$3 off dim sims, simple noodles and fried rice – Chef’s Gallery

Be prepared to open a slick 60 page menu, filed with innovative Chapas– Chinese style tapas with an extensive range of creative dishes with a modern twist that are specially prepared in delicious small portions. Download the pdf that opens on their website to receive $3 off their dim sims, simple noodles and fried rice during lunchtime on Monday-Fridays until June 30, 2014.

Chef's Gallery - photo 15

“Chef’s Gallery menu presents masterpieces from all corners of China in a sumptuous kaleidoscopic explosion of fresh and exciting flavours, textures and aromas.”

Chef's Gallery - photo 17

It’s like an area stepping into Chef’s Gallery- literally. On your right hand side, there are the chefs with their white top hats..

Chef's Gallery - photo 16

and on the left are ancient pottery items, all making it an authentic Chinese setting.

Chef's Gallery - photo 14

The tables are crowded with people. Make a booking if you are a group of 4 or more.

Chef's Gallery - photo 2

I was fortunate enough to sit right opposite the bar. Those wine bottles looked quite tempting..

Chef's Gallery - photo 1

“The signature Chefs Gallery fresh, handmade noodles take centre stage behind the glass-walled kitchen. Patrons can watch the culinary theatre as balls of special noodle dough are transformed to form the finished twists of delicate noodles, in a blur of dexterous hand movements by the master noodle chef.” We opened the black books to see what they had to offer…

Chef's Gallery - photo 3

We ordered quite a few dishes because there was quite a few of us so don’t judge me by how much I eat in this post please! Firstly, this was the english spinach with garlic ($15.90).

Chef's Gallery - photo 13

The ‘brilliant steamed gems collection: we picked the red beef and sun dried tomato dumplings served with sour cream ($10.90 – $3). To be honest, this was like $1.80? each. They were quite small and I expected bigger portions. There wasn’t anything extraordinary about it except it was served with sour cream, which gave a nice tinge to it.

Chef's Gallery - photo 6

Peking style pancake with egg and chives ($9.90). This was soooo yummmyy! We noticed the other table (we split the table in 2) didn’t finish their last slice and we devoured it! Very flavoursome.

Chef's Gallery - photo 11

Egg and spinach tofu ($14.90). This came in 6 and looked pretty different compared to what we’ve tasted. I didn’t really taste the egg and the sauce gave it its flavour.

Chef's Gallery - photo 5

Then came the marble lamb dipped in Sichuan sauce with handmade spinach noodles ($16.90). They were funky green noodles and you could taste its authenticity. The portion was really big and there were veggies as well! There was some depth in the soup because of the spiciness.

Chef's Gallery - photo 8

The highlight was the Zhi Jiang noodle – hand made noodles with pork mince sauce ($12.90 – $3). In the menu, it didn’t look like a lot of mince, but when the large bowl was given to you, it was literally covered in vegetables and mine all over the top.

Chef's Gallery - photo 7

We mixed it to have some consistency and this was soooooooo yum. Some may think it might be on the salty side, but it was just nicely sweet with enough soy sauce.

Chef's Gallery - photo 9

Prawn and prawn wonton hand made noodles in Shanghainese style spicy sauce ($13.90 – $3) was quite plain.

Chef's Gallery - photo 110

Chef’s own snowflake chicken- lightly crumbled, served with handmade noodles ($16.90 – $3) looked light and crispy but again, the broth was just average.

Chef's Gallery - photo 12

The wok fried medium grain with three kinds of egg ( chicken, salted duck egg, and century egg) ($15.90 – $3) was very small. It was literally a bowl of rice turned over and each person probably ate 2 spoons worth compared to the noodles where we each (6 of us) got a full bowl each +. I mean, it was nice and each rice kernel was separate.

Chef's Gallery - photo 4

Looking through the menu was a culinary experience in itself. Dishes came out pretty quickly but it would’ve been a bit pricey in regards to the dim sims and rice.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($3 off dim sims, simple noodles and fried rice at Chef’s Gallery): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =)

Would I go to and get $3 off any dim sim, simple noodle or fried rice at Chef’s Gallery again? I usually have a general rule of spending $10 or less on lunch because there are tons of ‘lunch specials’ around the city. The dim sims were quite tiny and $10 for 4 is probably not the best if you’re living on a budget. Rather, go to the grape wine place near UTS Insearch. If I was ‘blown away’ by it, then yes. Fried rice was small to share. If they were bigger portions then they’ll be fine. The best was the simple noodles because they were ginormous and had lots of toppings. Definitely will go back for that.

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? As explained above, I don’t think I would for the dim sim and fried rice dishes. However, the noodles were the peak of everything. They tasted genuinely hand made and you could tell that it was value for money.

Highlight: stirring the noodles! I don’t know why, but we actually received the fried rice first and was quite disappointed with the small portions and second guessed our order. Then the noodles came out and we were gobsmacked! Nice one, Linda for doing that. Service was great as well and the food came quickly.

Suggestion of Improvement: Larger portions for the fried rice? Maybe if they lowered the prices for the dim sims that would be good too. To be honest, a lot of things on their menus is quite expensive and their target market is probably office workers who are wanting to splurge a little for unique/different foods. They also have piggy buns! but obviously 2 for $8.90 or something like that.

Ends: June 30, 2014

Link: http://www.chefsgallery.com/

Angela Bee

-kudos to JustFoodNoWords for half of the food photos/ being part of the other side of the table
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