Romance Was Born – Biennale 2014

Give a little glitter and chimerical flutter to a room full of exuberant dresses for the occasions. ‘Romance Was Born’ is a fashion label and is displaying a free exhibition at Carriage Works for Biennale 2014.

Romance was born - photo 3

“Romance Was Born encompasses both new and classic modes of fashion resulting in playful elegance. Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales met whilst studying fashion design and launched their Sydney based label in 2005.” This was a showcase of Rebecca Baumann’s work.

Romance was born - photo 9

There are two entrances: Romance was Born..

Romance was born - photo 12

and Reflected Glory.

Romance was born - photo 1

There was a little bit of information about Romance was Born and Rebecca Baumann as they explore our basic desire for happiness pursued in customs, rituals and occassions..

Romance was born - photo 5
Entering through the first, the smashing of colours was too much to consume! There were hoisted up models with beautifully long dresses and fun colourful lights as if you were put into a kaleidoscope.

Romance was born - photo 2

In the middle there was a giant moving platform and was the only moving sound in the midst of the stationery models.

Romance was born - photo 10

Imagine the work on the colourful tiles on the ground lading up against the wall. I think the light reflected on this, making the dark room livelier.

Romance was born - photo 4

I wonder how long it would took to get all the sequences done. #somucheffort

Romance was born - photo 6

The photo taken below does not do this amazing dress justice. If you examine it closely, there is a t-shirt/suit thing at the bottom and the top is an extravagant wedding dress.

Romance was born - photo 8

Loving the prosperity of gold in this one!

Romance was born - photo 11

A very cute room particularly for fashion designers.

Romance was born - photo 7

Review Rating : =D =) =| =(

Product (Romance Was Born): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I recommend going to Romance Was Born at Carriageworks to a friend? If you are studying design or even working in design, this will give you some very nice inspiration.

Would I donate the money saved to a charity? Since there isn’t a price on these things, I’m wondering how the maker makes money? So much time and effort would’ve been put into it so I think an auction is a better option.

Highlight: the dresses. You. Can. Not. Stop. Staring.

Suggestion of Improvement: there needs to be a bigger sign to attract more people coming inside! I was at Eveleigh Markets, then went to another exhibition with those Biennale signs, went to the toilet, then decided to go the opposite way to where we came and voila! Its too gorgeous to miss.

Ends: May 11, 2014


Angela Bee


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