Coco Cubano Student Specials – The Living Mall

Go-go to Coco Cubano at The Living Mall, Central Park before March 31, 2014 to devour yourself with either a haloumi, wagyu or beef burger for only $9.90 and a choice of large ice teas, granitas or smoothies for $5 by showing your student ID card.

Coco Cubano - photo 4

Coco Cubano takes the best of Cuba, mixing hedonistic espresso, chocolate, cocktails and food to bring the experience to life. The café and bar takes the creation of pleasurable and comfortable environments seriously and blends with the best in customer service and delivery.

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Yes, I’m one of those lame people who sign up to useless newsletters from shopping malls. But let me tell you that they aren’t useless until you grab a massive saving. Then all those hours checking your email is worth it.

coco cubano - photo 16

Those handy e-newsletters from The Living Mall informed me of a nice handy deal for students. Yes, that’s $9.90 burgers, usually costing up to $16.90.

Coco Cubano - photo 1

I absolutely love the interior. It is very modern yet funky at the same time. I never really knew how that worked but I guess this place does it!

Coco Cubano - photo 3

Loving the funky chairs and lights.

Coco Cubano - photo 2

And also the walls filled with frames of random pictures you wouldn’t see anywhere else. Please note the elderly women with a Santa hat and Cuban cigar.

Coco Cubano - photo 6

The display cabinet was filled with fun things our parents used to use in the days.

Coco Cubano - photo 7

The bar has a real vintage vibe to it with frames of Cuban? men and such from the days.

Coco Cubano - photo 8

The gentleman that serviced us was really nice and we were seated inside and given menus with water. I feel like these days service doesn’t consist of much, particularly in student-populated places.

We didn’t have any idea what a granita was, but apparently it’s a whole fruit blended. If it was an orange, it would include the peel as well. 100% fruit = my tick of approval. I got the citrus berry and my friend got the mango lime. The citrus and lime take he limelight in the drinks. It kind of reminded me of a caprioska in Brazil. Loved those delicious cocktails! Very refreshing, especially on a Friday! I think we were both really exhausted from the week.

Coco Cubano - photo 11

The large size on the student special saved us $2.

Coco Cubano - photo 9

I ordered the chicken burger and my friend ordered the wagyu but when it arrived, I think the waiter got them mixed up so we ended up sharing. There was a reasonable sized chicken breast in the chicken one. Not as much salad except for the rocket and the jalapeños were slightly spicy. It had bacon too, adding a tasty touch. The bun tasted a bit burnt on the top but was good overall.

Coco Cubano - photo 13

The wagyu burger was amazing. My friend hadn’t had bacon in years and could not stop raving about how good it was. There was lettuce, tomato and peppers and was therefore much juicier. Bun was very similar but we both agreed that this was the winner.

Coco Cubano - photo 12

On the side, it was a choice between thick cut chips and salad. I’ve had the chips here before and it’s pretty good and crunchy. We were trying to be healthy so we ordered the salad. Honestly, is rocket salad that much cheaper than lettuce? A lot of people don’t like its bitterness. I commend them for adding some cherry tomatoes, cucumber and parmesan cheese though. 45 degree angled thumbs up for those who like rocket.

Coco Cubano - photo 14

Normally the burgers are $16.90 for the Wagyu, $15.90 for the chicken, and $14.90 for the haloumi. I wouldn’t mind trying the haloumi next time!

Coco Cubano - photo 10

Drop by for their Sunset Sessions from 5-7pm if you want a casual break if you’re not a student.

Coco Cubano - photo 5

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (student specials at Coco Cubano): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =D

Value: =)

Would I go and get a student special from Coco Cubano again? Yes. Normally I would never buy a burger for $16.90, even if there is a side of chips or salad because I’ll be too full! $9.90 is a standard price for a student meal and $5 huge iced drinks is not bad either. Wouldn’t mind trying the ice teas and smoothies though.

Would I donate the money I saved to a charity? This is a tricky one because I wouldn’t pay more than I did for the burgers and salad. The salad wasn’t really up to my standards but if they were the fabulous chips we had last time, then I wouldn’t mind paying an extra $2- plus it’ll be tax deductible.

Highlight: I love layout, the deco, the ambience, the vibe..! Very welcoming and friendly staff. I love old and quirky bits and pieces around the place. Can I also sit in a big comfy chair everyday at work? So royal. Could do with some occasional bands here.

Suggestion of Improvement: The salad. Adding either some pine nuts or walnuts would’ve been better, or even settling for a fresh garden salad could be another option. The buns on the burgers could’ve been not as toasted but I guess I’m being a bit picky here.. Let me know if anything changes!

Ends: March 31, 2014


Angela Bee


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