The UTS Underground Grand Opening

An extension from Central station’s tunnel has made its way to UTS, with the grand opening of The Underground yesterday with free champagne and snacks from 4-6pm.

The Underground - photo 4

“ActivateUTS brings colour, fun, laughs and friendship to the wider UTS community.

The Underground - photo 1

We’re more than on campus facilities such as the bars and cafes, the gym and retail outlets. We’re also more than the on campus events, clubs and societies (sporting and social). We’re all about enhancing your experience while studying at UTS. We’re the place you come to when you’re looking to make new friends, meet like-minded people and make those connections that last a lifetime.”

The Underground - photo 6

There was a massive line heading towards the tunnel. There were some colourful characters from UTS Backstage to greet us in.

The Underground - photo 3

Formerly known as the Glasshouse, ActivateMarketplace was transformed into an underground metro. Literally. #allstationstoUndergroundJunctionSouth

The Underground - photo 5

Do we spot some familiar faces as live models advertising at the Marketplace? There was a lovely lady handing out goodie bags too.

The Underground - photo 7

All in the shape of a giant lolly! This place was definitely designed to help boost those energy levels for assignments and exams.

The Underground - photo 8

There was even a lolly station with arms flying all over to get their hands on sugary treats!

The Underground - photo 9

Check this out. Who goes through the tunnel and has never seen a busker? There’s UTS’ busker using buckets to produce music! PS. love the Fijian lady and her husband who play the sax and keyboard every day #somuchlove

The Underground - photo 10

We took a little detour and ended up at the Bites Booth where we saw what the little canteen offered. They had salads, pies, sausage rolls and the usual.

The Underground - photo 11

Then finally we got to the main area with pool tables, funky tables and chairs, greenery all around the area, a band playing, and a ton of people at the bar waiting for free champagne.

The Underground - photo 19

The band was playing extremely loudly and like many bars, it was hard to hear your friends even if they were less than one metre away.

The Underground - photo 21

Thank goodness we got new pool tables! The old ones would’ve been soaked in beer.

The Underground - photo 12

Next to the bar you hada chance to take a selfie with the stars! tag #activateuts and #activatemarketplace to win a trip to LA!

The Underground - photo 14

Then Mr Thomas greeting us into the wardrobe heading into Narnia.

The Underground - photo 27

I love how cosy it was!!! The chairs, the carpet, the lamp, and the fake windows lol!

The Underground - photo 16

There was even a screening of Narnia playing when we got there! I love how there are powerpoints sockets too. Anyone up for smashing out an assignment whilst downing a beer? #creativityatitspeak

The Underground - photo 15

There was even some Turkish Delight – Edmund’s favourite enchanted sweet.

The Underground - photo 17

Then I finally decided to wait for a free glass of champagne.

The Underground - photo 20

Of course there were as many bubbles as there were people!

The Underground - photo 18

My friends and I then wandered into the food court. On the way we got some free fruit!

The Underground - photo 22

I don’t know why, but the place seems to look bigger with the fake brick walls. Does anyone else feel the same?

The Underground - photo 23

The booths make each table more intimate and it sure look extremely colourful.

The Underground - photo 24

Let’s also admit that the only thing we’ve missed throughout the construction time has been the pide.

The Underground - photo 25

How lovely for the staff to pose for a photo for us!

The Underground - photo 26

Smith’s MAXX chips were a clear sponsor, with tons of small packets distributed to everyone.

The Underground - photo 2

Shame I’m not at UTS anymore but it doesn’t stop me from coming back! PS it was great to see so many uni friends again (:

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Grand Opening of The Underground): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend heading to The Underground to a friend? Yes! Particularly if you’ve been a UTS student for the past year, the changes are phenomenal.

Would I donate the money saved to a charity? Champagne was on the house and snacks too! it was a great way of celebrating and the free drinks brought in the students. $5 drinks would’ve been good too.

Highlight: The Underground in general. WOW. UTS did an amazing job and I think everyone loves it. Well, it’s not hard to beat considering how awful it was before… Love Naria. Love The Underground tunnel idea in general. Now they need to get the buskers involved and do a few tunes 😉

Suggestion of improvement: just wondering how will UTS maintain this? I hope it won’t get trashed by the end of the year! They should do weekly screenings in Narnia-land and pool competitions of some sort. I’m interested in how the clubs and societies will hold events here from now on!

Ends: never


Angela Bee


$7 Arepa, fruit juice, coffee – La Latina Chatswood

I’m shamelessly going to promote two of the best countries in the world- Columbia and Venezuela… this time not for their nature, but their food in Chatswood. $7 for an arepa and fruit smoothie.

La Latina - photo 2
La Latina aims to present authentic South American flavours, with a menu of Venezuela and Colombian favourites including arepas and empanadas and sides including cassava chips and fried plantain. Wherever possible, La Latina uses local and organic ingredients, for maximum flavour and authenticity. Gluten-free options are available.

La Latina - photo 1

The little joint itself is on the way to Chatswood Chase on 82 Archer Street at the big intersection.

Ok, let’s face it. I miss Latina and South America so when I saw this on Groupon deal my jaw dropped. Where else would I get a papa relleno, plantains, yuca and empanada? No one else understands my words!!

La Latina - photo 7

The salsa music was in the background, the counter front of Colombian goodies. My Colombian family would be so proud of me right now.

La Latina - photo 5

I looked in the freezer section and they have yuca croquettes, rellenos de queso, ice blocks… Mmm! Yuca is a type of potato and rellenos de queso is cheese filled balls of potato and rice goodness.

La Latina - photo 3

Also loving the simplicity of chairs and seating.

La Latina - photo 12

Check out the bottled caps too and the salsa- yum! I miss little bottles of salsa at a dining table as a staple.

La Latina - photo 4

I love the pictures on the menu. I’m sorry this blog is about my past travel experiences but this one time I had a 12 hour wait in Venezuela and it’s not be best country to travel in because it’s pretty communist so the advice the police gave to me was: stay at the bus station where there were lots of people and protection. I sold arepas for a ridiculous 50 cents or something with this family and it was so much fun! Each person gets either beef, pork, chicken or whatever and put as much salsa and salad on top. It’s wonderful!

La Latina - photo 9

Here was their full menu and yeah, not as cheap as Venezuela!! I chose the shredded beef arepa but there was also chicken avocado on the menu which is not really what you’d see normally…

La Latina - photo 8

This experience was a little different of course but similar indeed. I think i waited for around 20 minutes? The lady there was by herself for the first ten but I guess it does take some time and there were a few customers. She made four at once in the hot plate.

La Latina - photo 6

In typical Venezuelan fashion, the arepa came out wrapped in aluminium foil and also in a paper bag because I asked for it to be taken away.

La Latina - photo 14

You could tell that the arepa was slow cooked and had this nice crunch on the tops and bottoms. Arepas are made from maise, which is a corn, and the shredded beef was not dry and you could see the stringy cheese melted in between.

La Latina - photo 16




They are quite dense and extremely filling.

La Latina - photo 15

For the drinks, it was so hard to choose between soursop, lulo and feijoa. I remember having soursop and lulo in Colombia because I remember going to this huge supermarket with Cec, my Colombian host mum, and raiding their produce section tot try everything I’d never seen before.

La Latina - photo 11

I opted for feijoa this time round, which was slightly sour but still delicious. From memory lulo is very sweet and the lady working there said they actually import the fruits from Colombia.

La Latina - photo 13

Because I went on a Tuesday (and this also applies on Wednesdays), i received a free small Colombian coffee. Surprisingly this tasted absolutely amazing. Great coffee and totally unexpected!

La Latina - photo 17

I used to work in Chatswood and had no idea this place existed! There are so many asian eateries but I’m wanting to come back for the tamales and empanadas!!

La Latina - photo 10

Review Rating : =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($7 Arepa, fruit juice and coffee): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =|

Value: =D

Would I recommend the $7 deal with arepa, fruit juice and coffee to a friend? Yes yes yes! If you want to try food from Colombia and Venezuela, there aren’t many places that do so! There’s a place called ‘Boca’ near Messina but thats all I can think of. Do you guys know any?

Would I donate the money saved to my charity? I really can’t believe how much and how full I was after this meal. This is definitely my moneys worth. If you can’t make your way north of South America, I’ll give you $7 to try it.

Highlight: the hot arepa with its delicious fillings. Ok, I must admit, maise isn’t for everyone but when its cooked so that there is that crunch, it doesn’t matter. As you eat your way down you will probably notice that it gets a little soggy at the bottom as you do with burritos, etc. Have a go and see how it goes!

Suggestion of improvement: the wait was slightly long although there was only one person cooking and serving. I felt bad because I saw two other people wait for a long time and a family needing to rush off but didn’t have their coffees served. Once someone came I got a coffee straight away but the drink and arepa took some time. Maybe a little ‘could you please come back in 15 minutes’ or ‘it will be a 15-20 minute wait if thats ok’ would’ve been nice.

Ends: October 13, 2014

La Latina Website: http://https//


Angela Bee

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$5 for 2 coffee-caramel buns and drink – Pappa Roti

Fresh out of the oven, into a paper bag and then into your hands could be two perfectly rounded caramel-coffee buns and a hot or cold drink from Pappa Roti for just $5.

Pappa roti - photo 3

Pappa Roti is known for their crispy, fluffy, fragrant coffee cream coated bun with buttery filling. They’ve popped up at a few places including Macquarie Centre, Blacktown and on the way to UTS from Central station.

Pappa roti - photo 1
From Event Cinemas, walk down the escalators and head immediately to the right. Pappa Roti’s bright lights and desserts will attract your attention. This voucher is only available at Macquarie Centre though.

Pappa roti - photo 9

Pappa Roti is not just the buns, but the ice cream range…

Pappa roti - photo 6

And desserts too!

Pappa roti - photo 7

And please don’t forget about these tempting Malaysian drinks.

Pappa roti - photo 2

Today’s deal was two buns with a drink worth $5.40. Oh man, it smells so good! I’ve been here a couple of times and every time they make the buns straight away and they are steaming hot from the oven. The person kindly asked if we wanted the buns before the drink.

Pappa roti - photo 5

Eating any kind of breads, cakes, muffins without any cooling time is the best in my opinion. The coffee on the top crisped up extremely well, forming a semi hard surface so when we initially bit into the middle, the munch on the crust formed was evident. Look how perfectly round this bun is!

Pappa roti - photo 8

It was extremely fluffy inside and quite sweet too! The centre was magic. If you like melted butter, then this treat is for you! Look at the yellow ness! Yup, one bun was eaten even before receiving our drink #bunmagic

Pappa roti - photo 10

My mum ordered the Milo Godzilla. The difference between the milo dinosaur and godzilla was that the Godzilla has ice cream. It was massive compared to the other drinks available and my mum scooped up the ice cream and devoured it. I drank the milo because I don’t exactly fancy vanilla ice cream…

Pappa roti - photo 4

This was a super sweet morning tea but a super sweet deal! Thanks for bringing a taste of Malaysia to us! I hear they have Nasi Lemak and Chendol too!!

Review Rating : =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($5 for two coffee-caramel buns and drink): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend the $5 for two coffee-caramel bun and drink to a friend? Yes yes yes! If you live near Macquarie Centre then this is for you! My mum has already bought another one for her mum when she comes to Sydney so defs.

Would I donate the money saved to my charity organisation? A coffee-caramel bun is normally $2.50 each so we are getting a free drink. Something cold and refreshing needs to go with the combo so I would say $3 would go towards a charity.

Highlight: the tops of the coffee- caramel bun. If you know me well, I’ll eat muffin tops only. I love going from a hard to a light texture and the tops of these are amazing. Love!

Suggestion of improvement: have more branches in local areas and share the bun love.

Ends: July 8, 2014


Angela Bee

Pappa Roti on Urbanspoon

Pappa Roti on Urbanspoon

Update (8/5/2014): Today my mum went again and she said that the bun wasn’t as great because it was flat, a tad burnt and the buttery centre was not in the middle. Also, we tried the Bandung (rosewater drink) and that tasted extremely artificial. Stick with the Godzilla!

$5 Belgian Waffle and frozen yoghurt – Yoforia

Waffle with froyo- sounds different to the waffle and ice cream we’re normally used to, right? Froyo craze has been expanded to combine desserts from other countries and Yoforia offers it for $5 at Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Yoforia - photo 5

Yoforia is a frozen yoghurt joint at Harbourside, Darling Harbour that is also introducing Belgian waffles in the froyo fix. “Yoforia is a healthy and delicious frozen yogurt treat that emphasizes on mostly natural and organic ingredients, creating a euphoric experience in your mouth. ”

Yoforia - photo 11

Ok, so we all know how crazy CRAZY the expansion of frozen yoghurt, or froyo, has been over the past three years. If you’ve been on exchange or overseas for over 3 months and had a walk down George Street in the city, then you’ve probably had five heart attacks. Don’t worry, it’s healthier than ice cream. #youscreamiscreamweallscreamforicecream

Yoforia - photo 10

The other day I went with my brother to check out Yoforia at Harbourside, Darling Harbour to see if this new combo of waffle and froyo works. Anyone tried churros and froyo yet either?

There was actually no one there when we arrived except for a couple which was quite surprising considering that they’ve sold more than 1000 coupons. Displayed at the front was an Acai sign. Ah!! I miss it so much from Brazil! Conclusion is Acai with muesli and strawberries is the best.

Yoforia - photo 13

Inside there was almost a tree if toppings for the froyo. Glance upwards and you’ll see pot plants hanging down.

Yoforia - photo 1

On the side, some fancy flavours including lychee, taro, chocolate and original…but go for the lamington if they have it!

Yoforia - photo 6

At the counter, the person there was madly making waffles. He was simply using a waffle machine you could get at Kmart but hey, the batter makes the difference.

Yoforia - photo 2

Normally waffles are $6.50 each, or two for $10. Essentially you bought the groupon voucher to receive a bit of froyo worth $4.

Yoforia - photo 4

Very nice seating too but if you can, bring your froyo outside and enjoy the harbour views  and sunshine on a sunny day. It’s like a 10 second walk away.

Yoforia - photo 3

The platter came out on a neat long plate.

Yoforia - photo 7

Waffles were doughy and very delicious! They weren’t burnt or uncooked but just crisp enough on its outside. One was plain, and the other one had a little bit of chocolate drizzled on top. They were very similar to Max Brennar but the chocolate at MaxB is much much much more enticing.

Yoforia - photo 8

The froyo on the side was a little disappointing. The frozen yoghurt itself was not that great? The original was far more better than the chocolate but to me, it had a sour aftertaste because the waffles were sweeter! I don’t think there was $4 worth of froyo there though. It was a nice compliment but I ate it separately in the end.

Yoforia - photo 9

Verdict on waffles and froyo combo: ice cream is way more sweet and is soaked in by waffles very well. Although waffles and froyo is a good idea in theory and is a healthier alternative, it isn’t as amazing. Creaminess needs to be present for them taste buds. #whatafatty

It says on their website that their yoghurt is organic, gluten-free and 98% fat free.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($5 Belgian waffles and frozen yoghurt at Yoforia): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I recommend the $5 Belgian waffle and frozen yoghurt at Yoforia to a friend? Yeah, do go for it. My taste buds may be different to someone else’s so definitely give it a go! I’ve talked with a few friends of mine and we’ve agreed that that place does not have the best froyo. Sorry! Waffles are good though!

Would I donate the money saved to my charity? As previously mentioned, it’s normally 2 waffles for $10 and we paid $10 for two groupon vouchers. Apparently we saved ‘$8’ on the froyo and I’m sure we could’ve gotten more in a self serve cup. I would’ve preferred it that way? Anyways, I would’ve paid $1.50 each for the extra froyo so between my brother and I, it would be $3.

Highlight: the waffles. There’s also cinnamon so keen to try that too because that’s slightly different to what other dessert bars have. I’m sure we can make it at home and I remember making waffles at my friend in France’s place. Oh yum! Slightly chewy and a bit crispy. Probably needed a nice tea and coffee to wash it down.

Suggestion of improvement: more chocolate on the waffles please! Haha! Doesn’t hurt to be a chocoholic aye? Nah, I rkn the portion size of the frozen yoghurt was ideal for the waffles we were served but not exactly worth $4 as an add on. It’s hard to change the recipe of frozen yoghurt but what I would suggest is to have other options for people to try with waffles. Lamington froyo would’ve been delicious and if you own an eatery, you’ll probably find out that people like to try NEW things, not the same thing. Plain and chocolate froyo is available at almost every froyo joint I know…

Ends: October 8, 2014


Groupon: Voucher

Angela Bee

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Post Easter Egg Hunt – Big W

It’s just one day after Easter and the Easter egg sales have already arrived! Big W had the best sales at Macquarie Centre so come with me to investigate what they had.

Easter at Big W - photo 1

The reason why I chose Big W was that there weren’t really any other supermarkets that were selling heaps of chocolate. Woolworths had their Easter stock 25% off during Easter and I went in after work today and their hot cross buns are still (and has always been) 2 packets for $7. It’s still a great bargain though! I think Target might’ve been a good competitor but they are slightly pricier in general but they do really good sales post-Christmas.

Easter at Big W - photo 11

Just an FYI that Macq Centre got in a life-size Peppa Pig. I did not make good sales at DSW today simply because this pig was on stage oink-oinking!!

Easter at Big W - photo 12

Good stuff that Big W have placed some nice merchandise right next to their doors.

Easter at Big W - photo 2

On the other side was all Cadbury 50% OFF! #bargainwinning

Easter at Big W - photo 3

3 for $7 packets of chocolates including TimeOut, Flake, Crunchie, Dairy Milk, Picnic..

Easter at Big W - photo 4

Easter bunnies only going for $2.50!

Easter at Big W - photo 5

Easter at Big W - photo 8

And there’s the Lindt and Ferrero Rocher range too.

Easter at Big W - photo 6

There are clearances everywhere! #nomnomnomnomnom

Easter at Big W - photo 9

Mostly Cadbury. #cannevergowrongwithCadbury

Easter at Big W - photo 10

I have a feeling that superstores like this purposefully overstock and use this as a great marketing tool to lure customers into their stores to generate more sales…

Easter at Big W - photo 7

Anyone else know of other post-Easter sales?

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (post-Easter chocolate sale at Big W): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend buying chocolate from Big W after Easter? The fact that I’m blogging about it makes it even better. Yes. If you need a year’s supply worth or if you’re late celebrating Easter because you were elsewhere then here’s the place!

Would I donate the money saved to my charity? If the charity organisation was to give an egg to a child in Africa, yes. This is what One Egg does:

Highlight: eating the chocolate! I love how it’s all Cadbury and not those fake easter eggs that taste like plastic. This is the real deal!

Suggestion of improvement: If there are any leftovers, give them to those who are less fortunate.

Ends: I’m not too sure but I would say by the end of April?


Angela Bee

Manu Feildel presents ‘French for everyone’ – Alliance Francaise de Sydney

Alliance Francaise de Sydney held a FREE talk followed by a Q&A and book signing with Manu Fieldel on Tuesday April 15 at 10:30 and 12:30 on Clarence Street to launch ‘French for Everyone’.

Alliance Francaise Manu - photo 12

“The Alliance Française de Sydney is an independent, not-for-profit language and cultural organisation promoting Franco-Australian exchange since 1895. With an ambitious mission to spread the French language and culture well beyond the borders of France, it is one of the 1040 Alliances Françaises existing in 136 countries all over the world.”

Alliance Francaise Manu - photo 13

Manu Feildel is well known for his role as a co-host on Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules, Channel 10’s Ready Steady Cook, and for his three hatted restaurant and newly opened French bistro in Melbourne.

Alliance Francaise Manu - photo 14

Today we were here not only to meet the colourful circus character but to also celebrate the launch of his third book, French for Everyone. He is also the author of ‘Lantern Cookery Classics: Menu Feildel, Manu’s French Bistro and Manu’s French Kitchen.

Alliance Francaise Manu - photo 1

It was pretty exciting going to Alliance Francaise again after those uni trivia nights and famous staircase placed at the front as you walk in.

Alliance Francaise Manu - photo 3

There’s a delightful cafe on the ground floor with many conversations en francaise over un cafe. It was hilarious because my friend was in the toilet and Manu arrived and I was literally screaming ‘Ahhhh he is here!!!!’

Alliance Francaise Manu - photo 4

Anyways, long story short, Manu and I were standing next to each other in the lift #winning He is actually really tall!

We walked into a room full of <fan girls>. Manu waited in the corner while the rest of us were buzzing with excitement to meet him.

Alliance Francaise Manu - photo 5

Firstly, the director of Alliance Francaise gave a short introduction and of course a call for parents to get their kids to do some French courses, particularly over the holidays. This guy is so much easier to work with and has changed AF a lot and I’m really liking it! It was previously very strict and university societies weren’t offered much over the past few years.

Alliance Francaise Manu - photo 6

Then Manu took the stage. Ok, I can not replicate what he said here are the top 10 fun facts:

1. Manu always wanted to be a circus performer hence the name of his newly opened restaurant in Melbourne, Le Grand Cirque , which means ‘The Circus’ in English
2. Manu would bathe in a bathtub full of chocolate
3. Manu always has one block of butter and 5 blocks in the freezer. It’s an essential in his cuisine
4. Butter, chocolate and champagne is enough to satisfy Manu
5. Manu will try any dish in the world provided it is cooked by someone…maybe except pig tripe…
6. French cooking in households is not hard at all! Having lived in a French house myself, I completely agree with this. Most people have a perspective that it’s all cream and cheese but you think of steak. It’s average. But when you think of steak, chips and wine, then that’s a memorable dish.
7. Manu’s father, grandfather, great grandfather were all chefs. He brought up the interesting point that chefs were seen as slaves back in the days. Now, it’s a celebrated ritual and he absolutely loves his job.
8. My Kitchen Rules is a tough competition. You need to learn how to cook and be entertaining. Manu would never be on the show. Dancing with the Stars was enough for him
9. Manu left school at the age of 16 to do what he loved. He arrived in Australia 14 years ago and loves it here too much!
10. Manu loves eating. He would not mind buying two seats on a plane for himself and his million dollar belly baby.

Alliance Francaise Manu - photo 7

There was a Q&A afterwards for more than half an hour and it was just filled with laughs and giggles. It kinda sucked how some people asked if he was using organic food, or will eat meat free but everyone is different and he doesn’t go with the trend, he has his own trend.

Alliance Francaise Manu - photo 8

Afterwards my friend and I bought his ‘French for Everyone’ supplied by Abbey’s Books.
There was a very sweet arrangement and unfortunately the eftpos wasn’t working so they had to do it manually.

Alliance Francaise Manu - photo 11

There was a mad rush to the line for him to sign our books. We didn’t think to purchase the books earlier but we weren’t pressed for time.

Alliance Francaise Manu - photo 9

It was a very joyful morning and what a great way to start the day! Thanks a Alliance Francaise and Manu!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (‘French for Everyone’ book launch at Alliance Francaise): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go to another book launch run by Alliance Francaise? Yes! If only Manu came again!! He is such a great entertainer and knows how to answer questions. Everything was run smoothly and I can’t wait for AF to do another one! Thank goodness they opened up a 10:30am time.

Would I donate the money saved to the organiser/my charity? Apparently the recommended retail price for ‘French for Everyone’ is $50 and we bought it for $45. I would’ve definitely given $5 back to AF. Experiences like these are priceless.

Highlight: Q&A was the bomb. The audience was hilarious and asked all these ridiculous questions like what he would never eat, what he would always eat, his favourite contestants on MKR, when the tv series will be on tv… and Manu would equally answer in a funny way. He would never eat nothing and will always try anything even cockroaches if he was given them now, he even said that he has size 43 shoes and his waistline is 38 but used to be 34 when he was on Dancing with the Stars. What a star.

Suggestion of improvement: I have no idea! Some croissants would not hurt but maybe if the eftpos machine was working? Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Ends: April 15, 2014

Angela Bee

Elitist Code fashion launch

How convenient to launch a fashion website during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Jessica Goh, founder of Elitist Code, had the right idea at the right time offering a free launch event at Hard Candy fitness on Thursday (late night shopping day also) April 10, 2014.

Elitist code - photo 11

“Elitist Code lives and breathes the dress code of elegance, charm and grace without sacrificing comfort. We work with a team of designers to create beautifully crafted unique dresses from a Grecian maxi, charming day dress to stunning cocktail and aesthetic evening dresses and delicate jewellery packaged in velvet boxes. Our creations are designed to mark a milestone of every woman in their journey of womanhood and to simply embrace their own beauty.”

Elitist code - photo 1

Unfortunately it was raining but not too hard to stop online shoppers from seeing the fashion launch of Elitish Code. To be honest, I didn’t know much about it except that it was a free event with drinks, nibbles and goodie bags. #workingtoohardonthisblog

Elitist code - photo 1

I always passed Hard Candy Fitness Centre and always see the sign that Madonna was the founder. Interesting because I don’t know how it differentiates from other fitness centres.

Elitist code - photo 16

Anyways, there were already quite a few people in the room when I arrived. There were goodie bags waiting for us and inside there were brochures from their sponsors such as Top Juice, Youthful Living and Flower Child.

Elitist code - photo 4

I was also one of the first people to grab a plate of delicious quinoa and fruit salad. There was quite a bit leftover actually! It was so delicious and a little sweet and crunchy. I kinda had some dinner before just in case there wasn’t a lot but people who wanted more could just go for it.

Elitist code - photo 2

There was also a bit of champagne by the flute. I’m pretty sure it was YellowTail.

Elitist code - photo 5

There were heaps of red and white balloons around the place which made the launch more attractive. It’s actually quite unusual to have a fashion label launch in a gym, right? We should’ve all done a fitness class beforehand ahaha. #fitshion

Elitist code - photo 3

At around 8pm after arriving for a supposedly 7:30 start, we were ushered into a studio with a little stage and seats only for VIPs. They were nicely organised with clear labels. I ended up standing with the rest next to the mirror. I really like this shot.

Elitist code - photo 6

Amy Rose was the MC. I only know her name because we used to study PR together. She welcomed us and held a short interview with the founder, Jessica Koh. Jess explained that Elitist Code was not only the everyday fashion, but the completely experience. For example, she sells Stainer Pens so that removing stains from a spilled glass of wine on a shirt is convenient. #utsconnections

Elitist code - photo 7

Then the fashion began!

Elitist code - photo 8

The door person opened the gym gates and four models came in to show off the works.

Elitist code - photo 9

The music was a bit disjointed but they brought out different moods and grooves with each selection.

Elitist code - photo 12

Elitist code - photo 10

At the end, all of them came together to bust out some moves with Jess as the finale.

Elitist code - photo 13

We all received another photo opportunity with the crew at the end as we were coming out. What a pleasant evening.

Elitist code - photo 14

Elitist Code is having 20% off their range as a launch promotion.

Elitist code - photo 15

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product (Elitist Code Launch Party): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to another Elitist Code fashion launch? I see that there is going to be another one and totally worth it because it is free. Normally fashion shows are exclusive to the fashion industry and are ticketed so definitely.

Would I donate the money saved to the organisers/charity? With these events you know that there were lots of volunteers who helped out. A $5 donation that goes to the organisers for the next show wouldn’t be too bad, or towards purchase?

Highlight: the setting was simple and it wasn’t overcrowded so there was room so that everyone could see. Well done. I mean the fashion wasn’t outstanding and more for the everyday person but it was really really cool to see that the models were not all ‘thin’.

Suggestion of improvement: probably the transition of music. I’ve never been to a fashion launch but it would’ve been great if he people who came got exclusive vouchers or first access to the online store? Interested to know which personalities were in the room!

Ends: online

Angela Bee

Parlour Games – Smart Arts Youth Festival

Parlour Games was a free drawing workshop run by visual artists, Natalie and Leigh of Intersect Arts through Smart Arts Festival on Tuesday April 8, 2014.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 2

Sydney’s biggest collaborative drawing games night, this event was open to young artists aged between 15-26 who love to draw.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 13

Don’t get my wrong.. I’m not the best artist and I pride myself in drawing spirals and triangles but this sounded like a lot of fun. I wished I got the artistic genes from my artist grandfather, but everyone can’t have everything right?

The MCA was especially open for this event. Don’t forget to read my review about the Biennale here.

Every time I’m at Circular Quay I find it very acceptable to take a tourist shot in your own city.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 1

Going up the lifts, we ended up in a spacious room for about the 20 of us.The sensory room is absolutely amazing. The colourfulness, use of multiple materials and ways of putting it all together was very creative. If only my bedroom looked like this.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 5

Even the view outside was fabulous. If this space was up for grabs for New Years, I wouldn’t be surprised at home much money it would go for.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 6

Of course there was the Pine Street food of delicious dips, crackers, cheese, chips and cake!

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 4

There was actually a wide variety of people from all ages. The younger kids looked like they were super talented. First up was the Exquisite Corpse, a surrealist drawing game. We had to fold our paper into four and then draw different parts of the body without looking at the previous drawings. I think most of us played this when we were kids.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 7

This was my final drawing. So there’s the head, then shoulders, then body, then legs. I loved how this one turned out.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 8

We got to pin our artist drawings up on the wall so everyone could see. They were hilarious! Some of these should be framed and sold at next years exhibition!

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 9

We had some time out to chat with others and to be honest, there wasn’t many people my age. More people should come to these fun activities!!

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 3

Next, we played Beijing Doodle, Chinese Whispers with drawings. I have never played this game before but basically everyone gets the number of paper with the number of people at the table. We had 9, so 9 pieces of paper per person. Then, everyone spent 10 minutes drawing something bizarre or unique. Using my lame drawing skills I drew a bottle with a letter inside. Afterwards, you showed this picture to the person to the right whilst looking at the one on your left for 5 seconds. After that, you had to recreate the drawing.

Yup, it took a long time with all of us but it was definitely worth while. Towards the end people were losing a bit of interest and then people got creative. I added bits and pieces to each of the drawings. Some of them were so complicated!

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 10

In the end everything was revealed! We put down each piece of artwork one by one. We had a hill turn into a cupcake, a crazy Craig drawing turn into a cute cat, a tree turn into an octopus, not to mention the carrot theme we had somehow come up with.

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 11

Then we just chatted amongst each other and then I went home. Apparently these fun games run every Wednesday! So keen!

Parlour Games Smart Arts - photo 12

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Parlour Games Smart Arts Youth Festival): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to another Smart Arts Workshop? Yes and this is already my second one so it shows I want to go to more. Even if you’re not artist, then it’s great to get some creative vibes from these people. There were lots of young talent and I went in saying that I can only draw spirals and triangles #artistlyf

Would I donate the money saved to the organisers? Definitely $5 if I had a full time job. It’s great these workshops are free for kids because obviously student don’t have money to afford attending events like this. There were some parents who came with their children which was quite cute.

Highlight: revealing the results of the artwork we did with the games. It was genius! Loved it when we were all putting down our drawings and you could see how each picture evolved. Also gives a taste of what people are interested in.

Suggestion of impovement: with the games, it would’ve been nicer to have a timer. Particularly with the first game, as mentioned before, I draw spirals and triangles so I did a baby head with a few spikes of hair and finished it in 2 seconds whilst a lot of people took a bit longer and put heaps of detail. Just having a time frame for each of the games could’ve seemed more organised. Maybe also an ice breaker to get to know other people in the group.

Ends: April 12, 2014


Angela Bee

Free Cone Day – Ben and Jerry’s Chatswood

That one day of the year the the world goes nuts at Ben and Jerry’s ice cream stores. Tuesday April8, 2014 marked the official day of lining up for as many scoops as we all could- how many did you have?

Free Cone Day - photo 8

“What is Free Cone Day? Well it’s our way to celebrate and say thanks for another year of support, and we’ve kept it up every year since, spreading the peace, love & ice cream around the globe!”

Free Cone Day - photo 11

1978 – With a $5 correspondence course in ice cream-making from Penn State and  a $12,000 investment ($4,000 of it borrowed), Ben and Jerry open their first  ice cream scoop shop in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont.

  1979 – Ben and Jerry celebrate the shop’s one-year anniversary – and the customers who made it possible – by holding the first-ever Free Cone Day: free scoops for all, all day long. The annual ice cream give-away continues today in scoop shops around the world.
This really shows how marketing can make a massive different to a successful product/service.
Free Cone Day - photo 6
The free cones started at 12 noon and ends at 9pm. Luckily for me, I just got to Chatswood at around 8:45 and walked along the music-pumpin store.
Free Cone Day - photo 1
There was a massive line with people from all ages- but mostly school kids. Don’t you guys have homework to do?? I guess its better going outside than staying at home on the computers #genZlyf
Free Cone Day - photo 2
The line twirled up towards the Concourse but it wasn’t as long as the maze at Broadway last year. I remember it was going out into the car park area outside!! #dedication oh, and we waited probably 30-40 minutes? This time round I only wanted for just over 15 minutes.
Free Cone Day - photo 3
It was nice getting handed over the flavours but there were too many to choose from. I must admit, when the Chatswood Ben and Jerry’s store opened and they were offering free ice cream (again), I went and tried 5 flavours. My favourites include Cherry Garcia and Strawberry Cheesecake.
Free Cone Day - photo 4
Even the truck made a handy appearance.
Free Cone Day - photo 5
It’s for the free scoop tour to raise awareness to save the Great Barrier Reef #scooptour
Free Cone Day - photo 7
This time I had the boysenberry one and that didn’t disappoint! less calories than the nutty chocolatey ones but also quite a refreshing taste. I wished they had whole berries in it too.
Free Cone Day - photo 9
Sad that I missed out on getting another one by 2 minutes but we got some vouchers to entice us to come again- why not!
Free Cone Day - photo 10

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go to Free Cone Day next year? Heck yes! It’s the one day of the year everyone knows about! It’s all over social media and you get a delicious scoop of ice cream. Is it worth the wait? haha yes! Normally a scoop would be $5? I don’t remember but I normally wouldn’t buy it because its so expensive. Even if you go Connoisseur its $7 for a 1L at the supermarkets I think.

Would I donate the money I saved to the organisers for another event? This is a tricky question and I would have to say no. I think $2 investment in next year and get 2 scoops when I queue up would be an incentive.

Highlight: Just eating ice cream. Their ice cream is packed full of chocolate, nuts, caramel, phish, and other goodie treats. Cherish the precious moments, taste buds.

Suggestion of Improvement: I really want the American flavours to hit the stores in Sydney! Half baked, or S’mores, or Chocolate Nougat Crunch.. I remember we got very similar flavours to when the store first opened. People love trying new things and Messina does a brilliant job of bringing out new flavours every week.

Ends: April 8, 2014 BUT there is a free cone truck happening #fightforthereef #scooptour


Angela Bee

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Women as Entrepreneurs workshop and pitch

If you want to see what the future holds in terms of ideas associated with technology, Women Entrepreneurs held a free mentoring workshop for those with creative ideas.

Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 4

“We envision a world where women are represented equally in business. Not only because it is fair, but also because diversity drives innovation and results in a more competitive economy. We believe that if we challenge the outdated traditions in business and increase the numbers of women in entrepreneurship, we will empower communities, nations and shape a better world.” #abitfeministmuch #supportingfemales

Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 11

Held at the NSW Trade and Investment building above the MLC centre, the locality was excellent and level 47 gave us a beautiful view of Sydney.

Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 5

Firstly, we had a short Q and A discussion with one of the mentors and it was really helpful because she was saying how support networks are very important. Friends and families, if your mate has a business idea, don’t ever ever give them negative feedback or discourage them from doing what they dream- tell them to go for it!!

Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 8

Then the mentors, who were ironically all men for the ones who came, introduced ourselves and what I sort of found difficult was that we had to approach them ie #tackleyourwaythroughthecrowdtotalktothementors

Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 2

It took maybe 30 minutes for me to talk with a mentor and it was pretty disorganised to just bluntly say. I ended up just talking to women in the room. All of them had a personal connection to their problem and it didn’t surprise me how much time it takes for an idea to become a reality. Guys, if you don’t know much about starting businesses, I would say minimum 6 months. It’s easy to think that an idea might pop up one day but to mould it into a fantastic idea takes a bit of time!
Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 6
Networking was probably the best thing we did. What I had in mind was that a lot of women here have full time jobs (I’m so sad and having a quarter life crisis with no real job) and took time off to come. That’s dedication #dosomethingyouloveWe all talked to each other from 11-1 then there was an announcement of the top 8 pitches who would be presenting. I’m not too sure how this was determined and I wished Orsi, the organiser, would be more transparent about it and it kinda sucked because in the email it said that we should all prepare for pitches. I talked to a lady who skipped a conference to learn her pitch last night and didn’t end up getting chosen!
Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 1
Anyway, we all had some sandwiches and the pitching was commencing!! On the judging panel was Katie from CBA Women in Focus, Laura from Scale Investors, Melissa from Sea point Ventures, Phil from Pollenizer, and Kuba from McKinsey & Co.
Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 7
There were presentations from storage spaces, to locators of best views around the world for tourists, to gaming apps for children to identify if they have hearing problems,matching mentors to mentees for women. Very exciting and inspiring to hear from so many women in the tech space!
Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 10

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Women as Entrepreneurs Pitch): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =|

Value: =)

Would I go to another Women Entrepreneur pitch again? I really liked networking and getting to know other people who were in the same boat as me as well as others in further or initial stages of their idea. Everyone helps everyone!
Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? For booking the room? yes. For the organisation? It was really nice having all the mentors come in and to be honest, I pictured it to be more like a ‘speed-mentoring’ environment. A $10 fee wouldn’t hurt but for start ups who have no money it could be a bit tricky although food was included.
Highlight: As mentioned before, definitely the networking and seeing other peoples ideas come to life. I actually haven’t been in the entrepreneurial scene for too long- probably since the beginning of the year. It was nice to see apps come to life.
Suggestion of improvement: the organisation. I think everyone ws very confused when Orsi said to just go and talk with the mentors they wanted to talk to. There were long queues and I wished everyone pitched. Some people took time preparing their pitches and I really wanted to hear everyones. I would’ve preferred it if we split up into say 8 groups, then from the top person from each group would pitch in the final round. Would’ve made it more realistic because I don’t exactly know how they determined the top ‘8’ without talking with everyone…
Ends: April April 9, 2014
Angela Bee