UTS Postgrad Cocktail Affair

Congratulations on completing your undergraduate degree and giving yourself more work by doing another degree!! To make you feel even extra special, Activate UTS/ UTS Union held a cocktail party so post grads could network and socialise in a stress-free and friendly environment over canapés and drinks on Thursday March 6, 2013.

 UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 3

Activate UTS adds the social aspect of life to all University of Technology, Sydney students. They hold fantastic events and support all clubs and societies that create a fun (study) life for those who are going back to the books.

UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 1

The Cocktail Affair was open to all graduates from 6:30pm at the Aerial Function Centre, level 7 of building 6. I always feel like a princess when walking through those automatic giant doors and stepping into this open balcony.

UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 6

We grabbed a name tag and 3 drink vouchers and were seated in a very big room with a few tables with a candle and napkins.

UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 7

One thing I love about Aerial is that it has a gigantic view and is such a perfect place for those sunset cocktail parties. Watch the colour of the sky change over time. It’s magic.

UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 5

UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 13

Did you know that the function centre was where the medal tally room for the Sydney Olympics 2000? I had no idea. Thanks for the informative speeches.

UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 11

There was a lovely and delicate band playing in the background throughout the night.

UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 9

Trays and trays of petit eats came out endlessly. Spring rolls were gluten free and had a bit of ginger but was just average.

UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 2

Little slices of bread topped with tomato and cucumber was alright as well. Nothing too special but good bite size pieces.Very pretty.

 UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 8

Then the seafood paella came out. I’m such a die hard seafood and paella fan. Loved the flavour and check out the presentation! (Sorry I just couldn’t resist eating before the picture).

 UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 12

There was also vegetarian risotto with peas and parmesan in noodle boxes which was a bit plainer than the exotic paella.

Obviously we knew why the crowd was next to the tables with drinks. 

UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 10

Laura came around with extra drink vouchers and it was a great time to meet people from different faculties and have insight on how their undergrad degrees went. Of course it’s only Week 2 back at uni…

UTS postgrad cocktail affair - photo 14

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Post Grad Cocktail Affair): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go to another Post Grad Cocktail Party again? How can you resist this offer? Go with friends, mingle with people from other faculties and learn about what they do! Plus, canapés and drinks included?  #maturestudentbenefits

Would I give the money I saved to a charity? Education is a privilege that not many people can grab a hold of. It’ll be good to sponsor a child and pay for their education. I know we got HECS so why not make an investment for a young life?

Highlight: Generally meeting people. It’s funny because those who did science in their undergrad have to do a post grad degree in order to be a doctor, pharmacist, etc. Then you have people inventing things, and people who research things. There’s so much knowledge out there!

Suggestion of Improvement: Advertise this on postgrad forums, go crazy! A lot of people didn’t really know about this. It was more through a friend, or if you were part of the multiple Facebook groups.. or even just finding out after class! There could’ve been a send-out, collaborating with faculty coordinators. Perhaps even a quick introduction of the faculty leaders there so others got to match a face with a name?

Ends: March 6, 2014, but yearly

Link: http://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/postgraduate-cocktail-affair-2014-existing-students-tickets-9903152596?utm_campaign=event_reminder&ref=eemaileventremind&utm_medium=email&utm_source=eb_email&utm_term=eventname

Angela Bee


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