Village Bizarre – The Rocks 2014

A splash of mystery, a dash of magic, a spray of music and an array of markets – every Friday, Village Bizarre showcases a unique combination of entertainment at The Rocks from 6:30pm between 7 November to 19 December 2014.

Village Bizarre - photo 33

“Catch a glimpse of a colossal white rabbit over rooftops, encounter captivating characters around every corner, satisfy your foodie side and meander through night markets of handmade treasures.”

Village Bizarre - photo 16

I must confess that my true intentions to come to a Village Bizarre is to see one of my best friends from school perform. The pop up Kpop performances were amazing but the highlights were the bizarre performances and behind the window live acts which made the night truly bizarre.

Village Bizarre - photo 20

Walking from Circular Quay station, the first touch of bizarreness was seeing the live dancers  bring window displays to life. The Star Wars Queen lookalike is actually a Hindu Goddess.

Village Bizarre - photo 18

The most popular shopfront performer would be Peter Baecker. His hyptonic movements as the Village Bizarre Clubhouse’s official DJ dancer is contagious!

Village Bizarre - photo 12

Superman made an appearance too.. and with a balaclava.

Village Bizarre - photo 21

We officially started the night at the information booth where the personable clowns got us in the mood for a fun night.

Village Bizarre - photo 2

Walking up the strand, there were the usual foodie markets. Nothing too special and nothing too bizarre.

Village Bizarre - photo 3

To get a feel for what kinds of food were there (if you’re not a regular), Hero Sushi’s famous dumplings…

Village Bizarre - photo 4

Roast Pulled Pork Roll with slaw, apple sauce and gravy was $10 and is was amaaaaaaazing! The combination of sauces was unique and the flavours were top notch.

Village Bizarre - photo 5

Skewers and fresh pasta was also on the agenda with other varieties such as hot dogs and kebabs.

Village Bizarre - photo 6

On the other side, Smoke and Mirrors, Part 2 was on display. There’s a line to have a look but it doesn’t take long as everyone just peers through the curtains. I’m glad I don’t live in a haunted house.. it would scare the daylights out of me.

Village Bizarre - photo 24

Turning right, there was The Argyle Oracle. Take a seat for a psychic reading of your (possible) future using palm and taro card readings. There was a long line for this, but I’m not sure if I’m a believer in foreseeing what’s ahead.

Village Bizarre - photo 25

Every year, I tell myself to sign up for one of the activities at the Parlour Bizarre. It’s a place where you will be transformed into a piece of art!! If you ever arrive early, head here first. Sign up before everyone else to avoid disappointment! People who were there included: Barbarer Supreme – choose between a wet shave, scissor cut or clipper cut and enjoy the experience!

Village Bizarre - photo 31

Glitta Supernova – a 20 minute makeover where you’ll be transformed by a team of talented artists into a living artwork! They’ll put stickers, glitter, flowers, laces, and paint onto your face – think Day of the Dead style.

Village Bizarre - photo 8

Photobooth – KABOOM! Be a fun comic character and take a picture and instagram it #villagebizarre

Village Bizarre - photo 9

Mohs Hair and Beauty – An electrik 1980s-inspired hair makeover . My friend and I signed up for this and daym it looked amazing! My friend had these beautiful braids that curled at the back of her head which was accompanied by some fancy curls – it looked like she was ready to be at a wedding! I got a rough curl in my hair and it was up in a rowdy bun – funky!

Village Bizarre - photo 32

After our treatment, we walked into The Gin Mill Social.

Village Bizarre - photo 10

Duh there was Gin and duh there were live performances!

Village Bizarre - photo 26

The Rocks Brewing Company supplied the onlookers with drinks and it was pretty packed with not enough tables or seats. It was quite entertaining but not really during the 10 minutes we spent there.

Village Bizarre - photo 11

Opposite was the entrance to the UTS exhibition. There is no doubt that this was one of the highlights and almost every person I’ve talked to that has been to the Rocks Village Bizarre has said this was a favourite! The colourful strings strung by the audience on what they thought about Sydney was stunning.

Village Bizarre - photo 27

We did a made our way into  an alley where there were Crossover’s Kpop dancers performing in front of the huge white rabbits from this year’s Vivid.

Village Bizarre - photo 19

We also got really lucky as it was just in time for a Full Fathom Five performance at the Discovery Museum. This was perhaps my favourite performance because it kept the audience moving. We were lead into different rooms by the security guard (who would’ve known he was part of the show too!) and characters from different rooms told a tale.

Village Bizarre - photo 22 Village Bizarre - photo 23

Moving forward, we stumbled upon a fly..bird?  He was lingering around the official hashtag sign.

Village Bizarre - photo 28

Love TV was kinda awkward lol. I mean the setting was fabulous and wonderfully displayed.. I guess it’s just the concept.

Village Bizarre - photo 29

I think one of the main reasons why some people came to the Village Bizarre was because of Etzy. Etzy is an online marketplace for with vintage and hand made products. It’s amazing and if you have spare time, it’s definitely worth more than a scroll. You could even get a photo taken at their photobooth!

Village Bizarre - photo 14 Village Bizarre - photo 13

We also saw a ghost puppet show at around 8pm. It was interesting! I didn’t really get what the whole concept was really about but there were some good laughs.

Village Bizarre - photo 30

I feel like we saw a lot of things- we went to a few shows, looked at the markets, stared at the shopfront performances and had a good laugh, ate some delicious food, and even got our hair done! It was a packed night and we did really well in terms of getting involved. Fun!

Village Bizarre - photo 1

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Event (Village Bizarre): 4.25/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Value: 4.5/5

Would I recommend going to The Rocks Village Bizarre this year? You may probably need a good game plan so head to the information booth to sort out your night filled with performances! If you’re a person who is up for a few tales, a couple of drinks, likes art and loves interactivity, then this one would be for you!

Highlight: I feel like there weren’t as many people on its first night compared to previous years. However, I felt like we did sooooooooo many more things compared to last year. Maybe it was just perfect timing but I really loved going to the shows and seeing the performances. I actually can’t believe that we were there from around 5:30 til 10pm? Time went by so quickly!

Suggestion of improvement: The amount of pop up performances was amazing and there were always people crowded in those areas – maybe they should have more next year! Also, probably more seats at the food markets because it was a bit awkward not knowing where to sit- everyone else seemed to be standing.


Official hashtag: #VillageBizarre

Angela Bee


Sculptures by the Sea 2014

The two and a half hour ride to Sculptures By The Sea is definitely worth the trip and you should be going this weekend as it finishes on Sunday November  9, 2014.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 42

Sculpture by the Sea returns to the Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach coastal walk. See the spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk transformed into a 2km long temporary sculpture park featuring over 100 sculptures by artists from Australia and across the world.”


Catching a bus to Tamarama beach from Bondi Junction station is the secret tip I would recommend doing. Avoid the human traffic jam and walk peacefully up the beach and soak in the not-as-crowded beach. Yes, I did go on a Saturday at around 11 and yes, there were a lot if people. Either go really early in the morning to watch the sunrise or go late at night to watch the sunset. Below are some of he highlights. You’ll have go to yourselves to see the amazingness!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 22

Once getting off the bus, you’ll arrive with this amazing view. I must say, Sydney weather at its summer peak is the best.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 26

Heading towards Bondi, we could look down to have a birds eye view of a massive construction of thread.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 34

The contrast of the bright colours stood out from the deep blue sky.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 33

The giant pan is hilarious! You could crawl in and literally become a sunshine egg 🙂 #happytimes #sunburn

Sculptures by the sea - photo 32

Walking down onto the grassy area, there was a laddered arch with snake like figures.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 30

Honestly, you cannot not take a bad photo.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 31

My favourite sculpture was this thing. It probably needs some explaining. The pole is a mirror of the picture beneath it. You might think its a swirl of swish at first sight but it’s actually a clever picture when you look at its reflection.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 35

I think the most iconic photo I’ve seen on Instagram is this circular object with a piece of granite sticking out. Sorry, I couldn’t help but not know what the meaning of the art it?  I really like how it can frame a picture and at every angle it is a wonderful pose.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 36

In terms of the artwork that is most easily understood, this musical instrument could be a band in itself! Loving the bright red there!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 37
The sculpture that confused me the most was this cage of mirrors. What is it made from? Where does the selection of the mirrors come from? It’s an interesting piece and I quite like it (except all the people/kids who were peeping through and ruining the picture perfect moments).

Sculptures by the sea - photo 38

Ok, let’s have a little break and glance over to the sea! #stunningsydney

Sculptures by the sea - photo 39

I think these beautiful glass sculptures reminded me of some exotic country, even exotic Christmas trees for those who have white Christmases.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 40

Made out of recyclable rubbish, this chair is made for the Queen of the Sea! The colourful aspect and the crown you can put on is a genius concept!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 41
I quite liked this figure. It reminds me of peace and tranquility.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 1

Some describe is as a pineapple, others as a Christmas Tree, even as a nonna’s knitting needle.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 2

It’s spikey and it has a hole through it!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 3

By the time you reach this point, you’re probably half way FYI. Conveniently enough, The Grounds of Alexandria brings you The Grounds By The Sea.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 4

There was a long line but it was ‘fast food’ style so it wasn’t a too long of a wait.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 6 Sculptures by the sea - photo 7

I ordered the Latitude 34 Lamb Salad which included Moroccan spiced lamb, couscous, mint, yoghurt and almonds. It was huge and there was a lot of meat in there. I would’ve loved a bit more couscous but the flavours were there.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 11

The chips were soft inside and soooo light and crunchy. My friend ordered the Bondi to Bronte Beef burger and it was pretty average- nothing to brag about, really. Menu below.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 5 Sculptures by the sea - photo 8

It’s actually pretty cool having this pop up store and The Grounds is always open to new things!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 10

As expected, there were a lot of people and not many chairs or tables. Thankfully there was a lot of greenery around and some shady spots. Continuing on, there were lots of funky installations. I wished I had this truck for my roadtrips! #art

Sculptures by the sea - photo 12

This makes a cage look beautiful.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 13

Every year there’s also a miniature version of each of the sculptures. I love it because you get to see more of a description of what you’ve seen outside and also have the chance to purchase them! Unfortunately I cannot afford any of this but hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a look.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 14

These pipes with plants growing out was one that stood out to me. It’s like sustainability mixed into a boring set of pipes.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 15

The most photogenic one was this cherry made from lipsticks. So creative and can be so easily done!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 17

Stepping back outside, the sun hit us and we were back to the fun works! This picture is hilarious..

Sculptures by the sea - photo 18

The bottle tops in this installation made it seem like they were sparkles on a massive diamond. Loved the effect.

Sculptures by the sea - photo 21

Cute-scary-cute ants popping evilly from the rocks was the best!! I love the facial expressions on their faces. Watch out!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 23 Sculptures by the sea - photo 24

It’s lovely ending up at Bondi beach and what a great way to relax on the weekend. I must say, my recommendation is definitely to go at the end of the day but whenever you go, it will always be the best. Also, a reminder that this blog post is not everything.. there were a million more things!

Sculptures by the sea - photo 25

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Event (Sculptures by the Sea): 5/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Value: 5/5

Would I recommend going to Sculptures by the Sea this year? YESSSSSS! I was super impressed by not only the sculptures but by how many people there are. I feel like you like summer, hot weather, art and walking, then this would be good. I’ve ticked all the boxes!

Highlight: Sitting by the grassy area overlooking the beach and being lazy observing all the beautiful sculptures. It’s so relaxing and there are plenty of photo opportunities here. I think I took approximately 100 photos… I have a feeling a lot of people take a lot more!

Suggestion of improvement: Having the numbers and information booths (which you had to pay for?). Anyways, it would’ve been nice to have a description beside each sculpture because I always love to know what insights the artists had in mind! I love perspectives and reading about what other people think.


Official hashtag: #SculpturesbytheSea

Angela Bee

Free Connoisseur Ice Cream – Blank Space Gallery

Free samples of the new Empire Collection of Connoisseur’s ice cream was available from Thursday September 17- Sunday September 21, 2014 at Blank Space Gallery, Surry Hills.

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 1

“We create CONNOISSEUR for the curious and adventureous. The new Empire Collection showcases four unique flavour combinations, inspired by four historical characters who each had a connection to the very origins of ice cream. With flavours inspired by the personalities of some of the world’s most charismatic leaders combined with stunning packaging designed by Steve Cross, the story of ice cream comes to life.”

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 3

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!! When this first appeared, I was no doubt going straight to Blank Space Gallery. The fact that the name is Blank Space Gallery really tells you a lot about the space- right?

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 10

Heading up on Albion Street from Central station, I knew that this hill we were climbing up would be the calories I would put back on when I get to Connoisseur’s exhibition. I don’t think I’ve heard of the gallery before but it doesn’t hurt checking new places out because who knows- maybe it’ll come in useful later on!

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 9

Going on a Friday night, I expected it to be packed with people but surprisingly, there was a security guard and two girls serving ice cream when I arrived. No other customers? Well, it worked in my favour because I got to try a little scoop of each flavour- twice! #winning FYI the prelim AFL finals were on so maybe that was why..

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 16

It was pretty neat when I arrived. The fridge was filled to the brim with Connoisseur ice cream tubs. I LOVE the new design. It’s sharp, slick and arty. Melbourne artist Steve Cross is the person behind these designs and also the four unique installations at the gallery. Watching his video here, I learnt that he started off painting murals, then graffiti, street art.. he is definitely #cuttingedge

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 2

What I found interesting is that percentages of the packaging needed to be 80% of one colour and 20% of the other colour. The composition of the characters and compositions of the placement of colours is very specific. Imagine your artwork in every shopping mall! I loved how he mentioned that he sometimes goes to the fridge and wipes the frost off the ice cream tubs so that you can see the design #commitment

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 11

Looking around the gallery, it is actually a pretty small space. The general vibe of the room was.. quite exotic, particularly the emperors. Let’s go through the emperors and kings and their flavours:

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 5

1. Emperor Nero (wickedly robust coffee flavoured ice cream scattered with chocolate coated hazelnuts and lashings of hazelnut liqueur sauce)

“As an ‘ice cream’ originator, Nero ordered snow to be brought back from the highest mountains which he would mix with exotic fruit and sweet syrups.” This was devilishly chocolately and for those who are needing that coffee/sugar fix.

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 7


2. Emperor Jing Zong ( red bean flavoured ice cream, mouth watering coconut pieces and a swirl of sweet, red bean syrup)

“The energetic leader would host extravagant parties at the Imperial Palace, which was dripping in jewels and bursting with the scent of fresh peonies. On hot nights, dessert was a unique creation of ice, buffalo milk and ‘dragons brains’.” I’m not too sure if there was a strong flavour of red bean but the coconut pieces are the secret ingredient to this delightful ice cream!

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 6


3. King Louis XIV (French Vanilla flavoured ice cream, laced with choc flakes and a splash of Armagnac liqueur)

“During his reign, he drastically changed France from its savage mediaeval ways to more refined, exquisite and opulent living – evident from the Palace of Versailles and the extensions he made to the Louvre.” What a classy man and a classy dessert! I’m not a fan of vanilla usually but the chocolate flakes did it this time round!

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 4


4. King Cyrus of Persia (pistachio flavoured ice cream, pistachio nuts and swirls of syrup made from cinnamon, honey and dates)

“Pioneers of ‘ice cream’ within the Persian Empire created a desert made of rosewater and vermicelli that was a cross between sorbet and rice pudding called a faludeh. It helped them cool off and relax after a hard day in the punishing Iranian heat.” With this, I really loved the nuttyness of the pistachio flavour and I have a feeling this could’ve been my favourite!

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 8

The designs around the room were gorgeous and I would’ve come here again if I had the chance! There was no line and sampling this in an art gallery helps the art community!

Connoisseur ice cream - photo 12

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Event (Connoisseur free ice cream): 4/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Value: 4.5/5

Would I recommend going to Connoissuer’s free ice cream giveaway at Blank Space Gallery? Is that even a question? Even for those who don’t normally like ice cream (such as myself), I would definitely come back again. You won’t be walking a couple of blocks to Gelato Messina after this!

Highlight: I really liked how Connoisseur has combined this new Empire Collection with history and art – both things I’m highly interested in. Its actually quite funny because Connoisseur isn’t the cheapest ice cream brand out there and the fact that they’ve created unique flavours and aligning them with emperors and kings is quite interesting. I liked the decorations and paintings around the area – was there a chance of buying it? It was also very apparent that there was an official hashtag (and so many places don’t do this!!) and competition.

Suggestion of improvement: The artwork was really nice, but I would’ve liked it more if there was more explanation behind the emperors/kings with their respective flavours. Maybe if you had to go answer a question about the emperor/king whose ice cream flavour you wanted.., something more interactive maybe. Anyways, I’m glad I got to try them all!

Ends: Sunday September 21, 2014


Official hashtags: #Connoisseur #EmpireCollection

Angela Bee

The Gallery Edition – Idea Bombing Sydney

Bring creative and innovative design concepts for Sydney’s future was Idea Bombing Sydney’s ‘The Gallery Edition’ at Object Gallery on July 23 and August 22, 2014.

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 15

“Idea Bombing gives us the opportunity to stop, listen and think. Part meetup, part popup bar, talk series and community brainstorm, it’s a new way to engage, surface creative ideas and promote ways of turning those ideas into reality”.

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 1

Ok, I have to admit that the only reason I came to these sessions was because I liked the name: ‘idea bombing’. It is what a few of my close friends and I do when we have our nerdy sessions/catch ups. #geeksftw #actuallynotreally

Going up the stairs, the steps were chalked with inspiration.

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 3

Object Gallery isn’t too big, but it had enough space for a few installations such as these potted plants.

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 4

Amongst the middle was also a table with paper where you could write your ideas to share. Once you had written it down, pin it up on the canvas wall!

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 5

Someone had drawn a funky version of the streets of Sydney on a canvas. It was amazing to see how much it had been filled up with hanging paper from its first days towards the end.

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 8

There were also blackboards where you could scribble your thoughts. Cake Wines was a sponsor of this event and asked for a gold coin donation from every wine glass. Smart move and I would’ve done the exact same if I had a gallery event!

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 10

Heading upstairs, there was artwork thanks to Art Pharmacy. “Art Pharmacy is an online gallery that hosts regular pop-up exhibitions around Sydney. Our aim is to make affordable art accessible to everyone, while supporting local Australian artists”.

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 2

It was a great little space and I definitely support Australian emerging artists.

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 12 Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 11

At around 6:30pm, we squeezed into the main space of the gallery. The first session had nice room filled with people, but the second session it was jam packed. I’m not going to estimate numbers (I’m bad at estimating!) but the floor was pretty much covered with people sitting and standing. You could tell that people had been telling others, and more and more people are hopping on the band wagon!

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 7

Part 1 talk series included:

Kym Lenoble, ARTBAR Coordinator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia
Diana Palmer, Director, Palmer Art Projects
Juliet Rosser, Director, Platform 72
Alex Light, Head of Content, Vice Australia

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 14

The main points I got out of it was that were:

– When doing something creative, be ready to take risks and argue a lot

– With events, consider the event AND social/online app experience

– Artwork is a living entity- its a living voice and engages the artist and the audience

– Can being online ever replace physically being somewhere?

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 13

Part 2 talk series included:

Tim Carr, Lighting Designer, Arup
Liane Rossler, artist, designer, curator, creative advisor and ambassador for issues relating to design and the environment
Christopher Skyner, Director, Authority Clothing and
Jonathan Knapp, Director, Urban Design, SJB Architects

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 17

The main points I got out of that were:

– Turn a problem into a solution

– Architectural lighting adds to the #environmental impact and #city #architecture #energyconsumption

– “Design is everywhere”

– Don’t hesitate but go for it

Idea Bombing Sydney - photo 16

Again, I was honestly immensely surprised at how bit it got at the second session. Well done @IdeaBombingSyd/John.

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Product (The Object Gallery and talks): 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Would I recommend going to Idea Bombing Sydney? If you are creative with ideas and want to contribute to the growth of Sydney in a design aspect, this is definitely a great place where you can connect and learn.

Highlight: For me, it was very inspiring to see so many people come and hearing how the speakers have used their fun/bizarre ideas to come to what they are today.

Suggestion of improvement: The topics were a bit general and I’m not sure if it was industry-specific in some cases. It would’ve been better if there was a specific topic. It may be design with events, or design with architecture, or design with urban planning.. I mean it was really good to hear from a broader perspective, but it would’ve been better if they asked us what interests we had and gather into smaller groups to discuss further ideas.

Official hashtag: #ideabombingsyd


Angela Bee

Free ferry to Glebe Island – Sydney International Boat Show

Anyone heard of Glebe Island? Free entry to Glebe Island from Darling Harbour for the Sydney International Boat Show on July31- August 4, 2014 was pretty cool.

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 2

Funny story. I was casually walking to the Growers Markets Pyrmont from Townhall, passed through Darling Harbour, and saw this.

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 1

Yup, this got the ball rolling and so my friends and I decided to hop on board. Where was Glebe Island? Does Glebe Island exist? How come I’ve never seen heard of it before? We decided to line up and find the answers.

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 4

“While the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre undergoes a major upgrade over the next three years, the Sydney International Boat Show will move its undercover exhibits to the interim facility that has been specially built at the historic working port known as Glebe Island”.

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 3

OK. So it is something according to the Sydney International Boat Show website.

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 6

We lines up in the massive line and only waited for 5 minutes before boarding a Captain a Cook Cruise ship. Today was very windy and if you were in the sun, it was a nice spring day. The double decker boat was huge and everyone filed in pretty quickly.

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 5

A ferry ride to normally costs around$12 return. Leaving the harbour, it was perfect.

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 7

It was calm and relaxed and everyone seemed to enjoy the ride. It was really windy at the top but we weren’t going that quickly.

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 9

We sailed under the Pyrmont bridge..

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 8

…I love calling this city my home.

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 10

Thank you big red boat!

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 12

and arrived at Glebe Island.

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 11

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 13

We walked past the Life Jacket Lounge, where there were lounges, meals, a bar..

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 14

and ended up at the entrance of the temporary Sydney Exhibition Centre!

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 15

Oh $21 adult admission fee no thank you! I do like an occasional ride on a boat but no super keen to own one.

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 16

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 18

Here’s a glimpse of it inside before we jetted back.

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 17

Thanks for the unexpected ride and wow! The line was pretty long towards the afternoon! #partycrashers #festivalcrashers

Glebe Island Sydney International Boat Show - photo 20

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (free ferry ride to Glebe Island): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I recommend going on the free trip to Glebe Island? If you’re going to the boat show, this is the best way if transport. I mean, how often do you get somewhere via boat? Normally it is quite pricey and if you’re here in Sydney for the first time, then this would’ve been the perfect opportunity to see more of the harbour! It’s stunning!

Highlight: #datview #enoughsaid #mysterytrip

Suggestion of improvement: it would’ve been nice if we received some brochures about where we were going and what it was specifically for!

Ends: August 4, 2014, occurs annually


Angela Bee

Your Nespresso moment – Good Food and Wine Show

Free tickets sample cheese, wine, chocolate, pasta, dumplings, beers, cider, yoghurt, muesli, nuts….thank you, Wennie for finding tickets to The Walking Advertisement readers to the Good Food and Wine Show from June 27-29 at Sydney Olympic Park.

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 1

“Tour the very best food and wine regions of Australia; Yarra Valley, Barossa and McLaren Vale just to mention a few.  We’ve got them all in one destination; simply have your tasting glass and taste buds at the ready. ”

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 14

I’ve decided in this blog not to write about the millions of ‘try before you buy’ samples because it would potentially be 100 pages. Instead I’ll be going through the highlights and the one cooking class I managed to get into- Your Nespresso Moment.

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 3

“Nespresso invites you to discover Your Nespresso Moment with host of the popular cooking show ‘Everyday Gourmet’, Justine Schofield. In this session, Justine will demonstrate the versatility of Nespresso coffee in an interactive session with a series of sweet and savoury coffee creations suited to different moments in your day. Discover your morning, afternoon and evening coffee moment with Nespresso.”

Sydney’s Olympic Park was chokers so lining up for anything was hard. Surprisingly my mum, brother and I found ourselves finding a shortish line at the Nespresso kitchenand got two spots to see Justine Schofield- mum’s favourite celebrity chef from MasterChef.

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 5

When we arrived at our stations, we had the whole layout of what we were going to go through. Morning coffee capsules, afternoon espresso..and evening dessert of course! There was a Nespresso machine as well. Thank goodness I got into this session because I’ve just started work at a PR agency and they have the exact one and I had no idea how to use it!!

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 2

First of all Justine explained what we were doing so here was our lesson and how Nespresso wants to be there to compliment every moment. I  loved how the waitstaff came out and gave us ONE blueberry in a little cup. Everything was miniature which made it really cute! Everything was also already prepared so all we had to do was use the little wooden spoons and scoop it into our respective dishes.

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 6

Your Morning Coffee Moment – Fruit and Nut Coffee Muesli with Nespresso Fortissio Lungo to accompany

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 8

Making this was simple. Firstly we made the Nespresso Fortissio Lungo with our Nespresso machine. If you don’t know how to use it, there’s an ‘on/off’ button and you can select the button with a small cup for an espresso or the button with a bigger cup for a flat white or cappucino.. you get the point. The milk was already in the side machine and you can adjust it depending on how frothy you like the milk.

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 9

Once that was sorted and we had our two sips of coffee to energise us for the session, we got to the breakfast! There was already-made muesli with hints of coffee and yoghurt so all we had to do was layer them into a cup and top it up with our one blueberry. I have my muesli every morning so this was a delightful treat!

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 7

Your Afternoon Moment – Caramelised Balsamic & Coffee Onions with Whipped Goats Cheese Tartlets with Nespresso Dharkan Espresso to accompany

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 11

The little tartlet came in a little boat and again the waitstaff came with their small goods. That caramelised onion was actually the best I’ve had (yes it had coffee in it)! Scroll down for a picture of the recipes. We topped it up with goats cheese/ricotta and poked holes using a toothpick into a capsule to sprinkle the tartlet off with extra coffee. It sat as a little lovely canape!

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 12

Your Evening Moment – Cardamon Affogato with Hazelnut Brittle with Nespresso Decaffeinato Intenso

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 16

Everything on this menu was amazing. How can you not have a workshop involving an affogato? The vanilla-bean ice cream from Movenpick by itself is amazing but pouring that Nespresso Decaffeinato Intenso in it was sooooo good. I’m not a fan of anything vanilla-flavoured but this intensified it. The hazelnut crunches gave its crispy, creamy and smooth textures. Great compliments!

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 13

I must say, everyone in the class was really pleased and even more happy when we got to have photos with Justine, herself! Obviously my mum stands out with her phone with a chocolate cover but it was really awesome! I guess it was partly due to the fact that we got lucky and got front row seats haha!!! These workshops are definitely worth lining up for!

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 10

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Your Nespresso Moment at Good Food and Wine Show): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =)

Would I recommend going to Good Food and Wine Show to friend? Yes do do do do go!! It’s totally worth it and you’ll get as much alcohol and eats as you wish! For the Nespresso moment, I think it’s really good if you love coffee and it’ll help you integrate the grinds into your recipes. I thought it was clever so if you love cooking this is the way to go!

Highlight: Hearing from Justine and eating the food! Who doesn’t love to eat good food after you’ve gone through a million nut, yoghurt and cake samples? haha! For me, I don’t usually use coffee to cook anything except .. tiramisu? I usually buy my coffee but now that I have this at work it does change things!

Suggestion of improvement: I would’ve liked this to be be more ‘hands on’. I saw other workshops had people tossing pots and pans and it looked like heaps of fun. I get why it needed to be simple but everything was too well prepared! It would’ve been better if Justine could walk around and help each person to make it more interactive. It’ll just give it that personal touch!

Ends: June 29, 2014


Angela Bee

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 4

Opening Night Lights – Vivid Sydney

Two words: illuminated faces. Yes, to me that was the common theme in quite a few of the installations at the annual lights spectacular, Vivid Sydney, which opened free to the public yesterday and will be on display until June 9, 2014.

Vivid Sydney - photo 30

“Vivid Sydney is a unique annual event of light, music and ideas, featuring many of the world’s most important creative industry forums, a mesmerising free public exhibition of outdoor lighting sculptures and installations, a cutting-edge contemporary music program and the spectacular illumination of Sydney’s iconic architecture including the sails of Sydney Opera House.

Vivid Sydney is where art, technology and commerce intersect.”

Vivid Sydney - photo 35

My journey started off at Wynyard Station as I walked towards Martin Place. I think I did a good loop of the area covered by Vivid but you would probably need two nights to cover it all.

The first of our illuminated faces appeared as the first installation where there was a camera and people could adjust their face according to the centre piece. Clever and arty.

Vivid Sydney - photo 2

We also went past the ‘rare and exotic winter (sky) flower’ made luminous by lights.

Vivid Sydney - photo 3

Colour3 is a space filled with industrial water tanks illuminated with LED lights where Sydney’s many food trucks were present including: Eat Art Truck, Poklol, Agape Organic, Jafe Jaffles, Bite Size Delights, Woofys and Cantina Mobil.

Vivid Sydney - photo 4

At MLC Centre, they transformed the normally odd shaped food court into something called ‘The Urban Tree Project’. Well, more of a garden with a massive tree with bugs and slugs crawling about.

Vivid Sydney - photo 6

There was this massive dome, too.

Vivid Sydney - photo 7

Intel had a ‘catch the blue butterfly’ competition but it was ultimately up to luck because everyone ‘caught’ it. #toostressful

Vivid Sydney - photo 8

The display they had was beautiful though.

We then walked back down the other side of Martin Place where the business people had their Friday night drinks at the Colour3 Pop Up bar. So jelly. #cantwaittilimwhitecollar

Vivid Sydney - photo 31

Ok, my friend and I were deeply contemplating if we wanted to get Messina. Everyone, literally EVERYONE around us was holding a white tub filled with goodness. The camera guys were there and this would be our possibly first and last chance to get some special Psychedelic Psundaes without waiting! Literally 30 seconds for Messina #quickestMessinaserviceever

Vivid Sydney - photo 5

Yup, we decided on the Silly Cone Chips. It has delicious mango sorbet that actually takes like a mango, coconut sorbet- which is alright.. and they really need to drizzle more blue berry poopping candy! I love that stuff! The choco chips were pretty nice and the banana caramel was more like a mousse inside a cone. Was it worth $10? I’m not too sure.. you could get half a litre for $10 at a normal store.

Vivid Sydney - photo 9

After sitting down the steps for dessert before dinner we walked towards Circular Quar and checked out their Tetris Bin in front of Custom’s House. You basically had to throw in a piece of rubbish when the white light circled towards you and to put down an object. It was kinda fun but didn’t know which shape to expect.

Vivid Sydney - photo 10

Custom’s House was the same as last year. It required someone to dance to the beat so the colours on the house would appear. #samesame

Vivid Sydney - photo 11

Heading towards Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), these funky little cicles got the kids rollin’ and screamin’.

Vivid Sydney - photo 12

Vivid Sydney - photo 13

Next to it were buzzing butterflies if you clapped.

Oh, and of course, ‘Strictly Sydney’… really?

Vivid Sydney - photo 14

The DF (dance floor) was a popular one for the kiddies too.

Vivid Sydney - photo 15

#HiRay gave the opportunity for onlookers to ring a giant bell to keep the lights up on this display.

Vivid Sydney - photo 16

Ah! We finally reached the visually appealing MCA after going through all these installations. There were heaps more but I’m just giving you a quick taste!

Vivid Sydney - photo 17

And if you ever get stuck, there are information booths with maps to let you know where each display is. It’s best if you just follow the crowd (:

Vivid Sydney - photo 18

So we kinda decided we needed solid dinner after sharing a Messina sundae at The Rocks. There were plenty of food stalls and some serious cooking machines.

Vivid Sydney - photo 19

I decided on the japanese (made by korean) pancakes with seafood and gyoza! It looked like heaven and when I was walking to MCA to sit down everyone’s eyes were glancing at it! It was pretty yummy!! Might I add the hot dogs looked HUGE and were $10.

Vivid Sydney - photo 20

Walking towards Overseas Passenger Terminal, we passed through a cherry blossom

Vivid Sydney - photo 22

another facial light

Vivid Sydney - photo 23


Vivid Sydney - photo 24

and the most picture-worthy installation- blue hexagoned tunnel.

Vivid Sydney - photo 25

There was a massive line to go in but just walk right to the end and you’ll see it without queuing.

Vivid Sydney - photo 26

How could I miss the iconic Opera House? This year was better than the random people doing random moves last year! I didn’t really understand last year’s but I loved the designs this year. There was a lightning storm, arty, colourful pattery things.. It changes every day so be sure not to miss it (although I don’t think anyone can..?)

Vivid Sydney - photo 21

The buildings in the CBD were also part of the display as they were lighted up and there was a walky person hoping from building to building.

Vivid Sydney - photo 34

Every Vivid needs a musical touch! Last year’s was the piano and this year’s is the xylophone !

Vivid Sydney - photo 27

When I first saw this I thought they were rabbits but someone then mentioned that they were kangaroos! It’s like we’ve gone into Alice in Wonderland with these blown up animals!

Vivid Sydney - photo 28

A second round of food trucks were closer to the Bridge

Vivid Sydney - photo 33

and also a big screen of The Spirit of Patyegarang, which brings to life, and light a fascinating story from our country’s past!

Vivid Sydney - photo 32

We walked until we were at Walsh Bay and could finally see the other side of the Harbour Bridge. Didn’t the mX say that Bridge-Climbers were asked to put on lighted vests? I think I saw them earlier in the evening…

Vivid Sydney - photo 29

There are also light displays in Darling Harbour, towards the Opera House, Sydney Uni,, Carriageworks and other places. This took my friend and I three hours to do. There are so many pit stops and it’ll be a lights fantasy to your eyes. Light up your day by going to #VividSydney

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Vivid Lights Sydney): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I recommend going to Vivid Sydney to a friend? I think I went 7 times last year and I really liked this year’s too. I keep coming back and there is always something I’ve missed out/ haven’t noticed. Defs come, especially if you’re a tourist (you can even be one in your own city!)

Would I donate the money saved to my chosen charity? Is there a charity out there that supplies electricity to homes that don’t have any? I’m having difficulty finding one..

Highlight: Oh defs the displays. Those lucky bums who work around Martin Place and Circular Quay will have the best views. Grab some dinner from The Rocks and sit yourselves in front of the MCA with the Opera House in the background.

Suggestion of Improvement: we. need. more. bins. More. Tetris. Bins. TY. and paybe more seating areas so everyone can soak in the views. It’s crowded so be prepared to walk!

Ends: June 9, 2014


Angela Bee

Romance Was Born – Biennale 2014

Give a little glitter and chimerical flutter to a room full of exuberant dresses for the occasions. ‘Romance Was Born’ is a fashion label and is displaying a free exhibition at Carriage Works for Biennale 2014.

Romance was born - photo 3

“Romance Was Born encompasses both new and classic modes of fashion resulting in playful elegance. Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales met whilst studying fashion design and launched their Sydney based label in 2005.” This was a showcase of Rebecca Baumann’s work.

Romance was born - photo 9

There are two entrances: Romance was Born..

Romance was born - photo 12

and Reflected Glory.

Romance was born - photo 1

There was a little bit of information about Romance was Born and Rebecca Baumann as they explore our basic desire for happiness pursued in customs, rituals and occassions..

Romance was born - photo 5
Entering through the first, the smashing of colours was too much to consume! There were hoisted up models with beautifully long dresses and fun colourful lights as if you were put into a kaleidoscope.

Romance was born - photo 2

In the middle there was a giant moving platform and was the only moving sound in the midst of the stationery models.

Romance was born - photo 10

Imagine the work on the colourful tiles on the ground lading up against the wall. I think the light reflected on this, making the dark room livelier.

Romance was born - photo 4

I wonder how long it would took to get all the sequences done. #somucheffort

Romance was born - photo 6

The photo taken below does not do this amazing dress justice. If you examine it closely, there is a t-shirt/suit thing at the bottom and the top is an extravagant wedding dress.

Romance was born - photo 8

Loving the prosperity of gold in this one!

Romance was born - photo 11

A very cute room particularly for fashion designers.

Romance was born - photo 7

Review Rating : =D =) =| =(

Product (Romance Was Born): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend going to Romance Was Born at Carriageworks to a friend? If you are studying design or even working in design, this will give you some very nice inspiration.

Would I donate the money saved to a charity? Since there isn’t a price on these things, I’m wondering how the maker makes money? So much time and effort would’ve been put into it so I think an auction is a better option.

Highlight: the dresses. You. Can. Not. Stop. Staring.

Suggestion of Improvement: there needs to be a bigger sign to attract more people coming inside! I was at Eveleigh Markets, then went to another exhibition with those Biennale signs, went to the toilet, then decided to go the opposite way to where we came and voila! Its too gorgeous to miss.

Ends: May 11, 2014


Angela Bee

Elitist Code fashion launch

How convenient to launch a fashion website during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Jessica Goh, founder of Elitist Code, had the right idea at the right time offering a free launch event at Hard Candy fitness on Thursday (late night shopping day also) April 10, 2014.

Elitist code - photo 11

“Elitist Code lives and breathes the dress code of elegance, charm and grace without sacrificing comfort. We work with a team of designers to create beautifully crafted unique dresses from a Grecian maxi, charming day dress to stunning cocktail and aesthetic evening dresses and delicate jewellery packaged in velvet boxes. Our creations are designed to mark a milestone of every woman in their journey of womanhood and to simply embrace their own beauty.”

Elitist code - photo 1

Unfortunately it was raining but not too hard to stop online shoppers from seeing the fashion launch of Elitish Code. To be honest, I didn’t know much about it except that it was a free event with drinks, nibbles and goodie bags. #workingtoohardonthisblog

Elitist code - photo 1

I always passed Hard Candy Fitness Centre and always see the sign that Madonna was the founder. Interesting because I don’t know how it differentiates from other fitness centres.

Elitist code - photo 16

Anyways, there were already quite a few people in the room when I arrived. There were goodie bags waiting for us and inside there were brochures from their sponsors such as Top Juice, Youthful Living and Flower Child.

Elitist code - photo 4

I was also one of the first people to grab a plate of delicious quinoa and fruit salad. There was quite a bit leftover actually! It was so delicious and a little sweet and crunchy. I kinda had some dinner before just in case there wasn’t a lot but people who wanted more could just go for it.

Elitist code - photo 2

There was also a bit of champagne by the flute. I’m pretty sure it was YellowTail.

Elitist code - photo 5

There were heaps of red and white balloons around the place which made the launch more attractive. It’s actually quite unusual to have a fashion label launch in a gym, right? We should’ve all done a fitness class beforehand ahaha. #fitshion

Elitist code - photo 3

At around 8pm after arriving for a supposedly 7:30 start, we were ushered into a studio with a little stage and seats only for VIPs. They were nicely organised with clear labels. I ended up standing with the rest next to the mirror. I really like this shot.

Elitist code - photo 6

Amy Rose was the MC. I only know her name because we used to study PR together. She welcomed us and held a short interview with the founder, Jessica Koh. Jess explained that Elitist Code was not only the everyday fashion, but the completely experience. For example, she sells Stainer Pens so that removing stains from a spilled glass of wine on a shirt is convenient. #utsconnections

Elitist code - photo 7

Then the fashion began!

Elitist code - photo 8

The door person opened the gym gates and four models came in to show off the works.

Elitist code - photo 9

The music was a bit disjointed but they brought out different moods and grooves with each selection.

Elitist code - photo 12

Elitist code - photo 10

At the end, all of them came together to bust out some moves with Jess as the finale.

Elitist code - photo 13

We all received another photo opportunity with the crew at the end as we were coming out. What a pleasant evening.

Elitist code - photo 14

Elitist Code is having 20% off their range as a launch promotion.

Elitist code - photo 15

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product (Elitist Code Launch Party): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to another Elitist Code fashion launch? I see that there is going to be another one and totally worth it because it is free. Normally fashion shows are exclusive to the fashion industry and are ticketed so definitely.

Would I donate the money saved to the organisers/charity? With these events you know that there were lots of volunteers who helped out. A $5 donation that goes to the organisers for the next show wouldn’t be too bad, or towards purchase?

Highlight: the setting was simple and it wasn’t overcrowded so there was room so that everyone could see. Well done. I mean the fashion wasn’t outstanding and more for the everyday person but it was really really cool to see that the models were not all ‘thin’.

Suggestion of improvement: probably the transition of music. I’ve never been to a fashion launch but it would’ve been great if he people who came got exclusive vouchers or first access to the online store? Interested to know which personalities were in the room!

Ends: online

Angela Bee

Parlour Games – Smart Arts Youth Festival

Parlour Games was a free drawing workshop run by visual artists, Natalie and Leigh of Intersect Arts through Smart Arts Festival on Tuesday April 8, 2014.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 2

Sydney’s biggest collaborative drawing games night, this event was open to young artists aged between 15-26 who love to draw.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 13

Don’t get my wrong.. I’m not the best artist and I pride myself in drawing spirals and triangles but this sounded like a lot of fun. I wished I got the artistic genes from my artist grandfather, but everyone can’t have everything right?

The MCA was especially open for this event. Don’t forget to read my review about the Biennale here.

Every time I’m at Circular Quay I find it very acceptable to take a tourist shot in your own city.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 1

Going up the lifts, we ended up in a spacious room for about the 20 of us.The sensory room is absolutely amazing. The colourfulness, use of multiple materials and ways of putting it all together was very creative. If only my bedroom looked like this.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 5

Even the view outside was fabulous. If this space was up for grabs for New Years, I wouldn’t be surprised at home much money it would go for.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 6

Of course there was the Pine Street food of delicious dips, crackers, cheese, chips and cake!

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 4

There was actually a wide variety of people from all ages. The younger kids looked like they were super talented. First up was the Exquisite Corpse, a surrealist drawing game. We had to fold our paper into four and then draw different parts of the body without looking at the previous drawings. I think most of us played this when we were kids.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 7

This was my final drawing. So there’s the head, then shoulders, then body, then legs. I loved how this one turned out.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 8

We got to pin our artist drawings up on the wall so everyone could see. They were hilarious! Some of these should be framed and sold at next years exhibition!

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 9

We had some time out to chat with others and to be honest, there wasn’t many people my age. More people should come to these fun activities!!

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 3

Next, we played Beijing Doodle, Chinese Whispers with drawings. I have never played this game before but basically everyone gets the number of paper with the number of people at the table. We had 9, so 9 pieces of paper per person. Then, everyone spent 10 minutes drawing something bizarre or unique. Using my lame drawing skills I drew a bottle with a letter inside. Afterwards, you showed this picture to the person to the right whilst looking at the one on your left for 5 seconds. After that, you had to recreate the drawing.

Yup, it took a long time with all of us but it was definitely worth while. Towards the end people were losing a bit of interest and then people got creative. I added bits and pieces to each of the drawings. Some of them were so complicated!

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 10

In the end everything was revealed! We put down each piece of artwork one by one. We had a hill turn into a cupcake, a crazy Craig drawing turn into a cute cat, a tree turn into an octopus, not to mention the carrot theme we had somehow come up with.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 11

Then we just chatted amongst each other and then I went home. Apparently these fun games run every Wednesday! So keen!

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 12

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Parlour Games Smart Arts Youth Festival): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to another Smart Arts Workshop? Yes and this is already my second one so it shows I want to go to more. Even if you’re not artist, then it’s great to get some creative vibes from these people. There were lots of young talent and I went in saying that I can only draw spirals and triangles #artistlyf

Would I donate the money saved to the organisers? Definitely $5 if I had a full time job. It’s great these workshops are free for kids because obviously student don’t have money to afford attending events like this. There were some parents who came with their children which was quite cute.

Highlight: revealing the results of the artwork we did with the games. It was genius! Loved it when we were all putting down our drawings and you could see how each picture evolved. Also gives a taste of what people are interested in.

Suggestion of impovement: with the games, it would’ve been nicer to have a timer. Particularly with the first game, as mentioned before, I draw spirals and triangles so I did a baby head with a few spikes of hair and finished it in 2 seconds whilst a lot of people took a bit longer and put heaps of detail. Just having a time frame for each of the games could’ve seemed more organised. Maybe also an ice breaker to get to know other people in the group.

Ends: April 12, 2014


Angela Bee