Your Nespresso moment – Good Food and Wine Show

Free tickets sample cheese, wine, chocolate, pasta, dumplings, beers, cider, yoghurt, muesli, nuts….thank you, Wennie for finding tickets to The Walking Advertisement readers to the Good Food and Wine Show from June 27-29 at Sydney Olympic Park.

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 1

“Tour the very best food and wine regions of Australia; Yarra Valley, Barossa and McLaren Vale just to mention a few.  We’ve got them all in one destination; simply have your tasting glass and taste buds at the ready. ”

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 14

I’ve decided in this blog not to write about the millions of ‘try before you buy’ samples because it would potentially be 100 pages. Instead I’ll be going through the highlights and the one cooking class I managed to get into- Your Nespresso Moment.

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 3

“Nespresso invites you to discover Your Nespresso Moment with host of the popular cooking show ‘Everyday Gourmet’, Justine Schofield. In this session, Justine will demonstrate the versatility of Nespresso coffee in an interactive session with a series of sweet and savoury coffee creations suited to different moments in your day. Discover your morning, afternoon and evening coffee moment with Nespresso.”

Sydney’s Olympic Park was chokers so lining up for anything was hard. Surprisingly my mum, brother and I found ourselves finding a shortish line at the Nespresso kitchenand got two spots to see Justine Schofield- mum’s favourite celebrity chef from MasterChef.

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 5

When we arrived at our stations, we had the whole layout of what we were going to go through. Morning coffee capsules, afternoon espresso..and evening dessert of course! There was a Nespresso machine as well. Thank goodness I got into this session because I’ve just started work at a PR agency and they have the exact one and I had no idea how to use it!!

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 2

First of all Justine explained what we were doing so here was our lesson and how Nespresso wants to be there to compliment every moment. I  loved how the waitstaff came out and gave us ONE blueberry in a little cup. Everything was miniature which made it really cute! Everything was also already prepared so all we had to do was use the little wooden spoons and scoop it into our respective dishes.

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 6

Your Morning Coffee Moment – Fruit and Nut Coffee Muesli with Nespresso Fortissio Lungo to accompany

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 8

Making this was simple. Firstly we made the Nespresso Fortissio Lungo with our Nespresso machine. If you don’t know how to use it, there’s an ‘on/off’ button and you can select the button with a small cup for an espresso or the button with a bigger cup for a flat white or cappucino.. you get the point. The milk was already in the side machine and you can adjust it depending on how frothy you like the milk.

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 9

Once that was sorted and we had our two sips of coffee to energise us for the session, we got to the breakfast! There was already-made muesli with hints of coffee and yoghurt so all we had to do was layer them into a cup and top it up with our one blueberry. I have my muesli every morning so this was a delightful treat!

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 7

Your Afternoon Moment – Caramelised Balsamic & Coffee Onions with Whipped Goats Cheese Tartlets with Nespresso Dharkan Espresso to accompany

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 11

The little tartlet came in a little boat and again the waitstaff came with their small goods. That caramelised onion was actually the best I’ve had (yes it had coffee in it)! Scroll down for a picture of the recipes. We topped it up with goats cheese/ricotta and poked holes using a toothpick into a capsule to sprinkle the tartlet off with extra coffee. It sat as a little lovely canape!

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 12

Your Evening Moment – Cardamon Affogato with Hazelnut Brittle with Nespresso Decaffeinato Intenso

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 16

Everything on this menu was amazing. How can you not have a workshop involving an affogato? The vanilla-bean ice cream from Movenpick by itself is amazing but pouring that Nespresso Decaffeinato Intenso in it was sooooo good. I’m not a fan of anything vanilla-flavoured but this intensified it. The hazelnut crunches gave its crispy, creamy and smooth textures. Great compliments!

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 13

I must say, everyone in the class was really pleased and even more happy when we got to have photos with Justine, herself! Obviously my mum stands out with her phone with a chocolate cover but it was really awesome! I guess it was partly due to the fact that we got lucky and got front row seats haha!!! These workshops are definitely worth lining up for!

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 10

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Your Nespresso Moment at Good Food and Wine Show): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =)

Would I recommend going to Good Food and Wine Show to friend? Yes do do do do go!! It’s totally worth it and you’ll get as much alcohol and eats as you wish! For the Nespresso moment, I think it’s really good if you love coffee and it’ll help you integrate the grinds into your recipes. I thought it was clever so if you love cooking this is the way to go!

Highlight: Hearing from Justine and eating the food! Who doesn’t love to eat good food after you’ve gone through a million nut, yoghurt and cake samples? haha! For me, I don’t usually use coffee to cook anything except .. tiramisu? I usually buy my coffee but now that I have this at work it does change things!

Suggestion of improvement: I would’ve liked this to be be more ‘hands on’. I saw other workshops had people tossing pots and pans and it looked like heaps of fun. I get why it needed to be simple but everything was too well prepared! It would’ve been better if Justine could walk around and help each person to make it more interactive. It’ll just give it that personal touch!

Ends: June 29, 2014


Angela Bee

Good Food and Wine Show - photo 4


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