Paddington Markets

Paddington Uniting Church markets is a vintage galore on Saturdays 10am-5pm with a mix of all things, helping both local designers and even the homeless on every purchase.
Padding Markets - photo 1

“Started as a market to encourage local fashion designers, craftspeople, jewellery makers and artists, the market has over 150 unique stalls filled with creative fashion and accessories, beautiful smelling soaps and candles and pictures that inspire.”

Padding Markets - photo 12

What surprised me was that it says on their website that “When you visit and buy a product from Paddington Markets you not only support local and emerging designers and their products, you also contribute to providing a warm meal and support for Sydney’s homeless and disadvantaged through the Eddie Dixon Centre which is totally funded by Paddington Markets.”

Padding Markets - photo 9

I was coming from the Lawn Library at Paddington Reservoir Gardens and it was nice to browse through all the funky shops selling clothes, homewards and hipster mojo. My first impression of the markets was that it looked huge!

Padding Markets - photo 2

To be bluntly honest, these markets are not like Glebe and sell cheap clothes, but a lot of the products are hand made and are designed specifically for markets only. #goodquality

Padding Markets - photo 15

It was a maze and there were so many shops with the usual jewels.

Padding Markets - photo 7
Padding Markets - photo 3

I worked my way to some beautiful vintage dresses. They were Buy 1 get 1 free!! Each dress was $65 though but $30 isn’t bad for a brand new fancy dress! I was so tempted.

Padding Markets - photo 4

Then there was the food court area with quite a few seats. It was fairly big with gozlemes, Asian, smoothies, Irish soda bakery, cafés, etc… and fresh smoothies- yum!

Padding Markets - photo 5

There was even another room just for the cafe as well as alcoholic organic drinks and chocolate!!!!!

Padding Markets - photo 11

It was no surprise that there were so many people. They were generally young families hence the playground area and face painting.

Padding Markets - photo 6

There’s even a nice sunny patch of grass if you want to escape from the crowd.

Padding Markets - photo 10

Heading back towards the entrance there was a sweet little boy and girl who were singing, oh so adorable!

Padding Markets - photo 17

There was even a series of tarot card reads with their sparkly photos… A weird contradiction considering the markets were held at a Uniting Church.

Padding Markets - photo 16

Very friendly environment and loving the decorative bags on the ceiling.

Padding Markets - photo 8

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Paddington Markets): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to Paddington Markets again? It’s great that there are so many local artists and Paddington itself is so diverse and artistic. I wouldn’t come here once a month but probably once a year? I wouldn’t imagine that the stores change that much but it’s good to support the local community if you are in the area. As for myself, I live quite far away…

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? Markets are generally free but I really like how their profits go to he homeless. It really encourages me to purchase more next time! Even though it might be a small percentage or sales (or more, I don’t know!) but it’s a really great initiative by Paddington Uniting Church.

Highlight: the ambience. Those bags in the ceiling and the simplicity of all the tents made it a pleasure to walk around. It was great that they opened up some sections and rooms for a more intimate feel, particularly with the art and cafe places. It wasn’t too cluttered and just enough space for everyone.

Suggestion of improvement: I wish I knew earlier than their profits go towards the homeless. It isn’t a place for bargain hunters but we are here to support the locals. To be ho0nest, I’m not too sure how else they can improve. Maybe signs on poles on the streets to direct people of where it is?

Ends: never, it’s on every Saturday from 10am, rain or shine since 1973

Angela Bee


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