Finders Keepers Markets – Sydney

$2 entry to amazing access to over 150 art and design stalls at Finders Keepers Markets was an explosion of fun and creativity on Friday and Saturday June 6-7 at the Australian Technology Park, Redfern.

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 2

“We are independent design & art markets founded in Sydney, that supports new and emerging independent design. We aim to connect with others through our resources and projects. Our website is a growing source for the Australian art and design community and the supporters of our events.”

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 20

Walking from Redfern station, exit at Gibbon Street so that you stumble upon a small pathway with the sign ‘Australian Technology Park.’ With a market this popular, you’ll find yourself following a crowd!

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 1

After entering in the Locomotive workshop, the wide screen will get you in the mood! Luckily for us, we brought some extra cash  and wasn’t needing to wait in the long lines at the ATMs! Tip: bring cash. A lot of it.

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 3

There was a $2 entry free and for kids under 12 it’s free! It was an easy gold coin in the tub, then we were given an orange sticker and off we went on our crafty adventure!

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 4

Coming inside was like I was going to the Easter Show. There wear too many stalls, too many people and too many things to look at! Where to start? Do it systematically!

What I loved about the aisles were that they were spacious. Go up one end, then come back the same aisle on the other side. Not like your local supermarkets where you stroll up and down and everyone is looking at a million directions. This makes you see everything.

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 10

Most things there were hand made, ethically conscious, recyclables. Look at these cat and watermelon designs.

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 5


Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 22


Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 11

Awesome people with names!

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 8

Juke Case with music with ‘son valise’ (your luggage)!!

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 9

As well as the stalls, there were some workshops like the Crafty Party where you learnt about lettering.

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 7

And a workshop but you had to pay $35 for it. It included all your materials and extras. Looked fun but unfortunately were all booked out except three spots…

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 21

There was even a foodies section with tons of yummy samples. Fairybread is always a winner!

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 12

And this had real bees in their honey. It was kinda cool actually.

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 13

A stage was in the middle with musical performances to set the mood with enough chairs and tables of all sizes for the guests.

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 14

The food trucks also made an appearance but the queues were just super long… so just heads back inside and taste the spices, apple crumble and others you rarely see!

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 15

I just wanted to highlight the creativity these stall owners had when organising the presentation of their spaces. It’s hard when you’re limited but these people did an amazing job to trying to ‘stand out’ from the the crowd.

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 16

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 17

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 18

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 6

As we were leaving, the line multiplied by three fold. This was at around 1:30pm on the Saturday? So popular and so many people were carrying brown paper bags #sustainable #yeswearehipster

Finders Keepers Sydney - photo 19

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product (Finders Keepers Markets Sydney): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =)

Would I recommend going to The Finders Markets to a friend? If you love arts,c raft, creativity, or shopping, then you are in the right place. Obviously the space was dominated by the ladies but ey, there’s something for everyone! (My brother would’ve been bored though).

Highlight: too hard to decide! Probably seeing how creative everyone is! Most of the time you got to speak with the makers and they would explain how they made the product and he multi-purposeful ness of it so that was interesting!

Suggestion of improvement: this is tricky… We couldn’t find the toilets? There was perhaps just one sign that pointed in general directions but I had spotted one at the entrance. Just an FYI that things here are quite expensive so be armed with money!

Ends: occurs every season. Ie. Autumn/winter was this time round, and then Spring/summer is next on December 12-13, 2014.


Angela Bee


2 thoughts on “Finders Keepers Markets – Sydney

  1. Caitlin June 10, 2014 / 8:47 pm

    I loved Finders Keepers!! Definitely coming back again next season, armed with a list of birthday presents to buy for 2015!

    I think the Spring/Summer market is on 12-13th December, not September 🙂 I only know because I just put it in my diary haha!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angela Bee June 10, 2014 / 9:05 pm

      Hi Caitlin!!
      You’re exactly right – my bad! I thought it read September before so hope I’ll be seeing you in December there 😉


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