$6 Pad Thai – Thai-Riffi​c Noodle Bar

University of Sydney students know every Thai joint in Newtown and UTS students always populate the popular Satang Thai. Today I bring you Ter-Riffic Thai-Riffic at Bondi Junction Westfield, offering $6 pad thai on Living Social. If you’re not at uni and working in retail, then this is your cheap thai alternative. Besides, everyone’s gotta love a bit of thai!!

Thai Riffic - photo 9

Thai- Riffic Noodle Bar takes you s buzzing street food scene. Here, creating an intoxicating blend of exotic sights, sounds and scents.

Thai Riffic - photo 13

Westfield Bondi Junction is one of the biggest Westfield’s in Sydney and you are spoilt with choices from two food courts, one in each of the buildings at the top. Head to the back left side of the left building coming out from the train station. It sounds hard but it’s not that difficult.

Thai Riffic - photo 1

There’s no table service and plus its a food court so line up and decide on either chicken, beef, or vegetable pad thai.

Thai Riffic - photo 7

If you didn’t have a Living Social voucher, then you can pick from a variety of noodles.

Thai Riffic - photo 4

and check out their sauces!!!

Thai Riffic - photo 8

There is even a see through glass screen so you can watch the cooks rock their woks.

Thai Riffic - photo 5

Thai Riffic - photo 6

We sat on the sides of the food court and surprisingly there were a lot of places.

Thai Riffic - photo 10

We receive a buzzer and absorb the fantastic view of the city. Unfortunately the weather was on the downside. It happens every time we go to Bondi!! At least we settled for the city view.

Thai Riffic - photo 2

After a quick chat, the buzzer lights went red and we got our rectangular plates with a huge portion of pad thai, cashew nuts on the top right, and bean sprouts on the bottom right. The chicken pad thai has a lot of large meaty pieces all throughout it.

Thai Riffic - photo 12

I ordered the vegetable pad thai. It didn’t have as much vegetables as I thought it would’ve but I was satisfied. There was broccoli, beans, capsicum, mushrooms and onions. The pad thai itself was delicious! Not too hard, not too soft and quite a bit of sauce on top.

Thai Riffic - photo 11

The portions were massive and but we all finished it because it was soooooo amazing even though we were stuffed to our faces.  As their motto states: –s a terrific way of living” #padthairiffic

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($6 pad thai at Thai-Riffic): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I buy another $6 pad thai voucher next time I go to Bondi Junction? It was worth it. Bondi is a trek for me but it was so delicious and so worth it. However, Toong Tong Thai at Pennant Hills is my favourite thai place and it’s so close to home and it’s only $11 for pad thai plus soft drink.

Would I donate the money saved to a charity? Full priced pad thai is $13.50, saving me $7.50. I think I would pay $10 at most for a pad thai, knowing that it takes the same time to travel to Newtown and get cheap thai. $4 would go to charity.

Highlight: mmmmmm pad thai for sure! The noodles were a big highlight for me because texture of the noodles were amazing. Service was also very quick with two counters running at the same time so we didn’t have to wait.

Suggestion of improvement: the capsicum and onions were in big chunks. I would’ve liked them as bite-size pieces that would’ve made it more pleasurable to eat.

Ends: Depends you purchased the deal, but there is not specific date it needs to be redeemed by on the Groupon page.
Link: http://thairifficnoodlebar.com.au/

Living Social: https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/1053945-authentic-pad-thai

Groupon: http://www.groupon.com.au/deals/sydney/thairiffic-noodle-bar-sydney-westfield/718380237

Angela Bee


Thai Riffic - photo 3

Thai Riffic Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

Thai Riffic on Urbanspoon


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