$5 Belgian Waffle and frozen yoghurt – Yoforia

Waffle with froyo- sounds different to the waffle and ice cream we’re normally used to, right? Froyo craze has been expanded to combine desserts from other countries and Yoforia offers it for $5 at Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Yoforia - photo 5

Yoforia is a frozen yoghurt joint at Harbourside, Darling Harbour that is also introducing Belgian waffles in the froyo fix. “Yoforia is a healthy and delicious frozen yogurt treat that emphasizes on mostly natural and organic ingredients, creating a euphoric experience in your mouth. ”

Yoforia - photo 11

Ok, so we all know how crazy CRAZY the expansion of frozen yoghurt, or froyo, has been over the past three years. If you’ve been on exchange or overseas for over 3 months and had a walk down George Street in the city, then you’ve probably had five heart attacks. Don’t worry, it’s healthier than ice cream. #youscreamiscreamweallscreamforicecream

Yoforia - photo 10

The other day I went with my brother to check out Yoforia at Harbourside, Darling Harbour to see if this new combo of waffle and froyo works. Anyone tried churros and froyo yet either?

There was actually no one there when we arrived except for a couple which was quite surprising considering that they’ve sold more than 1000 coupons. Displayed at the front was an Acai sign. Ah!! I miss it so much from Brazil! Conclusion is Acai with muesli and strawberries is the best.

Yoforia - photo 13

Inside there was almost a tree if toppings for the froyo. Glance upwards and you’ll see pot plants hanging down.

Yoforia - photo 1

On the side, some fancy flavours including lychee, taro, chocolate and original…but go for the lamington if they have it!

Yoforia - photo 6

At the counter, the person there was madly making waffles. He was simply using a waffle machine you could get at Kmart but hey, the batter makes the difference.

Yoforia - photo 2

Normally waffles are $6.50 each, or two for $10. Essentially you bought the groupon voucher to receive a bit of froyo worth $4.

Yoforia - photo 4

Very nice seating too but if you can, bring your froyo outside and enjoy the harbour views  and sunshine on a sunny day. It’s like a 10 second walk away.

Yoforia - photo 3

The platter came out on a neat long plate.

Yoforia - photo 7

Waffles were doughy and very delicious! They weren’t burnt or uncooked but just crisp enough on its outside. One was plain, and the other one had a little bit of chocolate drizzled on top. They were very similar to Max Brennar but the chocolate at MaxB is much much much more enticing.

Yoforia - photo 8

The froyo on the side was a little disappointing. The frozen yoghurt itself was not that great? The original was far more better than the chocolate but to me, it had a sour aftertaste because the waffles were sweeter! I don’t think there was $4 worth of froyo there though. It was a nice compliment but I ate it separately in the end.

Yoforia - photo 9

Verdict on waffles and froyo combo: ice cream is way more sweet and is soaked in by waffles very well. Although waffles and froyo is a good idea in theory and is a healthier alternative, it isn’t as amazing. Creaminess needs to be present for them taste buds. #whatafatty

It says on their website that their yoghurt is organic, gluten-free and 98% fat free.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($5 Belgian waffles and frozen yoghurt at Yoforia): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I recommend the $5 Belgian waffle and frozen yoghurt at Yoforia to a friend? Yeah, do go for it. My taste buds may be different to someone else’s so definitely give it a go! I’ve talked with a few friends of mine and we’ve agreed that that place does not have the best froyo. Sorry! Waffles are good though!

Would I donate the money saved to my charity? As previously mentioned, it’s normally 2 waffles for $10 and we paid $10 for two groupon vouchers. Apparently we saved ‘$8’ on the froyo and I’m sure we could’ve gotten more in a self serve cup. I would’ve preferred it that way? Anyways, I would’ve paid $1.50 each for the extra froyo so between my brother and I, it would be $3.

Highlight: the waffles. There’s also cinnamon so keen to try that too because that’s slightly different to what other dessert bars have. I’m sure we can make it at home and I remember making waffles at my friend in France’s place. Oh yum! Slightly chewy and a bit crispy. Probably needed a nice tea and coffee to wash it down.

Suggestion of improvement: more chocolate on the waffles please! Haha! Doesn’t hurt to be a chocoholic aye? Nah, I rkn the portion size of the frozen yoghurt was ideal for the waffles we were served but not exactly worth $4 as an add on. It’s hard to change the recipe of frozen yoghurt but what I would suggest is to have other options for people to try with waffles. Lamington froyo would’ve been delicious and if you own an eatery, you’ll probably find out that people like to try NEW things, not the same thing. Plain and chocolate froyo is available at almost every froyo joint I know…

Ends: October 8, 2014

Link: http://www.yoforia.com.au/

Groupon: Voucher

Angela Bee

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