Women as Entrepreneurs workshop and pitch

If you want to see what the future holds in terms of ideas associated with technology, Women Entrepreneurs held a free mentoring workshop for those with creative ideas.

Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 4

“We envision a world where women are represented equally in business. Not only because it is fair, but also because diversity drives innovation and results in a more competitive economy. We believe that if we challenge the outdated traditions in business and increase the numbers of women in entrepreneurship, we will empower communities, nations and shape a better world.” #abitfeministmuch #supportingfemales

Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 11

Held at the NSW Trade and Investment building above the MLC centre, the locality was excellent and level 47 gave us a beautiful view of Sydney.

Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 5

Firstly, we had a short Q and A discussion with one of the mentors and it was really helpful because she was saying how support networks are very important. Friends and families, if your mate has a business idea, don’t ever ever give them negative feedback or discourage them from doing what they dream- tell them to go for it!!

Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 8

Then the mentors, who were ironically all men for the ones who came, introduced ourselves and what I sort of found difficult was that we had to approach them ie #tackleyourwaythroughthecrowdtotalktothementors

Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 2

It took maybe 30 minutes for me to talk with a mentor and it was pretty disorganised to just bluntly say. I ended up just talking to women in the room. All of them had a personal connection to their problem and it didn’t surprise me how much time it takes for an idea to become a reality. Guys, if you don’t know much about starting businesses, I would say minimum 6 months. It’s easy to think that an idea might pop up one day but to mould it into a fantastic idea takes a bit of time!
Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 6
Networking was probably the best thing we did. What I had in mind was that a lot of women here have full time jobs (I’m so sad and having a quarter life crisis with no real job) and took time off to come. That’s dedication #dosomethingyouloveWe all talked to each other from 11-1 then there was an announcement of the top 8 pitches who would be presenting. I’m not too sure how this was determined and I wished Orsi, the organiser, would be more transparent about it and it kinda sucked because in the email it said that we should all prepare for pitches. I talked to a lady who skipped a conference to learn her pitch last night and didn’t end up getting chosen!
Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 1
Anyway, we all had some sandwiches and the pitching was commencing!! On the judging panel was Katie from CBA Women in Focus, Laura from Scale Investors, Melissa from Sea point Ventures, Phil from Pollenizer, and Kuba from McKinsey & Co.
Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 7
There were presentations from storage spaces, to locators of best views around the world for tourists, to gaming apps for children to identify if they have hearing problems,matching mentors to mentees for women. Very exciting and inspiring to hear from so many women in the tech space!
Women Entrepreneur pitch - photo 10

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

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Ambience: =D

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Value: =)

Would I go to another Women Entrepreneur pitch again? I really liked networking and getting to know other people who were in the same boat as me as well as others in further or initial stages of their idea. Everyone helps everyone!
Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? For booking the room? yes. For the organisation? It was really nice having all the mentors come in and to be honest, I pictured it to be more like a ‘speed-mentoring’ environment. A $10 fee wouldn’t hurt but for start ups who have no money it could be a bit tricky although food was included.
Highlight: As mentioned before, definitely the networking and seeing other peoples ideas come to life. I actually haven’t been in the entrepreneurial scene for too long- probably since the beginning of the year. It was nice to see apps come to life.
Suggestion of improvement: the organisation. I think everyone ws very confused when Orsi said to just go and talk with the mentors they wanted to talk to. There were long queues and I wished everyone pitched. Some people took time preparing their pitches and I really wanted to hear everyones. I would’ve preferred it if we split up into say 8 groups, then from the top person from each group would pitch in the final round. Would’ve made it more realistic because I don’t exactly know how they determined the top ‘8’ without talking with everyone…
Ends: April April 9, 2014
Angela Bee

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