Plant Giveaway – St Mary’s Cathedral Square

Fill your environmentally friendly tote bags with pots of colourful plants – a free giveaway from the Living Colour floral display held on Sunday March 16, 2014.

Plant giveaway - photo 5

Last September- October, designers use more than 30,000 individually grown potted flowers and plants to create the stunning floral designs in dozens of separate displays, which naturally develop so people can watch the art piece grow and change.

Plant giveaway - photo 1

So before going to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade this Sunday morning, I decided to pop by St Mary’s Cathedral Square to see if there were still any plants available. Mind you, it started at 8am and I was too exhausted from work. #fulltimefun

Plant giveaway - photo 2

Surprisingly, there were still a nice collection of plants even thought I arrived at 10:30am. Petunias here look slightly dead.

Plant giveaway - photo 7

Marigolds are literally a potluck of gold! Blooming in their healthiness.

Plant giveaway - photo 11

There was mint too. They didn’t smell very strong though.

Plant giveaway - photo 10

Sage looked luscious.

Plant giveaway - photo 6

You guys have to help me here.. I’m not a huge gardener although I know my fruits and vegetables really well.. If you know any, could you please put the number (in brackets) and its name? #whattheflower

These are absolutely gorgeous little buds (1).

Plant giveaway - photo 12

Plant giveaway - photo 4

Plant giveaway - photo 3

Pretty big variety and totally should’ve bought more bags for this. There was also an option of given a donation to the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation.

Plant giveaway - photo 8

Established by a dedicated group of Bobby Goldsmith’s friends in 1984, the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation has helped thousands of men, women and children living with HIV. Totally unrelated to plants, but- sure!

Plant giveaway - photo 9

I’m hoping to develop a website/app that allows anyone to post or review discounts/coupons/freebies like this, in exchange for a voucher on next purchase, or if you don’t wish to accept it, the money you’ve saved from the voucher you are given is donated to a charity. This is pretty much a real life example already! (Also a call for any programming nerds to help me out!). Kudos to my high school friends for doing this up.

Cover page

Great initiative, City of Sydney!! 5000 plants were given away. They usually finish up at noon. There’s even a ‘Tree Management Coordinator’ who works for CoS #topjob

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Free plant giveaway): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I come again to get some free plants from the City of Sydney? For those who didn’t know, this is not a one-off event. It has happened quite a few times already so I was curious as to which kind of plants they had and how long they usually last until. I would definitely come again and if I eventually move into the city, this would be the best thing ever! They aren’t the best plants but they could add a little colour to your balcony/back yard.

Would I donate the money I saved to a charity? Bunnings sell plants from as little as $2.25 for small pots of marigolds, to $$. I would’ve given at least $5 per pot. If you know nothing about plants, then its normally say, $10 for a good small plant. If you nurture them well, they’re well worth it. There is also heaps to consider: amounts of water, sunshine, shade, soil, size of container..

Highlight: seeing so many people come and grab some plants! I mean, people who actually bought bags and came in just for it! It’s hard to live in the city and grow things. There’s always the misconception that I have ‘too little place’, but if you know your gardening, then there is always room! Hang some herbs on your balcony, grow a cactus in the house, or even keep some tulips on your dinner table to brighten your meals.

Suggestion of improvement: it would’ve been tons better if there were little signs to say which plants were what. I admit, I’m not an expert so I had to eavesdrop on some conversations. Even little markers that Cumberland State Forest has on their plants. They tell you important information about how to grow it. The last thing you want is turning up at your doorstep after work and seeing a dangly brown dead plant. Sad.

Ends: March 16, 2014.. but look out on


Next plant (tree) giveaway:

Angela Bee


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