The secret sauce to creating a killer event – Vivid Ideas, Sydney

Event planners out there, listen with your eyes because a Vivid Ideas on Friday 6th June brought together Yvonne Lee from Wildwon, Kelly Burge from Eventbrite, and others with fantastic insight on how to make that event experience a success at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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“Vivid Ideas is the Asia Pacific’s annual celebration of innovation, creativity and community, building audiences and markets for the creative industries, and offering professional development opportunities across the sector.”

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“A half day event where event experts share their secrets to creating a truly amazing event from beginning to end, and beyond.”

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It was kinda funny having security guards push the button for you for the elevator…anyways! I was a tad late but had enough time to grab a quick coffee and a muffin.

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First up was Yvonne Lee and she spoke how events were an experience. It’s adapted from the UX, or user experience, approach. To be honest, I didn’t know how much I knew about this and if you did IT, you would ace event planning!

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Here were her 5 secret herbs and spices for a successful event:
1. People will always remember how you feel – energy and atmosphere is key
2. Stretching the event horizon – your event starts from the time someone hears about it so content is key
3. Find your A team – partner power
4. Walk a mile in their shoes- Unpack personas, write a storyboard and map journeys
5. Follow your North Star designs – empower everyone with a culture of excellence

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I loved how she really emphasised on the experience of every person, including the volunteers, sponsors, speakers and attendees. Understanding the person and making sure that the experience is made will benefit both short and long term. Help, not hinder.

Vivid Ideas - photo 5

Secondly, Kelly Burge from Eventbrite spoke about the tools and benefits of using the website to make your event go viral.

Vivid Ideas - photo 3

Some included:
– the website itself
– event listing partnerships with Eventful
– social, you can see which friends are going to an event
– search, SEO could come up higher than the host! Oops!
– mobile, on the app
– notifications

Vivid Ideas - photo 7

Did you know that for every share on social, there is an average of 8.7 visits, which equals $4.80 revenue. The one thing I got out of this session was that knowledge is power. Tracking traffic shows buyer behaviour and can make it easier for sponsorships and grants

Vivid Ideas - photo 9

Finally, panellists including Tiffany from General Assembly, Julia from Sydney Festival, and Yvonne were answering pre-determined questions from Kelly on community building.

Vivid Ideas - photo 12

Important points were:
> community building is constant, an ongoing community and engagement tool.
> emails should be sent with intention to help! not hype.
> Instagram is great for photos and videos and not one is the same. Everyone has a different perspective
> Twitter could be used as a customer service system, informative
> Facebook is a social sharing network

Vivid Ideas - photo 11

In summary from the panel:
Tiffany– bring data to the conversation so use it to influence choices
Julia- make it easy to bring new people in
Yvonne- events are an ecosystem so do things with meaning and purpose

At the end of the event, we all received an Eventbrite cupcake as part of our memorable ‘experience’ and indeed it was! Thanks Vivid Ideas for organising this lovely event for those in the events industry.

Vivid Ideas - photo 8

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product (Vivid Ideas): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend going to Vivid Ideas to a friend? If you are in event planning then this would’ve been a perfect workshop- even if you plan for club events at uni! There are tons of other events targeted at different people from a range of industries so get on it!

Highlight: definitely hearing the talks. It’s great having people whit so much experience from organising Progress 2013 alongside one of Obama’s campaigns, to a Roll On Long Lunch which I volunteered at earlier this year…it was a great chance to even ask questions!

Suggestion of improvement: the event went from 9am to 12 noon and I think we really needed some break times in between to network with those around us. The end was great too!

Ends: June 9, 2014
Link: Eventbrite, Vivid Ideas

Angela Bee


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