Elitist Code fashion launch

How convenient to launch a fashion website during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Jessica Goh, founder of Elitist Code, had the right idea at the right time offering a free launch event at Hard Candy fitness on Thursday (late night shopping day also) April 10, 2014.

Elitist code - photo 11

“Elitist Code lives and breathes the dress code of elegance, charm and grace without sacrificing comfort. We work with a team of designers to create beautifully crafted unique dresses from a Grecian maxi, charming day dress to stunning cocktail and aesthetic evening dresses and delicate jewellery packaged in velvet boxes. Our creations are designed to mark a milestone of every woman in their journey of womanhood and to simply embrace their own beauty.”

Elitist code - photo 1

Unfortunately it was raining but not too hard to stop online shoppers from seeing the fashion launch of Elitish Code. To be honest, I didn’t know much about it except that it was a free event with drinks, nibbles and goodie bags. #workingtoohardonthisblog

Elitist code - photo 1

I always passed Hard Candy Fitness Centre and always see the sign that Madonna was the founder. Interesting because I don’t know how it differentiates from other fitness centres.

Elitist code - photo 16

Anyways, there were already quite a few people in the room when I arrived. There were goodie bags waiting for us and inside there were brochures from their sponsors such as Top Juice, Youthful Living and Flower Child.

Elitist code - photo 4

I was also one of the first people to grab a plate of delicious quinoa and fruit salad. There was quite a bit leftover actually! It was so delicious and a little sweet and crunchy. I kinda had some dinner before just in case there wasn’t a lot but people who wanted more could just go for it.

Elitist code - photo 2

There was also a bit of champagne by the flute. I’m pretty sure it was YellowTail.

Elitist code - photo 5

There were heaps of red and white balloons around the place which made the launch more attractive. It’s actually quite unusual to have a fashion label launch in a gym, right? We should’ve all done a fitness class beforehand ahaha. #fitshion

Elitist code - photo 3

At around 8pm after arriving for a supposedly 7:30 start, we were ushered into a studio with a little stage and seats only for VIPs. They were nicely organised with clear labels. I ended up standing with the rest next to the mirror. I really like this shot.

Elitist code - photo 6

Amy Rose was the MC. I only know her name because we used to study PR together. She welcomed us and held a short interview with the founder, Jessica Koh. Jess explained that Elitist Code was not only the everyday fashion, but the completely experience. For example, she sells Stainer Pens so that removing stains from a spilled glass of wine on a shirt is convenient. #utsconnections

Elitist code - photo 7

Then the fashion began!

Elitist code - photo 8

The door person opened the gym gates and four models came in to show off the works.

Elitist code - photo 9

The music was a bit disjointed but they brought out different moods and grooves with each selection.

Elitist code - photo 12

Elitist code - photo 10

At the end, all of them came together to bust out some moves with Jess as the finale.

Elitist code - photo 13

We all received another photo opportunity with the crew at the end as we were coming out. What a pleasant evening.

Elitist code - photo 14

Elitist Code is having 20% off their range as a launch promotion.

Elitist code - photo 15

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product (Elitist Code Launch Party): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to another Elitist Code fashion launch? I see that there is going to be another one and totally worth it because it is free. Normally fashion shows are exclusive to the fashion industry and are ticketed so definitely.

Would I donate the money saved to the organisers/charity? With these events you know that there were lots of volunteers who helped out. A $5 donation that goes to the organisers for the next show wouldn’t be too bad, or towards purchase?

Highlight: the setting was simple and it wasn’t overcrowded so there was room so that everyone could see. Well done. I mean the fashion wasn’t outstanding and more for the everyday person but it was really really cool to see that the models were not all ‘thin’.

Suggestion of improvement: probably the transition of music. I’ve never been to a fashion launch but it would’ve been great if he people who came got exclusive vouchers or first access to the online store? Interested to know which personalities were in the room!

Ends: online
Link: http://www.elitistcode.com/

Angela Bee


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