Prince Alfred Park Pool

Dive into an Outdoor Oasis

Prince Alfred Park Pool

The City of Sydney’s Prince Alfred Park Swimming Pool has been a free water activity alternative for those wanting a fresh start, or a late finish to their mornings or nights for the past six months.

This pool is located about 200 metres away from Central station.Nested at the heart of Prince Alfred Park are huge bright yellow umbrellas surrounding an aqua blue heated pool, and a little kids area springing with movement everyday.

The vibrant colours make sure it’s a family friendly area with a pleasant café serving breakfasts and lunches next door.On October the 19th, Lord Mayor Clover Moore officially opened the pool, announcing that the new $20.5 million upgrade to the park was the winner of a major architecture award at the 2013 Sydney Design Awards. No wonder this is the case, because the green roofless 50 metre pool really lets its swimmers enjoy natural sunlight.

Clover Moore officially re-opening Prince Alfred Park Pool

After scanning my free swimming ticket, I head towards the left to the women’s change rooms – discovering that there were plenty of toilets and hot water showers for those who like to refresh themselves after a splash, or after swimming a couple of laps in the pool. There are even two hairdryers for those chilly winter days.

With a clever system of high tech lockers, swimmers must put in their birth date and choose their favourite object on the screens to unlock their items. Be sure to bring a few gold coins as it doesn’t accept notes, but it only costs a mere $2 to secure your belongings. In saying this, Iv’e used these lockers quite a few times, and alas – technology still has some faults.

Kids play area

The first two lanes are usually the ‘Free Play’ lanes, however every time I’ve been there – there has been at least two schools which have used the outdoor facility – so yes, it is very popular with local schools in the area. Therefore, be prepared for young girls spraying excessive amounts of impulse in the change rooms, in tandem with lots of high pitched screaming and shouting – and of course the vigorous amounts of splashes from the kids learning to swim.

Nevertheless – the slow, medium and fast lanes are far calmer with plenty of room to continuously go up and down the lanes. Because there is no cover area, the water may seem to be murkier than other pools – yet its nice to get a breath of fresh air every couple of strokes, and to not be confined in a small space. Absolutely, and especially with summer coming up – their pools will soon be flooded with friends and families all round.

Hitting up a tan for summer? Walk no further as the puffy umbrellas on the grassy hills offer enough space for some background music and relaxation therapy for those wanting to bask. Yet because we are right in the middle of Sydney, don’t forget to slip slop slap.

Drying my bikini in the grassy area next to the pool

The sunny sensation has had more than 50 000 visits in its first five months, and will start charging $5.70 for adults; $3.80 for concession – and $14.40 for families (Two Adults/Two Children) from Tuesday November the 12th 2013.

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Food and Drink: =)
Ambience: =D
Product/ Service: =)
Value: =)
Would I go there again if it’s free? HECK YES! In fact, in one of the weeks I went 5 times.
Would I pay $5.70 for an adult? Unlikely considering there is a local swimming pool down the road from where I live.. and now that I’m not a student, I’ll need to pay extra for a train ticket. If I was a concession, definitely because it’s right next to central station.
Best thing: the big yellow umbrellas that pop up for basking shade. I wish the hair dryers worked but the showers are hot.
Suggestion of Improvement: like other outdoor pools, it needs frequent cleaning.
Cost: $5.70 for adults, $3.80 for concession and $14.40 for families (Two Adults/Two Children)
When: Free casual entry until the 12th of November 2013.
For the next two years, the City is trialling year round opening hours.Daylight savings:
Monday to Sunday: 6am to 8pm
Public holidays: 7am to 7pmNon-daylight savings:
Monday to Sunday: 6am to 7pm
Public holidays: 7am to 7pmClosed on Good Friday and Christmas Day.Please note: The pool is also closed to the public on Friday nights from 6pm until 8pm from the 4th of October 2013 until the 25th of April 2014 – when the City of Sydney Aquatic Club meets for weekly race events.Please note: Opening hours may change on New Years Eve and New Years Day. Please check this page closer to the date.Good for kids: For sure – there is a great kids play area.
Take away: Food at the cafe next door.