Christmas eve grocery sales pt 2 – 2014

From last year, we learnt that shopping at 7-9pm is the best time to go last-minute shopping. TWA goes shopping again in 2014 to discover which deals were the best in the Hills district!

With Macquarie Shopping Centre opening earlier this year, I went to discover what kinds of perishables were reduced at Woolies and Coles. Did you grab the bigger bargains? or did I? Let’s start off with Woolies at Macq Centre.

Christmas eve sales - photo 1

$1 pawpaw per kilo is amazing!!! My friend and I bought one each for $1.30! #cheaperthanchips

Christmas eve sales - photo 2

A Christmas party is one without mince pies- only 99 cents- less than $1 #advertisingatitsbest

Christmas eve sales - photo 3

Go bananas with $.145 per kilo.. long gone are those $10/kg banana days.

Christmas eve sales - photo 4

We then headed to Coles at West Pennant Hills and it was there we found our great bargains. Conclusion: Coles does it best. These kiwis were small, not too ripe but totally worth the 50 cents paid #healthykiwis

Christmas eve sales - photo 5

Our favourite #pickoftheday was the 50 cents salad – a perfect compliment to our beach BBQ the next day!

Christmas eve sales - photo 6

Of course Christmas eve sales ain’t Christmas eve unless there’s a rack of red and green!

Christmas eve sales - photo 7

When we got to the deli, there were already pre-packaged cold meats. Everything was marked down to either $2 or $3, with savings from 50-70%. We bought 770g of turkey breast for $3! Normally turkey is $35/kg?

Christmas eve sales - photo 8

Our final stop for the night is Woolworths again- but at Cherrybrook. The best thing about it was that there was a photo booth outside with free photos! #winning

Christmas eve sales - photo 9

Like Coles, there were pre-packaged deli meats. There was plenty of variety including bacon, hams, prawns and other seafood. I must say, it wasn’t as much reduced as I thought- probably 30-50% but still great bargains.

Christmas eve sales - photo 10

In terms of fruit, we had plenty at home and the shelves were becoming empty. Again, what an awesome Christmas eve grocery run!

Christmas eve sales - photo 11

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Event (Christmas eve grocery sales): 4.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Value: 5/5

Would I recommend going on a grocery run on Christmas eve? If you have no idea what you’ll be making on Christmas day, then this is your best bet. I must say, you have to learn to be flexible and be creative with the food you’ve bought, but treat it as a ‘mystery’ box challenge! I guess it’s what I do best!

Highlight: buying fresh produce at the lowest prices. Remember that shops are closed for two whole days so anything that expires then will have to go. Plus, workers want to go home earlier so it’s a win-win situation.

Suggestion of improvement: Would love for the supermarkets to give the leftover produce to shelters which feed the homeless. There should be pick ups.

Angela Bee


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