some explaining. The pole is a mirror of the picture beneath it. You might think its a swirl of swish at first sight but it’s actually a clever picture when you look at its reflection.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 35

I think the most iconic photo I’ve seen on Instagram is this circular object with a piece of granite sticking out. Sorry, I couldn’t help but not know what the meaning of the art it?  I really like how it can frame a picture and at every angle it is a wonderful pose.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 36

In terms of the artwork that is most easily understood, this musical instrument could be a band in itself! Loving the bright red there!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 37
The sculpture that confused me the most was this cage of mirrors. What is it made from? Where does the selection of the mirrors come from? It’s an interesting piece and I quite like it (except all the people/kids who were peeping through and ruining the picture perfect moments).

Sculptures by the sea - photo 38

Ok, let’s have a little break and glance over to the sea! #stunningsydney

Sculptures by the sea - photo 39

I think these beautiful glass sculptures reminded me of some exotic country, even exotic Christmas trees for those who have white Christmases.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 40

Made out of recyclable rubbish, this chair is made for the Queen of the Sea! The colourful aspect and the crown you can put on is a genius concept!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 41
I quite liked this figure. It reminds me of peace and tranquility.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 1

Some describe is as a pineapple, others as a Christmas Tree, even as a nonna’s knitting needle.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 2

It’s spikey and it has a hole through it!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 3

By the time you reach this point, you’re probably half way FYI. Conveniently enough, The Grounds of Alexandria brings you The Grounds By The Sea.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 4

There was a long line but it was ‘fast food’ style so it wasn’t a too long of a wait.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 6 Sculptures by the sea - photo 7

I ordered the Latitude 34 Lamb Salad which included Moroccan spiced lamb, couscous, mint, yoghurt and almonds. It was huge and there was a lot of meat in there. I would’ve loved a bit more couscous but the flavours were there.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 11

The chips were soft inside and soooo light and crunchy. My friend ordered the Bondi to Bronte Beef burger and it was pretty average- nothing to brag about, really. Menu below.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 5 Sculptures by the sea - photo 8

It’s actually pretty cool having this pop up store and The Grounds is always open to new things!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 10

As expected, there were a lot of people and not many chairs or tables. Thankfully there was a lot of greenery around and some shady spots. Continuing on, there were lots of funky installations. I wished I had this truck for my roadtrips! #art

Sculptures by the sea - photo 12

This makes a cage look beautiful.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 13

Every year there’s also a miniature version of each of the sculptures. I love it because you get to see more of a description of what you’ve seen outside and also have the chance to purchase them! Unfortunately I cannot afford any of this but hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a look.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 14

These pipes with plants growing out was one that stood out to me. It’s like sustainability mixed into a boring set of pipes.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 15

The most photogenic one was this cherry made from lipsticks. So creative and can be so easily done!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 17

Stepping back outside, the sun hit us and we were back to the fun works! This picture is hilarious..

Sculptures by the sea - photo 18

The bottle tops in this installation made it seem like they were sparkles on a massive diamond. Loved the effect.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 21

Cute-scary-cute ants popping evilly from the rocks was the best!! I love the facial expressions on their faces. Watch out!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 23 Sculptures by the sea - photo 24

It’s lovely ending up at Bondi beach and what a great way to relax on the weekend. I must say, my recommendation is definitely to go at the end of the day but whenever you go, it will always be the best. Also, a reminder that this blog post is not everything.. there were a million more things!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 25

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Event (Sculptures by the Sea): 5/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Value: 5/5

Would I recommend going to Sculptures by the Sea this year? YESSSSSS! I was super impressed by not only the sculptures but by how many people there are. I feel like you like summer, hot weather, art and walking, then this would be good. I’ve ticked all the boxes!

Highlight: Sitting by the grassy area overlooking the beach and being lazy observing all the beautiful sculptures. It’s so relaxing and there are plenty of photo opportunities here. I think I took approximately 100 photos… I have a feeling a lot of people take a lot more!

Suggestion of improvement: Having the numbers and information booths (which you had to pay for?). Anyways, it would’ve been nice to have a description beside each sculpture because I always love to know what insights the artists had in mind! I love perspectives and reading about what other people think.


Official hashtag: #SculpturesbytheSea

Angela Bee


$5 for $10, or $10 for $20 to spend at Movenpick – Bondi

Pay half price for ice cream, waffles, pancakes, shakes, sundaes, desserts at Movenpick Bondi thanks to Groupon- winter days can get much sweeter, even in the cold!

Movenpick - photo 5

“Since creating its ice-cream concoctions in the kitchens of Swiss restaurants more than 60 years ago, Mövenpick Ice Cream has crossed oceans and expanded across the globe to deliver frozen treats to those with a sweet tooth. The ice-cream is still made in Switzerland using local cream, and contains no artificial flavourings or colours. ”

Movenpick - photo 1

This whole purchase was totally accidental. I remember flicking rough my emails in the morning and thinking that I would never go to Bondi any time soon but expect the unexpected! Yes. We chose Movenpick over Ben and Jerry’s, New Zealand Natural and others at Bondi. #datview

Movenpick - photo 2

What attracted me to the shop itself was the beautiful display of ice cream at the shop front. The flavours are exactly the same at the back so the front is neatly displayed with barely any scoop holes.

Movenpick - photo 6

The simplicity of red-ish pink and white made the store look nice and clean.

Movenpick - photo 3

The posters on the wall make ice cream seem so refreshing!

Movenpick - photo 8Movenpick - photo 9

It took so long browsing through the menu. The vouchers available were $5 for $10 worth, or $10 for $20 worth.

Movenpick - photo 10

This is what we bought:
Caramel and hazelnut waffles: $12.95. The waffles were very soft and didn’t have that crunch you would expect to have at Max Brenner’s. The ice cream combination was delightful and the waffles came out larger than what was expected from the photos of the menu.

Movenpick - photo 13

Deluxe Tasting Menu was a selection of 6 chosen flavours: $12.95. If you’re a sorbet person, mango was divine with little pieces inside and grape and orange gave a lovely citrus aftertaste. Chocolate and coconut gave a little separation from the normally hectic chocolate. Caramelita and Rum n Raisin were the standards. Pannacotta was a little creamy and my favourite was the maple and walnut flavour. All delicious and you can never go wrong! Don’t forget to taste test before you pick your choices!

Movenpick - photo 12

I had $4 leftover so I grabbed a much needed large cappuccino with a swirl of chocolate. So much sweetness and not bad coffee either! I was also looking at he Iced Shakes and there were some epic drinks with ice cream in them.

Movenpick - photo 11

The lady who served us was very patient and oh so friendly. She gave us knives, forks , spoons  and napkins and even some water at the end just in case!

Movenpick - photo 7

If I lived in Bondi I would love an (everyday) treat here…as long as I work it off later!!! #whatexcercise #imissblogilates

Movenpick - photo 4

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product (Movenpick ice cream): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I recommend Movenpick to a friend? It was my grandma’s last weekend in Sydney and my dad was willing to spend anything for the best ice cream for someone who must eat ice cream before going to bed. If you love ice cream and you’re in Bondi, definitely come here! Super cheap and half the price you would normally pay in Ben and Jerry’s, for example.

Highlight: Sampling all the ice creams! We were there for one reason: ice cream. I love trying a bit of everything. The waffle was pretty good too and but softer than most other dessert bars. Everything was beautifully presented and staff were amazing.

Suggestion of Improvement: Can you please stop tempting me to go all the way to Bondi again? The voucher says it’s only valid in three locations – two in Melbourne and one in Sydney. Just be careful.

Ends: September 22, 2014


Angela Bee

Free Cone Day – Ben and Jerry’s Chatswood

That one day of the year the the world goes nuts at Ben and Jerry’s ice cream stores. Tuesday April8, 2014 marked the official day of lining up for as many scoops as we all could- how many did you have?

Free Cone Day - photo 8

“What is Free Cone Day? Well it’s our way to celebrate and say thanks for another year of support, and we’ve kept it up every year since, spreading the peace, love & ice cream around the globe!”

Free Cone Day - photo 11

1978 – With a $5 correspondence course in ice cream-making from Penn State and  a $12,000 investment ($4,000 of it borrowed), Ben and Jerry open their first  ice cream scoop shop in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont.

  1979 – Ben and Jerry celebrate the shop’s one-year anniversary – and the customers who made it possible – by holding the first-ever Free Cone Day: free scoops for all, all day long. The annual ice cream give-away continues today in scoop shops around the world.
This really shows how marketing can make a massive different to a successful product/service.
Free Cone Day - photo 6
The free cones started at 12 noon and ends at 9pm. Luckily for me, I just got to Chatswood at around 8:45 and walked along the music-pumpin store.
Free Cone Day - photo 1
There was a massive line with people from all ages- but mostly school kids. Don’t you guys have homework to do?? I guess its better going outside than staying at home on the computers #genZlyf
Free Cone Day - photo 2
The line twirled up towards the Concourse but it wasn’t as long as the maze at Broadway last year. I remember it was going out into the car park area outside!! #dedication oh, and we waited probably 30-40 minutes? This time round I only wanted for just over 15 minutes.
Free Cone Day - photo 3
It was nice getting handed over the flavours but there were too many to choose from. I must admit, when the Chatswood Ben and Jerry’s store opened and they were offering free ice cream (again), I went and tried 5 flavours. My favourites include Cherry Garcia and Strawberry Cheesecake.
Free Cone Day - photo 4
Even the truck made a handy appearance.
Free Cone Day - photo 5
It’s for the free scoop tour to raise awareness to save the Great Barrier Reef #scooptour
Free Cone Day - photo 7
This time I had the boysenberry one and that didn’t disappoint! less calories than the nutty chocolatey ones but also quite a refreshing taste. I wished they had whole berries in it too.
Free Cone Day - photo 9
Sad that I missed out on getting another one by 2 minutes but we got some vouchers to entice us to come again- why not!
Free Cone Day - photo 10

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go to Free Cone Day next year? Heck yes! It’s the one day of the year everyone knows about! It’s all over social media and you get a delicious scoop of ice cream. Is it worth the wait? haha yes! Normally a scoop would be $5? I don’t remember but I normally wouldn’t buy it because its so expensive. Even if you go Connoisseur its $7 for a 1L at the supermarkets I think.

Would I donate the money I saved to the organisers for another event? This is a tricky question and I would have to say no. I think $2 investment in next year and get 2 scoops when I queue up would be an incentive.

Highlight: Just eating ice cream. Their ice cream is packed full of chocolate, nuts, caramel, phish, and other goodie treats. Cherish the precious moments, taste buds.

Suggestion of Improvement: I really want the American flavours to hit the stores in Sydney! Half baked, or S’mores, or Chocolate Nougat Crunch.. I remember we got very similar flavours to when the store first opened. People love trying new things and Messina does a brilliant job of bringing out new flavours every week.

Ends: April 8, 2014 BUT there is a free cone truck happening #fightforthereef #scooptour


Angela Bee

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

$5 Breakfast and coffee – Miss M Café

A chalk wall of art, with inspiration from around the world awaits at Miss M Café, so come here for a breakfast roll, banana bread and coffee for only $5 altogether at Bondi Junction before heading off to the famous Bondi Beach.

Miss M cafe - photo 12

Miss M Café sits next to Westfield on Oxford St Street, offering sandwiches, healthy salads and coffee. In fact, they were named ‘Best Café in Sydney’ by The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2013.

Miss M cafe - photo 13

Honestly, I cannot believe this deal was $41 and I was saving just over $30. The photos did look amazing online but how about the actual experience?

Miss M cafe - photo 14

Thankfully I chose a beautiful and sunny day so the tree outside was glistening in the sunlight, and coffee lovers could sit outside in the little fenced off area.

Miss M cafe - photo 1

I actually love the wooden bench that faces out. What a great idea! If I’m just having a coffee myself and wanting a bit of fresh air because I’ve been in the office for the morning, I kind of want a place to sit and soak in the sunshine.

Miss M cafe - photo 2

Walking inside, you’ll see a wonderful chalk board displayed menu… except without any prices labelled.

Miss M cafe - photo 3

The baguettes, open sandwiches, muffins, and assorted pastries are in the display cabinets. They look pretty amazing and can’t wait to see the breakfast roll for our voucher!

Miss M cafe - photo 4

The wall says it all – their coffee is organic fair trade and from Monte Carlo.

Miss M cafe - photo 5

It is very decorative and their staff are probably creative junks writing and drawing on the blackboards. Reminds me a little of school. No, not current schools but when we had the good ol dusty chalkboards.

Miss M cafe - photo 6

We order our skimmed cappuccinos before sinking down into a large couch. It wasn’t strong at all and tasted watered down/had more milk than coffee. The coffee here sounded so promising with those words of coffee wisdom before!

Miss M cafe - photo 9

Our breakfast ‘rolls’ came out not long after. In the description, it says ‘Bacon, Eggs, Spinach, Mushroom and Hollandaise Sauce’. There were 2 rashes of bacon, an egg on top, and a heaps of hollandaise sauce but I’m not too sure if there was much (or if any) spinach and mushroom? I had a bit of tomato in mine though. It was more like an open breakfast on a slice of sourdough.

Miss M cafe - photo 10

The slices of banana bread were thin quarter slices. Then again, I was filling up anyway so it was light dessert treat to my brekkie. It was a bit sweet but moist enough.

Miss M cafe - photo 11

There was a bit of a problem when trying to book for the weekend. The phone number would always ring out and there wasn’t an answering machine to leave your details. Walk-in on weekdays but for bookings on the weekend, call between 8:30-9am.

Miss M cafe - photo 8

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($5 breakfast at Miss M Cafe): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I buy another $10 breafast for 2 at Miss M café? $5 for breakfast and coffee is bloody good! The coffee and breakfast roll wasn’t the best but for what you’re paying, it’s a great deal!

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? The value wasn’t too bad and the place isn’t terrible. It’s actually done up pretty nicely with a nice ambience. $4 would go to charity. I’m not sure I’d pay $10 if I could go elsewhere for a good meal without the coffee.

Highlight: Those tables are nice! It could be a little low or if you’re sitting on a couch you’ll need to lean forward, but it just makes it look arty. Love reading the stuff on the walls and had quick service.

Suggestion of improvement: coffee could be stronger. I’m not a huge fan of milk and can only tolerate it in coffees or teas so that was a bit of a downfall. More spinach and mushroom would’ve been nice but I liked the display of the foods coming out on the wooden boards. I’m not sure if it’s close to being the ‘Best Café in Sydney’ though..

Ends: May 14, 2014


Angela Bee

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$6 Pad Thai – Thai-Riffi​c Noodle Bar

University of Sydney students know every Thai joint in Newtown and UTS students always populate the popular Satang Thai. Today I bring you Ter-Riffic Thai-Riffic at Bondi Junction Westfield, offering $6 pad thai on Living Social. If you’re not at uni and working in retail, then this is your cheap thai alternative. Besides, everyone’s gotta love a bit of thai!!

Thai Riffic - photo 9

Thai- Riffic Noodle Bar takes you s buzzing street food scene. Here, creating an intoxicating blend of exotic sights, sounds and scents.

Thai Riffic - photo 13

Westfield Bondi Junction is one of the biggest Westfield’s in Sydney and you are spoilt with choices from two food courts, one in each of the buildings at the top. Head to the back left side of the left building coming out from the train station. It sounds hard but it’s not that difficult.

Thai Riffic - photo 1

There’s no table service and plus its a food court so line up and decide on either chicken, beef, or vegetable pad thai.

Thai Riffic - photo 7

If you didn’t have a Living Social voucher, then you can pick from a variety of noodles.

Thai Riffic - photo 4

and check out their sauces!!!

Thai Riffic - photo 8

There is even a see through glass screen so you can watch the cooks rock their woks.

Thai Riffic - photo 5

Thai Riffic - photo 6

We sat on the sides of the food court and surprisingly there were a lot of places.

Thai Riffic - photo 10

We receive a buzzer and absorb the fantastic view of the city. Unfortunately the weather was on the downside. It happens every time we go to Bondi!! At least we settled for the city view.

Thai Riffic - photo 2

After a quick chat, the buzzer lights went red and we got our rectangular plates with a huge portion of pad thai, cashew nuts on the top right, and bean sprouts on the bottom right. The chicken pad thai has a lot of large meaty pieces all throughout it.

Thai Riffic - photo 12

I ordered the vegetable pad thai. It didn’t have as much vegetables as I thought it would’ve but I was satisfied. There was broccoli, beans, capsicum, mushrooms and onions. The pad thai itself was delicious! Not too hard, not too soft and quite a bit of sauce on top.

Thai Riffic - photo 11

The portions were massive and but we all finished it because it was soooooo amazing even though we were stuffed to our faces.  As their motto states: –s a terrific way of living” #padthairiffic

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($6 pad thai at Thai-Riffic): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I buy another $6 pad thai voucher next time I go to Bondi Junction? It was worth it. Bondi is a trek for me but it was so delicious and so worth it. However, Toong Tong Thai at Pennant Hills is my favourite thai place and it’s so close to home and it’s only $11 for pad thai plus soft drink.

Would I donate the money saved to a charity? Full priced pad thai is $13.50, saving me $7.50. I think I would pay $10 at most for a pad thai, knowing that it takes the same time to travel to Newtown and get cheap thai. $4 would go to charity.

Highlight: mmmmmm pad thai for sure! The noodles were a big highlight for me because texture of the noodles were amazing. Service was also very quick with two counters running at the same time so we didn’t have to wait.

Suggestion of improvement: the capsicum and onions were in big chunks. I would’ve liked them as bite-size pieces that would’ve made it more pleasurable to eat.

Ends: Depends you purchased the deal, but there is not specific date it needs to be redeemed by on the Groupon page.

Living Social:


Angela Bee


Thai Riffic - photo 3

Thai Riffic Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

Thai Riffic on Urbanspoon