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Eat-in VS takeaway is an easy battle at El Jannah. It’s well known garlic sauce and chicken is only half the price when you takeaway: $10.90 for a whole chicken compared to $19.90 when you eat-in – what a bargain!

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“El Jannah Restaurant is a family run business which began operation in 1998 as a small takeaway shop in Granville. The business was created by Andre Estephan and his wife Carole, who have taken great pride and interest in providing the best quality chicken and service to the area of Granville and the neighbouring suburbs.”

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People come from the other side of the city to devour El Jannah’s amazing chicken (my family and I being one of many from time to time). The big red sign and tables on the corner on South Street is where the queues constantly linger.

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Heading inside, the bright green restaurant is divided two into two spaces: one calmer room..

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and one noisier room where people crowd the counter to order and wait for food.

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And there are also two options on the menu: takeaway ($$) or eat-in ($).

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They’ve even won Parramatta City Local Business Awards.

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We queued in the line and thank goodness it was really long because I had a hard time decided what I wanted to get! Last time I got the chicken and chips with garlic sauce and El Jannah is FAMOUS for their garlic sauce. I hear you can also buy it by the jar and have it at home. Imagine the garlic bread you’ll have everyday.. mmm… #fatty4lyf

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I also had a peek at the sides of tabouli, pickles, etc.

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And look at that charcoal chicken!

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We ordered and there’s a handy order screen on the far right side just in case you can’t hear the boys calling out the numbers. I must admit, it is a small wait if you want a chicken roll but it is totally worth it. Trust me.

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We make a quick stroll to a small park in front of the swimming centre and opened up the glorious roll!! It was massive and we made the right choice of asking it to be cut into two. $7.50 for a chicken roll filled with saucey garlic goodness and salad.

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Watch the action occur from all angles..

El Jannah - photo 14

Crispy crunchy outer layer with mouthfuls of garlic charcoal chicken.

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Had a small sized chips as well. Such a shame they didn’t give us extra garlic sauce. It would’ve went well together.

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Queue, order, get your food, then head outdoors to a park and eat cheap!

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Review Rating : =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (half price takeaway at El Jannah): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend getting takeaway from El Jannah? You cannot say that you’ve had charcoal chicken until you’ve come here. Even if it takes longer than a 30 minute drive, it’s totally worth it! Have a swim at the outdoor pool next to Granville RSL before if it’s a sunny day.

Would I donate the money saved to a charity? Space in Granville must be expensive! I would meet the owners half way. Oh and did you know that burgers are only $5.50? Beats Maccas!

Highlight: chicken roll. I don’t know how they cooked it, but the roll itself cracks at every bite. The garlic sauce, pickles and chicken are the perfect combo! Go for it!

Suggestion of Improvement: It is normally hectic busy around here, even if its not peak hour and what I like about this place is that there are lots of people who work there. There’s a transparent glass window of the kitchen on the left side of the restaurant. They could totally do something to see how the chicken is done to make it more appealing? Also some garlic sauce with the chips would be nice thanks!

Ends: never. It’s always on the board menu.

Website: http://www.eljannah.com.au/

Angela Bee

El Jannah on Urbanspoon

El Jannah on Urbanspoon