Bluebird Brekkie Bar – UTS

“Early birds flock with blue birds”

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 15

There’s a reasons why early birds are rewarded for waking up early. Bluebird Brekkie Bar offers FREE breakfasts from 8:30-11am on Tuesdays in the Building 5 at the markets campus and Building 1 at the Tower Building at UTS every week of semester.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 5

“Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when it comes to concentration and academic performance. The UTS Students’ Association recognises that you might have to leave home super early for 9am lectures, or might not be able to afford tasty, sustaining and nutritious foods, so we created Bluebird Brekkie Bar.”

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 16

My brother and I woke up 15 minutes early to get to UTS by 8:40 so he wouldn’t have to starve during his (boring) three hour lectures. I’m sorry, I was a communications student so I can’t relate to this. Our maximum lecture sessions were one hour and our maximum class time were our tutorials which were two hours long. I suffered.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 3

When we got there, there was a massive line. I guess most people have lectures starting at 9am so it was prime time to eat before class.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 1

I must admit, it was a long wait compared to the what I thought was long, but not long lines last semester. I used to arrive at 9:30 before going to UFIT classes at 10am. I was pretty good and bought a small container and filled it with muesli and yoghurt. E only downfall with arriving late is that there isn’t any fruit left on the Fruit Tree. I just bought my own bananas anyway.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 2

It took us 20 minutes to reach the toast machines. Welcome!! My brother had to kinda rush off but thankfully his lecture room was close by.

Here’s the menu:

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 6

Unfortunately there was only white sourdough bread this time round. Last year there was multigrain and brown bread. I loved it because no one else had home likes multigrain. Apparently there’s raisin toast available but I didn’t see.

Four toasters are going at one time so the only wait is on the spreads!

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 7

Jams, crunchy peanut butter, butter, honey, Vegemite, Nutella and you heard me- avocado with salt and pepper! I’m always amused by this because he ones at my local Harris Farm are $2 for the rock solid ones. I love Bluebird Brekkie for supplying this.

I highly recommend my ‘Angela special’: left half- crunchy peanut butter bottom and avocado on top. Right half- Nutella and sliced banana on top.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 8

Moving forward, you’ll see a tree with knitted bags of fruit. Such a great concept!

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 9

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 11

It’s magic and as mentioned, grab a banana, plum or apple before the toast because this goes quickly.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 10

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 12

There is also a table with mugs to fill your free tea and coffee. Just be mindful to bring your own cup/Keep Cup on Tuesdays because it is quite small and don’t supply them.

OJ, apple juice and even soy milk is available and ideal for vegans.

Bluebird Brekkie Bar - photo 14

My absolute favourite at these breakfasts is the muesli. I was so disappointed that they didn’t have any this week! Well I guess they had no choice because there’s construction happening downstairs where the dish washing machine is located. Thanks for hand washing our cups crew! I even bought my own bowl….

Wake up to a toasty breakfast! #toastedsourdoughftw #avocadodelight

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Bluebird Brekkie Bar): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I go to get a free breakfast every week? Let’s face it. Sometimes I wake up late and snooze my alarm until I have just enough time to get on the train. I have no time. I went every week last semester!

Would I donate the money I saved to my charity? This is interesting… I think a gold coin donation wouldn’t hurt every week. It saves time but I would also need to wake up earlier if I had a morning class. However, if you are a morning bird like me and have time to kill then is is a perfect chill out zone before class. If I fancy a sleep-in but my classes started after 10 then this will be quick and easy.

Highlight: all the varieties of spreads! Sometimes you can’t afford to buy all the different jams, particularly if you’ve moved out of home. Or perhaps if you buy a jar of Nutella, you’d probably eat it all whilst your studying. Bluebird Brekkie Bar is the best because you have all the choices and quality control too 😉

Suggestion of improvement: it would be nice to make it more interactive. I could see a lot of people come by themselves. I guess the majority of students don’t come to uni early and there are some people who arrive early and don’t know many others who do that. I know that Bluebird Brekkie is totally bombarded by housing students since it’s free food and a short walk away but it would be nice with maybe  board games, packs of cards, morning inspiration quotes, or even giant jenga. Get those brains working uni kids!

Ends: it’s every week during uni semester

Angela Bee


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