$5 steak Mondays – The Forresters

A hilltop feat from a Central Station makes $5 steak and chips at The Forresters a worthwhile treat on Mondays all day long with any drink purchase.

The Forresters - photo 7

“Cold beer. Hot pizza. BBQ. Cocktails. Burgers.”

The Forresters - photo 8

On the corner of Foveaux and Riley Street sits a funky pub with outdoor and indoor seating areas.

The Forresters - photo 1

Their food and beverage specials are booming on either side of the window panels so passerbyers know what exactly is going on.

The Forresters - photo 2

My friend and I go into into a warehouse- type room with the sun filtering through the ceiling. The orange lanterns and yellow string lights kinda make it feel like it’s Christmas again.

The Forresters - photo 4

We head upstairs where longer tables and stool chairs are situated in front of a funky bar. If you go further up, there are umbrellas in the ceilings surrounded by ocean blue. It reminds me of Under The Sea Party!

The Forresters - photo 10

Coming back down and towards the right hand side of the entrance is where it’s most crowded. Notice all the bottles on the top shelf.

The Forresters - photo 5

The bar is crowded with memorabilia.

The Forresters - photo 11

On the way we spot some nice sign writing promoting their daily specials. If you think you saw it once on a wall, walk around a bit before dole checking with staff. It’s everywhere!

The Forresters - photo 6

So the deal goes like this: order a steak and say how you like it (rare. Medium, well done), specify if you’d like chips or mash, and which type of sauce (gravy, mushroom, pepper). Don’t forget to order a drink too.

The Forresters - photo 3

It was hilarious because I just went up to the counter and said ‘a steak and chips please’ and the lady asked me like 5 questions after that. Cheapest beer is Carlton for $5.50, cider on tap $7 and glass of wine for $8.

The Forresters - photo 9

I am absolutely amazed at how many people ordered steak and chips/mash. I guess it’s their specialty right? It came probably after 10 minutes with their famous Margherita Pizza my friends ordered. Very cheesey.

The Forresters - photo 12

The steak was obviously not too big and there wasn’t that much chips but BUT that mushroom gravy was divine. For me, it was a good size. That is, if you’re a guy you might want to order two but it’s totally worth it. Chips were crunchy and I hadn’t had crinkle cut in a while! Oh McCain, you’ve done it again! Dish of gold and washed down with a good cold beer. I felt like a man. Slightly.

The Forresters - photo 13

It wasn’t too crowded and the three of us could hear each other. Tops.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($5 steak and chips): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =)

Would I buy a $5 steak and chips at The Forresters every Monday? Portions are to my liking, not a bad atmosphere, a block away from Messina..let’s make it a weekly thing!

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? Well I tried to see how much it cost for a small piece of meat at Woolworths. You’d also have to factor in the costs to make it, staff, rent, etc. I think steak, chips and a beer for $10 is pretty good. I mean, St James Hotel do something similar. Maybe $2 will go to charity.

Highlight: the gravy. It was wiped off the plate with my steak and chips. I really liked the signage and deco around. There was heaps of staff and pretty efficient service.

Suggestion of improvement: maybe more delicious gravy and slightly more chips next time round? I’ll have to try the mash next time round to see if it’s from powder or real mash. I’m always so skeptical since the KFC mash is powdered. It would’ve been nice if there was a vegetarian alternative. Oh wait, there is.. but it isnt on the menu/walls. Just saw $4 cobb salad and $4 greens on their webiste. oops.

Ends: never, but check website
Link: http://www.forresters.com.au/

Angela Bee

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