Bunting Tote Bag workshop – Smart Arts Youth Festival

How cute is bunting on a tote bag! As part of Smart Arts Youth Festival this week, I attended the FREE ‘Bunting Tote Bag’ workshop run by Laura from 6-9pm on Monday April 7, 2014.

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 9

SmartArts is all about showcasing the artistic talents and creative initiatives of young people aged 15-26 years. Experience and enjoy a range of cutting edge arts and cultural events over seven days during National Youth Week.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 1

Just an FYI that there are other workshops going on at the same time so don’t forget to buzz in at the front door and make sure you’re at the right one. Mine was at Jewellery Studio at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre and this was my building at the back.

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 1

When I got there I was the first and luckily I bought my box of Shapes (sweet chilli and sour cream) to share with the group. 6-9 is prime dinner time and I used to have Spanish classes so I knew I would be starving if I didn’t eat anything. #concentratingwithneedles

There was a very cute setting decorated by Laura herself, a former MAP student from UTS #communicationspride #buntingeverywhere

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 2

We were given a set of instructions which we didn’t end up reading at all, a small triangle, pencil, scissors, roller, needles and other bits and pieces. Laura actually works for the ABC show, Roast, designing and fabricating their costumes!!

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 3

First up, we used some contact and cut a triangle out. The middle and placed it on our tote bags (supplied) so we could paint inside them. We just had to be careful that we didn’t splatter too much paint on otherwise the paint would’ve gone outside its margins (called bleeding).

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 4

A good tip is to also out some newspaper in your bags before beginning so the paint doesn’t go through the bag. It means you won’t have splotches of paint on the other side!

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 5

While we waited for that to dry up, we learnt three embroidery techniques. The first, a back stitch where you have to see the back stitch before the front. Second, a chain stitch so you do a loop around your stitch if that makes any sense. Third, making a poka dot that proved to be most difficult. Refer to the imagine below for a better explanation. #visuallearningforfashiononly

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 7
There was a stack of funky material provided so two people were on the ironing boards completely drying the paint. Meanwhile,we rest of the crew went scrambling for their best patterns!

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 6

You would honestly not notice how fast time goes! Before we knew it we were cutting and hand stitching without a noise! And here’s my end product!! Thanks Laura!

Bunting workshop Smart Arts - photo 8

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product (Bunting Tote Bag Workshop): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I do another workshop as a part of Smart Arts Youth Festival? Yes yes! I’m going today to Parlour Games. It’s all about drawing and the only things I can draw are spirals but I guess this could be the place where I can improve! Plus, it’s at the MCA so I’ll probably get some creative energy out of there.

Would I donate the money I saved to a charity? I actually don’t think that the people running it get paid. For the materials, I would definitely pay $5 for because you get a handy bag out of it. A girl in our class is giving it to her best friend. #timeovermoney #handmadegiftideas

Highlight: I didn’t mention is earlier but learning how to tie a knot at the end of your thread. Oh. my. gosh. It is a revolutionary way. I’m sorry but I don’t think I have the capacity to explain it here but the idea is twirling the thread around your needle and then pulling it to the bottom. Ask me next time I see you.

Suggestion of improvement: I think everyone was starving and thank goodness I brought those Shapes for the small group of 5 of us. It went around pretty well so maybe ask everyone to bring in some snacks next time? Although I don’t think that would work for other workshops such as ceramics but ohwell.

Ends: April 12, 2014
Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/774980562514582/

Angela Bee


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