Cooking with Leftovers workshop – Green Village

Cooking with Leftovers was a free workshop run by Rebecca as a City of Sydney Initiative, Green Villages, on Saturday April 5, 2014 with plenty of gourmet style dishes made from your usual leftovers eaten by eager-to-learn guests.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 5
Green Villages is a City of Sydney initiative. Growing a more sustainable Sydney by connecting and inspiring Sydneysiders.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 10

I have never actually been to Glebe Library but if you know Glebe. It is a bit hipster with its Glebe markets down the road and a small field of trees outside. Someone even pointed out that there is a community garden with herbs just outside the window we were at so what a bonus for the neighbours!

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 1

My friend and I were only 5 minutes late and the class was fully booked. It smelt so good walking in and even better knowing that so many people were willing to change their eating habits.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 2

Normally in our household we’re pretty good at eating leftovers for lunch the next day but does everyone do the same? In the beginning of the session, we learnt that if food is left outside of the fridge, it lasts only 2 hours. If it’s in the fridge, usually 3 days. And if it’s in the freezer 3 months. #handyrefrigerationtips

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 3

Just a shout out that if you actually bring food from home to work, please put it in the fridge! I have a habit but I know a lot of people tend to forget.

Obviously I can’t tell you everything we learnt because it defeats the purpose of you going to next times ones because Rebecca is a wonderful presenter and offers great tips for beginners.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 8

One thing I did learn is that to make pesto, it’s only one herb, one nut, lemon juice, garlic, and a bit of grated cheese blended. We discussed a. Lot about herbs and even for coriander, you simply put it in some water to conserve it until next time.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 6

There was also lots of conversation about Food Coops. Being an aware UTS student, I was surprised that people didn’t know that he nearest one to Glebe was at UTS and not Newtown! #utsftw it’s open on Thursdays this year apparently.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 10

Also with containers, don’t buy ones with BPA because it’s a bad chemical. Use glass jars instead #jamjars #sustainability (photo courtesy of Broadway Food Coop)

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 11

Best of all, we got to eat for the whole 1.5 hours.

Firstly we had a lovely quiche with pumpkin. There was also a gluten free alternative. That was delicious and of course the added cream made the flavours come out.

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 4

Then we were thought how to make chicken quesadillas. A favourite of mine considering how long I spent in Latin America. It’s not rocket science- wraps with heaps of cheese, leftover chicken, pesto, veg. If you don’t know how to cook, watch your mum and make a dish everyday. It’s hard to burn down a house. Give it a go!

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 7

The favourite of the group were the Lost Bread Soldiers with Salvaged Berries. Basically it was French/eggy toast with berry compote. It was absolutely a delight to have. Again, very simple and only uses one bowl to make so it’s great for the happy campers morning

Cooking with Leftovers - photo 9

As Rebecca’s apron said: ‘Love food. Hate waste’. A very handy workshop for those who are looking to save money and not waste unwanted food!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Cooking with Leftovers workshop with Green Village): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I go to another Cooking with Leftovers workshop? For the free food? Yes! Kidding.. Because I grew up cooking at home I know the ins and outs of cooking but if you grew up in a household where only mum or dad cooks then this will be a workshop for you. I don’t think I’ll need to go again but say if I want to know more about plants and gardening then I’ll go to Rebecca’s workshops.

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? I wouldn’t mind giving $5 to cover the ingredients and to support fresh organic food although most of the ingredients Rebecca used were leftovers. There was around 30 people who attended?

Highlight: smelling and eating! You can’t go wrong with a workshop with food! There were lots of comparisons to Aldi prices and I liked how Rebecca tried to initiate discussions. I got to talk about Cropfest and the Youth Food Movement!! #wonkyfoodheroes

Suggestion of improvement: my friend was actually saying that she’s been to quite a few workshops like this and a lot of them haven’t been very informative whereas this one said that it was targeted at beginners (although I have a feeling we should’ve been in the ‘advanced’ group but I don’t think these things exist). Just minor things like she was saying that the three groups of people who waste food are young families with children, people who earn $150k+, and 18-35 year olds… Which is basically everyone! Would’ve been better if facts were supported by where they came from.

Ends: Green village workshops are in the link every week

Angela Bee


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