Orient Hotel

Fancy yourself to a fancy Modern Australian 3 course meal at Orient Hotel, The Rocks for $30 per person.

Orient Hotel - photo 15

“The Orient Hotel has been a landmark in the historic Rocks district of Sydney since 1844,  and we’ve been a favourite watering hole for generations of Sydneysiders.”

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Well I took my friend out for her 21st/farewell dinner and on the way we passed through this lovely view of Circular Quay #sydneyporn

Orient Hotel - photo 1

1844 was when this pub was opened, before the Australian Federation in 1901! The Rocks was the site of Australia’s first European Settlement since why it’s buildings are slightly older than the rest of Sydney.

Orient Hotel - photo 2

Heading inside, you’ll need to pass the pub and walk one level upstairs to find the restaurant. White table cloths, chairs, and a few small chandeliers.

Orient Hotel - photo 3

There’s even a beautiful terrace with an outdoor greener setting which would be nice for those classic parties.

Orient Hotel - photo 4

By mistake, I didn’t print out the voucher because I was in a rush so it was a longer process to write down all my details before redeeming the deal which is weird because most places just scan your QR code? #keepupwithmoderntechnology

We received our two glasses of wine and sat down with the menu. Ok, I hadn’t seen my friend in ages so we had too much to talk about and I’m sure most people can relate to this because I used to be a waitress myself. ‘Are you ready to order yet?’ ‘Sorry we havent touched the menu, could you please come back in 2 minutes?’ Yup. that happened.

Orient Hotel - photo 5

This was our window view.

Orient Hotel - photo 8

For the entree, I ordered Crispy Smoked Duck Breast, apple and ginger puree and balsamic dressing. The duck tasted like bacon without the fat but I’m not sure if the skin was crispy? I didn’t end up eating it. I quite liked the puree but now reading the menu again, I didn’t realise there was much ginger. The picked slaw on the slide was a perfect compliment to the dish. Salty, sour and sweet. Each forkful had to be a combination of everything on the plate.

Orient Hotel - photo 7

My friend got the herbed gnocchi, broad beans, speck, sage, burnt butter. This was one of the fluffiest gnocchi I’ve ever had. I would’ve demolished this so much. The gnocchi was much greener than it is in the photo and the speck, broad beans, etc was nicely tossed. I’m not a huge fan of butter and it wasn’t overwhelming at all.

Orient Hotel - photo 6

For the main, I ordered the grilled lamb rump, minted pea, feta mash, sun dried tomatoes tapenade. Oh my goodness. This was heaven in my mouth! I requested medium rare and it was exactly what I ordered. I know a lot of people don’t like rare but it was almost rare in the middle which I loved. The peas and sun dried tomato tapenade was a nice and almost sweet sauce. That mash was so yum! Literally cubes of feta inside and it wasn’t just one or two cubes, but in every spoonful there was at least 3!

Orient Hotel - photo 9

My friend got the chargilled sirlion steak, confit tomato, rosemary and onion rings. My friend only likes her steak well done hence the sirlion steak rather than the flank steak. It was too cooked for my liking but that’s what she ordered. You cannot go wrong with cherry tomatoes and the stacked onion rings were golden and crunchy.

Orient Hotel - photo 10

For the dessert, I got the honeycomb parfait, caramelised orange. It tasted like ice cream but solid? I prefer it that way and it was a bit creamy with crunchy honeycomb splattered all over the plate. The sauce was really sweet and the caremelised orange slice was average.

Orient Hotel - photo 13

My friend had the mixed berry Eton mess meringue. Oh my goodness!! This looked fabulous and the mixed-in meringue with raspberries, blueberries was amazing. It was a very big portion and we almost managed to finish everything. Good choice.

Orient Hotel - photo 12

When we got the bill, we just had to take a photo of it. $0.00 is very rare and such a novelty.

Orient Hotel - photo 14

What a classic modern Australian meal. I’m glad I spent it for someone who came all the way from France (: #frenchconnection

Orient Hotel - photo 11

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($59 for two people for a three course meal at Orient Hotel): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I buy a $59 Groupon voucher for the Orient Hotel again? Normally I would never ever spend $30 on a meal but for what we ordered it was totally worth it. For my next special overseas friends, of course.

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? Since I’m almost like Budget Barbie, I wouldn’t mind giving an extra $10 to a person who has never been fine dining. It could be slightly more special than going to a normal pub.

Highlight: Herbed gnocchi was probably my fav! Although I didn’t order it, the few pieces I had were so delicious! I don’t regret my lamb and feta mash combo either. Such a stunner and I’m going to add feta in the next mash I make at home #sofattybutsogood

Suggestion of Improvement: There weren’t really a lot of people at the restaurant when we got there and I wished they had the QR scanner to just make things easier. Anyways, the food was quite top and I haven’t been this full in so long. The desserts options were really sweet so many add a healthier/fruit option?

Ends: September 19, 2014

Link: http://www.groupon.com.au/deals/sydney/the-orient-hotel/718110389

Place: Orient Hotel

Angela Bee

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