$10 DIY steaks – West Ryde Hotel

There are two choices in life: paying $22 for someone else to cook your steak, or paying $10 to cook your own steak. In other words if you don’t know how to cook, you can have your steak cooked to your selection, or risk it and save $12 by doing it yourself. Which meaty option will you take?

West Ryde Hotel - photo 1
For lunch and dinner everyday, West Ryde Hotel offers 260grm Rump with chips and gravy for $10, or 300grms for an extra $2.

West Ryde Hotel - photo 6

There are several entrances when going into the Hotel itself. The outdoors area is ideal for a summer lunch, decorated with vines.

West Ryde Hotel - photo 5

Heading inside, there are two bars and a kitchen to order your food and a pool table if you wish to have a game or two.

West Ryde Hotel - photo 2

It’s spacious with plenty of seats for small or large groups and a few TVs for those sports fanatics.

West Ryde Hotel - photo 3

Talk with a few mates whilst lining for the long line at the kitchen counter. You’ll be given your slab of raw meat we your plate. NB: please do not consume. Your health will be at risk.

West Ryde Hotel - photo 7

Head over to the BBQ where you’ll use massively long tongs and watch your steak sizzle.

West Ryde Hotel - photo 10

I’m not sure if there a trick to knowing if your steak is rare/medium/well done but there are knives on the side so you can check occasionally.

West Ryde Hotel - photo 8

Plenty of seasoning is also available including pepper, chilli salt, herb salt and normal salt.

West Ryde Hotel - photo 9

After your done, head to the counter to add some gravy and wonderfully deep fried chips. The chips taste really good and are very crunchy! I got the salad instead. There was tabbouleh, couscous, potato salad and garden salad. All delicious and you scoop as much as you can eat!

West Ryde Hotel - photo 11

Everyone was soooo satisfied and there are no complaints coming here again!

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product ($10 steak at West Ryde Hotel): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I come to West Ryde Hotel every time I go out with friends? I’m already telling my brother to bring his mates along for good cheap deal. They all are pretty great at having BBQs so cooking is easy for them. I like how there’s the option of salad instead of chips for those who  want a healthier option.

Would I pay full price $22 for a cooked rump steak and chips? Well if it’s as easy as cooking it on a BBQ at home, I would say no. Have you heard of the 1kg steak meals? Basically you pay $20 for 1kg of steak and get your money back if you finish. Anyway, that’s another topic. Other pubs have steak cheaper than $22 so I would go elsewhere.

Highlight: cooking your on steak! You guys must be thinking why pay $10 for steak when you could go to Woolworths down the road and do it at home. Well, sometimes you might not have the space at home, or the facilities, or locality… It’s fun how everyone can cook at the same time and if you’re stuck with an awkward person in a conversation, you can always talk about food!

Suggestion of improvement: there really isn’t anything to complain about. The most effective way of improving the service would be possibly ‘tips on cooking your own steak’. This could just be how many seconds to cook a steak on each side for it to be medium- rare, or well done. Maybe even labels on the salt and pepper shakes so we know which is which.

Ends: never
Link: http://westrydehotel.com.au/food/

Angela Bee
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