$8 breakfast groupon deal – Alice’s Tea Cafe

Get lost down the tunnels of a Wonderful, be greeted by a giant teddy bear and grab a (very) small Mad Hatters $8 breakfast from Groupon at Alice’s Tea Cafe Chatswood to use until September 3, 2014.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 5

Alice’s Tea Cafe is known for its Alice in Wonderland themed High Tea parties, particularly its recent $29 for two high teas that are always popping up on offer on OurDeal.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 3

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 1

Take the escalators down from the main food court and make your way towards Oxford where the little cafe sits.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 2

It looks quite really cute and I’m loving the display of menus, cakes and coffee!

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 4

There isn’t table service so we ordered our $13.50 worth of breakfast at the counter. This included options of ham, tomato and cheese croissant, bacon and egg roll, eggs Benedict with ham or avocado, poached eggs, scrambled eggs.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 6

We took a delightful cupcake with a table number and seated ourselves next to the giant teddy bear.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 8

Looking around, they had some books, magazines and toys for the kids. There’s also free wifi if you ask for their password.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 7

Soon our breakfasts came. My friend got the eggs benedict. Unfortunately it was as small as it looks. It wasn’t even on sourdough but toast? Sadly bread wasn’t toasted either. $25 on a Kmart toaster would not be a bad investment…  The plate lacked any salt and pepper. It wasn’t worth the original $13.50. I could’ve made this myself easily.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 11

I got the scrambled eggs with tomato, mushrooms, bacon and ‘sourdough’. I don’t know where to start. Again, it was quite small. The eggs needed some salt and I wished it was more runny like Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood. The bacon wasn’t too bad but noting special. The mushroom was minuscule and cut into tiny pieces. Didn’t taste like mushroom anymore. The tomatoes weren’t ripe either. Quite disappointing and glad I got the groupon otherwise I would’ve not been happy.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 10

On the upside, our coffees arrived with some nice love hearts and flowers on top. Below is a mocha and cappuccino. The coffee was actually really nice and wasn’t burnt. I would come back just for a coffee if I wanted, and it was the large one, too!I’m quite happy with my large cappuccino. That got me through the quick meal.

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 9

Compare the above to what was picture on the deal online. This might teach you to not judge a book by its cover..

Alice's Tea Cafe - photo 1

The decorations and ambience really made up for the food, but even the high tea didn’t look too wholesome. I must admit, I have been warned before about this place being ‘not so great’. I tried. This was the result.
Remember: not all groupon pictures display what is the reality.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($8 All Day Breakfast at Alice’s Tea Cafe): =(

Ambience: =D

Service: =|

Value: =(

Would I buy another groupon voucher at Alice’s Cafe? Nope. Lesson learnt. I guess I could’ve made this for a friend of mine at my house for the same price, if not cheaper. We also had to wait until 10:30 for someone to arrive to cook the breakfasts. They say they are going to change the menu next week. I hope it’s better.

Would I donate the amount I saved ($13.50 – breakfast + $3.50 – voucher minus $8 – voucher), $11, to a charity organisation? Probably not. I don’t even think I got what I paid for. It was a bit disappointing for such a cute place. There are so many other cafés and restaurants in Chatswood. Money could’ve been spent elsewhere.

Highlight: the big teddy bear! Who wouldn’t? I’m not obsessed with soft toys but just having one for an hour or two makes it more fun. It was huge and cuddly!

Suggestion of improvement: everything excluding the decoration and coffee. More flavours, bigger portions, just better food in general.

Ends: September 3, 2014
Link: http://www.westfield.com.au/chatswood/stores/au-alices-tea-cafe/51733#!

Deal: http://www.groupon.com.au/deals/sydney/alice-s-tea-cafe-1/718067263

Angela Bee


3 thoughts on “$8 breakfast groupon deal – Alice’s Tea Cafe

  1. Serena April 21, 2014 / 6:48 pm

    I went to Alice tea cafe today (21st April 2014) and was extremely disappointed. I read a few reviews which all seemed to be pretty shocking so didn’t have any high expectations but even without expectation, I was still massively disappointed!!

    Where do I begin?! Ok let’s do this from the moment I walked in with my mum and brother.

    1. I notified that there was only 3 staff I total (includes a chef – who also cooks, prepare, delivers food to tables, a coffee person and then there was another girl there that predominantly takes orders and just does general cleaning duties when possible.
    I saw the mess of the dirty plates pulled right on the front counter as the kitchen sink had ran out of room considering there was no one there ie: kitchen hand, to help out with cleaning dishes and actually tables. There pile was so big and there was so much used utensil not cleaned that when I asked for some cutlery, it had to be taken out of a dirty pile (as I was standing there) and washed without any soap or detergent infront of me.
    She handed me wet cutlery that still had runny egg yok residue on there, I asked her then to wash it again considering the lake of hygiene. She did and then wiped it on towel but I still noticed more food residue on the knife and fork.

    2. The service was horrible! On the groupon voucher it states that no booking is required, however, the lady who was serving me said that she couldn’t serve me any food for at least 1/2-1hour as the chef is too busy service customers that had made a booking for high tea.
    She then Said that because it’s public holiday, they are very busy and for us to come back afterwards.
    I was shocked at her service and
    Mentioned that if that was te case, they should either get another chief in or advise I the grouping voucher to expect some delays during a-z time frame and an expected delay of up to 1hour could be expected. She then asked me in a rude manner if I still wanted to eat there. I was very tempted to say no but I said to her instead that the food hopefully will be better than the service.

    3. As I paid an extra 3.50 for extra bacon, I was shocked with my portion of the food when it came out!
    I cant even describe it properly.
    On my plate. I had.
    2 pieces of very small toasted bread – (total fake advertising with staying the meals came with sourdough bread), I had a scrambled egg (no flavour to it and had to drown it with salt), 1 piece of bacon (and another piece because I paid 3.50 for- so total 2 small pieces of bacon), very thinly sliced 2 pieces of tomato that was still cold (definately not roasted as what it states on the menu), no mushroom (which was suppose to be on the plate) and 2 small tiny thin slices of avocado.

    I couldn’t even finish my meal as I felt hungry but also unhygienic. It put me off eating food off the plate.

    I also believe I could have made the meal better or really a 12 year old could too and they really need Gordon Ramsay to go there and give them a kick up the a** for their food, health, safety and also to teach them a lesson in customer service.

    I would not recommend this place to anybody and have another groupon voucher to use but I rather throw out the voucher than to go back for another disgusting experience.

    Ps. Coffee was really nice but if you’re gonna have their coffee, ask for a takeaway cup as they also dont wash their cups when busy and just rinses it.


    • W April 24, 2014 / 5:02 pm

      very bad experience from this cafe. it can be named one off cafe. i will never come again and will tell all my friend. extremely bad services.


  2. s May 27, 2014 / 10:00 am

    very disappointed to their services, foods and coffee. NO WAY, NEVER go back again anymore.


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