Studio Audience – The Full Brazilian

Irish comedian, Jimeoin, gives an opportunity for soccer fans to be part of a LIVE audience at TV show The Full Brazilian at SBS studios in St Leonards.

The Full Brazilian - photo 3

“It’s World Cup time. Viva Brazilia! We’re cheering on the Socceroos, getting up far too early, shouting at the TV, calling the ref a one-eyed cheat, and marvelling at the player’s skills. Making sense of it all is The Full Brazilian, a prime-time, slightly anarchic entertainment program celebrating the 2014 World Cup.”

The Full Brazilian - photo 9

Sign up with your availabilities on their website a couple of days before you want to go. Just be careful of putting which days you’re free because you might be going everyday!

You’ll receive a confirmation email with details so please don’t chuck this in your trash because it will be really handy, especially if you’ve never been to SBS studios in st Leonard’s before.

The Full Brazilian - photo 10

My brother and I had an epic dinner (I gobbled down a Moo Burger thanks to Paypal in 5 minutes) and ran to get there by 6:30pm. The email said it was a 10 minute walk from the station but it felt like it was longer! There are also buses in the “Artarmon Loop” from Herbert St every 10 minutes but we just missed it.

The Full Brazilian - photo 5

We got there all puffed and at reception they took our bags into the cloakroom. Yes, we got to keep our phones. Normally they discourage photos if the show is pre-recorded. The waiting room was filled with World Cup vibe.

The Full Brazilian - photo 4

Check out those funky soccer seats! I would love LOVE to work at SBS!!

The Full Brazilian - photo 2

We waited until around 7:10 before letting us in. Alright, we all want to know the hot spots to get on screen, right? The floor is actually ‘moveable’ because the cameras need to walk around.

The Full Brazilian - photo 1

There are two sections: floor and seats.

Floor: you get to move around and the presenters encourage those at the back to come forward. It sucks when you’re short and you need to look up on the screens to watch the show but it’s totally worth it when you’re at the front and get to see all the action. At first it’s a tad weird because it’s a ‘standing audience’ but everyone’s in the same boat! You also see the band close up.

The Full Brazilian - photo 7

Seats: your only camera opportunity is when you sit in the second or third row on the left side when you’re facing the ‘stage’. I was there for a bit but the cameras were definitely in my way. The bright side is that you don’t have to break a neck by looking upwards towards the screen?

The Full Brazilian - photo 6

It was pretty cool to see Dicko and Archie. Photo ops with the comedians are available afterwards! Also loved the vibe from the enthusiastic Brazilian drummers and dancers.

The Full Brazilian - photo 8

Verdict: Being part of a studio audience for a LIVE show is so much better. You get a laugh here at The Full Brazilian and time passes quickly. Stay on the floor to get up close and personal with the celebs.

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product (Studio Audience at The Full Brazilian): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I recommend being part of the studio audience for The Full Brazilian to a friend? If you’re a soccer fan, yes. Over cheering is what they love so get on it. As mentioned before, I prefer LIVE shows. I was at another show quite a while ago and it honestly took more than three hours to film! That’s longer an a movie!

Highlight: standing in the first row and watching the whole thing live. It’s not everyday you get to see it all up close! Most LIVE TV shows such as Q and A have designated seats (but great discussions). Here, it’s more fluid so everyone’s a winner!

Suggestion of Improvement: shower us with more lollies! Haha I’m kidding but sometimes it helps the crowd! The cloakroom line was quite long afterwards by that can’t be helped and there were three girls helping out so they were pretty quick!

Ends: July 13, 2014


Angela Bee


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