Free Pizza Thursdays – Angry Pirate

Update: this special is no longer available 

Angry Pirate is offering free shared pizzas for anyone who purchases a beer, wine or cocktail at 5-8pm on Thursdays…that’s pretty aye-right! The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 6 “The Angry Pirate’s new Thursday special will have all feeling like they have struck gold, with a cocktail (or beer and wine if that is what you fancy) opening the treasure chest to free pizza slices. Get in between 5-8pm otherwise your dreams of free pizza will walk the plank.” – TimeOut Sydney The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 1 Since I now get off at Redfern to walk to work in Alexandria, I thought this was the perfect place for after work pizza and drinks- and I was right! It’s opposite to Redfern station on Redfern street although the lady out the front offering free pizza to passerbyers.The sign outside welcomes you aboard their stable ship bar. Ahoy! The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 2 The tables, chairs and even the bar is made from wood and they’ve polished it well if it was made from a wrecked ship. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 4 We sat ourselves at the back of the bar where there were some cushions and wine barrel tables. I must admit, the artwork is pretty amazing on all four walls! The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 9 Looking through the menu, we go through the beers, wines, cocktails and ‘pizza galley’.Cocktails were on the agenda and here’s what we tried: Angry and Sour is grog, amaretto, pomegranate liqueur, lime, vanilla and egg white and it’s the favourite for the girls! Oh yes, we also got plenty of BBQ popcorn for the table. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 12 Coco Melon Margherita has 1880 coconut tequila, fresh pressed watermelon, fresh mint and lime juice. We expected more of a watermelon flavour so that lacked. It came in a martini glass. Pirate’s Tea Party is a mixture of vodka, gin, rum, elderflower, mint, lemon, fruit tea. The flavours were a food combination with a bit more acidity than we liked. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 13 I chose the Grog Zombie. There’s grog, zombie mix (what does this even mean?), pineapple, passion fruit, angry pirate bitters  and rum. When it came out, it was oh fiiiiiiirrrreeee. The bartender had to come out and explain the options of how to drink it. He recommended that I blow the flaming passion fruit filled with Bacardi and sugar, drop it into the drink and have it as a cocktail. The other option was to drink the shot straight out ahaha…oh, I mean after blowing out the flame! I absolutely loved it and wouldn’t hesitate to get it 5 times in a row. Sadly it’s 2 max per person. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 14 NB: Grog is an alcoholic drink, usually rum diluted with water, but in this context you could use it to refer to any alcoholic beverage other than beer, and they aren’t prepared to be picky about that, either. Call your beer grog if you want. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 8 In terms of the free pizza, it’s not ‘buy 1 drink, get 1 whole pizza free’. Pizzas come out in twos throughout the night. Luckily there are vegetarian options but don’t expect gluten free pizzas. One of my friends is allergic to tomato and we managed to get a chipotle pizza instead and even our very own molten pizza- thanks crew! Amazing service. The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 11 We actually managed to eat a LOT of pizza during the night over many drinks and bottles of wine. Arrrrrrrrrrr! The Angry Pirate free pizza thursdays - photo 16 Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional) Event (Angry Pirate free pizza Thursdays): 4.75/5 Ambience: 4.5/5 Service: 5/5 Value: 4.75/5 Would I recommend going to Angry Pirate’s free pizza Thursdays? If you like alcoholic drinks and pizza, then heck yes! Choose the right cocktails and you’ll be having heaps of fun at this funky place. All the pizzas have 4 toppings max, so they’re simple and do the trick! Highlight: My Grog Zombie cocktail. I seem to have a thing for cocktails lit on fire. I mostly liked the fruity flavour of the drink. The staff were amazing and sooo friendly and as mentioned above, they were happy enough to cook a pizza for a friend with food requirements. I also loved the ambience of the place. Tops! Suggestion of improvement: when the pizzas came out, the staff left them on the counters so we had to get up from our seats to get the pizza slices. It would’ve been better if staff came around to make sure everyone had their fair share but I guess it’s more cost effective leaving them there. Link Free pizza Thursday via Facebook: Angela Bee


Sydney Chinese New Year Twilight Parade

2014’s year of the horse parade herded thousands of people to watch colourfully lit people walk down the parade from George Street towards Darling Harbour from 7pm onwards on Sunday February 2. Giddiup horsey!

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 2

“Stunning projections from The Electric Canvas light up the facades of our city buildings, and the Horse comes alive, surrounded by ponies, dancing children and the Lucky Children of the Four Seasons, each symbolising harvest and prosperity as shown on Hu Ming’s colourful Chinese New Year artwork.”

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 4

I caught a train to Townhall Station and it literally thought I would not get out. There were more people at the station than peak hour home time for office workers. Fireworks went up to mark the the parade’s start.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 3

Light projections added a stunning the colourful effect on on top of Woolworths, Townhall.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 1

I must say, City of Sydney has done a fabulous job getting the Chinese and wider community to crowd the streets on such an important occasion. Good thing this wasn’t done on the actual day.

The horse was obviously the highlight, all electrically lit up.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 6

It was very crowded- I told you, there was a herd of people! Some were climbing windows, others were standing on chairs.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 5

Medibank gave out long inflatable clappers.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 7

Here, the tiny girl wearing a tutu with tons of fairy lights was the cutest thing ever!

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 8

I walked along the parade line and noticed some people standing in bizarre places to grab a glance of the colourful twirls.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 9

Eventually I cheated and walked towards the other side of the Entertainment Centre, heading towards a building with light displays.

The floats ended here so if you wanted, you can get up close and personal with them! There might be a lot of people in your photo though.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 10

Nudging my way through, I got to the end of the parade. Best view ever. This is where the water shower is at the entrance to Darling Harbour.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 11

I decided to walk down to Harbourside anyway and noticed this gigantic horse having a bit of a go every few minutes. Beware of the nose.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 12

Loving the glowing 3D shapes in the green.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 13

Waited until 10pm for the fireworks but enjoyed the calmer ambiance at one of my favourite places in the world. The chariot info music came on with a boom and lead the fireworks display. What coordination!

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 14

The last bit ended with a gazillion fireworks flaring up almost at the same time. It needed a standing ovation. Check out the crowd.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 16

Girls dressed in traditional clothing were ready to perform. I didn’t stay though.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 15

Gong xi fa cai!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Sydney CNY Twilight Parade): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I go to the Sydney Chinese New Year Twilight Parade every year? I must admit, it is similar every year. I would go every few years because it will make me enjoy it even more.

Would I pay to see the Twilight Parade? There’s a lot of work out into this. Having run events myself, I know how much effort is put, from small details of costumes, to security, and even lighting. Kudos City of Sydney. Would love to work for you in the future.

Highlight: definitely the parade. The pumping music, the people, the vibes… it’s fabulous! There is quite a bit of advertising attached to the floats but it is suttle enough for us to notice. It’s actually quite a long trail too! It probably took 1.5 hours to finish. But those fireworks with that horse/military/fighting background made the night memorable.

Suggestion of improvement: don’t get me wrong, but it was hilarious seeing everyone pulling up the chairs from the restaurants and shops on the side. People were hanging off walls and even standing on poles. That is quite unsafe. Even having the people at the front sit down would make life much easier for those standing at the back on their tippy toes. Unfortunately I’m a short girl.

Ends: Sunday February 2, 2014

Angela Bee

QVB CNY Lion Dances

Join the parade from January 15 to February 5 at the QVB for dancing lions that climb up escalators to the beat of vibrant drummers.

QVB Lion Dance - photo 3

“A meeting point for culture and style, iconic shopping destination QVB is marking the year of the horse by hosting a hub of celebration for Chinese New Year 2014.

QVB Lion Dance - photo 4

As you do, I was just window shopping at expensive shops at the QVB when I heard loud strumming music accompanied by flashes of red going from one side to the other.”

QVB Lion Dance - photo 1

From above, red and gold coloured lanterns bring thoughts of ‘blessing.’

QVB Lion Dance - photo 2

I make my way down to the ground floor and follow the celebration of wild dancing and banging music.

QVB Lion Dance - photo 11

Girls dressed in traditional Chinese clothes hand out fortune cookies.

QVB Lion Dance - photo 5

I want mine to come true!! Praying!

QVB Lion Dance - photo 7

QVB Lion Dance - photo 9

I really liked how the crowd all came together. It was literally a paparazzi!

Remember lions do have a somewhat dangerous nature.

QVB Lion Dance - photo 10

Look out for the $28 banquet special from Fat Buddha and gift set from T2.

QVB Lion Dance - photo 8

It was pretty awesome as the lions went up the escalators and pretty much went weaving through every level. Not a shop assistant will miss out on the celebrations.

QVB Lion Dance - photo 6

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (QVB lion dancing): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to the QVB Chinese New Year celebrations every year? If I’m passing by, why not. There are many other opportunities to see lion dances. If it’s your first time, why not.

Would I pay to watch loom dances? Not really. I mean, as mentioned before a lot lf other shopping centres do it. Chinatown, Chatswood…

Highlight: receiving that fortune cookie. If you know me personally, I’ve been looking for a full time job for more almost 9 months and things aren’t shaping up nicely even with my resume…

Suggestion of improvement: you know what they should’ve done? It’s tradition to enter every single shop and to dance around and offer them red pockets. I think I’ve only seen it done in Chatswood and asked my parents about it. It’s entertaining and gets all the shops involved!

Ends: February 5, 2014


Angela Bee

Crossing Boundaries – Townhall

What was life like settling into Australia for the Chinese? Head over to Townhall for an interesting Australian Chinese art and cultural exhibition.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 4

Head to the right of Townhall to enter the exhibition via Druitt street. Chinese New Year flags mark the entrance.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 13

Crossing Boundaries - photo 2

The spacious area gives great depth into the artworks.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 14

Since it is the year of the horse, the installations are horse- themed.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 7

The most confronting piece was the 7 piece story of their uncle’s murder.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 10

Hashtag #horsing around2014for a chance to win You will get a red horse cut-out.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 11

Crossing Boundaries - photo 12

There’s a screen explaining the Chinese zodiacs as well.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 6

There was mostly a mix of not really modern nor traditional, but history of Chinese settlement in Australia.

Crossing Boundaries - photo 3

Crossing Boundaries - photo 9

There was a fun hands on station for the kids. Mirrors allowed children to draw a portrait of themselves. Then, they can hang it up on the wall in the matching animal of their year of birth. What dose your year of birth mean?

Crossing Boundaries - photo 8

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Crossing Boundaries exhibition): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =|

Value: =)

Would I go back to the Crossing Boundaries exhibition? I think it will be fun showing my friends this place. I don’t think I’ve been here before and there are some funky works. Check out the straw mummy, or even the giant nest on the ceiling.

Would I pay to go to the Crossing Boundaries exhibition? Probably not. A lot of small art exhibitions don’t require payment on entry but this was pretty cool. I really like how they have artists from all Asian backgrounds explain their story.

Highlight: reading about the short stories of those who came to settle in Australia. They were discriminated and knowing that hurts. Eye opening and also interesting to see what my zodiac said!

Suggestion of improvement: I wished there were talks once every 2 hours. I was told they reveal stories behind the art, which would’ve been a pleasure to listen to.

Ends: February 9, 2013

Angela Bee

Australia Day merchandise – Woolworths

Australian Day stubbies, flags, wigs, sunnies, beach mats, hats, inflatables, towels- you name it! It all goes on sale after the day has passed.

Australia Day Merchandise Woolworths - photo 2

I checked out a few stores including Big W and Target but Woolworths had the cheapest and best souvenirs. Surprisingly the others only had Back2School sales. Weird.

Australia Day Merchandise Woolworths - photo 1

A nice little stand with the goods. Easy to navigate ad right at the front. Almost everything was $1.

$6 fleece throw and beach towels. The designs aren’t that great though…

Australia Day Merchandise Woolworths - photo 4

I bought wine coolers and stubbies for my French family who were due to arrive the next day. #winning.

Australia Day Merchandise Woolworths - photo 3

Tim tams are half price this week! Only $1.62.

Australia Day Merchandise Woolworths - photo 5

Shapes are too.. but since when are Honey BBQ Chicken an ‘Aussie’ flavour? Last year’s BBQ was a-mazing!!

Australia Day Merchandise Woolworths - photo 6

This is what I call cheap souvenir shopping. Beats going all the way to Paddy’s markets (if you don’t live near the city)!!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Australia Day merchandise at Woolworths): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I buy more Australia Day merchandise at Woolies? I better stock up for next year’s parties! Best deals out there!! Of course!

Would I pay normal price for the merchandise? If I had no choice and wanted to go all out, why not?! Who doesn’t love a costume party? On the other hand if you want to save a bit, there’s no harm in buying early.

Highlight: Looking at my receipt and seeing how much I saved. Don’t you love reading the end of the receipt?

Suggestion of Improvement: Leftover stock is obviously not available in every store. I say, bring in more!!

Ends: until stock runs out after Australia Day (January 26)

Angela Bee

Sydney’s Backyard at the Opera Bar

There isn’t a more Australian thing to do than have a hot sausage sizzle in your right hand, and an Aussie beer in the other, particularly with the backdrop of Sydney’s most iconic attractions at the Opera Backyard BBQ.

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 2

The Opera House kitchen turned into an Aussie backyard for the past few weeks in lead up for Australia Day from 12-9pm, including musical performances on selected evenings.


The hint of green amongst the world class views of the harbour was the perfect solution to enjoying the summer lovin’ weather. Head over to the bar for some lemonade or beer.

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 1

Snag a (quite) expensive snack of cob on a cob $5, sausage sizzle $8, prawn skewers $10.

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 5

Then sit back on the chairs to enjoy the moment.

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 7

Best thing was the laundry hanging up. It’s quite rare that I had a conversation with foreigners about the hills hoist. Is it something we are proud of?

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 4

A little kids area with Connect Four!! I honestly didn’t know it was ‘Australian’.

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 6

Head up the stairs for the best kodak moment in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 8

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Opera Backyard BBQ Bar): =)

Ambience: =|

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to the Opera Backyard Barbeque everyday? Unless you arrive at 11 on the dot or even when the weather is a bit down I don’t think I would because it gets so crowded! It’s actually quite a small area.

Would I pay to go to the Backyard BBQ? Sydney’s icons can be seen from plenty of angles and they are all spectacular. Fees are not charged so nope! The views itself should will get the money rolling for the Opera Kitchen.

Highlight: the white laundry hanging up on the tents. Who would’ve thought that would be more iconic than a fake beach? Kudos. Also, that killer background.

Suggestion of improvement: make it bigger because the amount of seats is quite minimal. And maybe have a dessert menu like pavlova or lamingtons for more variety. I also think we are lacking kangeroos and koalas in the area.. maybe we’ll need an outback theme next year!

Ends: January 27, 2014

Angela Bee

Channel 7 Tennis Fan Zone

Back up plan for watching the Australian Open with the crowd at Channel 7’s Tennis Fan Zone next to Circular Quay station, in front of Customs House every day until the tennis finishes on Sunday January 26.

Channel 7 Tennis Zone - photo 4

The Australian Open is the first world championship tournament every calendar year held in Melbourne. This doesn’t mean that the rest of the world misses out but Sydney is healthily situated in the same time zone thus making it the most convenient excuse for friends and family to watch the top players battle it out for the prestigious trophies and $30 million prize.

Channel 7 Tennis Zone - photo 7

Walking towards the area, Zip Hydro Tap offers free water in sustainable water cups. It’s a winner for those 40 degree summer days.

Channel 7 Tennis Zone - photo 3

On the other side of the screen there are literally fans for sale!

Channel 7 Tennis Zone - photo 2

The screen is quite big and large enough for a small audience.

Channel 7 Tennis Zone - photo 5

The white umbrellas, tables and chairs make for a good setting to chill.

Channel 7 Tennis Zone - photo 1

There’s even an opportunity to play a little bit of table tennis in the background.

Channel 7 Tennis Zone - photo 6

Sway away from the Sports Bet television and go outdoors to enjoy the tennis.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Channel 7 Tennis Fan Zone): =)

Ambience: =|

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to the Tennis Fan Zone everyday? If it isn’t raining like it is now, sure, why not. If I lived near circular quay or I worked in one of the offices with those gorgeous views, of course! Take a break here if you’re a tennis fan.

Why I pay to watch the tennis on the big screens? If you have a tv at home then it really is a bit pointless unless you were already visiting the Opera House or wanting the Harbour Bridge view. It’s a small communal area so that’s probably not its purpose.

Highlight: Seeing it on an actual big screen? I know they do this in Melbourne and all, but I don’t know any other place that does a big screen viewing? Anyway, it bigger than the television we have at home and you probably can’t beat this one unless you’ve got money…

Suggestion of improvement: Rainy season calls for Plan B. I quite like how it’s not over crowded and a place not filled with market stalls though. However, it does need some lively movement or perhaps a 3D dimension to ‘wow’ the audience into staying for longer than they intended.

Ends: January 26, 2014


Angela Bee

The Big Issue Street Football Field 2014

Indoor soccer has reached a whole new level with The Big Issue’s fourth annual outdoor floating Football Field outside Harbourside from 10am-8pm daily January 7-17, 2014.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 3

The festival is Australia’s most significant community sporting event, which aims to celebrate diversity and showcase the power of football to unite the community and improve lives.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 7

Initially we didn’t see the football field because I thought it was where the rubber duck was. However, it was actually next to the floating restaurant just outside Anderson’s Ice Cream.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 9

The field is pretty small but allows players to kick rebounds or even kick high up in the air.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 5

There’s a little section for kids to colour in and I absolutely love the soccer ball bean bags.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 2

Even the lights along the harbour are lighting up the field!

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 6

The best thing about this was the names of the teams. My friend and I watched quite a few matches and ‘Bayside Gelato’ was definitely my fav, and ‘Complete Office Supplies’ following closely behind.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 1

Loving the COS cheer-squad with matching caps.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 8

Matches are 2 halves, 7 minutes each.

The music was also really nice. 90s and just before.

The players were pretty good too. Doesn’t hurt to have a good look at the boys..haha

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 4

Definitely want to go and watch the other matches. There was a small crowd but quite family friendly.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 10

Is there a prize?

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (floating football pitch and matches): =D

Ambience: =|

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go and watch the Big Issue Football matches again? Ohhhhh yeahhhh. I quite like a quick match because it does make it more fast and intense. Probably makes it hard for the players but keeps the viewers.

Would I pay to watch the matches? A couple of dollars won’t hurt but I feel that his is more of a publicity stunt. There weren’t many people as I expected who we’re watching the teams play. They are more friendly games. If there were professional players, yes, but these people were probably just representing their work teams. Other teams included NAB and IAG.

Highlight: I’m a fan of sport so don’t get this wrong but just the matches itself! They weren’t slow and people who played were actually pretty good! The goals are a bit small but he ball is kicked rapidly. On top of that. The field floats up and down. I kinda want to play on it too..

Suggestion of improvement: Those soccer ball bean bags need to be duplicated 1000000 times. There wasn’t any seating at all. We were on the floor with the danger of seagulls. Most people were standing. I noticed a Gelatissmo marquee with just one small table and two chairs. Would’ve been better with some sort of organised seating to create the Arena effect.

Ends: January 27, 2014


Angela Bee

Night Owls Kids Film Fest 2014

Let the kids shine their owly wide eyes at the Darling Quarter cinema every evening for FREE from January 10-23 at 5:30pm. Let them be owls.

Night Owl Kid's Film Fest - photo 1

The Night Owls program returns for its third year in 2014, comprising of a fortnight of new and classic kids’ films, the best of the Little Big Shots shorts, and After Hours sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for the grown ups.

Night Owl Kid's Film Fest - photo 5

Surrounded by a free kids playground and plenty of cheap ‘kids menu’ options for dinner and late night snack specials, this green grass arena allows children and adults to wind down after a long day out.

Night Owl Kid's Film Fest - photo 8

Eatery deals at Darling Quarter:

Night Owl Kid's Film Fest - photo 2

Kids entertainment starts at 5:30pm with interactive shows.

Night Owl Kid's Film Fest - photo 7

Short Films by Little Big Shots is the world’s best films for kids, about kids, and some even by kids, to amaze and delight kids, starting at 6:30pm.

Night Owl Kid's Film Fest - photo 6

Then our all time favourties like 101 Dalmations, Pinochhio, Mary Poppins and many more gives us, the ‘adults’, a chance to relive some of our best childhood memories.

Night Owl Kid's Film Fest - photo 3

Get in early to get front row seats. There are some chairs but bring some picnic rugs too. Perhaps there are some cardboard seats on the night?

Night Owl Kid's Film Fest - photo 4

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Night Owl Kids Film fest): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go and watch another movie? Gathering a bunch of (childhood) friends would be sweet. I really like the films they have chosen this year. For families, it could be exhausting bringing the kids out every night but a few times won’t hurt. Beats renting out movies (or do we all download them now?).

Would I pay for entry? They aren’t current blockbusters and I’m sure we’ve all seen them on TV at some stage. I think the location won’t be ideal for pay on entry but it could make the surrounding eateries certainly are now more profitable with these evenings.

Highlight: Short Films by Little Big Shots is actually pretty interesting. It’s incredible to see young kids make short films already. I remember using Windows Movie Maker during highschool to make silly science videos? Technology astounds me these days.

Suggestion of Improvement: Showing outdoor films at 6:30pm can be a bit ambitious because the sun is still up. Nevertheless, having themes according to each movie week would be awesome. Possibly ‘best dressed’ if a superhero movie is on, or whatever would be fun.

Ends: 23 January


Angela Bee

Utopia film screening – The Block Redfern

For indigenous Australians, Australia Day is the Day of Mourning. In 1788, British and Irish settlement was the start of a struggle, injustice and resistance.

Utopia - photo 1

Utopia is a vast region in northern Australia and home to the oldest human presence on earth.

Utopia - photo 12

Bafta and Emmy Award winning director, John Pilger, shows a film of both an epic portrayal of the oldest continuous human culture, and an investigation into a suppressed colonial past and rapacious present.

Utopia - photo 3
In my circle, Redfern is seen as a not-so-safe suburb- but I beg to differ. The Block was filled with nearly a thousand people in a drug free, alcohol free environment. Last night, its community (and beyond) congregated to show the Australian premiere to reveal the world’s biggest secret against the boom of mineral wealth.

Utopia - photo 7

Stepping out from the station we were met by more than a handful of activists seeking calls of action and to join the fight for sovereignty for their people.

Utopia - photo 5

There was only one food truck for the full greenery around us – Veggie patch.

Utopia - photo 4

This was not just an outdoor cinema but an opportunity to let speakers such as elders, embassy representatives, and Pilgner himself to give provocative speeches highlighting the negative impact white people has had on the indigenous.

Utopia - photo 8

They were empowering. Rae Jackson fiercely remarked, ‘This land always will be aboriginal land’.

Utopia - photo 10

As one of the elders said, ‘tonight is the night of truth’.

Utopia - photo 9

What astounded me was that even today children were still being removed from their families. Wasn’t that only from the stolen generation in the 1900s and 1960s? Almost 50 years later, apparently not…

Utopia - photo 6

In South Africa apartheid is famous. We are a seen as a ‘lucky’ country but people around are beginning to notice how we have wrongly treated them. Shameful.

No green grass was seen. We were glued onto the windy big screen.

Utopia - photo 11

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Utopia): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go to watch Utopia again? Of course. There was so much depth, research and interviews which require deeper knowledge. The movie just scraped the surface of a problem and it kinda made me want to know more! It’ll be good to watch it again and have a better understanding. KRudd is in it too.

Would I pay for entry? Yes. It was ranked the fifth best film in 2013 by movie website London Film Review. Definitely worth the standard fee.

Highlight: It was actually great to see hundreds of people gather from all ethnicities and obviously a strong indigenous community. Listening to their elders and hearing them speak so passionately about their heritage and culture was astonishing.

Suggestion of Improvement: Obviously this was a very political gathering so it would’ve been nice to maybe have a twitter feed to get the audience involved. The film was noted to start at 7pm but because of all the speakers (which was necessary), it started at 9pm.



Next screening: Wednesday January 29 2014. 7:30pm at Petersham Bowling Club

Angela Bee