$5 for 2 coffee-caramel buns and drink – Pappa Roti

Fresh out of the oven, into a paper bag and then into your hands could be two perfectly rounded caramel-coffee buns and a hot or cold drink from Pappa Roti for just $5.

Pappa roti - photo 3

Pappa Roti is known for their crispy, fluffy, fragrant coffee cream coated bun with buttery filling. They’ve popped up at a few places including Macquarie Centre, Blacktown and on the way to UTS from Central station.

Pappa roti - photo 1
From Event Cinemas, walk down the escalators and head immediately to the right. Pappa Roti’s bright lights and desserts will attract your attention. This voucher is only available at Macquarie Centre though.

Pappa roti - photo 9

Pappa Roti is not just the buns, but the ice cream range…

Pappa roti - photo 6

And desserts too!

Pappa roti - photo 7

And please don’t forget about these tempting Malaysian drinks.

Pappa roti - photo 2

Today’s deal was two buns with a drink worth $5.40. Oh man, it smells so good! I’ve been here a couple of times and every time they make the buns straight away and they are steaming hot from the oven. The person kindly asked if we wanted the buns before the drink.

Pappa roti - photo 5

Eating any kind of breads, cakes, muffins without any cooling time is the best in my opinion. The coffee on the top crisped up extremely well, forming a semi hard surface so when we initially bit into the middle, the munch on the crust formed was evident. Look how perfectly round this bun is!

Pappa roti - photo 8

It was extremely fluffy inside and quite sweet too! The centre was magic. If you like melted butter, then this treat is for you! Look at the yellow ness! Yup, one bun was eaten even before receiving our drink #bunmagic

Pappa roti - photo 10

My mum ordered the Milo Godzilla. The difference between the milo dinosaur and godzilla was that the Godzilla has ice cream. It was massive compared to the other drinks available and my mum scooped up the ice cream and devoured it. I drank the milo because I don’t exactly fancy vanilla ice cream…

Pappa roti - photo 4

This was a super sweet morning tea but a super sweet deal! Thanks for bringing a taste of Malaysia to us! I hear they have Nasi Lemak and Chendol too!!

Review Rating : =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($5 for two coffee-caramel buns and drink): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend the $5 for two coffee-caramel bun and drink to a friend? Yes yes yes! If you live near Macquarie Centre then this is for you! My mum has already bought another one for her mum when she comes to Sydney so defs.

Would I donate the money saved to my charity organisation? A coffee-caramel bun is normally $2.50 each so we are getting a free drink. Something cold and refreshing needs to go with the combo so I would say $3 would go towards a charity.

Highlight: the tops of the coffee- caramel bun. If you know me well, I’ll eat muffin tops only. I love going from a hard to a light texture and the tops of these are amazing. Love!

Suggestion of improvement: have more branches in local areas and share the bun love.

Ends: July 8, 2014

Link: http://www.groupon.com.au/deals/sydney/papparoti/718201795

Angela Bee

Pappa Roti on Urbanspoon

Pappa Roti on Urbanspoon

Update (8/5/2014): Today my mum went again and she said that the bun wasn’t as great because it was flat, a tad burnt and the buttery centre was not in the middle. Also, we tried the Bandung (rosewater drink) and that tasted extremely artificial. Stick with the Godzilla!


One thought on “$5 for 2 coffee-caramel buns and drink – Pappa Roti

  1. roti maker September 16, 2014 / 6:55 pm

    yumm i will co there soon.thank’x for sharing.


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