$4 drinks at Harbour View Hotel – North Sydney

From 5:30-7pm, Harbour View Hotel at 17 Blue Street North Sydney has $4 drinks and $10 cocktails: the pianist plays, you listen, and have (multiple) drinks.

Harbour View Hotel - photo 1

Funnily enough, this hotel is right next to where I work so it was definitely too convenient when my friends asked to come here. I was stoked!

When you walk up the stairs at the main entrance, head to the left and follow the path into the door glasses.

Harbour View Hotel - photo 2

The place is spacious, modern and the people in there were classy, dressed up and potentially for the slightly older crowd. But I must admit, I would prefer it here because chairs and tables were apart, you could have your long discussions where you could easily hear the other person, and it’s not that busy.

Harbour View Hotel - photo 5

In the background there was a lovely lady playing the piano and singing soulfully. Elegant.So we looked at the drinks and the choices were basically from wine and beer for $4.

Harbour View Hotel - photo 1

The cocktails were $10 before 7 and listed below is the list.

Harbour View Hotel - photo 2

There were quite a few bartenders which was great and we didn’t have to wait to be served! What’s even better was that we were able to get a tab card and bill it all onto it.

Harbour View Hotel - photo 3

As a result, we had 2 rounds of cocktails:
A martini with too much salt on its brim, a Slice of Heaven which tasted like creaming soda which was sooooooo delicious, and a martini which tasted like kerosene. LOL. #obviouslythepeoplewhohadithadfunopinions

Harbour View Hotel - photo 4

Second round we all got coffee martinis and they were absolutely fantastic! If you’re a coffee drinker, this is your cocktail!

Harbour View Hotel - photo 6

There’s also mulled wine FYI! Fantastic for the winter blues.

Harbour View Hotel - photo 8

There was even a wine cellar in the bar and we were there for quite some time. Because one of my friends had been to the hotel before, a secret sneaky thought is going up to the 14th level (the top) and looking out at the window. It’s magic and it is why I call this area my new home.

Harbour View Hotel - photo 7

Scenic tip – head back out to the entrance, go up and down the stairs on the right and end up at Lavender Bay. At the Indian Harbourview restaurant, walk down and you’ll be at the water. Follow the path to the left and it will lead you go Luna Park and the Harbour Bridge 🙂

Harbour View Hotel - photo 9

Rating Review: (1-5, with 5 being exceptional)

Product ($4 drinks and $10 cocktails at Harbour View Hotel North Sydney): 5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Value: 4/5

Would I recommend going to Harbour View Hotel bar? Yes! bars in the city tend to be too busy and filled with a gazillion business workers. You can’t get a drink because the line is too long and you can’t hear your mates next to you because there are too many people. This place takes advantage of its space with a very chilled area and fast service.

Highlight: being able to have your space is a key factor in my books. If you want a place to chat and catch up with friends then this is the place to be..the prices for its cocktails don’t reflect how much they are actually worth so take advantage of the specials before 7!

Suggestion of improvement: would’ve loved to have the harbour view as the window seat but you can’t complain about it’s locality! It’s next to the train station, a 2 min walk from the water, and opposite Greenwood Plaza so if you need cheap food then it’s sorted!

Ends: never, but occurs daily

Angela Bee


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