Brewery Yard Markets – The Living Mall

Brewery Yard Markets launched last Sunday under the blue sky and blazing sun, where shops from The Living Mall and beyond came together to showcase their trendy products.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 18

“Held adjacent to Chippendale Green every second Sunday from 10am to 4pm, you will be delighted by street art, quirky crafts, jewellery, local designer threads, acoustic music and live entertainment.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 24

My oh my was it a beautiful day! Couldn’t really ask for better whether, aye? If you haven’t been to The Living Mall, it is a $2 billion urban village in Sydney, designed by the world’s leading architects to the highest standards of sustainable urban living. They’ve bought innovative shopping to Sundays with their newly launched markets and it was fabulous seeing so many people checking it out! So let’s cut to the chase.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 21

Heading the escalators, past Woolies and out into the open area, I noticed that all the outdoor restaurants had white fenced greenery with sun umbrellas for their customers to enjoy the summer sunshine. #winning

Brewery Yard markets - photo 1

There were so many stalls! I only expected a couple but it seems like everyone was willing to contribute!

Brewery Yard markets - photo 10

Say hello to the Museli Man!

Brewery Yard markets - photo 2

I have a feeling I totally agree with this sign..

Brewery Yard markets - photo 4

Since I last came to Central Park, there have been a few more cafes/restaurants that have popped up, one being Autolyse. The name itself doesn’t say much but the display of breads just made my mouth water. Did I mention that there were croissants and danishes to sample? Loved the crunch on the pastries- it was French-quality (and Angela approved) and I’ll definitely going there again!

Brewery Yard markets - photo 5

A good ol Aussie BBQ is an all-time favourite at the markets. You can’t go wrong by having one of the burgers for lunch!

Brewery Yard markets - photo 6

Work-Shop Gallery had a massive display including someone drawing live. I guess I’ve always liked my so it was fabulous seeing it come to life.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 22 Brewery Yard markets - photo 7

Coco Cubano’s stall saw the virgin Mojitos and iced Granitas. Read my previous review of Coco Cubano here. For a sunny day like this, ice granitas are the perfect way to cool down.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 8

I love how Raw Eats aimed to educate passer-byers. They had a sign explaining what it means to eat ‘raw’ and its benefits.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 9

Speakeasy Co. are hand cut, hand brewed and hand poured hand-made candles.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 12

Pigeonhole had their quirky jewelry,  fun polaroids, and other fun stuff displayed.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 14 Brewery Yard markets - photo 13

I love cactus’s. I’m not the best at watering plants and Huddle Co’s potted plants are definitely on my list of things I would love to buy.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 15

Have you tried Marysol’s Haberno and Ghost chilli sauces? I tried it and it aint for the faint-hearted!

Brewery Yard markets - photo 16

Remedia’s soaps were a specialty! How pretty are they? Check out the Orange Blossom and Organic Coconut, or perhaps the Black Forrest?

Brewery Yard markets - photo 17

I was so close to buying one of these Growing Books! Basically its a cactus planted in a book! I would totally put this on my work desk.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 19

After having a look at all the stalls, I settled at the back and joined the small-ish crowd listening to the tunes. #chillaxing

Brewery Yard markets - photo 20

Brewery Yard Markets, it was a pleasure visiting you on your first day! For me, these markets add a bit more fun and it’s really nice to go ‘outdoor shopping’. There were a lot of bits and pieces and this would be the place I would go to get presents for friends and even a bit of deco here and there.

Brewery Yard markets - photo 23 Brewery Yard markets - photo 11

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Event (Brewery Yard Markets): 4/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Would I recommend going to Brewery Yard Markets? Like the outdoors? Maybe looking for some nice presents to give to a friend? Perhaps you just want a place to chill in the sun… head down to the Brewery Yard Markets and you’ll be delighted to a range of quirky arts and crafts, cool tunes and a diverse range of delicious food!

Highlight: Having a place where you can sit down and have a tan. Often markets are packed and too crowded. There’s no space to move, sit down and enjoy your freshly made lunch. Central Park has a massive open space so after you go around seeing all the stalls, you can sit back, chill, then go around again!

Suggestion of improvement: I loved the variety here and it wasn’t just stalls from The Living Mall but beyond that! It’s actually quite rare that so many shops in one place got involved but what I could suggest is maybe getting the public involved as well. Perhaps the talent from UTS or even USyd students? There are heaps of students around so they can definitely leverage on that.


Official hashtag: #breweryyard #bymcomp

Angela Bee


Smooth Festival of Chocolate 2014

Chocolate-lovers paradise became a reality with hundreds of artesian chocolate stalls at the Smooth Festival of Chocolate, held from 10am-5pm on October 4 & 5 at The Rocks.

Chocolate Festival - photo 30

”The smooth Festival of Chocolate is a celebration of sweet, indulgent desserts, where Sydney’s best boutique chocolatiers, pastry chefs and ice cream makers will come together to tempt you with their creations.”

Chocolate Festival - photo 3

What a gorgeous start to the long weekend! With the sun coming out and a huge variety of chocolate, what more could you have asked for the perfect weekend? On Saturday morning I caught the ferry around the harbour and landed in Circular Quay- where all the fun started. Remember: in Heaven, chocolate has no calories and is served as a main course.

Chocolate Festival - photo 1

You could see the line of white tents set up in the grass area and everyone just enjoying the sun. It’s no wonder we came across Gelato Messina first! Their specialty Willie’s Cacao (Venezuelan cacao) and the Milk of Gods (choc fudge and brownie) sound a-mazing!! As expected, the line for it was l-o-n-g.

Chocolate Festival - photo 5

Similarly to the Aroma (coffee) Festival a couple of months back, Voodoo displayed their variety of rocky road. It’s quite cheap- $2.50 each!

Chocolate Festival - photo 6

Parisi, which sells chocolate covered fruit was also at the festival. Very fitting and so tempting.. I love the gourmet look and chocolate with shredded coconut would be my recommendation.

Chocolate Festival - photo 7

The reward to the stall that bought the most culture to our doorsteps was Mayan Xocolat. We were greeted with chilli, cardamom and chocolate covered coffee beans which were an absolute delight! My friend and I waited quite a long time to grab our exotic chilli, cardamom and cinnamon coffee but it was sooo worth it! It was the pre, during and after taste that got us excited!

Chocolate Festival - photo 8

The bunting at Alpine Berry Farm got me excited. Strawberries and chocolate go well but I’m just liking the bunting here #simplybutcrafty

Chocolate Festival - photo 9

The highlight of our experience at the Chocolate Festival was the Gramophones man!!!! He was in his own little world, playing his beats on a portable wheel. Not only did he have the tunes of the decade, but he had the grooves too! #entertainmentathisbest

Chocolate Festival - photo 10

After we did the rounds next to the MCA, we headed up the stairs to George Street. I must admit, I did expect more stalls to be there because there were tons at Aroma, but chocolate is a specialty and there aren’t as many chocolate shops as there are cafes! We walked up to where the food markets are usually and the fun continued!

Chocolate Festival - photo 18

Firstly, cinnamon doughnuts with spicy choc sauce? I do sense a bit of chilli theme going on here after the Mayan coffee I bought but it gets even more interesting…

Chocolate Festival - photo 11

Bavarian Bier Café served ribs rubbed with chocolate!! #wow! The sweet and savoury saga had continued! We weren’t sure about this and I’m (quite) eager to try this at home but this one is for the boys! #manup

Chocolate Festival - photo 12

Heading upstream, we passed this shop with hundreds and thousands!! There was even a freckled chocolate box used as a piñata!

Chocolate Festival - photo 13

The Smooth festival of Chocolate could not be complete with your typical waffles, chocolate frappes and crepes! I must admit, the world of French crepes suddenly appeared all at once!

Chocolate Festival - photo 14

Chocolate Festival - photo 26

I don’t think I ate one thing that was savoury for the whole day. There were too many desserts and too many tempting goods. They all looked super gourmet and super pretty.

Chocolate Festival - photo 16

Chocolate Festival - photo 24

The ladies at Mrs Fields was having some fun!! Love it!!! Go for some chocolate cookies with chocolate drizzled on top.. mmmm

Chocolate Festival - photo 17

Mr and Mrs Chocolate made an appearance as well! How about a dress with Ferrero Roches attached?

Chocolate Festival - photo 19

These honey queen puffs look amazing! Topped with cinnamon, they’re looking crunchy and tasty!

Chocolate Festival - photo 21

I love all things funky. The Chocolate Pot sold ‘reeaal dirty hot choc drinking soil’ – not bad when it comes to growing more cocoa beans?

Chocolate Festival - photo 22

Serendipity had their own DIY ice cream. I would prefer this to the Magnum store because they had more varieties of ice cream and toppings for $6. (Still pricey but a Magnum is $8).

Chocolate Festival - photo 23

The most interesting stall was Knafeh, Jerusalem street food. Basically you could see the whole production process from their giant van. FYI, Knafeh is cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup, topped with crushed pistachios.

Chocolate Festival - photo 28

LoveDemApples is smart enough to provide us with a healthy alternative. Remmber: An apple (covered with chocolate) a day keeps the doctor away!

Chocolate Festival - photo 29

I kind of expected more music to be at the festival but there were onto three stages. There wasn’t much happening at one of them and the one below was probably the most chilled. I love the seating with the haystacks.

Chocolate Festival - photo 32

I was told that one of the places I must go to was at the Tafe. ChocolArts makes fresh chocolate and there’s a demonstration of how they make the chocolate. There’s an art to making chocolate, but there’s an even more refined art when it comes to designing with chocolate. Have a look at the designs below.

Chocolate Festival - photo 33 Chocolate Festival - photo 34 Chocolate Festival - photo 35

Conclusion: a balanced diet is chocolate in both hands

Chocolate Festival - photo 2

P.S. Obligatory Circular Quay photo #tourist #ArtamdAbout

Chocolate Festival - photo 4

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Event (Smooth festival of Chocolate): 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 3.5/5

Value: 4/5

Would I recommend going to the Smooth Festival of Chocolate? Love chocolate? Need a break from work? Take some time off and grab head to the festival! There’s a bit of food porn here but if it will get you through the day, then I don’t see an excuse not to come!

Highlight: All the chocolate! What I loved about this festival was that it was just the same old chocolate you would get from our  usual supermarkets. The people there were small businesses, each with unique takes of chocolate. Where else could you get chilli, cardamom and cinnamon coffee beans? How about the ginger, coconut and chocolate blocks?

Suggestion of improvement: We absolutely loved all the chocolate stalls and it was a bit random having the occasional savoury eateries? I guess it’ll be a good balance if there is (and could we ever have) too much chocolate but what I’m saying is that it doesn’t really make too much sense if a jazz singer sings at a rock n roll concert. I must say, the Gramophone man was the best!


Angela Bee

$5 for 2 coffee-caramel buns and drink – Pappa Roti

Fresh out of the oven, into a paper bag and then into your hands could be two perfectly rounded caramel-coffee buns and a hot or cold drink from Pappa Roti for just $5.

Pappa roti - photo 3

Pappa Roti is known for their crispy, fluffy, fragrant coffee cream coated bun with buttery filling. They’ve popped up at a few places including Macquarie Centre, Blacktown and on the way to UTS from Central station.

Pappa roti - photo 1
From Event Cinemas, walk down the escalators and head immediately to the right. Pappa Roti’s bright lights and desserts will attract your attention. This voucher is only available at Macquarie Centre though.

Pappa roti - photo 9

Pappa Roti is not just the buns, but the ice cream range…

Pappa roti - photo 6

And desserts too!

Pappa roti - photo 7

And please don’t forget about these tempting Malaysian drinks.

Pappa roti - photo 2

Today’s deal was two buns with a drink worth $5.40. Oh man, it smells so good! I’ve been here a couple of times and every time they make the buns straight away and they are steaming hot from the oven. The person kindly asked if we wanted the buns before the drink.

Pappa roti - photo 5

Eating any kind of breads, cakes, muffins without any cooling time is the best in my opinion. The coffee on the top crisped up extremely well, forming a semi hard surface so when we initially bit into the middle, the munch on the crust formed was evident. Look how perfectly round this bun is!

Pappa roti - photo 8

It was extremely fluffy inside and quite sweet too! The centre was magic. If you like melted butter, then this treat is for you! Look at the yellow ness! Yup, one bun was eaten even before receiving our drink #bunmagic

Pappa roti - photo 10

My mum ordered the Milo Godzilla. The difference between the milo dinosaur and godzilla was that the Godzilla has ice cream. It was massive compared to the other drinks available and my mum scooped up the ice cream and devoured it. I drank the milo because I don’t exactly fancy vanilla ice cream…

Pappa roti - photo 4

This was a super sweet morning tea but a super sweet deal! Thanks for bringing a taste of Malaysia to us! I hear they have Nasi Lemak and Chendol too!!

Review Rating : =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($5 for two coffee-caramel buns and drink): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend the $5 for two coffee-caramel bun and drink to a friend? Yes yes yes! If you live near Macquarie Centre then this is for you! My mum has already bought another one for her mum when she comes to Sydney so defs.

Would I donate the money saved to my charity organisation? A coffee-caramel bun is normally $2.50 each so we are getting a free drink. Something cold and refreshing needs to go with the combo so I would say $3 would go towards a charity.

Highlight: the tops of the coffee- caramel bun. If you know me well, I’ll eat muffin tops only. I love going from a hard to a light texture and the tops of these are amazing. Love!

Suggestion of improvement: have more branches in local areas and share the bun love.

Ends: July 8, 2014


Angela Bee

Pappa Roti on Urbanspoon

Pappa Roti on Urbanspoon

Update (8/5/2014): Today my mum went again and she said that the bun wasn’t as great because it was flat, a tad burnt and the buttery centre was not in the middle. Also, we tried the Bandung (rosewater drink) and that tasted extremely artificial. Stick with the Godzilla!

$5 Belgian Waffle and frozen yoghurt – Yoforia

Waffle with froyo- sounds different to the waffle and ice cream we’re normally used to, right? Froyo craze has been expanded to combine desserts from other countries and Yoforia offers it for $5 at Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Yoforia - photo 5

Yoforia is a frozen yoghurt joint at Harbourside, Darling Harbour that is also introducing Belgian waffles in the froyo fix. “Yoforia is a healthy and delicious frozen yogurt treat that emphasizes on mostly natural and organic ingredients, creating a euphoric experience in your mouth. ”

Yoforia - photo 11

Ok, so we all know how crazy CRAZY the expansion of frozen yoghurt, or froyo, has been over the past three years. If you’ve been on exchange or overseas for over 3 months and had a walk down George Street in the city, then you’ve probably had five heart attacks. Don’t worry, it’s healthier than ice cream. #youscreamiscreamweallscreamforicecream

Yoforia - photo 10

The other day I went with my brother to check out Yoforia at Harbourside, Darling Harbour to see if this new combo of waffle and froyo works. Anyone tried churros and froyo yet either?

There was actually no one there when we arrived except for a couple which was quite surprising considering that they’ve sold more than 1000 coupons. Displayed at the front was an Acai sign. Ah!! I miss it so much from Brazil! Conclusion is Acai with muesli and strawberries is the best.

Yoforia - photo 13

Inside there was almost a tree if toppings for the froyo. Glance upwards and you’ll see pot plants hanging down.

Yoforia - photo 1

On the side, some fancy flavours including lychee, taro, chocolate and original…but go for the lamington if they have it!

Yoforia - photo 6

At the counter, the person there was madly making waffles. He was simply using a waffle machine you could get at Kmart but hey, the batter makes the difference.

Yoforia - photo 2

Normally waffles are $6.50 each, or two for $10. Essentially you bought the groupon voucher to receive a bit of froyo worth $4.

Yoforia - photo 4

Very nice seating too but if you can, bring your froyo outside and enjoy the harbour views  and sunshine on a sunny day. It’s like a 10 second walk away.

Yoforia - photo 3

The platter came out on a neat long plate.

Yoforia - photo 7

Waffles were doughy and very delicious! They weren’t burnt or uncooked but just crisp enough on its outside. One was plain, and the other one had a little bit of chocolate drizzled on top. They were very similar to Max Brennar but the chocolate at MaxB is much much much more enticing.

Yoforia - photo 8

The froyo on the side was a little disappointing. The frozen yoghurt itself was not that great? The original was far more better than the chocolate but to me, it had a sour aftertaste because the waffles were sweeter! I don’t think there was $4 worth of froyo there though. It was a nice compliment but I ate it separately in the end.

Yoforia - photo 9

Verdict on waffles and froyo combo: ice cream is way more sweet and is soaked in by waffles very well. Although waffles and froyo is a good idea in theory and is a healthier alternative, it isn’t as amazing. Creaminess needs to be present for them taste buds. #whatafatty

It says on their website that their yoghurt is organic, gluten-free and 98% fat free.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($5 Belgian waffles and frozen yoghurt at Yoforia): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I recommend the $5 Belgian waffle and frozen yoghurt at Yoforia to a friend? Yeah, do go for it. My taste buds may be different to someone else’s so definitely give it a go! I’ve talked with a few friends of mine and we’ve agreed that that place does not have the best froyo. Sorry! Waffles are good though!

Would I donate the money saved to my charity? As previously mentioned, it’s normally 2 waffles for $10 and we paid $10 for two groupon vouchers. Apparently we saved ‘$8’ on the froyo and I’m sure we could’ve gotten more in a self serve cup. I would’ve preferred it that way? Anyways, I would’ve paid $1.50 each for the extra froyo so between my brother and I, it would be $3.

Highlight: the waffles. There’s also cinnamon so keen to try that too because that’s slightly different to what other dessert bars have. I’m sure we can make it at home and I remember making waffles at my friend in France’s place. Oh yum! Slightly chewy and a bit crispy. Probably needed a nice tea and coffee to wash it down.

Suggestion of improvement: more chocolate on the waffles please! Haha! Doesn’t hurt to be a chocoholic aye? Nah, I rkn the portion size of the frozen yoghurt was ideal for the waffles we were served but not exactly worth $4 as an add on. It’s hard to change the recipe of frozen yoghurt but what I would suggest is to have other options for people to try with waffles. Lamington froyo would’ve been delicious and if you own an eatery, you’ll probably find out that people like to try NEW things, not the same thing. Plain and chocolate froyo is available at almost every froyo joint I know…

Ends: October 8, 2014


Groupon: Voucher

Angela Bee

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Free Cone Day – Ben and Jerry’s Chatswood

That one day of the year the the world goes nuts at Ben and Jerry’s ice cream stores. Tuesday April8, 2014 marked the official day of lining up for as many scoops as we all could- how many did you have?

Free Cone Day - photo 8

“What is Free Cone Day? Well it’s our way to celebrate and say thanks for another year of support, and we’ve kept it up every year since, spreading the peace, love & ice cream around the globe!”

Free Cone Day - photo 11

1978 – With a $5 correspondence course in ice cream-making from Penn State and  a $12,000 investment ($4,000 of it borrowed), Ben and Jerry open their first  ice cream scoop shop in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont.

  1979 – Ben and Jerry celebrate the shop’s one-year anniversary – and the customers who made it possible – by holding the first-ever Free Cone Day: free scoops for all, all day long. The annual ice cream give-away continues today in scoop shops around the world.
This really shows how marketing can make a massive different to a successful product/service.
Free Cone Day - photo 6
The free cones started at 12 noon and ends at 9pm. Luckily for me, I just got to Chatswood at around 8:45 and walked along the music-pumpin store.
Free Cone Day - photo 1
There was a massive line with people from all ages- but mostly school kids. Don’t you guys have homework to do?? I guess its better going outside than staying at home on the computers #genZlyf
Free Cone Day - photo 2
The line twirled up towards the Concourse but it wasn’t as long as the maze at Broadway last year. I remember it was going out into the car park area outside!! #dedication oh, and we waited probably 30-40 minutes? This time round I only wanted for just over 15 minutes.
Free Cone Day - photo 3
It was nice getting handed over the flavours but there were too many to choose from. I must admit, when the Chatswood Ben and Jerry’s store opened and they were offering free ice cream (again), I went and tried 5 flavours. My favourites include Cherry Garcia and Strawberry Cheesecake.
Free Cone Day - photo 4
Even the truck made a handy appearance.
Free Cone Day - photo 5
It’s for the free scoop tour to raise awareness to save the Great Barrier Reef #scooptour
Free Cone Day - photo 7
This time I had the boysenberry one and that didn’t disappoint! less calories than the nutty chocolatey ones but also quite a refreshing taste. I wished they had whole berries in it too.
Free Cone Day - photo 9
Sad that I missed out on getting another one by 2 minutes but we got some vouchers to entice us to come again- why not!
Free Cone Day - photo 10

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go to Free Cone Day next year? Heck yes! It’s the one day of the year everyone knows about! It’s all over social media and you get a delicious scoop of ice cream. Is it worth the wait? haha yes! Normally a scoop would be $5? I don’t remember but I normally wouldn’t buy it because its so expensive. Even if you go Connoisseur its $7 for a 1L at the supermarkets I think.

Would I donate the money I saved to the organisers for another event? This is a tricky question and I would have to say no. I think $2 investment in next year and get 2 scoops when I queue up would be an incentive.

Highlight: Just eating ice cream. Their ice cream is packed full of chocolate, nuts, caramel, phish, and other goodie treats. Cherish the precious moments, taste buds.

Suggestion of Improvement: I really want the American flavours to hit the stores in Sydney! Half baked, or S’mores, or Chocolate Nougat Crunch.. I remember we got very similar flavours to when the store first opened. People love trying new things and Messina does a brilliant job of bringing out new flavours every week.

Ends: April 8, 2014 BUT there is a free cone truck happening #fightforthereef #scooptour


Angela Bee

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

$2 ice cream crepe and soda – Mother’s Crepe

$2 can go a long way if you like ice cream, crepes and soda. That’s right my friends, Mothers Crepe at World Square released a $2 combo with all the above.

Mothers crepe - photo 4

Mothers Crepe is a franchise started in Japan, offering sweet and savory crepes. In fact, did you know that they contain 50% dietary fibre commonly found in cereals? in their crepe mix? Interesting fact on their website.

Mothers crepe - photo 5

I think I nearly screamed when I woke up at 5am in the morning when I checked my inbox. You got to be kidding, right? I immediately bought one voucher..but it’s max 5 per person.

Mothers crepe - photo 11

Being a keen bean, I decided to go and check out what the fuss was about. When I arrived I think I found out that they are launching their soda drinks. They include pink grapefruit, lemonade, orange and cream soda.

Mothers crepe - photo 2

The ice cream flavours are baileys, black sesame, chocolate obsession, Ferrero rocher, hokey pokey, black sesame, salted caramel, Hokkaido milk, Mars bar, green tea, Nutella, snickers, strawberry summer, tim tam and tiramisu.

Mothers crepe - photo 1

I had a hard time deciding so I left it up to the guy at the counter who offered me the salted caramel. It took maybe 5 minutes? Less? I was Ina. Bit of a hurry so time was slow but there was only one person before me. I probably arrived at 6:10pm?

Watch the crepe makers use their tools over a circular heated plate. If you know me personally, I lived in France for a while so seeing this excites me! This is how hey do it there!

Mothers crepe - photo 3

It can be tricky getting the thin layer because you can’t press onto the hot plate with the tool, but spread it evenly just above. It’s a technique and I still remember doing it for the first time… I was working at a crepe/churro/gelato place and no, I didn’t serve my crepe to the customer LOL. Ever since I’ve made tons of crepes for the French Speaking Society. I think I’ve improved.

Mothers crepe - photo 6

There was a giant scoop of ice cream in my massive crepe. You can’t see it bulge in the middle but oh my gosh. This is definitely my #yolo meal of the day! The ice cream had pieces of caramel and oh so delicious! Thanks for the spoon too!

Mothers crepe - photo 7

I don’t fancy melted ice cream but they cooled it down a bit before scooping it in. I noticed some jam twirled onto the crepe which made it pretty to eat.

Mothers crepe - photo 10

Thank goodness I drank more than half of the pink grapefruit soda. It was really yum, not too sweet and not too sour. I quite like a bit of acidic taste because it makes it more ‘genuine’. I wonder what the percentage of fruit juice is in this? Normally it’s like 5%.

Mothers crepe - photo 9

A nice dinner treat and the crepe was thick and chewy. Loved it. It was thinly layered but when you roll it up obviously it becomes fatter. Cute pink wrapping too!

Mothers crepe - photo 8

#gold #twodollarshop #best$2spent

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($2 ice cream crepe and soda: =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go and buy a $2 ice cream crepe and soda combo from Mothers Crepe again? Done! This is totally worth more. How can you not buy 5? Cheaper than chips!

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? It’s originally worth $6.50 and I would still pay it for an ice cream crepe and soda. If you think about it, it’s usually around $5 for one scoop of ice cream. You’ll get that in a crepe! Oh the joy! The drink is an added bonus.

Highlight: once that ice cream gets melted in the bottom of the crepe cone, it’s all runny so be careful not to spill it all over your top. It’s quite fun eating it strategically.

Suggestion of Improvement: I don’t know if the sodas would sell for $3 by itself. Maybe if it was $2, but I like the idea of being an add-on for $1. Anyway, the sodas were average but I’m keen to try the rest out.

Ends: June 16, 2014


Angela Bee

Mother's Crepe World Square on Urbanspoon

Groupon $3 for 2 scoop deal – Messina Gelato

Experimental gelato has never been cheaper with 2 scoops for $3 gelato including Apple Pie, Pandan and Coconut, Creme Brulee, and plenty others at Messina Gelato on Groupon, used by April 22, 2014.

Messina - photo 8

If you were lucky enough to grab one of 5008 groupons, then you must be congratulated. Those groupons went quickly after their release last Friday and they have come up again today!

Messina - photo 10

I work voluntarily at the Cancer Council at Woolloomooloo near Kings across station and it is literally a 2 minute walk from Messina. It’s hard to stop that temptation every lunch break!!

Messina - photo 2

The piles and piles of ice cream from each basin is exotic. Loving the pandan and coconut and sicilian trifle. Which Messina flavour is your favourite?

Messina - photo 5

Normally it is $4 for one scoop, or $6 for two, or $7 for three. Watch out if you’re in a bigger group because 500ml/ half a litre is only $10! Bargain!

Messina - photo 9

Next door they also do a cake shop with a small range of ice cream specialties although they are quite expensive…

Messina - photo 3

There’s even a mushroom one! Cute!

Messina - photo 4

Normally there is a massive line so remember to come early to avoid the queue. And now that the groupon vouchers are released.. who knows what the traffic will be like! I guess it was more of a social media campaign because it’s encouraging more people to ‘like’ their page. Maybe they want to go nationally, then internationally?

Messina - photo 7

Not sure why Messina needed to release Groupon vouchers because my circle of friends are already onto it. If you didn’t know about this ice cream magic, I highlight recommend it!

Messina - photo 6

Now this is the reason why students skip lectures, office workers go on extended lunch breaks, and those who want to experience excellent ice cream.

Messina - photo 1

Now there’s fierce competition:

Our Deal has $3 for $6 worth of frozen yoghurt at Yoforia (FYI – tried it once there and it was quite disappointing. At Harbourside, Darling Harbour)

DealOffer has $3 for $6 worth of frozen yoghurt at Yoghurberry (FYI – there are always heaps of flavours and is pretty good. At George Street, near Townhall store only)

Let the gelato/froyo voucher redeeming madness games begin! #messinastillwins

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product ($3 for 2 scoops of Messina Gelato): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I get $3 Messina Gelato everyday? Heck yes! How can you not resist? Ice cream is not the best for you but gelato could be snore story. I love how inventive it is here and there is always a new variety of flavours not he blackboard. The classic ones are also available. How can you not?

Would I pay $6 for two scoops of Messina? Um.. I don’t think there has been a deal like this before and $6 for two scoops is quite the norm. Even places like Movenpick and Gelatissimo have $5ish scoops so doing $1 extra for two is awesome sauce. Yes, I did not do a typo. #awesomesauce is the word.

Highlight: the gelato!! If you knew me during high school, I disliked ice cream but since coming back from Italy, my life has changed forever. I love the difference in flavours and I always like to try funky flavours. I love a bit of surprise!

Suggestion of improvement: sometimes I would just like the scoopers to be that a little bit more generous… but then again it is a half price deal. Why is the limit only ONE per customer? I think I used all my email addresses.. haha. Also, beware that the line is always miles long- even if its not on a groupon deal.

Ends: April 22, 2014

Angela Bee

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Gelato Messina on Urbanspoon

Student Specials – The Vogue Cafe

If pot plants hanging from the ceiling, smoothies in jars covered in chocolate and 1920s inspired vintage ‘welcome’ signs are your liking, and if you are a student,  walk the extra 5 minutes from uni to receive : $7 coffee and cake, $12 sandwich and smoothie, and $15 burger, chips and can of drink, or 20% off for any student club/society until May 31, 2014.

The Vogue Cafe - photo 2

The Vogue Cafe on Level 2 at Macquarie Centre has both a relaxing and friendly vibes amongst a bit of creativity… in other words, take a break and enjoy cheap good food and coffee while you’re still a student.  #studentspecials #iwishistillwasastudent

The Vogue Cafe - photo 6

Present your student card and the voucher at the end of this blog post to receive:

1. Cake and coffee $7

The Vogue Cafe - photo 5

Never go wrong with a muffin. The size is as big as 2 fists and prove to be in a meal itself. This blueberry muffin was as delicious as it looks in the picture.
Tastes home made, moist inside out, with whole blueberries throughout.

2. Sandwich and smoothie $12

The Vogue Cafe - photo 3

Sandwich is absolutely insanely sandwiched with chicken and avocado. I would’ve liked his if it was grilled or toasted to give it that extra crispy texture instead oft he two slices of plain bread.
Lightly peppered, mouthfuls of heaven but average presentation.

The Vogue Cafe - photo 1

Smoothie, as always, was just beautiful. A bit thick but the extra nuts and mint compliment the drink really well, especially on a hot day like today!! This was the ‘manberry’, a mix of strawberry and banana.

3. Burgers, chips and can of drink $15

The Vogue Cafe - photo 4

Bite into the crunchiest chips you will ever taste. Let me dissect one chip- thin, mega oily but extreme crispy on the outside, and soft mushy potato inside, lightly seasoned with intense herbs and salt. I have never tasted anything so good. On the other hand, the steak burger wasn’t as meaty as expected but the thick layer of caramelised onions spread onto the lower slice of the panini was the highlight.
Piping hot herbed crunchy chips, standard steak burger, enough for you to be in a food coma.

4. Any student club and/or society with 10 people or more 20% off

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 5

There is room inside and out for groups. Enjoy the decorations, greeted by friendly staff and order whatever your mouth waters towards.

Free wifi available.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Deal (student specials at The Vogue Cafe): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go to The Vogue Cafe and grab a student special every week? Yes, I would come once a week or so, but other cafés such as The Shingle Inn also do $6.90 cake and coffee specials, but to be honest, I’ve asked a fair amount of students about this deal and the prices aren’t too appealing.. even if it’s $6 for cafe and coffee, or $10 for sandwich and smoothie, and even $12 for a burger would attract more customers. That has been my general consensus. Thoughts?

Would I pay full price for the student specials at The Vogue Cafe? For the cake and muffin, I think it’s totally worth it. The sandwich and smoothie at normal price would be worth it as well if only the bread was slightly toasted. Even a sprinkle of cheese on the top would be fancy. I’m not too sure about the burger because even though those chips were gobsmackingly amazing, the patty was a bit of a downer. Having said that the portion size altogether was pretty substantial for a girl.

Highlight: jarred smoothies. I cannot get enough of these smoothies. The top of the jars are covered in chocolate. Mine had shredded coconut and my friend’s had muesli. It’s just pure goodness in a jar. I wish it was never ending.

Suggestion if improvement: what I would like to see is probably a thicker piece of meat on the steak? Also when ordering, having the waitresses ask if I wanted multigrain bread or possibly having my sandwich toasted would’ve been more ideal for those who like it in their special ways.

Ends: May 31, 2014
Voucher: The Vogue Cafe student special vouchers

Angela Bee

For price comparisons and previous blog:

Please note that The Vogue Cafe has re-opened as of October 2014. Same location and french-inspired cafe pictures below. 

It’s a bit noisy as it is right next to a car park but it’s charming and lovely!

The Vogue Cafe - photo 1

The Vogue Cafe - photo 2 The Vogue Cafe - photo 3 The Vogue Cafe - photo 4 The Vogue Cafe - photo 5

Big Breakfast deal – Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood

Fresh air, summer warmth, beautiful big breakfast and excellent coffee for only $13.90, a breakfast special ONLY  offered at Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood.

Michel's BB - photo 9

“Michel’s Patisserie is a much loved family patisserie offering sweet treats, scrumptious savouries and award winning coffee. They have been named Coffee Shop of the Year 2012, by the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards.”

Michel's BB - photo 11

Next to Eastwood’s iconic fountain amongst the bustling range of reject shops,  clothing shops and of course, Asian restaurants sits a simple, yet spacious western-style café with both outdoor and indoor seating areas.

Michel's BB - photo 2

Breakfast is the best time to come, or rather brunch if you’re keen for a breakfast deal because the prices don’t seem to disappoint. With every breakfast deal on the board, can you believe it’s only $1 extra for a coffee?

Michel's BB - photo 8

Notice that at Michel’s there are actually 3 sizes. Small is your normal regular ($3.60), regular is your normal large ($4), and large is an extra large ($4.60) for those coffee lovers desperate to stay awake.

Michel's BB - photo 7

The ‘Big Breakfast’ was popping out at me. $12.9 for bacon, eggs, sausage, mushrooms, tomato and toast? At the Coffee Club, they offer this for $22!

I highly recommend the scrambled eggs which were runny enough to be just cooked. I shared with a friend so we got to sample both the fried and scrambled.

Michel's BB - photo 10

At other cafés, I noticed that bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms are always ridiculously oily and fried until black, or garnished with a ton of salt. If you want to taste real bacon, you should come here. Sausages were average though.

Now the coffee was very good. Not brilliant, not bad, but quite good. The barista they have is actually the owner’s wife who works there every day full time. You know it’s good when they’ve been at it for years.

Michel's BB - photo 1

Michel’s Patisserie is the best western value-for-money eggcellent breakfast in Eastwood. #bigbreakfastbargain

Michel's BB - photo 6

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Big Breakfast at Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I get a $13.90 big breakfast and coffee/breakfast at Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood? There is quite a range here and the prices aren’t that bad. If I was to meet up to someone at Eastwood, this would be an easy choice, and plus, the location is easy to describe- next to the fountain!

Would I pay full price for the big breakfast and coffee? It’s funny how there are 3 sizes of coffees. I wonder if we could pay an extra $1.50 for a medium and $2 for a large? The size of the big breakfast itself is enough to be lunch so why not!

Highlight: scrambled eggs. It was yolky, a bit runny and totally irresistible. I’m a sucker for eggs and these were just perfect for my taste buds.

Suggestion of improvement: preferably a selection of breads would make he place more ‘gourmet’. Currently they only give out white toast and I like my grains so that could help enhance the healthiness. Other than that, maybe just a bit of herbs here and there on the platter to make it more interesting.

Ends: never, but check in store.

Angela Bee

Tea Shop Express – Townhall station

$2.75 for a Milk Tea? $3 for a crispy nutella crepe? $1 macarons? Cheaper than a regular size coffee, or even for a pot of tea at a café, Tea Shop Express has super dooper deals on their dessert menu all day everyday.

CitiSuper - photo 1

Tea Shop Express is in front of a grocery store, which is separate from a dessert bar at the front on the walkway to George Street Event cinemas from Townhall station.

CitiSuper - photo 12

They offer a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Drink Timetable. Essentially, every day you can get a Pearl Milk Tea with a friend for half price each.

CitiSuper - photo 3CitiSuper - photo 4

After quickly interviewing a few people about their drinks, the consensus was that it tastes more like tea and not too sweet because you can choose to add your sugars. Everything is made on the spot with real tea.

But mind you, the pearls are honestly the best ones I’ve tasted. Soft and chewy throughout the ball, not like the ones that are hard inside.

Large crispy crepes also start from $3. Check out the funky variety and why not go half-halves?

CitiSuper - photo 5

CitiSuper - photo 6

They take a good 5 minutes to make a folded large fortune cookie- not as soft as Mother’s Crepe.

CitiSuper - photo 2

Macarons are also $1 or buy 10 get 2 free next door! I believe they have closed down now unfortunately..

CitiSuper - photo 7

CitiSuper - photo 10CitiSuper - photo 11

Downstairs at World Square next to World Square, they also do this deal.

CitiSuper - photo 8

They’re extremely sugary and maybe you could make a macaron tower like us at our UTS French Society convo groups 😉

CitiSuper - photo 13

Sizes are really reasonable too- although there is only one large size. Ice me on a hot summer’s day!

CitiSuper - photo 9

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Food: =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go here everyday? If I was living in the city and too lazy to make anything then I could easily eat one of their crepes as a cheap meal. Home made Pearl Milk tea would be cool if there was a bunch of friends coming over but if I was just making for myself I rather take a friend here and have something refreshing from here. I’ll probably go once in a blue moon for the macarons because I’m not a massive fan of them.

Would I pay full price ($5.50) on the food/drinks above? Nah. I normally wouldn’t buy a Easyway or Chatime anyway. Half price makes it tempting and even better with friends. I wouldn’t pay more than $3 for a crepe because crepes are easy to make…. particularly making so many for the fundraisers for the UTS French Speaking Society!! (haha)

Highlight: Cheap drinks! My mum, bro and I went to Starbucks to get a $6.10 iced mocha beforehand.. then we stumbled across this and regretted it. Why do cold drinks cost so much these days? Average prices are $5-$7. It’s probably unhealthier than Boot Juice.. Oh, and one other thing, the crepes are massive and make your eyes widen kinda like Mother’s Crepes.

Suggestion for Improvement: The place has good variety and all the basics. I wished they could franchise so there could be one closer to where I live! But better not this way otherwise I’d be tempted. More staff would also be best because there is a long queue and takes a while for your tea to get to you.

Ends: never

Tea Shop Express:  580 George St (HSBC Centre) Shop LG 09, Lower Ground Level Opening Hours:   Mon – Fri 6.00am – 10.00pm, Sat – Sun 8.00am – 10.00pm

Angela Bee

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