Grill’d Meatwave campaign

Summer hasn’t officially begun until the thermometer hits the temperature given to your region on the Grill’d map, unlocking extreme Meatwave deals in Australia, every Monday until February 16, 2014.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 2

Grill’d ‘healthy burgers’ philosophy comes down to three words: ‘Burgers made good’.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 15

Back2skool has already kicked in and soon university/college students will soon resume. Why not enjoy the rest of the summer holidays with friends and a healthy burger to energise your way back into those books?

Firstly, ‘sign up’ on the website.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 14

Receive an immediate email of confirmation.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 14

Show your unique code to any Grill’d store to receive your Meatwave card. You will be able to purchase a deal on the same day.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 13

Order your burger special and enjoy!

Grilld Meatwave - photo 10

This week was week 3 (a bit unfortunate because I would’ve liked to know what the Meatwave deals were beforehand) and the thermometer in NSW meant that it was only $10 for any burger with a Rekorderlig slushie.You will get an email and text to alert you- don’t worry.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 7

I had the Bombay Bliss and Hot Hombre.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 12

The slushie  scan with popping candy!! My absolute childhood favourites. They explode in your mouth!

Grilld Meatwave - photo 11

Great atmosphere and really liking the ‘comic’ artwork although I’m not sure if they are trying to brainwash us..

Grilld Meatwave - photo 9

Grilld Meatwave - photo 8

Last week they had any burger with a beer for $10.

Grilld Meatwave - photo 1

Heat-wave. Meat-wave. Save-wave.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Grill’d Meatwave deals): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I purchase a Grill’d Meatwave deal every week? I love their burgers and think they are top notch in my burger radar. They offer not only beef burgers but chicken, lamb, steak and most importantly, vegetarian. For the special, I would come here once a week with friends until I have tried every burger on the menu. Then I think I would be sick if burgers. Slushie a are the best on a hot day.

Would I pay full price for the Meatwave specials? Look, if it’s once in a while why not. Every other time I have been to Grill’d I paid full price. Normally I would only buy the burger and drink (free) water. Chips normally contain the most calories and sometimes in one serving could have the same calories as the burger itself! $13 Rekorderlig slushies and $7+ beers is a quite steep.

Highlight: the enormity of the burgers. It’s a massive stack and those burger flipping chefs must spent a bit of time with stacking-the-highest-burger competitions. I wonder if they play Jenga for fun if there are no customers? Anyway, I know that Grill’d staff workers, themselves get 50% of all burgers so $5 a pop and $5 a drink (just assuming it’s divided that way) is less than what staff have to pay! Bargain!

Suggestion of Improvement: when I asked for my card I don’t think much of the staff knew what the current deal was but the manager knew. They should maybe stick it on the counter so those on registers know. Everyone was really friendly nevertheless. It was a bit weird going to get my Meatwave card but not purchasing anything? Possibly a bit awkward? Would’ve been more ideal if we just showed a text/email to staff instead…

Ends: Monday February 16, 2014.

Angela Bee


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