$5 Summer onesies – Fashion 21

Summer onesies ranging from penguins, piggys, cows, and more for only $5 at Fashion 21, Macquarie Centre.

Fashion 21 onesie - photo 2

Next to Shingle Inn on Level 2 of Macquarie Shopping Centre, a shop only sells onesies. That’s right. Only onesies.

Fashion 21 onesie - photo 4

The hexagon display outside shows a cute variety of animals, dragons, Hello Kitty, Stitch, Pikachu and other childhood favourites.

Fashion 21 onesie - photo 3

Fashion 21 onesie - photo 10

I absolutely loved this bow-tie onesie

Fashion 21 onesie - photo 5

…but it turns out that it actually had a cat hoodie rather than a penguin, which I imagined.

Fashion 21 onesie - photo 6

There are sizes for all ages, including this little pink pig for the children!

Fashion 21 onesie - photo 7

I bought this cow one for my 12 year old cousin. We honestly need an onsie party. Can someone throw one?

Fashion 21 onesie - photo 8

Winter/normal onesies are also available for $25 each.

Fashion 21 onesie - photo 1

Fashion 21 onesie - photo 9

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product ($5 summer onesies): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I buy a $5 onesie if I had the opportunity? Well, seeing as I already have a giraffe onsie at home for myself and a kangeroo one which my mum gave me dad, I wouldn’t mind completing the family of onesies with one for my mum and brother. It’s so cheap! I wonder how much they are at cost price. It’s probably even cheaper than online shopping and doesn’t require shipping costs or waiting time. Bam.

Would I buy a $15 full priced summer onesie? Yes, I actually did for someone’s birthday because I thought it was a fun present. Not every day you’d get this right? And what do people wear at sleepover parties these days? Oh and by the way onesies are always acceptable for every themed party.

Highlight: handing those gold coins in exchange for a packaged little onesie. I love it! It’s so good! That’s why clearance sales are the best.

Suggestion of improvement: I wish they did this earlier, but I guess its the end of summer, right? It would be better if the store was less crowded because it was hard to find the shop owner with the amount of people in the small store!

Ends: ‘Clearance’ = while stocks last

Link: I don’t have one, but I personally talked with the shop owner to triple confirm.

Angela Bee


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