The UTS Underground Grand Opening

An extension from Central station’s tunnel has made its way to UTS, with the grand opening of The Underground yesterday with free champagne and snacks from 4-6pm.

The Underground - photo 4

“ActivateUTS brings colour, fun, laughs and friendship to the wider UTS community.

The Underground - photo 1

We’re more than on campus facilities such as the bars and cafes, the gym and retail outlets. We’re also more than the on campus events, clubs and societies (sporting and social). We’re all about enhancing your experience while studying at UTS. We’re the place you come to when you’re looking to make new friends, meet like-minded people and make those connections that last a lifetime.”

The Underground - photo 6

There was a massive line heading towards the tunnel. There were some colourful characters from UTS Backstage to greet us in.

The Underground - photo 3

Formerly known as the Glasshouse, ActivateMarketplace was transformed into an underground metro. Literally. #allstationstoUndergroundJunctionSouth

The Underground - photo 5

Do we spot some familiar faces as live models advertising at the Marketplace? There was a lovely lady handing out goodie bags too.

The Underground - photo 7

All in the shape of a giant lolly! This place was definitely designed to help boost those energy levels for assignments and exams.

The Underground - photo 8

There was even a lolly station with arms flying all over to get their hands on sugary treats!

The Underground - photo 9

Check this out. Who goes through the tunnel and has never seen a busker? There’s UTS’ busker using buckets to produce music! PS. love the Fijian lady and her husband who play the sax and keyboard every day #somuchlove

The Underground - photo 10

We took a little detour and ended up at the Bites Booth where we saw what the little canteen offered. They had salads, pies, sausage rolls and the usual.

The Underground - photo 11

Then finally we got to the main area with pool tables, funky tables and chairs, greenery all around the area, a band playing, and a ton of people at the bar waiting for free champagne.

The Underground - photo 19

The band was playing extremely loudly and like many bars, it was hard to hear your friends even if they were less than one metre away.

The Underground - photo 21

Thank goodness we got new pool tables! The old ones would’ve been soaked in beer.

The Underground - photo 12

Next to the bar you hada chance to take a selfie with the stars! tag #activateuts and #activatemarketplace to win a trip to LA!

The Underground - photo 14

Then Mr Thomas greeting us into the wardrobe heading into Narnia.

The Underground - photo 27

I love how cosy it was!!! The chairs, the carpet, the lamp, and the fake windows lol!

The Underground - photo 16

There was even a screening of Narnia playing when we got there! I love how there are powerpoints sockets too. Anyone up for smashing out an assignment whilst downing a beer? #creativityatitspeak

The Underground - photo 15

There was even some Turkish Delight – Edmund’s favourite enchanted sweet.

The Underground - photo 17

Then I finally decided to wait for a free glass of champagne.

The Underground - photo 20

Of course there were as many bubbles as there were people!

The Underground - photo 18

My friends and I then wandered into the food court. On the way we got some free fruit!

The Underground - photo 22

I don’t know why, but the place seems to look bigger with the fake brick walls. Does anyone else feel the same?

The Underground - photo 23

The booths make each table more intimate and it sure look extremely colourful.

The Underground - photo 24

Let’s also admit that the only thing we’ve missed throughout the construction time has been the pide.

The Underground - photo 25

How lovely for the staff to pose for a photo for us!

The Underground - photo 26

Smith’s MAXX chips were a clear sponsor, with tons of small packets distributed to everyone.

The Underground - photo 2

Shame I’m not at UTS anymore but it doesn’t stop me from coming back! PS it was great to see so many uni friends again (:

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Grand Opening of The Underground): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend heading to The Underground to a friend? Yes! Particularly if you’ve been a UTS student for the past year, the changes are phenomenal.

Would I donate the money saved to a charity? Champagne was on the house and snacks too! it was a great way of celebrating and the free drinks brought in the students. $5 drinks would’ve been good too.

Highlight: The Underground in general. WOW. UTS did an amazing job and I think everyone loves it. Well, it’s not hard to beat considering how awful it was before… Love Naria. Love The Underground tunnel idea in general. Now they need to get the buskers involved and do a few tunes 😉

Suggestion of improvement: just wondering how will UTS maintain this? I hope it won’t get trashed by the end of the year! They should do weekly screenings in Narnia-land and pool competitions of some sort. I’m interested in how the clubs and societies will hold events here from now on!

Ends: never


Angela Bee


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