Biennale of Sydney – Museum of Contemporary Art

Be prepared to be illusional with colourful stripes on the floors of the Museum of Contemporary Art, partnered with the 19th Biennale of Sydney from March 21 to June 9, 2014. ‘You imagine what you desire.’

Biennale MCA - photo 25

“The Biennale of Sydney is a non-profit organisation that presents Australia’s largest and most exciting contemporary visual arts festival. Held every two years, the Biennale is a 12-week exhibition, with an accompanying program of artist talks, performances, forums, guided tours, family days and other special events – all FREE to the public.”

Biennale MCA - photo 2

Walking from Circular Quay, the MCA is really not a bad location.

Biennale MCA - photo 6

Biennale MCA - photo 1

You will notice it by the building. If is probably one of a few modern designed buildings in one of Sydney’s oldest ports.

Biennale MCA - photo 24

When I got here, there were groups of school children #bludgers #excursionfun

Biennale MCA - photo 7

On the first level when you go up the stairs, you’ll probably find Jim Lambie’s exhibition. I’m pretty sure it’s gone a bit viral with great photos opportunities for those instagrammers.

Biennale MCA - photo 4

“Jim Lambie’s Zobop works involve covering gallery floors in huge expanses of monochromatic or Wiley coloured vinyl tape, that gives the impression of multilayered movement, even pulsation. The result is memorising, uplifting and times vertiginous, as his optical wonderland challenges our proprioceptive process.”

Biennale MCA - photo 3

Bad Seed. What a unique frame of thought.

Biennale MCA - photo 5

Heading upstairs, Volume One reflects the diversity of contemporary Australian art, including works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists with an emphasis on diverse cultural voices and the impact of feminism.

Biennale MCA - photo 8

I’m not sure what’s going on here but that creepy face out of no where scared me a little.

Biennale MCA - photo 9

There was a little room for the bookworms wanting to have a read about art, as well as a screen if you are a listener.

Biennale MCA - photo 10

Of course a museum is not complete without a monument statue in the middle surrounded by fine paintings.

Biennale MCA - photo 11

In fact, there was quite a bit of them.

Biennale MCA - photo 12

Fiona Hall’s ‘Give a dog a bone’ is a display of cardboard boxes with a range of objects such as domestic products, flowers and seed pods carefully carved from soaps. The Rtist is concerned about the impact of consumption on the environment, and the interaction between nature, culture, and the world economies.

Biennale MCA - photo 13

Don’t we all feel like this at some stage in our lives #boredum

Biennale MCA - photo 14

Looking at these magic squares flip flap flop into different colours.

Biennale MCA - photo 15

Have a look at Alice Gundaburrburr’s circular pandanus palm coil weave baskets. I’m lovin her last name #gundaburrburr

Biennale MCA - photo 16

And the abstract room.

Biennale MCA - photo 17

Since there’s a lot of colour in the building, why not making it even more colourful by adding lights? #boomboompow

Biennale MCA - photo 19

Then you’ll have your sculptures..

Biennale MCA - photo 20

Check this out. They are solid cast glasses. Something to do with chameleon qualities…

Biennale MCA - photo 21

At the top there’s a handy little cafe

Biennale MCA - photo 22

with a pretty handy view of the Opera House.

Biennale MCA - photo 23

Be sure to check out all four levels because there are lots more to see than what I’ve taken pictures of!

Biennale MCA - photo 18

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Biennale at Museum of Contemporary Art): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go and see the Biennale again next year at MCA? I’m pretty impressed with the artwork and there definitely is a strong theme. If it’s free, I’m definitely going and it’s a winner because its at Circular Quay too!

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? Actually, I think it was $5 to see more parts of the Biennale? I think they went to Cockatoo Island. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind handing my spare change over to support these talented artists.

Highlight: I must admit, dazzling your eyes through Jim Lambie’s exhibition. It’s like artporn because your eyes think there’s so much to see but its actually all these colours all around the room and its so colourful you can’t fathom how everywhere it is. I also like the side illusions with the circular thing too.

Suggestion of Improvement: It would be nice to have some tours around every few hours and maybe some launch events to encourage the community to meet and greet the artists.

Ends: June 9, 2014


Angela Bee


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