Brewery Yard Markets – The Living Mall

Brewery Yard Markets launched last Sunday under the blue sky and blazing sun, where shops from The Living Mall and beyond came together to showcase their trendy products.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 18

“Held adjacent to Chippendale Green every second Sunday from 10am to 4pm, you will be delighted by street art, quirky crafts, jewellery, local designer threads, acoustic music and live entertainment.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 24

My oh my was it a beautiful day! Couldn’t really ask for better whether, aye? If you haven’t been to The Living Mall, it is a $2 billion urban village in Sydney, designed by the world’s leading architects to the highest standards of sustainable urban living. They’ve bought innovative shopping to Sundays with their newly launched markets and it was fabulous seeing so many people checking it out! So let’s cut to the chase.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 21

Heading the escalators, past Woolies and out into the open area, I noticed that all the outdoor restaurants had white fenced greenery with sun umbrellas for their customers to enjoy the summer sunshine. #winning

Brewery Yard markets - photo 1

There were so many stalls! I only expected a couple but it seems like everyone was willing to contribute!

Brewery Yard markets - photo 10

Say hello to the Museli Man!

Brewery Yard markets - photo 2

I have a feeling I totally agree with this sign..

Brewery Yard markets - photo 4

Since I last came to Central Park, there have been a few more cafes/restaurants that have popped up, one being Autolyse. The name itself doesn’t say much but the display of breads just made my mouth water. Did I mention that there were croissants and danishes to sample? Loved the crunch on the pastries- it was French-quality (and Angela approved) and I’ll definitely going there again!

Brewery Yard markets - photo 5

A good ol Aussie BBQ is an all-time favourite at the markets. You can’t go wrong by having one of the burgers for lunch!

Brewery Yard markets - photo 6

Work-Shop Gallery had a massive display including someone drawing live. I guess I’ve always liked my so it was fabulous seeing it come to life.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 22 Brewery Yard markets - photo 7

Coco Cubano’s stall saw the virgin Mojitos and iced Granitas. Read my previous review of Coco Cubano here. For a sunny day like this, ice granitas are the perfect way to cool down.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 8

I love how Raw Eats aimed to educate passer-byers. They had a sign explaining what it means to eat ‘raw’ and its benefits.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 9

Speakeasy Co. are hand cut, hand brewed and hand poured hand-made candles.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 12

Pigeonhole had their quirky jewelry,  fun polaroids, and other fun stuff displayed.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 14 Brewery Yard markets - photo 13

I love cactus’s. I’m not the best at watering plants and Huddle Co’s potted plants are definitely on my list of things I would love to buy.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 15

Have you tried Marysol’s Haberno and Ghost chilli sauces? I tried it and it aint for the faint-hearted!

Brewery Yard markets - photo 16

Remedia’s soaps were a specialty! How pretty are they? Check out the Orange Blossom and Organic Coconut, or perhaps the Black Forrest?

Brewery Yard markets - photo 17

I was so close to buying one of these Growing Books! Basically its a cactus planted in a book! I would totally put this on my work desk.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 19

After having a look at all the stalls, I settled at the back and joined the small-ish crowd listening to the tunes. #chillaxing

Brewery Yard markets - photo 20

Brewery Yard Markets, it was a pleasure visiting you on your first day! For me, these markets add a bit more fun and it’s really nice to go ‘outdoor shopping’. There were a lot of bits and pieces and this would be the place I would go to get presents for friends and even a bit of deco here and there.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 23 Brewery Yard markets - photo 11

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Event (Brewery Yard Markets): 4/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Would I recommend going to Brewery Yard Markets? Like the outdoors? Maybe looking for some nice presents to give to a friend? Perhaps you just want a place to chill in the sun… head down to the Brewery Yard Markets and you’ll be delighted to a range of quirky arts and crafts, cool tunes and a diverse range of delicious food!

Highlight: Having a place where you can sit down and have a tan. Often markets are packed and too crowded. There’s no space to move, sit down and enjoy your freshly made lunch. Central Park has a massive open space so after you go around seeing all the stalls, you can sit back, chill, then go around again!

Suggestion of improvement: I loved the variety here and it wasn’t just stalls from The Living Mall but beyond that! It’s actually quite rare that so many shops in one place got involved but what I could suggest is maybe getting the public involved as well. Perhaps the talent from UTS or even USyd students? There are heaps of students around so they can definitely leverage on that.


Official hashtag: #breweryyard #bymcomp

Angela Bee


Sydney Morning Herald Growers Markets Pyrmont

Sydney Morning Herald Growers Markets next to The Star was kinda like Eveleigh Markets, but with a killer view and much spread out. They are held on the first Saturday of each month and I decided to go on August 2, 2014.

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 25

“Located by Sydney Harbour at the picturesque Pyrmont Bay Park, The Sydney Morning Herald Growers’ Market features more than 70 producers’ stalls selling everything from fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables to venison, lamb, beef, rare-breed pork and seafood. Loyal regulars and visitors make a morning of it with specialty breakfasts, locally-roasted coffee and much more”.

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 17

You know what? I honestly thought the markets were at Pirraham? Park and not actually right next to The Star. Cut my walking time by a good 5 minutes and increased the amount of spending by 5 minutes. Maybe it was a good thing? Maybe it was a bad thing for my wallet? Anyways..

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 1

The first thing I noticed about these markets was the spaciousness of it. The large white tents were nicely spaced out into a large oval, and then another strip of stalls were down at the water.

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 27

Secondly, like Eveleigh, there were many samples but of course not as many. There were stalls which I’d never seen before at markets! Yay! Efendy had these delicious dips for sampling.

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 2

This sounds amazing! Natural makeup made from food! Edible makeup? Wow!

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 5
Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 4

EatMeChutneys saves squishy, wonky, wounded, unsold produce and makes epic ‘rescued’ chutneys.

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 8

These are the best oranges in the planet! We had some samples and their sweetness radar goes +1000000000

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 9

Some lemonade for the sunny day.

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 11

And even some pink lady apples including their trees hahah.

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 12

Towards the waters edge, I cannot believe how great these photos look!

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 16

It’s not everyday you have a market right next to the Harbourside! The farmers must love coming here once a month to have a different sea change.

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 15

Notable stalls that also come here are Sonoma, Farmer Jos, Ruby and Rach, and Ocello.

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 18

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 22
Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 13

There’s even a fun saucisson stall with French girls in berets and a very charismatic French Monsieur!

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 14

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 23

There are also some nice plants to buy and it’s good to know there’s a bit of parking around.

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 24

Some girls brought in some mushrooms for show and tell!

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 26

The areas to site down were huge and grassy. Very picturesque.

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 6

Easily a great place to chill outside and these markets will go off during summer!

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 21

No literally…!!!

Growers Markets Pyrmont - photo 19

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (SMH Growers Markets Pyrmont): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I recommend going to Growers Markets Pyrmont? If you live in the area, it would be good. There’s a lot of a produce but not a huge huge amount if variety. There was one cheese shop and a lot of them had egg and bacon rolls. They were $5-$6 each so grab brekkie here!

Highlight: the location is central to everything. I was walking from Townhall so I passed Darling Harbour. It’s right next to the wharf so it’s a good stroll after looking at the markets. The Star is right next to the markets too and Messina and Zumbo are there! You can kill 5 birds with a stone! (Not literally!!)

Suggestion of improvement: I think we were until about 11:30 and the stalls were already closing! I’m super used to Eveleigh Markets which close up at around 12:30-1ish and so this was quite early..but then again the farmers do drive a long way to get here!

Ends: August 2, 2014 and occurs on the first Saturday of each month


Angela Bee

Aroma Festival 2014 – The Rocks

The smell of coffee is by far one of the best aromas we love on a day-to-day basis. The Rocks held their annual Aroma Festival on 10am-5pm Sunday 27 July, 2014 and the turnout was definitely a reflection of the popular scent.

 Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 14

“See it all and much more as roasters grind, baristas pour, milk froths, machines whirr, music drifts and thousands of cups are filled, sampled and sipped at the main event on Sunday 27 July”.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 1

How brilliant was the sun on Sunday? Even though there was trackwork on my line, I still managed to head out to Sydney’s biggest coffee event.

Walking from Wynyard station, I was shocked to see the amount of people lining up at the white tents walking towards MCA to meet my friend. It took me a good 5 minutes to get there though.. the crowd..

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 2

And.. of course, the obligatory Opera House photo needs to be taken!

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 3

One good thing about The Rocks is that they always have signs where you needed. We decided to do a full circle of the area and we started close to the MCA.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 4

Tea, tea and lots of tea! Sleepy, relaxing, cooling.. all the tea you wanted! There were little cups of samples and what a perfect way to start drinking caffeine! I must admit, you did have to battle the crowds though.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 5

As we made our way through the tea stands, we headed towards the grassy area if you walk towards the station. Breville were making fresh waffles to go along with the free coffee made by their machines.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 7

Tea cups!

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 6

The grassy area was packed! Firstly, there were some strips of stalls towards the left hand side selling chocolate, cake, and sweet goodies! My friend suggested putting these a-mazing chilli chocolate covered coffee beans in banana ice cream. Let me tell you, they are one big hit!

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 8

To the right, there were lines and lines and lines of people waiting for coffee. Stalls included The Paramount Coffee Project, The Fine Food Store, The PlayFair Cafe and much much more. It would’ve been at least 20 minutes wait behind all your fellow coffee-lovers.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 9

We then made our way up the stairs, coming up at George Street. Again, here were more cafés but the lines were shorter. Delano Espresso was my pick of the day.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 10

All the cafés had $2 tasting coffee cups. Such a. Good price because you think it’s a small cup of coffee and you end up trying more than a couple of samples then feel slightly dizzy because you realise you hadn’t eaten much.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 11

We lined up and then those little cups were named by our orders.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 12

We all know that this festival is not only about the coffee beans but the baristas..

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 13

And we only had to wait 10 minutes to sip on these lovely cups!

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 14

We then made our way towards the food market, where on the way there was a chai stall with only chai! Thought you hated dandelion tea? I give you dandelion chai to try!

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 15

Also, just saying that daily milk chai exists.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 20

Ps. How good can rocky road get? Loving the colours!

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 16

Getting to the food markets is a headache, especially if you dislike crowds.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 17

The food stalls were pretty much the same as the ones that are normally there on weekends including kebabs delicious kebabs, gozleme ladies, German hot dogs, sushi, gyoza, skewers…the lot!

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 18

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 19

I just bought like a lamb baguette thing? It was alright.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 28

We ended up going around the back loop and heading towards the coffee garden. There was a lush garden filled with coffee and bush tucker plants and one massive massive line for coffee.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 24

There was a little band playing in the courtyard area where there were some seats available.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 25

The Bean to Cup exhibition was also in the same alleyway. It was a simply exhibition with just a product life cycle of coffee bean plants to how they end up as coffee beans we see at the shops.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 27

This picture was #instaworthy!

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 26

There was also tea leaf readings which was pretty hilarious but nice and then we walked around to the music areas to get the vibe of the festival.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 21

Live music was more towards the water with the gorgeous backdrops

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 22

And there were seats to chill. Tent area was definitely required for this.

Aroma Festival 2014 - photo 23

We sat at the SmoothFM picnic area and we can’t wait to go to the Smooth Chocolate Festival in October!

May the finest blend win!

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Aroma Festival, The Rocks 2014): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I recommend going to The Aroma Festival to a friend? If you’re a lover of coffee and know your beans, then this is the best place to be! The weather was a wonderful sunshine and this was where the coffee lovers lingered..

Highlight: stamping the coffee! Coffee Haven, Double Roasters, Paramount Coffee Project, Mayan Coffee and Xocolat were all in one place! Saves me from hopping from place to place! Loved the passion.

Suggestion of improvement: there honestly needs to be an ATM around the place. We had to walk back to Circular Quay station. There were 4 ATMs and 4 huge lines.

Ends: Sunday 27, 2014 and occurs annually.


Angela Bee

Gourmet Tasting Platter for Two – Le Pain Quotidien, The Rocks

$25 for a sharing platter for two at newly opened Le Pain Quotidien through Groupon is a cheese and bread filled deal.

Le Pain Quotien - photo 3
“Alain Coumont learned about bread  as a small child, standing on a chair every Sunday watching his grandmother  bake bread. As a young chef in Brussels, Alain could not find the right bread  for his restaurant.
Passionate about quality, he  returned to his roots and opened a small bakery where he could knead flour,  salt and water into the rustic loaves of his childhood.
He called his bakery “Le Pain Quotidien“.

Le Pain Quotien - photo 15

With all groupons, deals, coupons, etc I have a habit of calling and booking before I buy the deal. I’ve had a situation where I have organised a time with a friend, bought the voucher, and it turns out the time we wanted to go was not available because the day had exceeded the ‘voucher limit’.

Le Pain Quotien - photo 1

Anyways, I called and booked, bought the voucher and when my friend showed up it was not in the system. Thankfully I called from my phone so I had a record of who I talked with but keep that in mind!

Le Pain Quotien - photo 13

We got a table anyway and our red wines came straight away.

Le Pain Quotien - photo 6

This restaurant is pretty interesting. It has several small rooms whereas the one at Sydney Westfield is a pretty wide space. I overheard that you had to book for the rooms but it would be be quite cute and vintage to dine in the old cells of Sydney Town.

Le Pain Quotien - photo 11

I’m not sure if this black dog could be the iconic thing here but here it is!

Le Pain Quotien - photo 9

The space we sat in was pretty nice and cosy. The brick walls was a charm.

Le Pain Quotien - photo 7

Then our gourmet tasting platter came out. Cold meats included salami, prosciutto, pate, salmon and it was weaves through the shredded cheddar, brie and blue vein cheese. It was delicious, nothing spectacular, not bad, could be fresher. I guess I used to work in a deli so it was quite average.

Le Pain Quotien - photo 4

The bruschetta was on a crispy baguette and the lamb slider was more like a mini lamb sandwich with mustard. It was all topped with a few leaves and a couple of very sun dried tomatoes although I’m sure that the voucher came with pumpkin and beetroot salad? I was missing my greens!

Le Pain Quotien - photo 14

The bread basket was huge! I don’t know how people can eat so much bread in a sitting so this was generous! The bread was fresh but not morning-fresh but the walnut bread was my favourite. Just an FYI that Le Lain Quotidien means the bread expert! I was still satisfied because who expects anyone to make fresh bread at night?

Le Pain Quotien - photo 2

The outside street view is the MCA so it’s close to Circular Quay. #lovesydney

Le Pain Quotien - photo 12

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Gourmet Tasting Platter for Two at Le Pain Quotidien): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =)

Would I recommend buying an antipasto platter to a friend? If you love your cheese, bread and wine, this is a good one for it! A block of cheese at Aldi is $5.99 so this deal is pretty sweet!

Highlight: looking through the little rooms at the restaurant! It got us excited  and I’m glad there wasn’t anyone inside. The ambience  and feel of the place is great and chatting over food is the best.

Suggestion of improvement: it would be fabulous if they had a better booking system so there isn’t a mix it. It was quite embarrassing asking for our table again! Also, we were missing our pumpkin and beetroot salad and I didn’t notice until we saw the menu. I don’t think I would normally pay full price of $35 for the two but it was pretty good for what we paid and that included the much needed wine!

Ends: October 19, 2014

Link: here

Angela Bee

Le Pain Quotien - photo 10

$8 crepe and drink – The Crepe and Pancake Place

Grab a sweet or savoury crepe at The Crepe and Pancake Place at Broadway Shopping Centre for $8 and enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

The Crepe and Pancake Place - photo 3

The Crepe and Pancake Place “offers Savoury & Sweet Crepes, Pancakes, Waffles, Omelette along with Barista Coffee. We also serve milkshakes and fresh fruit smoothies”.

The Crepe and Pancake Place - photo 1

What a brilliant name. It brings me back to the crepe days we had at FRESS (French Speaking Society). Such fun times making stacks of crepe cakes ahaha. Anyways, this place is at Broadway Shopping Centre at the Level 2 food court, opposite Soul Origin.

The Crepe and Pancake Place - photo 2

Well it wasn’t super fancy place but there are tons of specials on display. I can’t help but wonder why someone would not come here to buy $4 pancakes instead of Maccas? What a bargain!

The Crepe and Pancake Place - photo 4

You could see yeh ladies make the crepes on hot plates and the goodness was made nice and hot!

The Crepe and Pancake Place - photo 8

There was an extensive menu but because we were coming for brekkie I went with the Florentine with spinach, mushrooms, ricotta, feta and white sauce.

The Crepe and Pancake Place - photo 5

The Crepe and Pancake Place - photo 6

Service was pretty quick so in no time I got my medium skimmed cappuccino for my morning wake up drink. I was surprised it tasted really good because I find that places which specialise in non-cafe -style food tend to be quite crap. This was good!

The Crepe and Pancake Place - photo 7

The crepe came very quickly as well with plastic knife, fork and tissue. This was gigantic!! No joke. I could’ve shared this between two people but I kinda ate most of it..whoops!

The Crepe and Pancake Place - photo 9

No, I mean check this out. I love cheese (didn’t use to until a couple of years ago) but this hot filled crepe was sooooooooooo good. I’m glad I had a coffee to go with this but alternatively you could get a smoothie or milkshake. I’m not a fan of vanilla ice cream so I was quite disappointed that they don’t use a yoghurt base for their smoothies. At least they use real fruit!

The Crepe and Pancake Place - photo 10

Nomnomnom. My friend and I sat down for our famous long catch up sessions at Victoria Park. Let me encourage everyone to sit in the sun and enjoy nature. It’s beautiful.

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($8 crepe and coffee at The Crepe and Pancake Place): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I recommend purchasing a $8 crepe and drink voucher from the Crepe and Pancake Place? If you don’t know how to make a crepe or you feel like something deliciously savory or sweet this is the place to be! It’s pretty awesome considering there’s heaps of eateries around the place. They’re big portions so go for it!

Highlight: the crepe! They were generous with the fillings and super cooper yummy. They are normally $7.50 for a Florentine crepe and I would buy one even if I was on a deal!

Suggestion of improvement: I would totally love a juice option on the menu or even a $10 meal deal could be a crowd pleaser.

Ends: 90 days from purchase

Link: here

Angela Bee

$15 Pizza or Pasta for Two – Dulcis Domus

Pizza. Pasta. Pizza. Pasta. The Italian choice is yours for $15 for two varieties with a soft drink or juice at Dulcis Domus, opposite UTS.

Dulcis Domus - photo 2

“Dulcis Domus translates to ‘sweet home’ in Latin, and it’s this type of comfortable environment that the team aim to bring to diners. Centrally located in Broadway, diners can expect Mediterranean fare as well as cafe-style snacks and beverages for smaller appetites. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Dulcis Domus is a licensed venue and specialises in wood-fired pizzas, and a range of pasta, meat and seafood options.”

Dulcis Domus - photo 1

You know that place we used to call The Clare? Right next to that is a restaurant that opened up earlier this year and the place looks fancy compared to the cheap Vietnamese roll and pho place, or even the Broadway Bar next door. I guess it aims to attract all those new business people at the Living Mall, right?

Dulcis Domus - photo 9

Anyways, the staff seemed pretty casual and I spotted some home made pasta not the side.

Dulcis Domus - photo 10

The room has a dark but classy vibe to it. Modern and clean. We got seated  and were handed over the Groupon menus to look over. There were soft drinks or apple or orange juice as an alternative. I love the lights at the ceiling!

Dulcis Domus - photo 3

.. as well as the nice hints of vintage here and there. I don’t know why but I realised that we were listening to the coffee machine go off whilst waiting for our meals. #needingtowakeup #coffeefix

Dulcis Domus - photo 4

Firstly, we ordered the Cappello di Napoleone. Essentially, it was half a calzone and half margherita. Holy crap the calzone was delicious! I wished we got a whole one because the generosity of the ricotta, ham, salami and peppers was to like cheesey goodness poured into my belly.

Dulcis Domus - photo 5

Because I used to work in a pizzeria, I’m not too sure the base was up to my standards but it wasn’t burnt or anything. Give me more!

Dulcis Domus - photo 7

The ‘Ravioli Alla Casereccia’ was drowned in olive oil and tomatoes so that made the dish very filling. I think I ate 2 pieces and I was full but I kept on powering on because the pasta was amazing! Although there wasn’t as much pasta as I wished, it was still quite tasty with the mushrooms and tomato.

Dulcis Domus - photo 6

My orange juice came in a jarred jar but I think it was just fro me bottle. I would’ve expected freshly squeezed since the normal price is $4!!!! You could buy 2-3 litres of juice at the local supermarket! Ohwell what can you do when its only $7.50.

Dulcis Domus - photo 8

Great classy place and I hear that they have one metre pizzas! Keep Calm and Drink Wine #lifelessons

Dulcis Domus - photo 11

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($15 wood-fire pizza or pasta for two with drink): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend Dulcis Domus to a friend? For this deal, it is really hard to beat. I don’t know how big their profit margins are on this one.. especially the pizzas with plenty of toppings. Definitely buy it if it comes up again and I guess the prices there are standard prices at normal pizzerias ($15 for small, $25 for large).

Would I donate the money spent to a chosen charity? Yes. I would shout someone from OzHarvest.

OzHarvest is a non-denominational charity that rescues excess food which would otherwise be discarded. This excess food is distributed to charities supporting the vulnerable in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Newcastle.

Highlight: Calzone pizza! Fresh out of the oven is the best time to have a piping hot pizza! MM!!

Suggestion of Improvement: It would’ve been nicer if the waitress gave us our drinks to have before we got our meal. We kinda forgot about the drinks because the food was delicious! Could have some improvement with the drinks and probably less oil in the pasta and have more actual pasta on the plate please!

Ends: October 23, 2014



Angela Bee

Dulcis Domus on Urbanspoon

UTS Haberfield Club

Stunning lake views with perfect sunrise and sunset views are now open to the public on the deck of the newly renovated UTS Haberfield Club.

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 2

“Situated on the enviable Iron Cove Bay, UTS Haberfield Club is the first NSW licenced club to be completely redeveloped in 10 years. This picturesque location is the perfect spot for lunch, dinner or a relaxing drink. The club comprises the licensed dining and recreation club upstairs and the rowing club downstairs.”

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 1

My parents and I were conveniently driving up to Lavender Bay when we accidentally passed and pulled over to have a peak at the modernised rowing club.

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 10

Activate UTS, formerly UTS Union Limited is full of surprises this year- UTS Haberfield Club being one of them.

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 8

The club is surrounded by this beautiful lake view. I wouldn’t be complaining if I had an early rowing session that could soak in this stunning view.

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 3

There’s a small area for parking but locals are encouraged to come down for a walk as there is a walk way around the bay.

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 18

Heading inside, you’ll see a line of oars.

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 19

There are walls full of the history of the rowing club with photos from the past.

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 4

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 17

It’s a Sunday so it’s filled with families and not really any rowers in the water. The deck looks inviting though.

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 13

There’s also a standard menu with mains ranging from $25…

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 14

.. and a bar for a casual drink or few!!

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 12

The walk over to the view and its absolutely breathtaking. I feel like I’m on the coast? It’s a very relaxing area and how about the beautiful weather?

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 6

I had no idea that this was dedicated to Tom O’Sullivan, former CEO of UTS Union who passed away in 2011. Tom O’Sullivan got rid of Voluntary Student Unionism and was instrumental in fighting for the Student Services Amenities Fee.  To be honest, it’s probably worked for the better with better planning for budgets and exciting projects like this! (Although I remember when they introduced it and I was upset but I got my monies worth by going to all these awesome free uni events!)

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 9

I absolutely love the outdoors area on the deck.

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 7

There are some pokies at the back if anyone is interested but don’t get stuck behind these because there may be the possibility of watching some rowing action! I’m wondering if there are any trial sessions?

UTS Haberfield Club - photo 15

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (UTS Haberfield Club): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I recommend visiting UTS Haberfield Club? Yes and go for a row at the same time! I would love to have a go and see what it’s like! I wish I lived closer to the area though..

Highlight: just standing on the deck and looking out onto the boats, the water and the sky. It looks heaps classy.

Suggestion of improvement: where are the student discounts, UTS? I would’ve hoped there could’ve been a good deal considering it is affiliated with a university.. Also, let us know when you’re rowing please (:

Ends: never


Angela Bee

Bluebird Brekkie Bar – UTS

“Early birds flock with blue birds”

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 15

There’s a reasons why early birds are rewarded for waking up early. Bluebird Brekkie Bar offers FREE breakfasts from 8:30-11am on Tuesdays in the Building 5 at the markets campus and Building 1 at the Tower Building at UTS every week of semester.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 5

“Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when it comes to concentration and academic performance. The UTS Students’ Association recognises that you might have to leave home super early for 9am lectures, or might not be able to afford tasty, sustaining and nutritious foods, so we created Bluebird Brekkie Bar.”

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 16

My brother and I woke up 15 minutes early to get to UTS by 8:40 so he wouldn’t have to starve during his (boring) three hour lectures. I’m sorry, I was a communications student so I can’t relate to this. Our maximum lecture sessions were one hour and our maximum class time were our tutorials which were two hours long. I suffered.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 3

When we got there, there was a massive line. I guess most people have lectures starting at 9am so it was prime time to eat before class.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 1

I must admit, it was a long wait compared to the what I thought was long, but not long lines last semester. I used to arrive at 9:30 before going to UFIT classes at 10am. I was pretty good and bought a small container and filled it with muesli and yoghurt. E only downfall with arriving late is that there isn’t any fruit left on the Fruit Tree. I just bought my own bananas anyway.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 2

It took us 20 minutes to reach the toast machines. Welcome!! My brother had to kinda rush off but thankfully his lecture room was close by.

Here’s the menu:

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 6

Unfortunately there was only white sourdough bread this time round. Last year there was multigrain and brown bread. I loved it because no one else had home likes multigrain. Apparently there’s raisin toast available but I didn’t see.

Four toasters are going at one time so the only wait is on the spreads!

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 7

Jams, crunchy peanut butter, butter, honey, Vegemite, Nutella and you heard me- avocado with salt and pepper! I’m always amused by this because he ones at my local Harris Farm are $2 for the rock solid ones. I love Bluebird Brekkie for supplying this.

I highly recommend my ‘Angela special’: left half- crunchy peanut butter bottom and avocado on top. Right half- Nutella and sliced banana on top.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 8

Moving forward, you’ll see a tree with knitted bags of fruit. Such a great concept!

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 9

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 11

It’s magic and as mentioned, grab a banana, plum or apple before the toast because this goes quickly.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 10

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 12

There is also a table with mugs to fill your free tea and coffee. Just be mindful to bring your own cup/Keep Cup on Tuesdays because it is quite small and don’t supply them.

OJ, apple juice and even soy milk is available and ideal for vegans.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 14

My absolute favourite at these breakfasts is the muesli. I was so disappointed that they didn’t have any this week! Well I guess they had no choice because there’s construction happening downstairs where the dish washing machine is located. Thanks for hand washing our cups crew! I even bought my own bowl….

Wake up to a toasty breakfast! #toastedsourdoughftw #avocadodelight

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Bluebird Brekkie Bar): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I go to get a free breakfast every week? Let’s face it. Sometimes I wake up late and snooze my alarm until I have just enough time to get on the train. I have no time. I went every week last semester!

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? This is interesting… I think a gold coin donation wouldn’t hurt every week. It saves time but I would also need to wake up earlier if I had a morning class. However, if you are a morning bird like me and have time to kill then is is a perfect chill out zone before class. If I fancy a sleep-in but my classes started after 10 then this will be quick and easy.

Highlight: all the varieties of spreads! Sometimes you can’t afford to buy all the different jams, particularly if you’ve moved out of home. Or perhaps if you buy a jar of Nutella, you’d probably eat it all whilst your studying. Bluebird Brekkie Bar is the best because you have all the choices and quality control too 😉

Suggestion of improvement: it would be nice to make it more interactive. I could see a lot of people come by themselves. I guess the majority of students don’t come to uni early and there are some people who arrive early and don’t know many others who do that. I know that Bluebird Brekkie is totally bombarded by housing students since it’s free food and a short walk away but it would be nice with maybe  board games, packs of cards, morning inspiration quotes, or even giant jenga. Get those brains working uni kids!

Ends: it’s every week during uni semester

Angela Bee

$5 Breakfast and coffee – Miss M Café

A chalk wall of art, with inspiration from around the world awaits at Miss M Café, so come here for a breakfast roll, banana bread and coffee for only $5 altogether at Bondi Junction before heading off to the famous Bondi Beach.

Miss M cafe - photo 12

Miss M Café sits next to Westfield on Oxford St Street, offering sandwiches, healthy salads and coffee. In fact, they were named ‘Best Café in Sydney’ by The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2013.

Miss M cafe - photo 13

Honestly, I cannot believe this deal was $41 and I was saving just over $30. The photos did look amazing online but how about the actual experience?

Miss M cafe - photo 14

Thankfully I chose a beautiful and sunny day so the tree outside was glistening in the sunlight, and coffee lovers could sit outside in the little fenced off area.

Miss M cafe - photo 1

I actually love the wooden bench that faces out. What a great idea! If I’m just having a coffee myself and wanting a bit of fresh air because I’ve been in the office for the morning, I kind of want a place to sit and soak in the sunshine.

Miss M cafe - photo 2

Walking inside, you’ll see a wonderful chalk board displayed menu… except without any prices labelled.

Miss M cafe - photo 3

The baguettes, open sandwiches, muffins, and assorted pastries are in the display cabinets. They look pretty amazing and can’t wait to see the breakfast roll for our voucher!

Miss M cafe - photo 4

The wall says it all – their coffee is organic fair trade and from Monte Carlo.

Miss M cafe - photo 5

It is very decorative and their staff are probably creative junks writing and drawing on the blackboards. Reminds me a little of school. No, not current schools but when we had the good ol dusty chalkboards.

Miss M cafe - photo 6

We order our skimmed cappuccinos before sinking down into a large couch. It wasn’t strong at all and tasted watered down/had more milk than coffee. The coffee here sounded so promising with those words of coffee wisdom before!

Miss M cafe - photo 9

Our breakfast ‘rolls’ came out not long after. In the description, it says ‘Bacon, Eggs, Spinach, Mushroom and Hollandaise Sauce’. There were 2 rashes of bacon, an egg on top, and a heaps of hollandaise sauce but I’m not too sure if there was much (or if any) spinach and mushroom? I had a bit of tomato in mine though. It was more like an open breakfast on a slice of sourdough.

Miss M cafe - photo 10

The slices of banana bread were thin quarter slices. Then again, I was filling up anyway so it was light dessert treat to my brekkie. It was a bit sweet but moist enough.

Miss M cafe - photo 11

There was a bit of a problem when trying to book for the weekend. The phone number would always ring out and there wasn’t an answering machine to leave your details. Walk-in on weekdays but for bookings on the weekend, call between 8:30-9am.

Miss M cafe - photo 8

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($5 breakfast at Miss M Cafe): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I buy another $10 breafast for 2 at Miss M café? $5 for breakfast and coffee is bloody good! The coffee and breakfast roll wasn’t the best but for what you’re paying, it’s a great deal!

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? The value wasn’t too bad and the place isn’t terrible. It’s actually done up pretty nicely with a nice ambience. $4 would go to charity. I’m not sure I’d pay $10 if I could go elsewhere for a good meal without the coffee.

Highlight: Those tables are nice! It could be a little low or if you’re sitting on a couch you’ll need to lean forward, but it just makes it look arty. Love reading the stuff on the walls and had quick service.

Suggestion of improvement: coffee could be stronger. I’m not a huge fan of milk and can only tolerate it in coffees or teas so that was a bit of a downfall. More spinach and mushroom would’ve been nice but I liked the display of the foods coming out on the wooden boards. I’m not sure if it’s close to being the ‘Best Café in Sydney’ though..

Ends: May 14, 2014


Angela Bee

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$8 breakfast groupon deal – Alice’s Tea Cafe

Get lost down the tunnels of a Wonderful, be greeted by a giant teddy bear and grab a (very) small Mad Hatters $8 breakfast from Groupon at Alice’s Tea Cafe Chatswood to use until September 3, 2014.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 5

Alice’s Tea Cafe is known for its Alice in Wonderland themed High Tea parties, particularly its recent $29 for two high teas that are always popping up on offer on OurDeal.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 3

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 1

Take the escalators down from the main food court and make your way towards Oxford where the little cafe sits.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 2

It looks quite really cute and I’m loving the display of menus, cakes and coffee!

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 4

There isn’t table service so we ordered our $13.50 worth of breakfast at the counter. This included options of ham, tomato and cheese croissant, bacon and egg roll, eggs Benedict with ham or avocado, poached eggs, scrambled eggs.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 6

We took a delightful cupcake with a table number and seated ourselves next to the giant teddy bear.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 8

Looking around, they had some books, magazines and toys for the kids. There’s also free wifi if you ask for their password.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 7

Soon our breakfasts came. My friend got the eggs benedict. Unfortunately it was as small as it looks. It wasn’t even on sourdough but toast? Sadly bread wasn’t toasted either. $25 on a Kmart toaster would not be a bad investment…  The plate lacked any salt and pepper. It wasn’t worth the original $13.50. I could’ve made this myself easily.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 11

I got the scrambled eggs with tomato, mushrooms, bacon and ‘sourdough’. I don’t know where to start. Again, it was quite small. The eggs needed some salt and I wished it was more runny like Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood. The bacon wasn’t too bad but noting special. The mushroom was minuscule and cut into tiny pieces. Didn’t taste like mushroom anymore. The tomatoes weren’t ripe either. Quite disappointing and glad I got the groupon otherwise I would’ve not been happy.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 10

On the upside, our coffees arrived with some nice love hearts and flowers on top. Below is a mocha and cappuccino. The coffee was actually really nice and wasn’t burnt. I would come back just for a coffee if I wanted, and it was the large one, too!I’m quite happy with my large cappuccino. That got me through the quick meal.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 9

Compare the above to what was picture on the deal online. This might teach you to not judge a book by its cover..

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 1

The decorations and ambience really made up for the food, but even the high tea didn’t look too wholesome. I must admit, I have been warned before about this place being ‘not so great’. I tried. This was the result.
Remember: not all groupon pictures display what is the reality.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($8 All Day Breakfast at Alice’s Tea Cafe): =(

Ambience: =D

Service: =|

Value: =(

Would I buy another groupon voucher at Alice’s Cafe? Nope. Lesson learnt. I guess I could’ve made this for a friend of mine at my house for the same price, if not cheaper. We also had to wait until 10:30 for someone to arrive to cook the breakfasts. They say they are going to change the menu next week. I hope it’s better.

Would I donate the amount I saved ($13.50 – breakfast + $3.50 – voucher minus $8 – voucher), $11, to a charity organisation? Probably not. I don’t even think I got what I paid for. It was a bit disappointing for such a cute place. There are so many other cafés and restaurants in Chatswood. Money could’ve been spent elsewhere.

Highlight: the big teddy bear! Who wouldn’t? I’m not obsessed with soft toys but just having one for an hour or two makes it more fun. It was huge and cuddly!

Suggestion of improvement: everything excluding the decoration and coffee. More flavours, bigger portions, just better food in general.

Ends: September 3, 2014


Angela Bee