Launch Party – Smart ARTS Youth Arts Festival 2014

Express your voice, your impact on local, national and global issues with art. SmartArt Youth Arts Festival is offering a weeks worth of free workshops including stencil art, ceramics, networking sessions and even hosting Sydney’s biggest collaborative drawing games night at the MCA from April 4-12, 2014.

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SmartArts is all about showcasing the artistic talents and creative initiatives of young people aged 15-26 years. Experience and enjoy a range of cutting edge arts and cultural events over seven days during National Youth Week.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 22

‘Our voice. Our impact’ is the theme of this years festival, with opportunities to express your desires of leaving your footprint not the world.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 1

Heading upstairs at 64 Pine Street, Chippendale, there’s an open gallery with interactive art.
Colour your own bee and stick it not the buzzing wall to create a creative hive set by the volunteers.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 17

Wonder through the colourful streamers

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 3

And end up in a teepee where you will learn the art of ‘living the moment’ of eating a smartie.  It’s hilarious and remember to listen carefully to he instructions.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 4

Then an interesting dress I would wear on a catwalk…

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 5

Then, you’ll be faced with 60 Degrees of Separation through triangles. How? Each angle of a triangle is 60 degrees #yearsevenmaths

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 8

There’s a huge Oxfam circle where everyone brainstorms ‘3 Things’- ethically, sustainably, generously- to change the world one at a time. Think locally, nationally and globally. Write changes you are willing to make!

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 19

There was also lots of delicious food provided like tandoori chicken puffs, quiche, mushrooms, falafel, quiona bites, almond cake and others.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 2

With a range of funky mocktails such as Tropical Punch, Lemon and Lime and Berry Patch!

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 6

Check out her wings. Someone needs to get #Redbull onto this pronto, if only the skirt was in red.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 9

Fit in the jigsaw puzzles and have your word with Amnesty International. #humanrightspuzzle

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 7

It was a shame it rained in the afternoon but thankfully it was only sprinkling at times and there were marquees to cover everyone.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 10

The drummer with his colourful vibes was a pleasure to hear in the background.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 23

With cute seating arrangements under a marquee to escape the rain.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 11

Punk rock Propaganda was here once again and displaying their liquid art projections on the wall.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 15

Badge making was on the agenda as per previous years, cutting out of old magazines and using a machine to clump it together.

Facepainting was also available with Flora Greenbery who usually does this for events and parties.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 12

There might be a reason why the lady in the SmartArts poster has four eyes. #abstractart. Ask Flora to draw some wide eyes for you

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 13

And how about a Tequila Worm theatre? Expect some naughty tequila worms and possibly a cactus from Mexico.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 14

Roaming around was this scary, but friendly… I don’t know what it’s called #humanechidna

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 18

Once you gave him a warm hug you received a special gift. There was also little parcels of sustainable jewellery given out.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 20

The place was pretty packed out and it was amazing seeing so many young artists join the launch party! Thanks Christie and the team at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre.

SmartArts Launch Party - photo 16

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (SmartArts Launch Party): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go to SmartArts Youth a Festival Launch Party again? Considering I’ve been going for the past 3 years, yes duh. It’s a great little community of people and as my mum said, a great opportunity to meet fellow artists and share talents.

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? One way of thanking everyone is by purchasing artworks. I mean, some of them are quite affordable, say $30 but there are also ones that are $110. If I had a full time job and had my own place I would’ve definitely purchased something!

Highlight: Living the Moment teepee. I did it when everyone had gone home and it cracked me up. Unfortunately one person at a time but it’s an experience! Face painting looked heaps of fun too but there were too many people in the line! I also loved the interactivity of the ones for OxFam and Amnesty International.

Suggestion of improvement: I think unless you know people you wouldn’t spend a whole 3 hours at the Launch Party. It would’ve been nice to have some kind of artwork going on, or even if people did collages of 60 Degrees of Separation for their triangles. A little activity corner where people can meet and mingle would’ve been nice.

Ends: April 12, 2014

Angela Bee


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