One Dollar Hot Dogs- The Soda Factory

Remember those sausage sizzles we had during school for $2? The Soda Factory halves the price to $1 and brings back school memories (particularly for those who went my school at Ryde with those free big breakfasts) with a gourmet twist every Tuesday from 5pm.

Dollar Dogs Soda Factory - photo 1

The Soda Factory is known for its one dollar hot dogs every Tuesday, as well as serving up its newly expanded menu including Mac and Cheese Spring Rolls and Peanut Butter and Chocolate Milkshakes. They’re all oh so delicious with daily specials!

Dollar Dogs Soda Factory - photo 2

Step into the Coca Cola bottled entrance and be prepared to see long queues because it ain’t no regular factory!

Dollar Dogs Soda Factory - photo 11

My friend and I struggled to find a spot so we sneakily sat at a table with a reservation at 7pm. We came early to try and avoid the crowd and just catch up in life in general. Come at 5pm for some hot dogs in case they run out by the end of the night.

Dollar Dogs Soda Factory - photo 3

We sit down and there’s a pretty funky disk as a reservation tag and a menu with five delicious dogs to order for $1.

Dollar Dogs Soda Factory - photo 5

– The Frank Sinatra: beef and pork frankfurter with American mustard sauerkraut, pickles and crispy onion ring

– The Buffalo Bill: battered chicken sausage, spicy buffalo sauce and cheese

– The Texas Redneck: bratwurst pork sausage, smoked chilli cheese, homemade BBQ sauce

– Bobby’s Bogan Dog: pork sausage, Dijon mustard, smashed peas, feta cheese

– The Yoko Ono: veggie sausage, avocado, pickled sauerkraut, diced tomatoes, American mustard ($2)

– The Don Draper: beef and pork frankfurter, monterey jack cheese, tomato sauce and American mustard

Dollar Dogs Soda Factory - photo 4

So last time my friend ordered a hot dog for full price here which was $10. It was super big and had the onion was slightly overpowering but still tasted good. I somehow had high and low expectations…

Dollar Dogs Soda Factory - photo 12

Just a FYI that you must order a drink with any dollar dog purchase. That means that you can order 5 dollar dogs with one beer. $7.50 was the cheapest alcoholic drink. Our dogs came out really quickly and I saw that lots of people were ordering en masse.

Dollar Dogs Soda Factory - photo 8

I got Bobby’s Bogan Dog with mashed peas and feta. The sausage itself is cut in half and quite small, the presentation looks fancy and you’ll be mostly chewing on the nice soft bun. It was alright.

Dollar Dogs Soda Factory - photo 6

My friend got The Buffalo Bill and that was quite tasty..maybe because I love some spiciness in everything! (blame India)

Dollar Dogs Soda Factory - photo 7

There was a nice little band playing in the background which was a pleasure to listen to but there were too many people and not enough seats.

Dollar Dogs Soda Factory - photo 9

It’s almost as good as the unlimited sausage sizzle Big Breakfasts we used to have at Ryde Secondary College but buy a drink and order a fair share of hot dogs with your mates after work or uni! #grownups

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Dollar Dogs at The Soda Factory): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I recommend going to get Dollar Dogs at The Soda Factory to a friend? If you’re running low on cash and need a place to hangout then this is perfect! A lot of pubs have cheap Tuesdays but I haven’t found a place that beats this!

Would I donate the money saved to a food charity? I know OzHarvest and SecondBite are great causes. Every dollar gives five people a meal.

Highlight: its packed and I kid you not. I love the atmosphere and everyone, including all staff are in positive spirits! I know they spend the whole day premaking hundreds of hot dogs so they get pumped out quickly to hungry guests. Great and quick service!!

Suggestion of improvement: More chairs would’ve been more ideal because there were just so many people just standing awkwardly and eying spaces. When we were told that the people who reserved our places had come, everyone was asking why we were leaving and if they could sit there- LOL! Next time: reserve a place.

Ends: never but check their website


Angela Bee

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