50 cent chicken wings and drumsticks – Black Penny

50 cent chicken wings and chicken drumsticks are such a great bargain for a Monday nights at Black Penny in Redfern.

Black Penny - photo 2

Black Penny, along with Black Listed Gallery, is a bar and art space on 648 Bourke Street.

Black Penny - photo 6

It was a 20 minute walk from Central Station on a pretty gloomy might for a couple of friends graduation. It was nicely situated on a corner and a small enough bar for a few guests.

Black Penny - photo 1

The first thing you’ll notice when you get in is the art on the right side. It includes Pinnochio!

Black Penny - photo 3

On the way up to the bar, which is only a couple of steps, you’ll see a small range of notes and coins from around the world as well as some old bottles.

Black Penny - photo 13

It’s actually quite nice peeping down onto the quite small main floor but gives you that inch of importance.

Black Penny - photo 7

Black Penny - photo 14

On their website, it says that they Happy Hour specials are from 5-7 but on their PDF menu, it says 5-7. It was pretty unfortunate that we didn’t make it in time and it was actually the latter that was true #warning. Remember: next time arrive at 5pm for $5 drinks and $5 fries and pork crackling.

Black Penny - photo 17

We just had some shared plates to go around including chunky hand cut wedges made from real potatoes. The skins were still on them and they were piping hot served with bacon infused aioli. Yum.

Black Penny - photo 8

Of course we had the chicken too and the first of our batch went too quickly.

Black Penny - photo 10

What I loved about them was that the meat was almost falling off the bones so you just had to use a fork to eat. They were deliciously marinated and definitely going for more.

Black Penny - photo 11

We also had some salmon patties that were nice as well.

Black Penny - photo 12

Small and dimmed bar with very nice staff. They even brewed their own beer for Craft Beer Week! They should do it all the time!!

Black Penny - photo 5

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Monday specials at Black Penny): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I recommend a friend to go to Black Penny? The location is quite the walk but not too bad if you have the time. It was a cosy chilled out place but then again, we did go on a Monday night. I would have to tell my friends to go early for some special deals!

Would I donate the money saved to my charity? I’m not sure how much I would’ve saved? I don’t think so… If I was a local I would come here more often.

Highlight: chicken wings and drummettes. Maybe I was hungry but maybe the chicken was just really good. They also come in three flavours.

Suggestion of improvement: maybe just update the website so customers aren’t mislead when they arrive. I mean, they had so,e really nice cocktails and I would come back to try the other daily specials.

Ends: none. Click on link below to be updated.
Link: http://www.blackpenny.com.au/

Angela Bee

Black Penny on Urbanspoon


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