Free Trial Magazine – GrabIt App

The first issue of GrabIT is free to download on iPads- it’s not your normal app, but an interactive magazine with video reviews, moving images and swipe through functions about iPad games which will blow your mind.

Grab It - photo 2

“Grab It Magazine is a triple-A, digital video games publication created to the standards met by its founder, Chris Stead, presented natively in the digital format, using the medium’s strengths to deepen the reader experience and their connection to the games. Grab It Magazine is in itself an entertaining experience, but it also provides opinion, information and a direct channel to point-of-sale on all of the games showcased in each issue.”

Grab It - photo 9

A good friend recommended this app to me and to be honest, I’m not really into gaming (although Runescape, Gunbound and MapleStory bring good memories of childhood back) but I must say, there are so many gaming apps out there so how do you know which ones to play? I was actually going to give myself an hour to go through and write this review, I did not expect to be pinned to the app and reading it for over an hour! I’ll have to explain why.

Go to your iTunes Store and download the app via this link.

Grab It - photo 1

I’m going to leave the introduction a surprise. It’s loud, it’s big and it took me by surprise!!!! ;0

Grab It - photo 3

Flick over a couple of pages and there are a neat set if instructions just before you begin the experience. I really liked how this was all an educating experience and not just on one page but is minimalised by the end of the magazine.

Grab It - photo 4

By this time, you would’ve probably discovered why the name of the magazine is called “GrabIt’ because you literally can grab images, videos and texts. Compared to a physical magazine, you can scroll down and down and down (and down and down…).

There are several features such as ‘select song’, ‘tap for gallery’, ‘tap to read the review’. It’s amazing how technology can revolutionise the most simple tasks.. and probably the reason why I’m working/loving the tech industry.

Grab It - photo 6

My favourite function would probably be “tap the pic to activate the security camera, then drag”. Or even an image that is actually a video! It’s kinda like being on Harry Potter and discovering more than what you initially see. I can’t wait to see when 3D magazines come out!  Soon it’ll be moving pictures – what we’ve all dreamt about! #methetechfreak

Grab It - photo 8

In terms of the content, I really like the analytical and educational approach. It’s simple and a user like me would understand. That being said, I am currently a non-gamer (except the games I told you guys about before and the occasional app I play- NOT Candy Crush). At the bottom, there is a ‘verdict’ section where it pretty much gives you a quick summary.

Grab It - photo 5

A special feature, ‘tap to grab this game’ is extremely useful because it immediately brings you to the AppStore to purchase the game if you’re interested. You won’t be left wondering how much the game you’re reading costs because at the top of the article, it will state the game’s developer, genre, price guide and IAPs.

Maybe I’m into this whole crowdfunding thing, maybe I’m not, but this magazine uses the platform really well by publishing a selected few games that you could help ‘kick start’. Games include rebuilding Deadsville from a zompocalypse, stacking as many hats as you can on a gentleman, helping a ninja monkey by giving wedgies to renegade seafood, helping The Drifter to find a cure for a disease, and solving your way through your afterlife to uncover your past as a deceased ghost.

Grab It - photo 11

As you probably notice, it’s an independent publication and is socially driven so if you have an iPad, share it with your community and download the next episodes!

Grab It - photo 7

GrabIT is a good place to start, discover and learn about interactive magazines so grab-it and read-it! It’s only $1.99 for each issue/episode but if you would like to read another GrabIt episode/issue for free, send me a message saying why ( in 140 characters or less) and I’ll pass you the (secret) codes to the first 5 readers.

Grab It - photo 10

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Product (GrabIt App): 4.5/5

Presentation: 4.5/5

Usability: 4/5

Value: 4.5/5

Would I recommend trialing the Grab It game discovery app? If you’re like me and waste time downloading the most useless gaming apps and not end up playing them anyway, then this is a great place to start. Being a girl, this actually appeals to me because I find it fascinating playing through the functions but the games suggested are more for the boys.

Highlight: I think I’ve said this multiple times, but the interactivity of it. The user experience side of the app was extremely well done. It took me a while to figure out that I had to tap towards the outside so I could skip the pages and go back to the home page, or if I wanted to read another article. You can also zoom out and tap the scroll like it’s a movie to skip and go to other pages and bookmark pages as well! It’s all easy to read and well formatted.

Suggestion of improvement: I love how there are ‘top iPad games’ and all these recommendations but it would be better if they were put into categories because I guess most people have a particular ‘type’ of game they prefer. It’s great that there is The Hive community and a screen dedicated to it in the middle of the magazine but I thought it was the end! I guess encouraging people to be part of the community can be done on every page! Remember to join their social networks, everyone! Also, the app only works on landscape..


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Grab IT:

Angela Bee


Menulog Trial – Seven Kings Pizzeria – Dundas Valley

Alright. I confess I received a $30 voucher to spend on Menulog to trial the online system of payment beforehand and delivery at any restaurant. Seven Kings Pizzeria was the best value for money for $29, which includes delivery. Yes, you’ll have a chance to win one of 2 $10 Menulog vouchers at the end of the post!

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 2            Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 15

Menulog is No.1 For Online Takeaway in Australia with features such as:

  • ability to ORDER FOOD ONLINE at 3500+ restaurants around Australia
  • a quick and easy SEARCH to help YOU find your favourite restaurant
  • the widest range of SPECIAL OFFERS and DISCOUNTS
  • ability to view most popular and top rated venues in our USER RATINGS section as voted by your peers”

With all this technology making us a lazier nation, I don’t blame the 35,000 on board on Menulog. It’s smart, convenient and online. This post will outline Menulog’s website process.

1. Type in <> in my instance, I randomly chose Dundas (I do not live here but we were having a pizza party at a friend’s).

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 14

2. Because this blog is all about specials, discounts and coupons… my first point of contact was the ‘Meal Deal’ tab on the left hand side. It’s not automatically ticked so get on it!

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 3

3. I landed on a few restaurants and decided to check them out by looking at the reviews.

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 9

4. I went through the list of delicious pizzas! I chose Deal C: 2 Large Traditional Pizzas, which made my pizza choice easier because they charged more for the gourmet toppings. I used to work in a pizzeria and honestly.. it could take up to an hour to choose your right topping. #firstworldproblems. You also had to select the suburb you were wanting to order to and either it was ‘delivery’ or ‘pick up’ as well. So I selected the pizzas I wanted..

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 10

5. Then proceeded to check out. I had to put my address, email, mobile phone number. I quite liked the drop-down menu for the street names just in case it would be spelt incorrectly!

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 11

6. The funny thing is that the next screen was keying in your card details. Why is it funny? Usually the number of screens is at a minimum so it takes less time for someone to change their mind! haha.. (sorry, I’m kinda into this tech thing so I’m slightly critical)

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 12

7. Key in your details and voila!

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 13

8. Screenshot to say that its been processed. Easy. Very easy compared to the PayPal app.. urgh.

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 1

9. The restaurant, Seven Kings Pizzeria – Dundas Valley, sent me a text at 4:30 to notify that they received my order. I called them back because I wanted to double check and see if they could delivery somewhere else.. the guy was really nice!

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 4

10. 6:15 came and the delivery was on time. Ok, it was probably 5 minutes late but they didn’t mean a great deal to me because we ended up changing the address.

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 5

11. I got the supreme with ham, cabanossi, mushroom, capsicum, onion & pineapple. Pizza Party’s always need a supreme in the mix! Delicious and still hot!!

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 8

12. Capricciosa was the second of my choices with ham, mushroom, capsicum and olives. I mean, it was pretty standard gourmet pizza with a nice thin base. I worked at a pizzeria for 2.5 years? but we never did delivery so I’m giving this a clear pass!

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 7

13. Bellies full! Yum! Thanks Seven Kings Pizzeria for delivering to a suburb not specified! I couldn’t believe that it was free for orders over $20 only!!

Menulog - Seven Kings Pizzeria - photo 6

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product (Menulog Website): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I recommend ordering on Menulog online to a friend? If you’re having some mates over or if you’re having a bad day, this is not a bad option. To be honest, I was trolling through the website for a good half an hour before deciding which restaurant I wanted to order from simply because I wanted the best meal deal in my area.

Highlight:I love how you can type in your suburb in the first screen. It’s not a ‘Let’s Log-in’ -and-grab-all-your-details-for-our-database. Yes it is, but in a nicer way. I loved the ‘Meal Deal’ tab on the side, and that you could choose your cuisine. It’s kinda like Seek, but with food. The navigation is clear and simple and not overcrowded. It’s also fantastic how they have incorporated the reviews. Urbanspoon is more about the food, but the reviews I’m reading are more about the delivery time, freshness of food, the food and the people. It brings customer service to a whole new tech level!

Suggestion of Improvement: Ok, I have a second confession – I am a PayPal Pioneer, which means that I’m also trialling the PayPal app. I once ordered from that app and I got an automated SMS saying that the ice cream I ordered would take 45 minutes. WOW. This system is much better in that the restaurant themselves send out the texts (I’m not too sure if it was only Seven Kings Pizzeria that does this, but I’m assuming based on my one experience) then it is much more reliable. I think it would’ve been better if the restaurant gives a call to the customer’s number directly immediately after they’ve received the order. It’s just better and personal confirmation. Also, I couldn’t order at a few restaurants because their opening hours were from 5pm. I’m super organised and I always order well ahead of time just in case something happens. I know there’s a tab on the site but it would’ve been better if we could pre-order from all restaurants or have a separate tab? I rang a couple of restaurants and they were saying that they were having technical problems with Menulog so it would be best if we could call them instead..



Angela Bee

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Energetic FREE pop pilates workouts are run by Cassey Ho, the 2nd most influential online personality, only second to Jillian Michaels with over 13 million views according to Sharecare.

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 2

Motto: Train like a beast, look like a beauty.

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 3

After seeing Mari Winsor in an infomercial on TV doing core moves, she was inspired to start pilates and has been doing so for the past 10 years, teaching for the past 6.5 years.

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 5

She is hard core. She wears tons of make up that doesn’t even melt off her face. She has perfectly manicured nails. She talks so much during the workouts I don’t even know how she manages to breathe. Even better, she does this all free of charge.

Recently I think I’ve gained 2 kilos in the past 2 weeks in the lead up to Christmas so if you are like me, sign up with your email address and you’ll be sent a special password every month to access all workouts, forums, healthy diet plans and more.

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 10

The funniest video to date is the hilariously famous Gangnam style. Her enthusiastic groovy moves make your eyes glued to the screen, making you exercise without a blink of an eye. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one feeling silly doing these moves! Just make sure you close the curtains in your room.

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 7

My favourite is the ABC abs video. You’ll be screaming healthy and YOLO foods starting with each letter of the alphabet to Cassey at your computer or TV screens.

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 6

What I love about her workouts is that:

–        She is real. She isn’t afraid to talk back to the public. I love how honest and open she is, especially with loosing and gaining weight, diet plans, workout moves- read her blogs. This makes her inspiring.

–        She does unique moves I don’t see at normal gym classes. Check out the 100 burpee burnout challenge. Who knew there were 10 types of burpees you could do?

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 8

–        everyday the videos you need to workout to are listed so you don’t need to look up every single video on Youtube. It’s all in one screen page!

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 9

–        There are several meal plans according to which type of body shape you are wanting like the New Makeover or Bikini Challenge.

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 11

–        Cassey is a social media freak. She’s on it 24/7 and I don’t know how she manages to make the blogilates videos AND post so many times on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram (@blogilates)

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 12

–        There are all sorts of ‘Body Focus’ and workout ‘series’ you can follow targeting all part of the body and for all occasions

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 13

–        She listens to her POPsters. E.g. music, which parts of the body we want to work on

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 14

–        She puts so much thought and effort into every video, particularly what she wears, it’s insane!

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 15

–        It’s FREE! Simply enter your email address and country to sign up

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 4

Cassey has hundreds of videos on Youtube and on her website so you won’t get bored unless you do at least 3 videos religiously every day for 6 months.

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 16

You can even get her workouts on DVD at Target in the States, purchase one of her Blogilates diaries, follow her recipes, and chat with the online community to keep you constantly on track.

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 1

Her fashion range is bright and powerful with inspiring t-shirts, mats, shorts and more with her very own fashion brand.

2013, DECEMBER - Blogilates- photo 17

I challenge YOU to follow her calendar workouts every day. Drinks lots of water and eat lean meats and veggies.

But on the other hand, everyone comes in different shapes and sizes so learn to love yourself and your body. Be sure to take care of it.

Review Rating:  =D  =) =|  =(

Products (pilate videos): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I use Blogilates videos everyday? Yep! And I did her videos almost religiously for 3 months. I noticed a huge improvement in my fitness and probably gained a few muscles here and there. Unfortunately Christmas kicked in and I gained what I lost.. oh well. There’s always room for improvement! Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle!

Would I pay to use her videos? I think I actually would! She has an organized calendar workout and I only need to press the current day and I’m set! No thinking required. She also does them with much make up on and talks throughout each and every one of them. I don’t get how she does it! It’s phenomenal!

Highlight: seeing the transformations in the POPster community and personal improvement. I usually take a jog/walk to my nearest Coles and it used to take me 20 minutes. Now, I think it only takes me around 12-15 minutes, which is a HUGE improvement.

Suggestion of improvement: some of the music isn’t very clear. I guess I’m a person who needs the music to be present so it distracts me from what I’m doing. Maybe do a ‘voiceover’ type layer? But in the meantime, she does talk a lot so videos that say they are 16 minutes actually mean a 10 minute workout. It’s both good and not too bad.

Angela Bee