Sydney St Patrick’s Day Parade and Family Fun Day

Green. Clovers. Guinness. Happy St Patricks Day! Sydney hosted a parade and family fun day at George and Park street, and Hyde Park on Sunday March 16, 2014 even with the rain!

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 17

St Pats Day actually started in 1810 when Governor Macquarie recognised the celebration by providing entertainment for convicts that were employed by the government at the time. The first St. Patricks Day Parade in Sydney was in 1979. In fact in 2007, the Irish Independent named Sydney one of the best places in the world for the celebration.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 8

I got to Townhall station and on exit, I heard those trumpets already in celebration. Event volunteers were giving out booklets with information.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 2

On George street, the floats were getting ready. Check out these giant green bubble boys.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 4

There were heaps of cars done up with the traditional green orange and white balloons.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 3

What is a Soda Bakery? Bread is normally made of yeast but here they use soda! I make scones at home with lemonade some times.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 1

It takes more coarse than normal white bread.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 18

Look at that pose. Don’t mention what they said.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 5

I even passed this float with dancing nuns!! They were on fire! There were tons of musical instruments and even though it started raining, people lined up on the streets to give it a glance. Very supportive, Sydney. I like.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 19

Hyde Park opened up its fences at 11:30am. We had all our bags checked and was asked to give a gold coin donation upon arrival.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 6

The main attraction was obviously the PJ Gallagher’s bar. A Guinness schooner was $7.50 which opened at noon. Good choice considering how many people could get trashed by the end of the day…

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 7

Why is water $4? We’ve done our RSAs and it’s illegal not to offer free water to these soon-to-be drunk kids….

Gift bags with typical Irish goods were also on the market. I can’t say I’ve tried any of these before.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 9

I wish my mum were here. It’s her favourite colour.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 10

There was a little tent for tea, coffee and cakes with seating. How lovely! It was covered from the sun/ rain, depending on which part of the day you came.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 12

This year Hyde Park reminded me of the Easter Show. There was fairy floss, snow cones, large toys and even clown games. When was the last time you played this?

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 11

There were actually a significant amount of rides for the kids.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 14

Even a little farm animal exhibition which was a family favourite. I can’t believe how many mothers dressed their kids in green too!

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 15

Oh the mice in the bread. This is so adorable.

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 16

Of course there was the food. The Irish butchery was a given, but there was even the gozleme ladies, paella plates..

St Patrick's Day Sydney - photo 13

There was quite a crowd even though I went early on during the day. The sad part was when it was raining but I guess it cleared up during the evening. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Sydney St. Patrick’s Day): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go next year to Sydney St Patrick’s Day? It was quite a bit of fun and I wished I had some Irish friends to celebrate this with- it really would make a Guinness record difference. If I was free during the evening, definitely! I want to see what the night atmosphere is like.

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? A gold coin donation was asked at the entrance of Hyde Park, which is really what this blog is about! YAY! I’m sure I saw a lot of people throw in a few coins so yup.

Highlight: The great thing about arriving early to a parade is that you get to see the floats up front and close, making perfect photo opportunities. The excitement of the bubble boys when they popped up, and even the bands that were practicing really make the crowd get into the spirit.

Suggestion of Improvement: there weren’t many tables and chairs at Hyde Park. There was probably one under covered space but  was on the other side of the park? Even when it was sunny there were lots of green patches and not really any seating places.

Ends: March 16, 2014


Angela Bee


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