$15 Pizza or Pasta for Two – Dulcis Domus

Pizza. Pasta. Pizza. Pasta. The Italian choice is yours for $15 for two varieties with a soft drink or juice at Dulcis Domus, opposite UTS.

Dulcis Domus - photo 2

“Dulcis Domus translates to ‘sweet home’ in Latin, and it’s this type of comfortable environment that the team aim to bring to diners. Centrally located in Broadway, diners can expect Mediterranean fare as well as cafe-style snacks and beverages for smaller appetites. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Dulcis Domus is a licensed venue and specialises in wood-fired pizzas, and a range of pasta, meat and seafood options.”

Dulcis Domus - photo 1

You know that place we used to call The Clare? Right next to that is a restaurant that opened up earlier this year and the place looks fancy compared to the cheap Vietnamese roll and pho place, or even the Broadway Bar next door. I guess it aims to attract all those new business people at the Living Mall, right?

Dulcis Domus - photo 9

Anyways, the staff seemed pretty casual and I spotted some home made pasta not the side.

Dulcis Domus - photo 10

The room has a dark but classy vibe to it. Modern and clean. We got seated  and were handed over the Groupon menus to look over. There were soft drinks or apple or orange juice as an alternative. I love the lights at the ceiling!

Dulcis Domus - photo 3

.. as well as the nice hints of vintage here and there. I don’t know why but I realised that we were listening to the coffee machine go off whilst waiting for our meals. #needingtowakeup #coffeefix

Dulcis Domus - photo 4

Firstly, we ordered the Cappello di Napoleone. Essentially, it was half a calzone and half margherita. Holy crap the calzone was delicious! I wished we got a whole one because the generosity of the ricotta, ham, salami and peppers was to like cheesey goodness poured into my belly.

Dulcis Domus - photo 5

Because I used to work in a pizzeria, I’m not too sure the base was up to my standards but it wasn’t burnt or anything. Give me more!

Dulcis Domus - photo 7

The ‘Ravioli Alla Casereccia’ was drowned in olive oil and tomatoes so that made the dish very filling. I think I ate 2 pieces and I was full but I kept on powering on because the pasta was amazing! Although there wasn’t as much pasta as I wished, it was still quite tasty with the mushrooms and tomato.

Dulcis Domus - photo 6

My orange juice came in a jarred jar but I think it was just fro me bottle. I would’ve expected freshly squeezed since the normal price is $4!!!! You could buy 2-3 litres of juice at the local supermarket! Ohwell what can you do when its only $7.50.

Dulcis Domus - photo 8

Great classy place and I hear that they have one metre pizzas! Keep Calm and Drink Wine #lifelessons

Dulcis Domus - photo 11

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($15 wood-fire pizza or pasta for two with drink): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend Dulcis Domus to a friend? For this deal, it is really hard to beat. I don’t know how big their profit margins are on this one.. especially the pizzas with plenty of toppings. Definitely buy it if it comes up again and I guess the prices there are standard prices at normal pizzerias ($15 for small, $25 for large).

Would I donate the money spent to a chosen charity? Yes. I would shout someone from OzHarvest.

OzHarvest is a non-denominational charity that rescues excess food which would otherwise be discarded. This excess food is distributed to charities supporting the vulnerable in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Newcastle.

Highlight: Calzone pizza! Fresh out of the oven is the best time to have a piping hot pizza! MM!!

Suggestion of Improvement: It would’ve been nicer if the waitress gave us our drinks to have before we got our meal. We kinda forgot about the drinks because the food was delicious! Could have some improvement with the drinks and probably less oil in the pasta and have more actual pasta on the plate please!

Ends: October 23, 2014

Groupon: https://www.groupon.com.au/deals/sydney/dulcis-domus/718257681

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DulcisDomusRestaurant

Angela Bee

Dulcis Domus on Urbanspoon


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